[22:07] <harry> Another day another pastry. Or at least… Harry blatantly abusing Atra’s abilities. He’s ever so polite though. Coming in through the front door. Quite literally. “Good day. How’s my favourite chef?”
[22:09] <maire> His favourite chef is… not here! There are cakes here though, and the oven is on, so she can’t be far away, can she?
06[22:10] * Harry walks up to the counter and dings the bell. “Hello?”
[22:16] <maire> The bell was a good purchase! Because it alerted the chef, who poked her head out from the office robin had transformed in, a snazzy fedora atop it. “Morning! Just a moment; I had a feeling you’d be coming, but I actually already have places to be; I’ll be leaving in a minute though, and I doubt you need to be anywhere specific for your ride home do you?”
[22:19] <harry> “I…. see. You can see the future now?” Well with everything it’s a valid question. “But no I do not. What’s so important though? Special baking order?”
06[22:25] * Maire shakes her head, which disappears from view for a moment. “Well, no dear, but some things are just obvious you know? That you might want to pay a visit now for one thing.” She hops out shortly, a trenchcoat, dapper suit and shiny shoes completing the ensemble of a dimunitive detective. "It’s not baking related actually, something weird happened a few towns over; it’s clear a nova is involved, but no-one’s quite sure
02[22:27] * Alytari (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Quit: BRB!)
[22:27] <harry> “Aaaah, well that sounds like a right proper mystery.” He chuckles a bit. “I won’t pass up a change to pitch someone new.”
[22:27] <harry> *chance
[22:29] <maire> “Of course not; neither would I, and who doesn’t love a good mystery?” She heads on over to the oven, pulling out another tray of muffins, and putting it on top of a rack, sliding the other ones on display in below it.
[22:32] <harry> “Planning to bring some along with you? Mundane snacks?” He raises an eyebrow. Of course not. You know… they really need to more or less unify their efforts at some point. Maybe even a name.
03[22:32] * Fans is now known as Fanzz
06[22:38] * Maire stares a moment, before nodding. “Yes, yes they’re mundane. It’d be far too much of a waste to make some special ones on the off chance we meet someone who wants that particular effect.” She then starts dragging the cart over to the exit.
[22:43] <harry> “Hey, for all I know you have special battle muffins for your aide?” Hey… she’s bodyguard helper something right? "I know you can inflict changes with them. There’s ones that get physical reactions instead of physical changes. So maybe you have ones with truth effect or ameniable.
06[22:49] * Maire nods. “Well, of course I can whip something like that up; but there’s no sense doing that until we know they’re needed. The more general ones are in an icebox in the van already anyway.”
06[22:54] * Harry smiles. “Just being curious about your M.O. here. Since it sounded like you do this more often.” And then leans against the counter. “So… need me to do anything?”
06[22:59] * Maire wheels the cart out onto the road, and up into her van. Though, as she leaves the door she does nods, and beckon him over. “It’s simple really, it’s nearby and strange enough I can’t just phone it in and visit the nova, if any, at a later date. But if you’d like to help I’m sure there are some walls or high shelves to be dealt with!”
[23:03] <harry> “Sure sure. I did say I was coming along.” He follows her out. “Although I very much doubt you need me for that.”
06[23:08] * Maire ‘s van isn’t anything spectacular, just an ordinary minivan, the kind a small business might use to drive around and transport things, painted brown and green, with her logo on the side, reading ’Maire’s transformative treats’. “No but it couldn’t hurt to be prepared. Anyway, what was it you came here for?”
[23:14] <harry> “Oh just some wondering what you thought about my proposal. In terms of formalising the agreement. Maybe share a bit of information. That sort of thing. I know you’ve been busy too.” Well… it’s pretty easy for him to get in. With just impeccable grace. Although the inside may be a little bit cramped for him.
[23:25] <maire> it’s a van! It’s bigger than a car! But yep, not as big as if he sat in the back. And of course, it’s a van driven by everyone’s favourite chameleon-girl! And Maire’s lack of size would help give him room too. “I have, and I’ve looked at some contract options for us; I’ve already contacted a few of the other novae though, the most famous one I think is Libertine so far. What about you?”

The Paige's

[23:27] <erinpaige> A few minutes ago Chicago’s first (and so far only) supervillain was backhanded to the ground. The public gawked and stared at the shimmering pale-blonde supergirl responsible, and only stared more as she flew off to the hospital where she had last seen her cousin.
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[23:31] <jaimiepaige> *After his own ‘side-adventure’ of recovering art, sadly battered laptop, and personal effects from a cafe where he and his cousin were at, and noticing that Erin wasn’t showing up, Jaimie made the reasonable intuitive leap that the last place they saw each other was the hospital, and he makes his way there with reasonably quick speed. When he arrives, he’s wearing a pair of loose-fitting
[23:31] <jaimiepaige> sweat-pants and shirt. Definitely some effort at ‘concealment there’… or just ‘dressing down’. He landed on a roof across the street from the Emergency room entrance and started to watch for his cousin.
[23:35] <erinpaige> Erin for her part was still dressed like Caitlyn Fairchild as Power Girl. Stopping Jason White’s rampage had dug into all-important clothes-finding time. Skimming a little above the rooftops, she smiled as she saw Jaimie and glid down to a landing beside her.
[23:37] <jaimiepaige> *Oddly enough, Jaimie isn’t looking up, perhaps not quite having wrapped his brain around the idea of three dimensions yet as he continues to watch the entrance with a stubborn focus. After a moment or two he thinks he sees someone and he kind of ducks down behind some air conditioners, before popping up to peek again.
06[23:40] * ErinPaige bites her lip to stifle a grin as she glides silently about to behind Jaimie, and gives her a little tap on the shoulder. “boo”
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[23:42] <jaimiepaige> “GAHHHHHHHHHHHH” The little tap doesn’t do much in the way of damage, in fact, Jaimie as about as durable as twenty feet of reinforced steel even as he jumps up about a foot off the ground in a panic before spinning around to see Erin. “Oh, ah, um, hi there.”
[23:45] <erinpaige> “still easy to catch you, Jay…” Erin smiles brightly and sits down on the edge of the air conditioning unit.
[23:47] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie ducks back down then puts his back to another unit and glances at Erin. He has a brief moment that could only be attributed to some guy-brain thinking before that is quite thoroughly smacked down. “Damn, Erin. Just… damn.”
[23:50] <erinpaige> Erin looks down at her hands, going an interesting shade of pink for a moment before she coughs and straightens up. And shows off those assets again. “I.. heh, I would say the same, J”
[23:52] <jaimiepaige> *That actually causes Jaimie to flinch a bit and hunch his shoulders and try to draw in on himself… which… doesn’t have nearly the desired effect.
[23:54] <erinpaige> Damnit. Stupid, Erin, stupid. “sorry… srry, hun…”
[23:56] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie looks up briefly, a bit terrified and… shaking? “I’m… this.. I’m… I’m…”
Session Time: Fri Jun 28 00:00:01 2013
[00:00] <erinpaige> “a girl? smoking hot? stuck in the wrong body?” Erin’s expression crinkled and she hugged her cousin as close as she dared without emphasising recent events.
[00:02] <jaimiepaige> *That sets off a rapid-fire series of nods. One would almost think he was having a seizure of some sort as his arms shoot out from the sides as he’s hugged unexpectedly. “…”
[00:08] <erinpaige> “shhh… it’s ok, it’s ok…” Erin bobs her head and holds the hug as she tries to disentangle her own envy from the knot of empathy for Jaimie’s condition.
[00:10] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie slowly brings his arms down and around to return the hug. “I…but.. but..”
[00:15] <erinpaige> “but nothing… I’m here for you hun…”
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06[00:21] * ErinPaige nods gently, takes a little breath and tries a smile. “now we go get a coffee. Hopefully without a giant murderer intruding.”
[00:23] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie looks a bit nervous at that concept. “But… I don’t have money or an ID or… or… or…”
06[00:26] * ErinPaige shrugs lightly and lifts Jaimie as she glides a foot or so off the ground. “so? I probably owe you a visit to my place anyway…”
[00:28] <jaimiepaige> *Okay, that was a bit unnerving, what with the lifting up and the floating but it’s not *him
doing the ‘floating’ and that causes him to look at Erin as he takes a deep breath. “Okay. I… you owe?” That kind of throws him off.
06[00:33] * ErinPaige shrugs again and gently tugs Jaimie along by one hand, a faint shimmer flowing about her cousin as she does so. “well, how long didn’t we talk because of family? I figure I owe you about a couple years of being social and stuff…”
[00:36] <jaimiepaige> It doesn’t take long for Jaimie to take his own charge and simply do slight course corrections to avoid bumping into his cousin. “It’s… been a while. And I thought it was you that didn’t want to talk to us? Or at least, that was the impression I got from my dad?”
[00:40] <erinpaige> “hrmph. I’m sure it was.” Erin bobbed her head as she flew, dipping down to dodge between the spires and aeriels of the offices below.
[00:43] <jaimiepaige> “I’ll be honest, I thought it was kind of cool? I mean, there was these rumors and hints and everything and I thought maybe you’d… well, anyways…” Jaimie descends and starts moving on her own power, taking care not to run into any buildings while trying to keep up with his cousin.
[00:48] <erinpaige> “cool?” Erin’s expression darkens for a moment before she nods. No, she was going to give her cousin the benefit of the doubt… still, she decided to make it a little harder, dropped a little lower and faster to see if se could keep up.
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[00:51] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie starts to trail behind. It’s not obvious at first, but… as minutes go by he’s clearly falling further and further back. Not from a lack of trying but simply… there’s no way for him to go faster.
06[00:56] * ErinPaige slows herself by slaloming about the aeriels and aircon units, and by taking her time to turn about and wavewave to her cousin. “aww, c’mon, cuz…”
[00:58] <jaimiepaige> *He manages to catch up a bit and looks a bit embarrassed at the ease and speed with which Erin is thoroughly kicking his ass in flight. “I’m trying to keep up, honest…”
[01:00] <jaimiepaige> “I’m sorry I’m so slow.”
[01:02] <erinpaige> “aww, I’m just messing with you, Jay…” Erin smiles lightly and rolls until she is flying upside down above Jaimie, Top Gun style.
[01:05] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie doesn’t look perturbed by the antics… in fact, now that Erin is closer, perhaps a chance to explain himself. “Well, I’d heard bits and pieces that you were working on being who you were supposed to be, but then it’s like you kind of fell off the face of the planet? And… I thought maybe you wanted to make a clean start however it worked out and it wouldn’t be polite to push on that
[01:05] <jaimiepaige> then?”
[01:08] <erinpaige> “A clean start is one thing but never wanted to cut people outta my life.” Erin frowns and shakes her head. “but dad decided t’do that part for me. How nice of him…”
[01:10] <jaimiepaige> “Look, I didn’t know! I’m sorry!” Jaimie is genuinely apologetic in tone and in fact slows down a little bit subconsciously.
01[01:11] <upstat> VWOOSH! They’re still rocketing along at a good pace, the two arcing through the air gathering a ripple of people pointing them out as they fly by through the city. As well a few people left behind going “There’s two of them?”
06[01:15] * ErinPaige matches Jaimie’s pace with a frown and a nod. “I know.. I know, hun. It’s why I was so glad to get back in touch with you.”
[01:18] <jaimiepaige> “But to think that it wouldn’t’ve happened directly if I hadn’t been looking for someone to do a picture for me…” He trails off a bit. In a way, that damn picture is at fault. If there wasn’t that, then would he even been in the city today? Would any of this weird shit have happened, for that matter? “Where’s your place at?”
[01:20] <erinpaige> Art had a lot to answer for, one way or another. Erin nodded up ahead and barrel-rolled into formation with Jaimie. “About a block up ahead…. hmm, we’re attracting a following.”
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[01:24] <jaimie_p> “Okay, let’s over-shoot it by a few blocks and then cut down into an alley-way and use buildings for cover as we head to your place? And then we can try to lose the following and just go have a nice quiet cup of coffee which I really need right now?”
[01:24] <jaimie_p> (repost)
[01:25] <erinpaige> “sounds like a plan.” And with that the two supergirls overshoot and go into NoE.
[01:27] <jaimie_p> *Where things are a bit less speed and more manueverability, Jaimie isn’t doing too badly. It’s just those straight-aways… darn things… At any rate, a few blocks away he comes to a landing in an alley-way.
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01[01:28] <upstat> They touch down without any fanfare, the allyway is deserted apart from a stray black lounging in the sun on a bin.
[01:30] <erinpaige> Erin leads the way from there, heading for the rear fire escape that the super always leaves open for his sneaky smoke on duty.
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01[01:31] <upstat> Slander! He’d never do that, the door is left open because… it’s hot outside. Literally, with Jaimie and Erin sneaking about.
[01:33] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie follows with a bit of stealthiness and moving from dumpster to dumpster. What does he think this is, some sort of game? At any rate, he’ll ‘flyhop’ to the ladder of the escape quietly, and then as if holding a small child attempt to clamber up… Last thing he needs is to yank the whole thing down by mistake.
01[01:38] <upstat> Second floor coffee shop! Lovely overview of the street below and perhaps most importantly, people can’t see who’s in it too easily. Most people are working so there’s not many customers inside, they’re mostly just tidying the place up and chatting behind the counter.
[01:38] <erinpaige> Erin follows, glide-hopping her way up to the open door in a reasonable impersonation of a magical girl. Hop, skip, step 1 storey, and up to the door.
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[01:44] <jaimiepaige> *Okay, Jaimie’s a bit jealous now, Erin made that look so easy. But still, low profile. Eventually he makes his way in and looks for either a nice quiet corner or some other location that Erin indicates. He’s doing his level best to not stick out.
01[01:45] <upstat> Is what would happen if they were at a coffee shop! But hah! That’d be silly if they’re trying to hide out and clearly they went back to Jaimie’s place.
01[01:45] <upstat> *Erin’s Placew
02[01:52] * ErinPaige (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Quit: zzzzz)
[01:52] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie and Erin make their way to Erin’s apartment, to discuss further and perhaps, just perhaps get a cup of coffee

[23:36] <erinpaige> Several flights of stairs and a couple of quick dashs along corridors to avoid notice later and the Paiges reach Erin’s apartment… and it’s owner blinks. “oh. uh… you didn’t save my bag, did you?”
[23:37] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie follows Erin to her apartment. He smiles… at least there’s some good things that came from him going back to the cafe! He happily hands the bag over to Erin. “Here!”
[23:46] <erinpaige> “oh thak god, I didn’t want to have to break in…” She mumbles a further thank you as she unlocks the door and reveals her domain, all 300-ish square feet of it. Loose paper, notepads and pill packets cover flat surfaces while the sparse furniture is draped with enough clothes for a half-dozen outfits.
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[23:47] <jaimiepaige> “You’re welcome and thank you for your hospitality and… where’s a good spot to sit? On the floor?”
[23:49] <erinpaige> “auh.. heh.. srry… I kinda didn’t plan on visitors…” Erin coughs and starts clearing some space. Clothes end up on one corner of the couch, sketchpads on the small desk in the corner.
[23:52] <jaimiepaige> “I… Thank you.” He sits down in the cleared spot if it was cleared for him and not Erin, and he kind of flops down lounging back, total guy-lounging, legs spread a bit as he leans back.
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06[23:59] * ErinPaige smirks lopsidedly and shakes her head as she leans her head into the kitchenette to make coffee. “no probs… its what cousins are for.”
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[00:02] <jaimiepaige> *The lopsided smile and headshake makes Jaimie blink a bit, then he shrugs as he closes his eyes and tries to think of what the day has been like…. so far.
[00:05] <erinpaige> Soon the rich scent of coffee begns to fill the apartment as Erin lets Jaimie think for a little while.
[00:07] <jaimiepaige> “Oh, thank the gods!” He keeps his eyes closed for the moment, though, savoring the aroma… “What blend did you use for this pot?”
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[00:12] <erinpaige> “Dunkin Donuts House. I figured you could use a good cup after everything else.” Erin calls back from the kitchinette as she rifles through the refrigerator and cupboards looking for something snacky. Heroing is hungry work.
[00:13] <jaimiepaige> “Oh, awesome! You wouldn’t think a donut chain would have such awesome joe, but… anyrate… Do you need a hand in there?”
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[00:25] <jaimiepaige> “So, what did you do while I was busy over getting our stuff from the cafe and running around like crazy saving people and things?”
[00:27] <erinpaige> “I’m good…” Erin calls back as she brings in a couple of cups of coffee and a packet of oreos. Pasing one of each to Jaimie, she sits herself on the edge of the desk and shrugs. “the usual. Flew about, beat up a giant.”
[00:31] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie takes the cup and a sip of it with a smile before setting it on the floor and opening the cookies… There’s a brief suction sound and a munch or two and… the bag is empty. He stares at it for a moment or two. “That… you what… beat up a giant? Awesome!” The package gets another suspicious look. “I don’t think they’re packing these things with as many cookies as they used
[00:31] <jaimiepaige> to…”
06[00:34] * ErinPaige nods and glances to the other empty packet sitting on the counter behind her cousin. “yep. Wham, bam, ninight for the big guy…”
[00:36] <jaimiepaige> “Oh, wow. I was downright boring in comparison, three people trapped in vehicles, two building collapses, a couple of wreckage clearings, a poor guy that was having some issues of his own trying to ‘network people’… Yeah… you definitely got me beat. So, did you come up with a name?”
06[00:54] * ErinPaige shrugs lopsidedly. “I’m still thinking about it… and hey, you helped people, it’s what heroes are meant to do. No talkin’ yourself down.”
[00:57] <jaimiepaige> “I… kinda got put on the spot and came up with something… Um… well… Libertine.” He shrugs. “I think I might have a fan-girl already, too, and a friend or three.”


[22:22] <jaimie_p> Jaimie has had a few rough weeks at this point. Not rough in the sense of life going to hell rough, but in the dramatic acclimation that has happened with his equally dramatic change in physiology and capability. After the events of The Day (as some folks were calling it), getting some semblance of ‘normal’ has been a hard-fought battle. Thankfully for him he has the support of his cousin
[22:22] <jaimie_p> Erin, who has been a solid foundation for him to handle issues that he… wouldn’t normally even consider. Today, though, he’s attempting to keep a low profile by meeting an out-of-towner in a community near Chicago called ‘Rosemont’. It has a little gated residential community, this almost a city-in-name-only, but prides itself on hospitality and accessibility, with immediate access to O’Hare
[22:22] <jaimie_p> airport and competitively priced luxury hotels and suites…
[22:35] <jaimie_p> (Done)
[22:40] <maire> Keeping a low profile? Meeting this dimunitive redheaded irish lass doesn’t seem terribly low profile, especially given she’s been building a reputation as a Nova with the solution to any physical condition, provided you could afford her price. And didn’t mind the ‘imperfections’ in her power, which seem to mysteriously always leave their victims somewhat inhuman in a cute way… And better endowed. In any case, she had th
[22:40] <maire> e meeting, and no issues paying for one of those nice hotels. As soon as Jaimie were to see her she’d likely recognise her from height alone, the tall, stylish fez atop her head not providing much illusion of extra height. Her cute brown vest and trousers, ending in some complementary ballet flats, might remind certain people of certain time travelling smartiepants, and that was no doubt entirely intentional.
[22:45] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie’s outfit is decidedly mundane in comparison. A black pair of steel-toed boots, a pair of black jeans that are clearly hemed up a bit, covered by a very loose-fitting green t-shirt and black trench-coat. A pair of green-tinted mirrorshades cover her eyes, and his hair flows down past his shoulders. Definite efforts on his part to downplay the sheer bombshell nature of his appearance
[22:45] <jaimie_p> appear to have failed somehow, because even with all the covering, the look is still ‘hot’. Still, the visitor coming in from out of country was footing the bill and he wasn’t going to argue with a night or two in a hotel, even if it wasn’t something he’d felt he earned. He gives a bit of a nod to the costumed pixie-cook. “Evenin’.”
06[22:52] * Maire smiles and doffs her cap to him! Though her mind likely wasn’t processing the ‘him’ bit, even if he didn’t have a gigantic chest. “Good evening! So you’re…” She smirks at him, trying not to laugh as she toyed with the idea of using that codename. “Jaimie, then?”
[22:53] <maire> Despite having to look up to Jaimie, she still manages to act just a little bit condescending, as if slowing herself to his level.
[22:56] <jaimie_p> “Yes. And you’re Maire.” He can feel that condescension, even as he shifts a bit uncomfortably. “So, did you get a suite here, or a meeting room, or are we just grabbing a cow or two to eat? I’m sure the flight was exhausting?”
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[23:01] <maire> Maire nudges him towards the door, for all the good her noodle arms would do, it was more guiding than forcing. “Oh, Robin and I have a suite here, though I was thinking we go to ‘grab a cow’. The flight didn’t sit too well with her though, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait before you two meet. Is there anywhere here you’d recommend? That’s reasonably private of course.”
[23:06] <jaimie_p> “How are you about flying?” It’s an odd question from the red-orange maned ‘woman’. “The place we could go to is the Ram Restaurant and Brewery and I recommend just reserving a smaller banquet room? I mean, not sure about you but I’ll probably eat enough to justify it… and it’ll give us the privacy we need? And it’s a shame I don’t get to meet your partner! I’m sure she’ll be fine soon
[23:06] <jaimie_p> enough?”
[23:12] <maire> “Oh me? I’m fine, really; she will be too, it’s just a case of motion sickness.” She then plucks her phone out, and dials up the restaurant in question. “That sounds good though; let me just arrange it and we can head off. It’s not that far from here is it?”
[23:13] <jaimie_p> “Oh, not far at all. Let me know when you’re done with the phone call?”
06[23:17] * Maire nods, and then starts talking to the person on the other end of the call, ordering up their room, holding at one point. “How much would you say? Six people’s worth? Eight?”
[23:17] <jaimie_p> “A score would be your best bet. Yes, as in twenty. I can probably just afford that. It’s kind of my last hurrah, after all.”
06[23:23] * Maire looks at Jaimie quizzically. “Last Hurrah?” She then shrugs and continues to order the banquet. Make that twenty two people… Poor restaraunt wont know what hit it.
[23:26] <jaimie_p> *When Maire is done Jaimie will crack his neck a bit. “Ready to head on over, then? Hang onto your hat, it’d be a shame to lose it.” And with that, Jaimie will attempt to gently pick up Maire and do a short quick flying-hop over to the restaurant… much faster than trying to drive, for sure…
[23:29] <maire> That sure is a low profile Jaimie has there. And Maire had already prepared for this eventuality, holding her hat almost as soon as Jaimie started talking. Maire’s pretty easy to carry too, weighing exactly as much as she looks like she does! Which is not a lot. And of course, she sticks her non-hat-holding hand out in front of her, superman style! “Woo! Ok, Robin has to meet you later!”
[23:32] <jaimie_p> *It beats having a car and a driver’s liscence and insurance and gas to pay for, that is for sure.
“If you’re sure about that. I’m… well.” And moment of Awkward is abruptly ended by a smooth landing… just like that. It becomes obvious that the ‘low profile’ was helped by the black trench-coat and garb, because of the darkening skies. “And here we go. This place has a branch down in
[23:32] <jaimie_p> Indy that I used to go to all the time, so this should be pretty easy. I’ll try not to bankrupt you, okay?”
06[23:42] * Maire rolls her eyes, straightening her fez and outfit, before heading inside. Her freckly skin and ginger hair probably stuck out a mile away in the sky, but jaimie didn’t need to know that. “Sorry dear, but I don’t think a big meal is going to cut that; though it wouldn’t be a good idea to do this too often.” And once they’re inside… Well, Food! Glorious food! Or the starters at least.
[23:45] <jaimie_p> Jaimie looks warily at Maire and gets that sort of look of trying to ‘order as little as possible’ while trying *not to look like he’s ordering as little as possible. The waiter is a cute gentleman, who can’t seem to keep his eyes off of either one of the women. Pig, or genuinely appreciative? It’s hard to tell. It is making Jaimie a bit uncomfortable, at least…
[23:47] <maire> Well, he’s cute, so does it really matter? Plus he’s providing food! She also waves Jaimie towards said waiter. “Go on dear, I know what you’re thinking, you’re welcome to order as much as you need, so long as we can talk while you eat it.”
[23:51] <jaimie_p> Jaimie looks uncertain, then nods. “Okay, ah, one of each appetizer that doesnt’ have seafood in it to start, then one of each steak except the ones with seafood.” He has the grace to look embarrassed a bit as he nods to the server. “No, this isn’t a practical joke, but could you please do me a favor and kind of space them out about five or ten minutes between each one?” He does an unconscious
[23:51] <jaimie_p> shift that would damn near shove his chest into the poor guy’s face if he was more endowed, then heads back over by Maire. “That’ll give us plenty of time to talk.”
Session Time: Thu Jun 27 00:00:00 2013
06[00:00] * Maire orders… rather less than Jaimie, though with perhaps more sweets than someone of her size should be eating, smiling to the waiter before letting him leave. “Excellent! Anyway, I may have mentioned why I’m here already, but my main purpose here was in meeting you and your cousin. I’ve been looking for Novae who’ve been taking the roles of superheroes, and you two have certainly made a few headlines lately, haven’t y
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[00:02] <maire> you?”
[00:04] <jaimie_p> “Well, Erin is busy working on some side projects that she had going from before, and well, it’s more along the lines of doing what needs to be done? I mean, just because there’s the ultimate freedom of being able to do stuff doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, well, do something productive with it? But.. only if a person wants to?” He’s kind of on his heels at the moment because the idea of
[00:04] <jaimie_p> basically having his dinner paid for is not making him feel the least bit confident. He would have dug in on that, insisted on paying… but there’s no way he can afford that kind of appetite at a place like this…
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[00:15] <maire> Maire on the other hand, can! Because charging through the nose for things is much more profitable than heroics. She smiles though at the sentiment. “That’s nice; though the important thing is it’s something you’re doing, and I think having some organisation might be a good idea too, so the various heroes don’t end up stepping on each other’s toes, and I think getting some official merchandise for you two would be an excel
[00:15] <maire> lent idea, wouldn’t it? If we keep your message clear, and you’d like to be able to afford things like this.” She gestured to the room, and the newly-arriving food.
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[00:20] <jaimie_p> Jaimie reaches up with the palm of his hand and vigorously massages the bridge of his nose for a moment or two. “Merchandising? Seriously? We don’t even know how long this is going to last. We could all wake up back to normal tomorrow and then we’d be fumbling around trying to figure out what to do with all the product.” Any further raising of irritation, however, is halted dead-stop by
[00:20] <jaimie_p> the succulent aromas of delivered food, and he gravitates to a table to start eating. While not a speedster by any means—was that an entire plate of appetizers that just vanished??
06[00:26] * Maire takes her time a bit more, but still nods as she eats. "Yes, dear, I’ve thought about that, but the idea has some persistance. There’s video of you in action, you’re already in the public conciousness as one of the first real superheroes, even if you did pick an unfortunate name. To be perfectly honest, I think we’d sell the product even faster, if we marketed them as memorabilia from the time the impossible happened
[00:29] <jaimie_p> He pauses in his devouring to look a bit hurt, even. “Okay, it was a bit of a mistake, okay? But the inherent idea of Liberty was on my mind and I was trying to come up with something uplifting and encouraging… not sexual sadism nor the objectifying of individual freedoms?” He kind of slouches a bit, and his stomach growls as he finds himself building up eating momentum once more. Between
[00:29] <jaimie_p> bites he considers. “If… we were going to do that we should have policemen action figures and a police squad that can be crumpled and then a big giant of a prisoner… and..”
06[00:38] * Maire smirks, finishing her current plate. “That’s an excellent point, of course we’ll have sets of your major battles, and reconstructable police figures. Though, this also ties in to another offer I have – we’ve also had contacts with less combat oriented Novae, people who can provide equipment, costumes, transport, and so forth. There’s a lot of utility to our powers that can be used to improve your image and effectiven
[00:40] <maire> effectiveness, if you’d like me to arrange meetings like this with these people.”
[00:43] <jaimie_p> *Another moment, another plate. Goodness, it’s like the Sarlacc on crack. "I’m… my big strength isn’t in fighting other people though I can but more in saving people? I know it’s kind of lame in comparison to Huge Epic Battles *another plate gone somehow
but… giving back to the community… and I don’t think ah, spending lots of money on clothes is a good idea because you’d have to get
[00:43] <jaimie_p> measurements and stuff and… well… I’m doing just fine right now on clothes thanks to Erin, thank you?" He pauses a moment. “I just wish they would have let me keep working but they said that I was a workplace distraction…”
[20:44] <jaimie_p> [06:26:2013:18:38] * Maire smirks, finishing her current plate. “That’s an excellent point, of course we’ll have sets of your major battles, and reconstructable police figures. Though, this also ties in to another offer I have – we’ve also had contacts with less combat oriented Novae, people who can provide equipment, costumes, transport, and so forth. There’s a lot of utility to our powers that
[20:44] <jaimie_p> can be used to improve your image and effectiven
[20:44] <jaimie_p> [06:26:2013:18:40] <maire> effectiveness, if you’d like me to arrange meetings like this with these people.”
[20:44] <jaimie_p> [06:26:2013:18:42] <jaimie_p> Another moment, another plate. Goodness, it’s like the Sarlacc on crack. "I’m… my big strength isn’t in fighting other people though I can but more in saving people? I know it’s kind of lame in comparison to Huge Epic Battles *another plate gone somehow but… giving back to the community… and I don’t think ah, spending lots of money on clothes is a good
[20:44] <jaimie_p> idea because you’d have to get measurements and stuff and… well… I’m doing just fine right now on clothes thanks to Erin, thank you?" He pauses a moment. “I just wish they would have let me keep working but they said that I was a workplace distraction…”
[20:51] <maire> Maire is all out of food by now – she wasn’t eating so fast as Jaimie, but Jaimie had vastly more, and a much bigger body to feed. So instead, she glances around, indicating the room they were in. “You wanted to keep working you say? You must have really loved your job, because with what you do now, you could earn enough to eat like this on a regular basis. And sorry, but the battles sell much better, even if the saving
[20:51] <maire> people is more worthwhile otherwise.”
[20:54] <jaimie_p> “I know it sounds kind of boring and stuff, but… y’know, simple stuff, cashiering, maybe some stocking, helping out customers… I… I’d been doing it for almost twenty years and it was kind of comfortable and the idea of starting out all over again from scratch… welll, it’s not a fun feeling, especially because I put my application forms out there but all folks want me to do for them is
[20:54] <jaimie_p> stand and ‘look pretty’ for them but that’s not really ‘my thing’? And it’s REALLY FUCKING CREEPY?”
06[21:02] * Maire waves Jaimie off somewhat dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry about that, you know looking pretty is at least half of the work in sales? Provided you look good enough to attract people, get their attention, then it’s just a matter of finding the most expensive way of giving them what they want. Though you must have already known that, it does bring me to my last point: I believe there are Novae out there who can get you c
[21:02] <maire> costumes that are both eye-catching and durable; which I’m sure you can appreciate, yes?”
[21:03] <jaimie_p> “I’d… rather not do eye-catching? Can we get some really plain boring brown-sack outfits going?”
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06[21:07] * Maire laughs a bit at that, acquiring some main course to eat from that eye-gazing waiter. “Oh, not. A. Chance. Not if you want to get any kind of recognition, or the money that comes with recognition. You might be able to pull off burlap if you were a villain, it worked for scarecrow after all, but as a hero? That and being overlooked just don’t work at all.”
[21:08] <jaimie_p> Jaimie almost winces at the laugh. And then he gets a bit downcast… and more downcast. “I’d…rather just be someone helping out, y’know? Nothing special, nothing big… just your average citizen doing their duty, y’know?”
01[21:09] <robin> Someone who isn’t in a plain boring brown-sack outfit is having a quick argument with the doorman, pointing the pairs table way before starting to lope over. Skin tanned with a scale pattern along the cheeks and hair a midnight black she’s wearing a black cocktail dress and has a bit of a swagger to her that isn’t what you’d expect from a lady with her figure. Maire does good work!
01[21:09] <robin> “Oh,” she says as she arrives, smiling “This is the hero then?”
[21:12] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie blushes a bit and then stands up to be polite to the new arrival, moving to pull a chair out for her. Well, he may not be a ‘gentleman’ but who says chivalry is dead?
06[21:14] * Robin takes the chair with a little bow of thanks “Very nice of you. Sorry I’m late, the plane didn’t set well with me at all. My stomach got me back out of bed”
[21:15] <jaimie_p> “That’s…. ah, okay, miss. Um, there’s probably going to be extra food, then… I’m kind of losing my appetite.” Jaimie eats the steak in front of him a bit more guardedly after he sits down. “Name’s Jaimie, miss.”
06[21:18] * Maire smiles, waving from her seat in the private room they had arranged. Cunning Robin! “So, Jaimie, I’m sure you know this is Robin; Robin, this is the hero; I’m trying to convince her of the virtues of taking advantage of her power, especially given she’s currently unemployed, wouldn’t you agree?”
01[21:19] <robin> “I’m Robin, pleased to meet you!” she says, giving them a wave. “I’m definetly enjoying my new job that’s for sure, though I’m not in quite the same situation as you. I saw you on Youtube, you were pretty awesome. Just swoop in and boom, boom, everything fixed and you’re off again.”
[21:22] <jaimie_p> “I’m just trying to do what anyone should do, you know, help out people and kind of let them have the chance to make their own life choices and all that?” He squirms a bit as he takes another huge bite of steak. “And… I was on Youtube? You sure it ah, wasn’t my cousin Erin? She… she’s much flashier about things?”
01[21:26] <robin> “Definetly you, Libertine. I made sure to read up on you, you’re not backhanding giants but you’re still pretty quick and crazy strong. I was impressed”
[21:28] <jaimie_p> “Just trying to help out. Don’t want to make a big deal about it, I mean, it’s been a bit rough adjusting and all.”
01[21:29] <robin> “People are making a big deal about it though, I mean… superheroes! Real ones. That’s kind of wild”"
[21:31] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie smiles weakly and then puts a piece of meat into his mouth, chewing slowly. Either savoring the taste… or using the sweet mercy of the meal to cover up any awkward words he might utter. Though he has a feeling that Robin is going to fill that void, or Maire will.
06[21:31] * Maire nods. “We were planning to see Erin too, but yep, everything is on youtube. Especially when it involves cats.” She smirks and leans in. “You know, that’s another thing we can do; by bringing communication between Novae, there are going to be a few in your situation, if you’d like to get in contact.”
01[21:33] <robin> “It took me ages, but I got into Security because I always wanted to look after people but without all the paperwork you know? So I can see why you’d be out there helping when you became able to Super woman it up.” she says after nabbing some of Jaimie’s food “You look scared though girl, you all right?”
[21:37] <jaimie_p> *Once upon a time, Jaimie would have probably put a fork in Robin’s hand for stealing his food like that. However, between the unease of the conversation, the fact he’s not paying for it, and that he’s going to have to reveal uncomfortable truths here kind of dampens any such enthusiasm. “I just wanted to help those officers… and… well. No. I’m not quite alright. It’s not a big secret
[21:37] <jaimie_p> but I’ve gone through some serious changes since the Day.” His eyes flick down briefly, then back to Robin. “If you know what I mean?”
01[21:40] <robin> “I didn’t always have scales, but I’m not really on your level sorry. I know what you mean, but…” she waves a fork around “Done is done you know, you can adjust to a new life or you can mope about the old one. I think you’re a good person, you should be proud of what you did.”
[21:43] <jaimie_p> Jaimie blushes a bit then nods to Robin. “It’s been a lot to get used to, and I’m not talking about the power… the power is the easy part…” He loads up on another steak before throwing the conversation a tangent… "I just don’t want to sell out? I know it’s really quaint in this day and age but a hard day’s work for well-earned pay, y’know
[21:43] <jaimie_p> "
06[21:45] * Maire nods, tapping her own fork for a second. “Don’t worry dear, I understand, we all had a good deal of changes, though maybe not quite as dramatic. My offer still stands though, we can provide personal and professional support, if you take a few steps necessary to be marketable, put that sales experience to use while you’re helping people.” She chews a bit. “We know you work hard, but where do you expect the pay to co
[21:48] <maire> come from, if you don’t ‘sell out’ as it were?”
01[21:49] <robin> “I don’t think anyone can make you do anything you don’t want to now. I guess what Maire’s asking is… uh… what is you want to do with your life? Now that you can do all these amazing things.”
[21:50] <jaimie_p> “The idea of being 34-materiel is… bleh.” Jaimie continues to eat, though it’s rather dispirited. “Why can’t I just go, and I dunno, mow lawns or carry loads of cargo places or something… this big-scale stuff is really scary.”
[21:51] <maire> “I don’t know, why haven’t you done that?”
[21:52] <jaimie_p> “Been ah, getting my clothing situation squared away, and my ID stuff, too.”
01[21:54] <robin> “Hell yeah it’s scary I mean look at this” and she holds up a hand, which changes from tan, to translucent, to blue and then back "Stuff like that? It’s a little scary. But it’s not all bad I mean… how’s flying like? Is it fun? "
[21:59] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie blinks at the hand, and lets out a slow whistle. “That could be very handy for covert operations if you were into that kind of thing.” He considers. “It’s sort of like driving, I guess, but in the air so you don’t have to deal with idiots driving other cars while on the phone texting or talking or whatnot?”
[22:00] <maire> Maire taps her foot impatiently under the table, sighing a little. “So, if you don’t want to be public – we could work on your image so it’s less sexy, there’s a whole market segment for asexual clothing – we can always have you do some work in the background; there’s an event we’re arranging, it’s still some time to go, but we’ll need people of your level for security and transport, and if you change your mind you would b
[22:00] <maire> e extremely useful in the spotlight as it were. In the meantime… just, you thought we might lose our powers eventually, so I’d suggest not wasting them doing something anyone can do.”
[22:01] <maire> She grins as she turns to Robin though. “Oh, the flying is absolutely amazing, she’s going to take us back that way, isn’t she?” The tiny ginger looks back up at Jaimie innocently.
01[22:01] <robin> “Hell yeah! I mean if this is only temporary I’m gonna grab it with both hands. Leave a real big impression on the world while I can.”
[22:04] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie takes another bite off the steak then swallows it. Well, it’ll either freak them out or give them a better understanding of his position. “He, please? At least in here, in private?” He blushes a bit.
06[22:07] * Robin nods “I’ll do my best to remember. That I admit, has got to be rough. Maybe you should reinvent yourself a bit for a while? Be Libertine until you can feel more comfortable in your own skin as Jaimie?”
06[22:08] * Robin blushes herself after giving Jaimie a look over. Darn it. Surprisingly hot.
[22:09] <maire> “He then, he’s going to take us back that way, isn’t he?”
06[22:09] * Maire doesn’t actually seem the slightest bit surprised.
03[22:11] * Retrieving #HatRP modes…
[22:12] <jaimie_p> "And… yes. I’ll fly you back. It’s… well, it’s weird, it’s not a big deal to me but I’m sure if you grounded me I’d be feeling the loss? Thank you for… understanding and… I’ve been toying with the idea of going closer to ‘full time’ as Libertine.. but.. money and I have to take care of the folks and Erin since they’ve been supportive and understanding through all of this and and…
[22:12] <jaimie_p> " Okay, he’s rambling a bit.
01[22:13] <robin> Robin slides off her chair and just goes to give Jaimie a hug, poor thing looked like they needed one. “Hey, it’ll be all right. Really. Life won’t be all so bad.”
06[22:14] * Maire sighs loudly and resists the urge to bang her head against the table, instead settling for a facepalm. “YES Jaimie, money! You know, the thing I was offering various ways of getting!”
[22:18] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie knows about hugs thanks to his cousin. He even knows how to return one without pulping the person hugging him, so he returns it gently. “You were offering ways to sell my body and likeness in a commercialized venture for product placement but… that’d be effectively whoring myself out.” Okay, he finally got it out there, at least.
01[22:20] <robin> “Not if you get to pick. I mean it’s not like we can make you sponsor anything you don’t actually like” Robin laughs “You’re only selling out when you compromise yourself to push stuff you don’t believe in.”
01[22:22] <robin> “I just can’t see you going to do a nine to five job after all this. It’d be such a waste of your time”
[22:24] <jaimie_p> “Well… my previous work experience had my employer doing exactly that? And if I don’t have faith in stuff why should other people? I mean…Can we do non-sexual non-pin-up conservative sorts of things you know, like helping out the police and people in danger? And… it’d be kind of neat to work in an office and be able to gripe about TPS reports and stuff. Given that I only had a diploma,
[22:24] <jaimie_p> typing a hundred and twenty before this happened really well.. didn’t mean much?” Is he… playing?
01[22:27] <robin> “Hey, you’re not allowed to be smart, strong and fly. That’s breaking some kind of rules.” Robin says, giving Jaimie a squeeze before letting them go and then remembering to cancel her blush. Jaimie gives good hug. “Really you’re kind of … iconic? Powerful. It’d be silly to have you doing sexy poses.”
[22:28] <maire> “Nngh, Ok, so you don’t want the marketing route; there are other options, but unless we can get your government to sanction superheroes, your options are either stop helping people and do other work, charge them for help, or apply to be a paramedic. And none of those have anything near the same reward-profit factor. And really, when did I ever mention doing anything sexual?”
01[22:29] <robin> “I think they got the wrong end of the stick Maire. Think you want them to be a pin up girl”
06[22:29] * Jaimie_P points at his nose then at Robin. “She got it.”
01[22:30] <robin> “Lounging on beaches sipping drinks and being fanned by …. can I be a pin up girl?”
06[22:30] * Maire grumbles something along the lines of so many people being idiots.
06[22:31] * Robin hugs Maire too because hey, it’s that kind of day. “Nova’s! You all need to smile more, breaking my heart here.”
06[22:32] * Maire is entirely ok with hugs! And hugs back!
[22:32] <jaimie_p> “I did mention that was what people were trying to hire me for, right? And…” He tries to smile at Robin’s insistence. It comes off painfully forced, despite his best efforts. Sort of like the kid who’s being forced to smile for the relatives or the school picture but didn’t want to go to school that day. Somehow, though, it still has a potential appeal for some…
01[22:34] <robin> “Better” Robin smiles back, entirely genuine. “I know it’s been rough for you, but right here and now it’s a safe space. I’ll kick the teeth in of anyone who bugs either of you.”
[22:36] <jaimie_p> *That seems terrifyingly persuasive. “I… I’d rather you not do that? I might have to try and take them to the hospital or the dentist because losing teeth is no picnic.”
06[22:36] * Maire continues the hug, though turns to talk to Jaimie. “Finally! Really don’t bother with them if all your non-cleavage abilities are ignored. Are you willing to play along if I promise that wont happen?”
[22:36] <maire> “The sexualisation I mean, I can’t make any promises about Robin.”
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01[22:38] <robin> “I am a terror. But it wasn’t a literal teeth kicking, that’s kind of cruel”
06[22:38] * Jaimie_P considers. “The first time you try to coerce me into a swimsuit issue I’ll break your cameras. The second time, I’ll destroy your business. Not because I’m an asshole, but because that’ll be my leverage, okay?” Despite the harsh words the smile on his face is somewhat more re-assured, could it be that he’s trying to joke? “I… what would you need from me in the meantime?”
01[22:40] <robin> “You’re…” Robin waves a hand “Okay this is going to sound weird. But I like that you’re strong, fast and awesome without being a supermodel. I never really had anyone as a kid who I could look up to who actually looked anything like me you know? It’d be a really nice change.”
[22:42] <maire> “Well, I have a network to build; I’ll see if I can get you some advice, but in the meantime, be a salesman, make sure people know and respect you. I’ll pass the modelling work on to Robin ok?”
[22:44] <jaimie_p> “That… was kind of the idea I had in mind for the original Libertine before they… they…” He gets an odd glint in the eye. “I… I could save that… I could.” He blinks a bit. “Sorry, for whatever reason my appearance is based on a character I created for a game that was closed down abruptly. My original character, though. So it’s me and mine… I… wonder…” Is that a chin-rub
[22:44] <jaimie_p> ? “I have an idea for a long-term project but not right now and I appreciate you coming all this way. I just hope Erin can squeeze you into her schedule, she’s a very busy person… And… I think I have at least some respect… I do have a fan club… even.” Though he looks a bit uncertain about that.
01[22:46] <robin> “Come along, at least give us a chance. No commitment or anything, but I’m betting you’d love to see this big hero con even if you weren’t a Nova.”
[22:49] <jaimie_p> “I’ll at least commit to a panel or two, if that’s okay? ‘Adjusting to the Nova life’ and ‘Ethics for the new Nova’? If that’s acceptable, I mean?” He puts his index fingertips together while looking down at them…
01[22:50] <robin> “And I get modelling work?”
[22:50] <jaimie_p> “You can have all the modelling work, sure. It… it’s really not my thing.”
01[22:51] <robin> “I love you Maire.”
01[22:51] <robin> “And you’re a sweetie too Jaimie”
[22:52] <maire> Thief Robin! Robbing Maire of her chance to mention it! “Those work; though they wouldn’t be in the hero con, they’d be in the actual Novas convention; not all of them are heroes after all. But yes, robin, I’m sure we can arrange modelling work.” She smiles right back at Robin.
01[22:53] <robin> “Awesome. My friends are going to freak”
[22:54] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie blushes a bit at being called a sweetie. It may be a regional thing, or just a personal thing? “You’re, ah, welcome?” He finishes the last steak and glances at the ruins of the meal(s). “We going to have room for dessert?”
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01[22:56] <robin> “If you eat like Maire then yes. Nova’s seem to be able to eat all they like.”
06[22:57] * Robin half covers her mouth and stage whispers to Jaimie “She’s so smug about it”
06[22:58] * Jaimie_P blinks at Robin repeatedly. “It’s all fun and games until you go personally bankrupt.” He offers that as a stage-whisper back to Robin.
06[22:58] * Robin grins, they were going to get along juuuust fine
06[22:59] * Maire nods as the dessets come in! Way too many of them really considering there’s all of three people there. “Sorry dear, but you just can’t say no to a pile of desserts~ And you should have some too!”
01[22:59] <robin> “They won’t be as good as yours. Bet money on it”
06[23:00] * Jaimie_P will let the ladies go first and pick through the desserts, waiting a few moments before taking a very modest dish of assorted items.
06[23:02] * Maire slaps down money on the table, grabbing a whole host of delectables, and happily munching her way through them, only to stop halfway… “Did I just bet against myself?”
06[23:03] * Robin nods taking a few slices of cheesecake and anything that had been near a strawberry “And you know you’ll lose too, your speciality stuff has some flavours that I don’t think are physically possible”
[23:06] <maire> “Oh, they’re really not… Maybe I should bake some of the eclaire’s for Jaimie… the orgasmic ones~”
01[23:07] <robin> “You should absolutely do that. I think they’re owed something nice”
[23:08] <jaimie_p> “Um, you don’t have to, honest. I’ll do just fine without thank you!” That was kind of crreeeeepy…
06[23:09] * Jaimie_P almost daintily nibbles at his selected plate.
01[23:10] <robin> “Definetly your loss there, they’re one of a kind. Very nearly ruined chocolate for me by being that good.”
06[23:11] * Maire on the other hand eats her desserts with substantially more gusto than her main courses.“Mmf, just a sample of what other Novas can offer you as well.”
[23:11] <jaimie_p> “I’m… not ready for that kind of thing.”
01[23:14] <robin> “Don’t put off trying anything at all just because it’s strange though, you’re bound to be miserable if you never take a chance.” she smirks, cuting up her cheesecake “You’re going to be okay though I think, you were doing the hero thing on N-Day. You’re a tough one”
[23:17] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie takes a bite. “I’m just not ready yet. I’m sure in a few decades, though, if I live that long… if this doesn’t fix itself, et cetera?” "And it was because people needed me to step up… and I couldn’t’ve lived with myself after getting such ability if I didn’t help out?
06[23:21] * Maire nods. noms. “Hmm? So you didn’t want that body? That’s odd…” She doesn’t pick up the money; Robin won that after all, because while the cakes are tasty, her knickers are still dry.
[23:22] <jaimie_p> “Not directly, no. I wanted to be able to help someone who was trapped in a car and I was kind of thinking ‘if only I was as strong as…’…?”
06[23:23] * Robin takes the money and tucks it away the only place she can. This dress didn’t have any pockets. “And now you are? Or more so even, you treated one car like it was made of foam”
[23:25] <jaimie_p> “Yah, that’s pretty much the size of it.” Wow, such a talent for understatement. "People keep trying to make a big deal but I’d like to think anyone in my position would have stepped up and done something?
[23:26] <jaimie_p> "
06[23:28] * Maire finishes off, licking her fingers clean of the tasty deliciousness~ “Yes, yes, I’m sure they would have. Now, since we’ve got business out of the way,” She pulls out and hands over a business card to Jaimie. She does have pockets though! “maybe we should have another go at flying, yes?”
01[23:28] <robin> “Still don’t believe the flying thing. So giddy”
[23:29] <jaimie_p> “Are you sure you want to go flying this soon after eating?” Jaimie has the stamina for it, but the last thing he wants to inflict on the citizens of Rosemont is a spinning whirl of slightly-used food.
06[23:29] * Jaimie_P takes the card and secures it in a pocket of his pants.
01[23:30] <robin> “Hell yeah I want to go flying. Don’t worry, I can keep my stuff down, I’m all different inside anyway” she says, poking her tongue out to prove it. It’s a fair sight longer than it has any right to be. “Maire does good work”
[23:32] <maire> “Oh, your stomach should be exactly the same, though you didn’t vomit on the plane, so I’m sure you’ll be fine for it!”
[23:33] <jaimie_p> “Okay, but with two of you you need to hold on tight, okay? No groping, you hear me?” Jaimie glances at the ruins of the food. “We should probably settle the bill, first though?” He pulls out his wallet and pulls out a handful of bills. “For the tip.”
06[23:35] * Robin retrieves one of the bills from her cleavage and smooths it out, looking about guiltily “Still good if it’s warm right?”
[23:37] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie is not going to comment and when it becomes obvious that the shifted woman is reaching there he actually turns away for privacy sake. Such a gentleman!
06[23:40] * Maire doesn’t have any cleavage access in her current doctorly outfit, so pulls some out from her pocket instead, adding it to the tip-pool. “Oh warm’s fine! Just so long as you didn’t make it damp.”
[23:41] <jaimie_p> *NOT touching that thank you. Jaimie looks around and clears his throat a bit. “So, ah, as soon as you’ve ah, taken a moment or two to get cleaned up?”
01[23:43] <robin> “He’s so cute! Our Super Hero is shy”
06[23:44] * Maire grins as she turns to him too. “He is, isn’t he! I wonder if he can carry us without exploding…”
01[23:45] <robin> “Well he doesn’t need to worry about me, I can stick to him”
[23:46] <jaimie_p> “…Nice guys don’t explode?” Okay, it’s a play on an old cheesy movie from the ‘80s, but he’s trying to diffuse the situation and these two ladies are not helping. At. All. He lets out a slow sigh and attempts to place an arm over each of their shoulders without crushing them.
06[23:48] * Maire stands up next to Jaimie. Which is awkward, because there’s a huge height difference between her and the other two. Still, flying! “To adventure!”
[23:50] <jaimie_p> *This time Jaimie doesn’t do any posing as he’s hard-pressed to not drop his precious cargo in the Des Plaines River. He does, however, toss in a slow barrel-roll to test the stomachs of his two hitch-hikers….
06[23:50] * Robin stands on Jaimie’s other side and then puts an arm around his shoulder and pats him on the cheek “Take me away Superhero~” she says in a sultry voice before squeaking when they suddenly take off. “Wooooooah”
[23:51] <jaimie_p> “You both doing okay?”
06[23:51] * Maire does pose! She poses so hard. “Wooo! Yep, very ok!”
01[23:53] <robin> “Wooooooo!” comes Robin’s cry, one arm held out as the other just ‘sticks’ to Jaimie without her needing to even hold on that hard “This is so good!”
[23:54] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie tries another one this time, a full loop. The grip might leave bruises, though, even with care not to crush body or parts.
06[23:57] * Maire is having far too much fun to care about the bruising. Or the fact she may fall to her death if Jamie slips. “Woooo! Keep going!”
06[23:58] * Robin is giggling like crazy “This is insane! It’s like… skydiving but even better!”
[23:59] <jaimie_p> *The hero is busy not crashing and not running into flight paths and generally trying to be responsible, pulling one mediocre acrobatic move after another within reason before heading towards the hotel that the two women are staying at.
Session Time: Sat Jun 29 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <jaimie_p> “We should probably wrap this up, I need to get home and check with the folks, make sure they’re doing alright and all.” He seems a bit disappointed at this possibility but at the same time…
01[00:01] <robin> Robin hugs Jaimie all over again, “Thank you thank you! That was amazing, getting to fly like that and all it was just. Yes! Oh my yes”
06[00:02] * Maire Hugs Jaimie too! Only a bit lower. Yep, lower! And really, even mediocre acrobatic moves are amazing when you’re flying! “So very much yes! We’ll have to try Erin next time wont we, see how she flies?”
02[00:03] * Hat|Bleh (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
06[00:03] * Jaimie_P blushes slightly at the hug as he comes in for a landing, carefully pulling the two women up before coming to a running stop. “She’s even faster and better at it than I am.”
01[00:03] <robin> “Well you were wonderful. I enjoyed it!”
03[00:04] * Hat|Bleh (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) has joined #HatRP
[00:06] <jaimie_p> “Th… thank you. You… don’t need anything else before I head out, do you?”
[00:07] <maire> “Of course! We both did!” She frowns a bit, briefly. “Yes dear, that depends if you want us to need anything else doesn’t it?”
01[00:08] <robin> “Anything, I’m all yours. You’ve had a rough time, I think you need to know people appreciate you”
[00:08] <jaimie_p> “Well… I guess I could take you to your room, at least? It’s kind of rude to just dump you in the lobby?”
06[00:08] * Jaimie_P crooks his elbows so the two can put their arms through them if they wish.
06[00:09] * Robin loops her arm through Jaimie’s “And they said Chivalry was dead.”
[00:09] <maire> “It’s not dead, it’s resting!”
[00:11] <jaimie_p> *At the very least, Jaimie will act as ‘guide’ for Robin, if Maire joins in she won’t be chased from the other arm as they head up to the room. Poor guy… probably the only reason he isn’t shaking is due to his Nova nature.
06[00:12] * Maire does join in of course! She and robin are more likely to be acting as guides though, as poor Jaimie has no reason to know where they’re actually going, not having been to the room before.
01[00:14] <robin> “Mmm.” Robin says, leaning just a little on Jaimie as they go “So firm, I worked out a ton to get my security job and I never got like this.”
[00:15] <jaimie_p> *Despite having the muscle power to flip cars and possibly throw motorcycles like fast-balls, Jaimie is kind of captive to the guidance of the two, and he blushes a bit at Robin’s comment. “I wasn’t like this before… either. I could never really get behind working out?” For shame!
01[00:16] <robin> “Not for everyone. Now none of us need to, which is a nice perk.”
[00:18] <jaimie_p> “I… guess?” Jaimie continues the awkward walk, but at least he’s not dragging his feet either figuratively or literally like he was during dinner.
06[00:20] * Maire blinks, and looks over to robin, most likely looking up past Jaimie’s chest to see her. “No… you do if you want to maintain your strength; all the donut really did was give you extra potential, you’re still human.” Only prettier! And more colourful!
[00:21] <jaimie_p> “Donut what?” Okay, that kind of threw Jaimie a bit there. “Um, on ah, second thought, I don’t think I have a need to know?”
01[00:23] <robin> “Hey! Where’s your sense of curiosity?”
01[00:23] <robin> “Maire here gave me powers, she’s able to bake things that are special. Incredibly good tasting or even able to make you ‘better’”
[00:25] <jaimie_p> “I ah, kind of checked it at the door when things happened to me? And… oh, that… explains the eclairs, then?”
[00:28] <maire> “Well, yeah? I wasn’t joking when I said they’re orgasmic.” And their room! Or possibly rooms.
01[00:29] <robin> “Better than that, they’re something else”
06[00:29] * Robin smiles “You should definetly give it a go sometime, have some fun. Don’t let this ruin you life. Cheer up! You’re nervous and it doesn’t suit you.”
06[00:36] * Maire unlocks the door, opening the way to the expensive (ish) suite! “Come in! Unless you’d like to leave of course. But if you stay, I can make up some for you~”
[00:37] <jaimie_p> “But… at the sake of sounding like, ah, broken record, um… well, it feels really weird and uncomfortable in some ways because I”m… well…" He does enter, though… because it’d be rude to turn down an invitation from someone who was polite enough to buy that very expensive dinner…
01[00:38] <robin> “It does sound like a broken record. But relax, guy or girl you’re free to come on in.”
[00:42] <jaimie_p> “Th.. thank you.” He looks for a good spot to sit on a couch or chair. So uptight and formal, even. But at least he’s trying? “Um…”
06[00:46] * Maire lets him in. And of course, being rather less uptight and formal (despite the doctorly suit) She slips off her shoes and fez at the door, replacing it with a simple beret. There should be plenty of chairs around! “Ok, so I wont make you any of those eclaires if you don’t want them, but I’m sure we can find something else to do, right?”
01[00:47] <robin> “Maybe just something to cheer them up. Make them chill?” Robin says, kicking off her own heels and stretching out “Though I think they’d like it! They’re just being an adorable prude”
[00:52] <jaimie_p> *Well, it’s shoe-less suite-time, so the trench-coat comes off and is neatly piled over his two pairs of socks and steel-toed boots that were clearly made for someone with bigger feet. So too the mirrorshades, and her eyes are a jade-green, it would seem. “Adorable… prude?”
01[00:53] <robin> “Yes. You’re not used to girls at all are you?” she smiles, “You ever dated before?”
[00:54] <jaimie_p> “Um… n… not in a long… time? The last time.. it was weird… she was staying with a buddy of mine and they were off-again/on-again and I kind of fit in between and well… um.”
[00:56] <maire> “Aww; that does sound awkward. You need new shoes though; were you planning on getting some with Erin?”
01[00:56] <robin> “Fit in between?”
06[00:56] * Robin boggles at that one, her mind is going bad places.
[00:57] <jaimie_p> “I, ah, was um… going to ah, hold off until I found a job to buy a new couple of pairs?” He bites his lip and nods to Robin. “Yeah, when they weren’t actively seeing each other we went out on a couple of dates and ah, well, did some things but it really wasn’t… well, damnit, it was more like we needed to… vent some ah, steam?”
01[01:00] <robin> “So it was just steamy, lust driven making out? Oh my” Robin says, hands clasped together as they listened to Jaimie “Maybe I was way off there then”
[01:00] <maire> “Of course dear, among other things. Money shouldn’t be an issue if you pay attention to things.” She smirks at robin though, taking a seat. “Oh, I doubt you were that far off, was she?”
[01:04] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie kind of squirms a bit as he sits there and looks down at his knees. At least he knows how to sit ‘right’. That must be Erin’s coaching. “The, ah… whole nine yards… as it um, were? It… didn’t do much for me, though?”
01[01:06] <robin> “Oh?” Robin says, giving them a playful bat on the arm “It’s an interesting story, don’t be ashamed of it. So why’d it not do much for you? Did it all go okay?”
[01:10] <jaimie_p> “It felt… well. Like nothing? I mean… the first time I did… I honestly thought I loved her but she was a lying skanky ho and… damnit, that just came out, I’m sorry.” The bat on the arm barely registers. “…well, this last time… well, I got better time with myself in the shower?” He blushes deep crimson after that.
06[01:12] * Maire leans into jaimie. “Wow, really? If she was bouncing on and off with that other guy it wouldn’t be great but…. it was a nice shower, wasn’t it?”
[01:13] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie gets leaned into now, as well. “It… kind of set a pattern for a… few years? I mean, showers, that is?”
06[01:13] * Jaimie_P doesn’t want to admit *how long
ago that was.
06[01:16] * Robin is hugging a pillow to herself, scandalized! “Did they enjoy it? I mean, at the time? Just have to puzzle this out.”
[01:18] <maire> “I imagine she did, but he doesn’t know, does he?” She’s not hugging any pillows, just the side on the sofa.
[01:19] <jaimie_p> “They said they did? But… I’ll be honest um, I ah… don’t know.” He looks a bit… not traumatized but that sort of reminiscent look folks get when digging up old memories?
01[01:21] <robin> “I think you did just fine. Commendable even! I’m usually so awful I can’t even remember what was going on.”
[01:22] <maire> “Well maybe if you didn’t drink so much~”
[01:24] <jaimie_p> “I… ah… did it a couple of times while drunk. I… stopped that when I had a nightmare that I might have kids out there that I didn’t remember. Even though I was um… using protection?”
01[01:25] <robin> “Wise choice, it’s never any good anyway”
[01:25] <jaimie_p> “I’m… sorry for rambling about myself… um, so, ah, I have to ah, ask and please don’t be ah, offended are you two an… ‘item’?”
06[01:27] * Maire just can’t resist! She scoots over and slips an arm innocently around Robin’s back. “Oh, and what if we are?~”
06[01:28] * Robin bites her lip, glad she had the control not to blush “No offense taken, we’re a pretty odd pair I know.”
[01:29] <jaimie_p> “Then I’d say fucking awesome… pardon my French.” He smiles and nods and gives them some space together… and the focus shift away from him. “So, how long have you been together?”
06[01:30] * Robin pokes Maire’s side “We haven’t! She’s just messing with me” she huffs, then turns to outright tickle Maire “She’s nothing but trouble!”
06[01:32] * Maire squeaks, and reaches out an arm to tickle back! Not that she has any chance, her arms not being as long as Robin’s. “Ohoho! I never said we had, did I?”
06[01:33] * Robin is flexible now too! Swerving out of the way of Maire’s hands and keeping up the merciless tickling. “She should be so lucky anyway!”
[01:34] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie lets out a little sigh of relief and smiles politely at the two as he lets them play. Sure, his mind may be darting to dark dirty places, but at least it’s cleaner than what he was talking about earlier.
06[01:35] * Maire is helpless! A powerful nova taken down by tickling! Oh the humanity!
01[01:36] <robin> “Hah! Didn’t think your way out of this one did you” Robin laughs, before eventually ceasing and giving Maire a half hug instead. “I owe mischief here an awful lot, but we’re just good friends.”
03[01:37] * Maire is now known as SleepyKae
[01:37] <jaimie_p> “Ah, that’s kind of cool, still. I mean..”

Round Robin

[16:05] <maire> It’s just an average shop, in an average street, in Belfast parhaps not even a month since n-day. Cleanup in the northern ireland capital had been something of a bitch, not helped at all by political squabbling and the newly erupted novae. So that average shop had been closed a lot of the time while the owner was away on ‘sabbatical’. But not today! For today, if one were to look inside the window of ’Maire’s Chocolatey tr
[16:05] <maire> eats’, they would see all manner of deliciousness, cakes and cookies and croissants and baps and buns and just plain bars of chocolate. But through all that, they would see a small, freckled ginger woman in an apron and stylish chef’s hat, pottering around with an oven and surrounded by jars and bottles of all kinds.
[16:06] <maire> and were they to come in, they might hear her humming! “I’ll cook up a solution with the knowledge I’ve accrued~”
03[16:06] * Fans is now known as Robin
01[16:09] <robin> They’d also picked up a follower after the concert, Robin isn’t entirely sure how she ended up following Maire about but the lil’ woman had gotten her to tag along. She’s a fit looking woman, early twenties with a black pixie cut and wearing a faded tour T-shirt. She’s been rather enjoying just looking at all the confectionary on display with puppy dog eyes. Curse her sweet tooth.
[16:18] <maire> And what adventures they’d had! granted it’s mostly been roaming around shopping, selling, and looking for the aftereffects of the novas, but there were adventures! And maire’s ‘nonstandard’ cooking abilities have been coming more and more to the fore over time, Robin may well wonder if she’s really seen their full extent yet. Maybe she should ask, as maire’s just pulling a fresh batch out of the oven and garnishing the do
[16:18] <maire> nuts with sprinkles~
01[16:19] <robin> “It’s torture how good that smells” Robin says, leaning on the counter “I think that’s your best batch yet, whatever it is I’m in love already.”
03[16:20] * Hat (Mibbit@j-35-217-28-73.hsd3.mi.comcast.net) has joined #HatRP
06[16:23] * Maire smiles and puts the batch in a tray on the display cabinet, plucking out an extra large, extra delicious muffin and handing it over on a plate. Unfortunately nowadays she kind of has to stand on tiptoes to really reach over the display. She’s going to need to do something about that. “Well, I’d hope it would be, after all, I thought you deserved one of these, after all this time.” She smiles, letting Robin do with th
[16:24] <maire> She smiles, letting Robin do with the freshly baked, warm chocolate-iced donut, with rainbow sprinkles, what she will.
06[16:29] * Robin takes it like it’s incredibly expensive and breakable, taking a deep breath of it and turning it in her hands to find the best place to bite in on it. There is none, it’s all amazing so she gives in and just stuffs her face, taking a big bite and eyes going wide. “Mrrrm!” is all she can manage, lips curling up into a smile and feet bobbing happily.
01[16:33] <robin> She finishes it up pretty quickly, unable to really help herself. She manages to get most of it in her face at least and is looking dopily sated as she sucks her fingers clean “That was really something else, things should be able to taste that good”
[16:34] <maire> She has happy feet! So does Maire, though she’s almost entirely hidden behind the counter so it’s less obvious. Still, if only Robin knew how much that particular donut could sell for… Though the clue might be in the ‘special treats’ menu to one side of the counter, that lists things such as ‘time sorbet’, ‘eye of a newt and cinnamon’, ‘chocolate icing, timeline splicing’, and ‘seapony tears and provolone’, with prices o
[16:34] <maire> f the order of £1000 apiece.
01[16:40] <robin> Robin doesn’t care about that! Free food is free food, no matter how expensive it really is. “I can see why people would pay so much for these … now, I… uh..” and she holds her head steadying herself against the counter. “What’s going on? I’ve got pins and needles all over, argh, it’s tickling like hell.”
03[16:45] * Zimrilim is now known as Harry
06[16:49] * Maire grins and takes off her chef’s hat, replacing it with a stylish denim cap, and removing her apron. As she exits the counter…. well, it’s obvious she’s enjoying her new form, because the denim theme – short shorts and jacket, with a cropped version of robin’s tour shirt – continues and reveals quite a lot of freckly skin, as she comes over to put an arm around Robin. “Oh, that’ll pass; I think you’ll like the result
[16:51] <maire> I think you’ll like the results though, you’ve not even seen the bit people pay that much for yet…”
02[16:55] * Hat (Mibbit@j-35-217-28-73.hsd3.mi.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
06[16:56] * Robin manages a laugh and pats Maire’s hand as it goes round her. “You’re up to something, I can te-” she’s cut short by the sound of ripping fabric. A seam in her t-shirts just given way. She isn’t bulking out much, it’s more soft muscle gaining harder line and filling out just a little to give her more of a figure. The hand laid over Maire’s changes colour to match her skin tone and her words being to slur. “The fuhhhk.”
[17:03] <maire> And maire does not have a very dark skin tone. Not with her genes. Still, she starts to lead the much taller girl to a door in the back of the shop. “Oh, you know you’ve seen this kind of thing before, though I think this is one of my best works so far, if you’d like to come back here, so you’re not interrupted by any customers, ok?”
01[17:04] <robin> Her skin appears to be shifting, rippling slightly as it reforms and she lets herself be towerd along by Maire, her grips rather firm. Robin’s skin is getting a fine scale pattern which fades in and out of view as she colours flow across her, “Feehls pretty goohd.” she manages, talking while shifting being a bit of a pain for her.
[17:08] <harry> And then someone walks into the store. Though… you could have sworn the door hasn’t opened. Walking up to the counter he seems to be a dark skinned man with sunglasses and a simple headband that somehow looks classy with the slick swept back hair. Together with a white button shirt and a longcoat.
[17:09] <harry> Well and black pants of course.
06[17:13] * Maire nods. letting robin down onto a comfy chair in the back office. It doesn’t see an awful lot of use as an actual office, being more for storage and wardrobe than anything, but it still has chairs! And Robin is sitting in one! “Ok, stay here please and relax. I’m not sure how much bigger you’ll get, but you’re going to need to go shopping later, so you might like to take things off if they’re getting tight. I just need
[17:14] <maire> I just need to go see a customer for a moment, ok?” She then pets the girl on the head, hopping off through the door again to see Harry. “Good afternoon! can I help you?”
06[17:21] * Harry nods.“Most likely. Are you miss Thornton?” Well… there probably wasn’t much doubt about that. Given her appearance.
[17:24] <maire> What does he mean? There are loads of miniature hatted girls in the country! And surely all of them are basically dressed for an especially stylish beach? “That’s me, yes. What can I interest you in? I just baked a fresh batch of iced donuts, if you’d like.” She smiled her businesswoman smile, waving a hand over the still lightly steaming goodies.
06[17:27] * Harry lifts his sunglasses. Showing of vibrant amber eyes. “Maybe one while we talk business?” And then a smile.
[17:30] <maire> Maire’s smile then changes to a far more SCIENCE one, as she slips one onto a paper plate and hands it up to him, before stepping out from behind the counter. “Of course; that’s going to be one pound twenty, and I’m afraid my office is in use at the moment, but I can lock up if you’d prefer privacy.”
06[17:36] * Harry ends up handing over a five dollar bill. “That might be useful. A lot of this isn’t exactly general knowledge.” Or even a thing yet. But he’s working on it!
06[17:41] * Maire takes the bill and rings up the purchase, passing harry back a £2 coin and two 2p coins. “No, you’re right about that; there’s a lot of publicity, but no-one seems to have the faintest idea of what’s actually happened.” She then scoots over to the front door, locking it before she returns to Harry. “Now, you were saying?”
[17:46] <harry> “I represent a loose affiliation of individuals such as you and me. Our aim is to set up a support structure for goods and services that might not ordinarily be acquired or created. In short, a Nova network for speciality goods and services. You need something delivered fresh to the other side of the world, there’s someone who can do that for example.” And then a bite. “Or get
[17:46] <harry> you in contact that would like your services.”
06[17:50] * Maire nods. “That does sound useful; you’ve done your homework though, haven’t you? My special selection typically doesn’t work on novas, at least not any that I’ve met.” She points to the ‘special treats’ sign, with all the expensive snacks on it. “I’m listening though, especially if you’ve uncovered anything about our origins.”
01[17:52] <robin> There’s a thump from the back room and some laughing, someone’s having fun back there.
[17:55] <harry> “I’m sure there are many working on it.” He raises an eyebrow at the noise from the back room though. “Be that as it may, they might want them for those close to them. Are you sure things are okay?”
06[17:59] * Maire nods, backing towards the room, and opening the door. “Oh, just fine. It’s some of my work in progress actually. It wont be long, but it’s probably best if you dont come in for now.” Because that shirt was already torn, who knows how much further it’s gone? So she slips into the room and shuts the door again. “So, how are things progressing dear?”
01[17:59] <robin> … Robin’s gone! Where has she gone? What?
01[18:01] <robin> 8d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Robin, 8d10: 67 [8d10=6,8,9,10,7,10,7,10]
01[18:01] <robin> 3d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Robin, 3d10: 9 [3d10=6,1,2]
[18:01] <maire> 1d4d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Maire, 1d4d10: 11 [1d4=1]
[18:01] <maire> ((whoops))
[18:01] <maire> 4d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Maire, 4d10: 22 [4d10=7,6,6,3]
01[18:03] <robin> Maire looks about the room and there’s nothing to be seen just a … BOMP and dropping down from the cieling, skin coloured to match is Robin, nimbly dropping right in front of Maire and then scooping her up for a big hug. She’s gotten a little taller and a ‘lot’ stronger. “You’re the best friend ever”
[18:08] <maire> Maire grins and hugs back, not that she has much choice having been picked up, feeling up Robin’s new scales! Or skin anyway, if that’s not formed yet. “You’re welcome sweetie; now, remember we purchased a few sizes of spare clothing for people with significant size variation? There should be some in that wardrobe, if you’re finished changing.”
01[18:11] <robin> Robin does indeed have scales, they’re hard to spot but they’re there. Kind of soft, it’s an unusual texture for a person. She sets Maire back down and stretches “I’ll go see what fits me, thank you though! Everything feels a whole lot easier now, it’s like .. hard to describe. Like everything just works.”
06[18:14] * Harry nods and takes a deep breath once Maire’s gone. This… this was going to be hard. But then… doing that in college after moving from high school was too. Everyone has things they want. And things they can offer.
[18:15] <maire> “I’m glad you like it; I could do more, just as soon as I’m sure how they’d interact with what you already have, but for now I’m going to go back to our visitor, so come out when you’re ready ok?” She then… well, Robin did just just get an appearance boost, so she keeps her eyes on her until she’s back at the door, and slips out. No need for Harry to see her yet! She then turns around. “So! She’s fine, she’ll be out in
[18:15] <maire> a little bit if you’d like to see my work. Now, you were saying?”
[18:17] <harry> “Just offering you the connections and opportunities through this network. I’m sure you can’t say no to such an opportunity?” He raises an eyebrow. Surely she still remembered.
[18:22] <maire> Of course she remembered! She has an eidetic memory! “Yes, yes, it’s a very good offer, though maybe you could tell me your name and powers, and maybe give me some information? For all I know I’m the first other nova you’ve contacted.” And she would know, she’s likely played that angle before.
06[18:23] * Maire scoots over and helps herself to one of her donuts. So tempting~
[18:32] <harry> His donut disappeared when she went away for a few moments. “Not the first.” Which is the truth. He knows of at least three others besides the two of them here. “But call me Merx, there’s the physical and mental package of course.”
[18:37] <maire> “Yes, yes, most get something there, I know I seem to have gotten mostly the mental package, but there’s usually something beyond that, I’d imagine it must be something that gives you an edge in networking over your competitors, I know you’re not the only one trying to get in touch with others.”
[18:55] <harry> “Oh well… of course. My associates and I mostly benefit from a very high mobility and of course some skills in identifying Nova.” Donna definitely could sense some things about Nova at least. Though Maire made it pretty easy to find her. “I in particular however contain more than you might suspect act first glance.” And then he grasps into his arms to pull out…. a business
[18:55] <harry> card. From one Merx Phasma, Facilitator.
01[19:02] <robin> Maire has more than she appears too, because Robin takes that moment to throw open the door and rejoin them all. She’s showing off just a bit, dressed up in a figure hugging dark red shirt with tight black legging and her skin now nicely tanned the pattern of scales more like a tattoo across her cheeks. She does look better, not the brain searing attractiveness of Nova’s but she certainly stands out at now. “Hi!” she says, smiling at Harry “Seems like I’m just in time for the interesting bit.”
06[19:06] * Maire takes it and looks it over, passing over one of her own in turn. It’s a lot like the sign outside her shop, a chocolatey brown and green affair… at least, it is if you look at it from one angle. From another, the card changes to a doctor who motif, with ‘Baker Who?’ instead. And it lists some very expensive, potent sounding pastries. “Ok, so you’re working under a pseudonym. You wouldn’t be the only one, fine, but.
[19:06] <maire> You wouldn’t be the only one, fine, but..” she glances over to Robin, and waves. “Welcome back! Yep, this is ‘Merx’, he says he’s from a nova network.” She turns back to him. “Ok, tell you what, lets go visit some of your contacts, we can shake hands, trade deals and so forth. That’s a service you can offer, yes? As part of ‘facilitation’?”
01[19:09] <robin> “Is he?” she says as she looks them over, a small smile on her lips “Well you definetly look like a Nova so you get a pass there.”
[19:09] <harry> Pretty face indeed. But… exposure to Zeke has acclimatised him a bit to stupendous beauty. “Hello, I see you’ve just done some very fine work.” A smile at Robin before looking back. “Well in most cases it takes time to set up appointments. Some are a bit reclusive. Others busy, and some don’t have a strict address as such. And it would help to know what sort of deals you are
[19:09] <harry> looking for so I know where to take you.”
01[19:15] <robin> “Someone who can go find trouble for you to get stuck into?” Robin says, walking over to join Maire taking a seat on the floor beside her so she isn’t straining her neck all the time. “I don’t know what she plans to do with all the money she’s making, something terrifying no doubt”
[19:16] <maire> “Well, if I knew that I’d find them myself; we need a meet and greet to establish what potential deals we could have, see just how many of us there are, maybe those of us with the mental traits can bump heads and make the most of things, maybe find out why we even exist. How does that sound?” She then grins and ruffles robin’s hair, before looking back waaay up to Harry.
06[19:20] * Robin gives a content smile as her hairs mussed up “I like it. I mean I’m not one of you properly, but it sounds very reasonable. Too reasonable even.”
[19:21] <harry> “I see. But surely you have a goal you are trying to achieve? I can introduce you to some other Nova but it might not be the best way to go about achieving it.” He pockets the business card though.
[19:31] <maire> “That’s sweet, so you have a business model then~. That works fine in a well developed economy, but right now we have no idea what powers are out there and how they interact, so we’re going to need to meet to experiment, to find out what’s out there and how we can use it. No-one’s going to reach their goals without knowing what they can use, are they?”
01[19:35] <robin> “Yeah there’s been a whole bunch of weird stuff on the net recently. I liked the kid who could make flowers by clapping, not that it’s useful. Just kind of cute.”
[19:38] <harry> “Of course. There’s still the matter of setting up a properly secure platform for this kind of interaction of course. And even for me this is mostly a way of figuring things out myself. And of course making contacts for the forseeably mad future.” A big smile. Well… maybe he leans gracefully against some display. “Though for now I’m trying to find people with abilities that
[19:38] <harry> have a bit more applications than making flowers. Although that would be fun for parties.”
01[19:42] <robin> “Well Maire has a hella awesome power, as you can see” she says, poking her tongue out at Harry it’s a bit longer than any normal persons could be “Ngh, feels like it’s all going to fall out when I do that. That’ll take some getting used too”
06[19:42] * Maire rolls her eyes. “Just for parties? Are you… no, dear, that has applications. If he can control it to create specific plantlife then he can clap to solve world hunger and deforestation. If not, there’s a fortune to be made in roses and other high-value flowers. And….” Oh my. Note to self: add that as standard.
[19:47] <harry> “Well of course. But I have seen the video as well. It’s nice but small scale so far. I’m not excluding anyone, but I am prioritising at the moment. There are still only limited resources available to us. But they are enough for the initial investments.”
01[19:50] <robin> “Ish shounding like it could be good” Robin says, trying to put the tongue away. Darn thing, how does it work? “I mean are youh tied in to it?”
06[19:54] * Maire recomposes herself after the tongue thing. she’s standing around with a really hot guy and a cute lizardgirl, that’s no reason to lose her composure! “So yes… how about, I’m going to be conducting my own search, I’ll be keeping records, how about we arrange a convention, say on n-day’s anniversary. By then even the least mentally gifted should have full control over their powers, and we can all introduce ourselves,
[19:54] <maire> and we can all introduce ourselves, see where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. In the meantime, a formal network sounds like a good idea, yes.”
[19:57] <harry> “Most certainly. Of course I can provide you with some sort of data sharing agreement until that time. And thereafter perhaps.” Yes that grin got wider. Oh the ideas there. Where his thoughts had been distracted by the crazy tongue antics before. “Of course we’ll restrict access to the general public for it. Don’t want to turn it into too much of a spectacle.”
06[20:02] * Maire nods. “Agreed; though I think we’ll have a few open events too; I predict the marketing opportunities for the novae posing as superheroes will be massive, so we’ll set them up in a public event, with just them, some merchandise vendors, which we’ll need to make deals with, and some steep entry costs. The main event we’ll keep to the Novae and guests. Data sharing is fine though, we’ll want to know who we’re dealing
[20:03] <maire> with after all.”
01[20:03] <robin> “So a big Nova-Con to distract people from the real meeting going on somewhere else in the city? I’d go to it”
[20:07] <harry> “That will be the idea. Of course, given our numbers… it would need to be somewhere accessible. And a place where they would want to host such a concentration of powerful people. There are many obstacles with doing something like this. Although…. Atra did mention someone who might be able to help some with that. And they most likely will be quite useful with the
[20:07] <harry> distraction as well.”
03[20:15] * Polk_Kitsune[sleepiez] is now known as Polk_Kitsune
01[20:19] <robin> “Maire could probably organise it all in her sleep. She’s a lot smarter than she cooks” Robin smirks, so very pleased with her own awful pun.
[20:28] <maire> What was she talking about? That pun was amazing. Amazing! And Maire’s snerk proves it! “Quite right; we’ll have to wait and see of course, already some countries are less accepting than others, but somewhere with low population density would be best; we could fit more people there, and there’d be lower risks. I take it Atra is one of your contacts?”
06[20:36] * Harry nods, a brief smile along with the others. “My transportation in fact. And she’ll be very useful in that regard if we can arrange for the necessary permits.” But Harry here is pretty smart himself. So he’s already been thinking of that. Maybe an island in the sea or some kind of open plains.
06[20:42] * Maire nods, and scoots back to her counter to help herself to some more of the merchandise. Tasty~ “I can imagine. She’s a teleporter, or flyer? Or does she just have a really nice car?”
06[20:46] * Robin gives Maire puppy chameleon eyes as she sees them eating some of the merchandise. So hungry.
06[20:47] * Maire takes some more out, and hands them to Robin. She probably would be hungry after transforming like that
06[20:48] * Robin gives Maire a big hug with her free arm and then sets down to eat. She really was quite ravenous.
[20:48] <harry> “A teleporter.” And a bit more. “But is there any number, IM, Skype or something I can reach you with? Before we set up a secure network?”
06[20:52] * Maire smiles and hugs robin back, before returning to look up at Harry. “…Oh my… Yes, I gave you my business card remember? That has all the details on it. It’s over there too.” She sighs and points to a banner behind the counter, which indeed, announces her site, email, and phone number. Even if the site is likely ddosed by desperate fat/tg/rich people.
01[20:55] <robin> Only if Maire hasn’t taken the time to upgrade her security. It wouldn’t be hard for her, she could even set up some retaliation attacks to amuse herself.
[20:55] <harry> “Of course. Although I’ll likely visit in person for anything that needs to be transmitted securely.” He straightens up. “Of course, here’s a little tidbit for your research. An advance on your information sharing agreement. Not all Nova turn out right. Some of us have something a little wrong.”
06[21:00] * Maire nods. “Of course; and there are also ones like one we met on n-day, she was having fun inciting riots. I’m not sure what she’s doing now, but I realise this could go horribly wrong, and I have been keeping up with the news.” A straightened up Harry though… Poor maire pretty much has to crane her neck right back to look him in the nostrils.
[21:03] <harry> “Of course, but have you had the chance to meet one? That seems to have it mostly under control? And a talk with someone who could sense it in advance?” A grin there as he turns around. “You have my card too.” And he waves at them while heading to the door.
06[21:04] * Robin just growls quitely as she watches Harry leave. Yes, she did like to see him go~
[21:13] <maire> Just because he has a cute butt… Well, Maire enjoyed watching him leave too. “We’ll meet up sometime then!”
[21:16] <harry> “Indeed~” And then the locked door proves to be no obstacle. Either he just disappears against it or more likely, he just walks through it as can be seen through the windows the store most likely has.
01[21:17] <robin> “Cool power. Heh… so wait, am I Nova now?”
06[21:20] * Maire nods, absently, before turning back from that mega-butt. “…Of course not~ You’re no more nova than anyone else I’ve given my special treats to, even if you did turn out rather well.” She smirks though, holding a hand to help robin up, if she’s still sitting on the floor.
06[21:22] * Robin takes the hand and gets up, then keeps going up, lifting up Maire and putting her on Robin’s shoulders “Says you! I think I should count, I can walk on walls and go invisible. Ish.”
06[21:24] * Maire squeaks and wriggles her legs! “Oh, you! It doesn’t work that way! I don’t know much about novas yet but you’re definitely something else, inbetween the two!”
01[21:28] <robin> “We’ll see, i think I can prove I’m your equal time” she smirked, “You have given me a lot of fun features to play with”
[21:30] <maire> “Oh, I know! And I’m sure we’ll be making use of all of them if we’re going to be looking for more novae, aren’t we?”
01[21:30] <robin> “Most. Not really sure what I can do with a tongue this long that’s useful. Besides destroy lollipops”
06[21:33] * Maire blushes up atop robin’s shoulders. scrunching her toes up and folding her arms up. “Oh, well… that would be an experiment. Let’s just say anyone you decide to date will thank me for it…”
01[21:40] <robin> “Thanks Moooom” Robin says, spinning round in a circle “Can I go out now?”
[21:41] <maire> “Well, sure; no daughter of mine is going out in clothes that don’t fit properly though, so we’re taking you to the store, ok?”
01[21:41] <robin> “Deal. I’ll try not to break anyone”
06[21:42] * Maire nods, pointing her steed onwards! “Then let’s go!”
06[21:46] * Robin is really fast on her feet after what Maire’s done to her so they leave with a burst of speed and the ritual dance of the keys to lock up shop.
03[21:46] * Maire is now known as Kaeriel

Giant Fight

01[19:26] <fans> As Erin soars above the hospital they spot a dust cloud in the difference and the rumble of an impact coming a split second later. The gunfire has all but stopped now, likely because it wasn’t really having any effect earlier and the cops aren’t ‘that’ stupid. The wail of sirens and general panic in the city is still a constant drone.
06[19:31] * ErinPaige looks down for some sign of Jaimie far below. Nothing. Damnit, whatever was up with Mr Walking Disaster out there was not going to wait for long. Damnit. Jay would be ok… she’d know what to do…
[19:32] <erinpaige> With that, Erin willed herself toward the source of the impact. She was the only one able to deal with this. Time to do that.
03[19:34] * Wage|zzz is now known as Wage|Workin
01[19:35] <fans> Erin launches forward with a rush of speed that’s quite shocking to those who were watching from below, like a cruise missile streaking across the sky it shouldn’t even be possible to react to the buildings now coming at her. However she finds it almost effortless, to glide around them, her reactions seem sharper, her body quicker. Our giant Murderer meanwhile has crushed the side of a building to squeeze down a side street and is making his way along the road. The biggest issue he’s having leaving is being a bit too big for the city roads but not ‘quite’ big enough to just scale the buildings in his way. He actually looks a bit lost.
06[19:44] * ErinPaige stopped on a dime a dozen yards away from the giant, the sonic boom of her instant decelleration heralding her arrival better than any words. She didn’t want to think about how many more people Jason had added to his bodycount today. Too many. Way too many. She folded her arms and fixed him with a glare, letting that righteous anger squash her fear enough to find the words. “oi. White.
06[19:44] * ErinPaige Stop now or I’ll stop you myself.”
[19:45] <erinpaige> Big words, little girl. It’s not like she could do anything except fly and look too big for her clothes…
01[19:49] <fans> She gets a snort of derision for her trouble. The Prisoners still in handcuffs, round the front not the back though and his Suit from the courthouse is pock marked with tiny bullet holes. “A flying girl? Cute.” he sneers “Don’t think I won’t squash you though if you get in my way. Move.”
[19:57] <erinpaige> “Move? sure…” Erin drifted back a few yards before accelerating to full speed and arching about. She wasn’t sure how fast she had been going before but kinetic energy might get the message across to Mr Giant Murderer.
[19:58] <erinpaige> ((arching = arcing))
01[20:01] <fans> He blinks in surprise at the sudden flit of speed, then with a grin takes a large, heavy step forward making the windows of the buildings along the street spiderweb wtih cracks as the road shatters under his feet. “Can be as quick as you like darling, you’re still just a speck to me. Go pick a fight with someone your own size.”
[20:02] <erinpaige> “didn’t you do physics, dumbass? Kinetic energy is mass times acceleration.” Erin swung about in a wide arc, trying to find somewhere away from buildings, somewhere she could try and knock him where he wouldn’t level any more buildings… then accelerated to full speed and flew at Jason like a supersonic bullet.
01[20:08] <fans> Jason seems to be relying on his vastly higher mass, that and how Erin would break against him like a twig. Silly girl. His sneer is still there right up until Erin flies on in and connects with his chest.
01[20:19] <fans> BOOM. The impact is hard enough that the rattling windows finally shatter, waterfalls of glass raining down to thier sides as he doubles over with a wheeze and staggers back, crushing an abandoned car as he tries to refind his foot. Panting for breath he looks up and then with a snarl swings out with his cuffed hands at the flying pest that had just slammed into him.
[20:30] <erinpaige> “I told you to stop.” She hadn’t expected her punch to hurt him that much… Erin flits about the poorly-swung fist like a slightly confused hmmingbird around an angry elephant. “Now you gonna stop or do I have to spank you?”
01[20:31] <fans> “Not going to jail” he groans, straightening up slowly from his overswing punch “Not now, never last there. Move.”
[20:34] <erinpaige> “aww, you afraid of being the bitch to someone bigger?” Erin can’t help but smirk darkly before flitting facewards and backhanding White back toward the semi-ruined park he had run through before.
01[20:39] <fans> Shuyroken! It looks comical how Erin could backhand a man ten stories tall across a street but backhand she did and his feel left the ground as he was launched back towards the damaged park. It doesn’t have any better time of it as he lands with an echoing crash, flattening what’s left of the steel railing under his shoulders and digging a gouge as he slides back onto the grass. He doesn’t get up this time, lying there with chest slowly rising and falling and mouth half lolled open.
[20:44] <erinpaige> Ok, now that was badass. Erin drifted down to the ground where the fallen giant had stood, rested her hands on her hips and smiled. Now that was how it’s done.
01[20:48] <fans> Hero pose! And it’d take a few seconds for Erin to realise that while most people had found cover now that the giant was down were braving the windows again and camera phone pictures were being taken. It seems thier first victory wasn’t going to go entirely undocumented, even if it wasn’t very smart of people to be doing it.
01[20:49] <fans> Awkwardly it doesn’t appear that Jason is going to be polite enough to shrink back down while unconcious, leaving them with an awfully large body to deal with.


06[19:16] * Harry flumps down into his chair. Things….. had been interesting lately. And some of it was Chinese. “Pffffffft, you ever feel like we only just figured out a sliver of what’s possible?”
[19:17] <atra> Well, naturally. Food was important considering… you know, the whole ‘magical explosion with new bodies’ gig. Zeke was in a chair nomming away at some fried noodles with a grin on her face. “Maybe. If this is only a sliver though, I can’t wait to see the rest.”
[19:24] <harry> “Heh, well…. I suppose I can agree to that.” Hey you’re not the only one with an appetite. There’s a few granola bars and Harry’s opening one of the wrappers. “But…. I really wouldn’t have recognised you if not for well… seeing you hatch or something. And not because of the whole…. thing.”
[19:26] <atra> “I know, right? This is kind of creepy in some ways, but in a lot more it’s really interesting.” Even if she had to get used to it. Definitely hit her head on some doorframes accidentally. Grumble. “I mean… I hope it’s not too awkward. Same with you as well, I mean… before I knew it you were practically bleeding out into whatever we are now.”
03[19:28] * Alytari is now known as AlyPony
[19:28] <harry> “Yeah…. that was really weird.” Not to mention all the other changes. They… looked like something out of a story now. “But still kind of a dream come true right?” Well for her at least.
[19:30] <atra> …the grin on her face as he said that. Dat grin. “YES. Oh my god, yes. It’s… fuck, it’s better than a dream. I still keep pinching myself to see if I’m asleep or hallucinating or not.”
[19:34] <harry> “Yeah no kidding.” And then the bar was devoured without leaving a trace. Aside from the wrapper. “What do I even call you now though? I mean… you’re still my friend Zeke of course but… feels weird.”
[19:37] <atra> “…yeah. I mean… Zeke feels like a different person. Same, but… you know.” Well there was a bit of squirming from that. Just a bit as she finished up her noodles… and went to the next box. “I suppose we could find a different name.”
03[19:38] * Wage|zzz is now known as Wage|Wirkz
[19:40] <harry> “Probably. I mean… doubt it’d be a good idea to get all this attention to ourselves. I mean former selves. Because I doubt we could be like superheroes and have a civilian identity or something.” He chuckles while opening up another two bars.
[19:48] <atra> “Well with Donna and Darren changing, we can’t possibly be the only ones out there… and heaven knows they’ll be willing to do the hero or villain biz. I’m comfy with being… well, just starting fresh or something.”
[19:49] <atra> “But you are right, keeping attention away from ourselves would be a good thing.”
[19:50] <harry> “Well of course. But I meant pretending to be normal. Doubt we can really do that now.” Then a big chunk of the bars disappears. “But I know we’re not the only ones. It’s kind of all over the news. Happening pretty much everywhere.”
[19:51] <atra> “…you phased through the floor and grew five inches. Not to mention got a heaping dose of attractiveness. You seriously thought we could pretend to be normal after something like that?” She tilted her head with that, looking… very surprised indeed.
[19:56] <harry> “I just told you I thought the exact opposite. Dude, don’t take me for an idiot.” He just stares back. “No I meant that we should figure some stuff out because of that. Like… are we still going to follow classes? Do we change our names? Hell I’ll need to have my license reissued or something.”
[19:58] <atra> “Just making sure. Still easy to goad at times.” Which… wasn’t often. Harry was a clever bugger. So Zeke was naturally feeling a bit smug. “I know I’m going to need to change everything. There’s no way in hell people will link me as Zeke, and we’ve already been covering our tracks in the financial section as is.”
02[20:00] * Atra (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
03[20:02] * Hat (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) has joined #HatRP
[20:02] <harry> “Uhm… yeah….” He eats up the last of the two bars. “Just no clue how to make all that official you know. I mean… there’s a ton of stuff the government needs to know about you. And I should know, I kind of have been avoiding a lot of it.”
[20:05] <hat> “…yeah.” She nodded again, finishing up that box of noodle snow as she set the empty container on the table. “There’s a lot of things we need to learn. A great, many thing.”
[20:08] <harry> “Tons of it.” He leans back, balancing the chair on two legs without wobbling. Well… just a teensy bit. “Heh, could just solve the name problem by calling you sis from now on. You definitely look like it now.”
[20:09] <hat> Bliiiiiiink… that made her stop as she looked at Harry. Just… kind of gazing as the gears turned. “…come again?”
[20:11] <harry> “Well I can’t just go around calling you Zeke. That would just be weird.” He grins wide. “And I doubt anyone would find it strange if I just pretend you’re my sister. Since we’re both weird in the same way.”
03[20:11] * Hat is now known as Atra
[20:13] <atra> “…this is true. That still surprises me to this day, how did you change so… similarly?” Well, minus the boobs. That would have been REALLY awkward. “I mean… shit, you have a real good point. We resemble each other so much it’s weird. Even the same weird cross shit on our foreheads.”
[20:17] <harry> “Hell if I know, sis. For all we know you made it happen because you wanted to share or not be alone or something. Or I just got jealous and kind of copied you sort of.”
[20:18] <atra> Mrrrrrrrgh. Damn it, that felt so weird to be called that. Zeke was very clearly looking confused and wondering how to take it. “…don’t make me ruffle your hair or something if you keep that up.” Somewhere in another universe, an Upstat gives two thumbs up.
06[20:20] * Harry sticks out his tongue. Perched there on the tip of the backleaning chair. Wobbling a bit on the two chair legs. “You got a better name then?”
[20:21] <atra> “…not… really.” At least for plausibility. Stupid Harry. Grumble grumble. She so crosses her arms over her chest and harrumphs. HARRUMPH. “It does make sense in a way.”
[20:24] <harry> “In a freaky supernatural way yeah.” He puts his hands on the edge of the seat and leans on it. This really can’t be good for the chair. “But… we can’t tell everyone to call you sis. Though I can just tell people to call me bro.” He rolls his eyes a bit.
[20:26] <atra> “This is true…” She thought about it a little, the gears turning in her mind as she found it… well, surprisingly easy to think. It wasn’t long before a solution arrived. “…maybe Atra? It’s… it’s short and easy to remember.”
[20:27] <harry> “Hmmm? Why?” That definitely wasn’t a very ordinary name. So he raises an eyebrow.
[20:29] <atra> “Well… different body, different name. And… come on, anyone’s gonna see us and realize we’re… well, changed by whatever happened. Might as well have it show in the name, right?”
[20:32] <harry> “Oh of course. Just curious. I mean knowing you it’s probably from some kind of story.” He smiles a bit. “I think it’s nice though. But might take me a little while to really get it into my system.”
[20:45] <atra> “…actually, it’s more a feminized form of Atro. Black, dark, brooding… kind of fits now, doesn’t it~?” Especially with the darkened skin.
[20:50] <harry> “Yeah definitely. What language though?” He looks at his hands a bit. Yeah…. it definitely applied quite well.
[20:52] <atra> “Latin. I know, a fair bit lame and kind of the first language most nerds turn to, but… I dunno. It’s short. It seemed fitting.” She shrugged a little, tugging at her bluish-black hair a touch. “…I mean, damn. Have you looked in the mirror? We’ve got some real intimidation going on.”
[20:54] <harry> “Oh I don’t know… we could have like… pointy super sharp teeth or something. But I suppose you’re right. It does fit. Though sooner or later they’ll figure out you wouldn’t hurt a fly you know.”
[20:56] <atra> Somewhere a bobble eared elf takes offense. Or tries to. Regardless, Zeke smirked a little. “I dunno… that was when I could get my ass kicked by a fly. This? I’ve actually got some ego and pride to defend now.”
[21:00] <harry> “Seeing is believing. But… I’ll give it a shot.” He flops his chair back on the floor. “So…. you’re good with latin right? Because I’ll probably need some suggestions.”
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[21:04] <atra> “Hrm…” She thought about it a bit, looking curious as she nodded her head. “…I’m strangely good with a lot of languages lately. I’ve been reading and I just… get them. Like I suddenly know how to speak them. Maybe Merx?”
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[21:07] <harry> “Hmm… what’s it mean?” He leans in closer though. So he seems to like it. “Sounds interesting though. I mean…. can’t let you outweird me after all.”
[21:10] <atra> “It’s somewhat Latin or proto-italian. Merchandise, goods, commodity. That kind of thing… figured stick to what you know, right~?” …and just because she threatened it before, she totally scoots closer and tries to ruffle Harry’s hair.
[21:14] <harry> “Hey! That… cheater! Just because you thought up two good names….” He grumbles a bit but he’s totally kidding. And not making it easy on her continued ruffling.
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[21:16] <atra> Bwahahahaha. Neener neener neeeeeeener. “Well you DID ask me. You’re mad that I delivered on your request~?”
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[21:22] <harry> “Yeah….. But not the ruffles.” He turns around to the door. “Mooooooom~ Atra-Nee’s being mea~n.” Well she’s just getting teased back back.
03[21:22] * Atra is now known as JamesD
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[21:23] <jamesd> ACK!!! Well Atra blushed deeply as she softly shoved Harry, quickly backing up. “H-h-hey I… c-c-cheater! So much cheating all the cheating and evil!”
06[21:34] * Zeke pretends to fall over backwards and rolls out of the chair when it falls backwards. “Hey you started it.”
[21:36] <jamesd> “Yeah but I… mrgh!” She shook her head again, looking flustered as she tries to calm down. “…I mean what would your mom really say? A sudden out of the blue sibling’s kind of… well, out of the blue.”
[21:55] <zeke> “To be honest, I haven’t the faintest idea. If it wasn’t for helping me pay for college I kind of doubt they’d remember I still there.”
[21:56] <jamesd> “…seriously?” Huh. That… well, she sat herself down with that, looking surprised as she scooted closer to Harry. “You don’t really talk much about them, so I never really knew.”
03[21:57] * Crow is now known as Vee
06[21:58] * Zeke shrugs. “Ah it’s fine. They’re busy people. Work all day, sleep all night stuff.” He lies down on the ground after his roll. And puts his hands behind his head. “But I like Merx. Can you imagine all the stuff we can move around together?”
[22:02] <jamesd> “No kidding. Not to mention secretly too… and instantaneously. Portals are just that crazy light that…” Well Atra was going to lean on a chair, even if she was only sitting on the floor. “…man. In comparison college feels more like a little game now.”
[22:05] <zeke> “Yeah, exactly. Do we even need to finish it? I mean could be useful but… don’t know. There’s a ton of us out there. I’m sure that there’s plenty out there to do amazing things.”
[22:14] <jamesd> “True… but I mean it might not hurt to finish. Just to keep ourselves grounded until we’re ready? I sure as hell don’t want to leave right now without understanding some facet of what we can do. I mean, like how far does your phasing go?”
[22:32] <zeke> “Yeah, good point. But… I don’t know. I’d kind of like to branch out a bit too you know. See if we can visit all these people around the world with your portals? I mean I think I’m not just phasing through things. I can just… like before, I only fell because I wanted too.”
[22:54] <jamesd> “Point… and sightseeing would be definitely fun!” She nodded a few times, a bit of a grin on her face as she reached down and patted at Harry’s head. “Try new things, meet the new transformed people… see what’s out there.”
06[23:04] * Zeke grins wide. “Create new business opportunities.” Okay maybe a bit of wriggling with that headpatting. “And just let the politicians figure out what we need to do.”
[23:05] <jamesd> “Sounds like someone’s thinking of making some money already. Going with the world flow, are we?”
[23:06] <zeke> “Hey why the hell not. People are going to be needing all sorts of stuff with this. And lots of new skills to market. I mean you could make a killing with a high end transport service.”
[23:08] <jamesd> “I suppose so… and with a savvy enough merchant directing the goods, one could charge extra for the rapid arrival.” Evil evil Harry indeed. Very clever too.
[23:14] <zeke> “Oh please, someone of your ability…. do you have any idea how long you can keep your portals open? You could charge a fortune for same minute delivery or something.”
[23:15] <jamesd> “Well… I think I kept the original portal open for at least a few minutes… same with when we dropped Darren in. But… I don’t think I ever tested it. That’s a good point.” She nodded again, looking… surprised. Very very surprised.
[23:39] <zeke> “Neither do I but…. you could use it for emergency medical transport or something. Or evacuations.” He nods and then tries to poke Atra’s side. “But you’ve only had these powers for like how long? Of course you haven’t thought of everything. I haven’t.”
[23:43] <jamesd> “I suppose so… might be good to do some research then?” EEP!! She squirmed with the poking though, practically jumping as she put a hand to her side. “H-h-hey! I… you’re having way too much fun doing that.”
[23:54] <zeke> “And you like ruffling my hair too much so I think we’re even.” He starts to laugh. “We’ll need business cards and stuff though.”
[23:56] <jamesd> “Business cards, uniforms, maybe a base of operations if we can buy and outfit it… I mean come on, wouldn’t it be amazing to have like a little base to use?” Well the idea appealed to her, anyway.
Session Time: Mon Jul 01 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <zeke> “Hehehe, one only we can get into because we don’t need doors.” He gets up again and sits down next to her. “Maybe make it a little network. Folks helping each other out. Who need people to facilitate interactions. Manage the infrastructure.”
[00:01] <jamesd> “…not a bad idea at all. That’d take a lot of people though.” And a lot of resources all things considered. Hrm… “We’d need to meet a bunch and try to get… well, people like us in higher places of business for some cash flow.”
[00:05] <zeke> “Well of course. And then play the markets a bit to help with the startup cash. But definitely going to love that travel to meet people.”

Cafe Meet

[03:59] <rey> The city they were in was reeling but starting to make sense of the things that had happened when the sky flickered bright green and everything seemed to change. There was a convention in town some time just a few days after the incident, but the two people who were to meet had chosen a cafe in a public plaza to meet- even if they had the inclination large crowds were sort of bad ideas….
[03:59] <rey> …There was a little bit of talking, an agreement of where to meet for the two strangers, but very little said beyond that to keep them from winding up on a watchlist or pursued by some sort of secret conspiracy. Which hopefully hadn’t found them anyway… yep.
06[04:01] * Rey is waiting patiently, alone although with his chauffeur nearby and sipping coffee. He’s very much going to the trouble of not being noticed and doing those typical famous person tricks (that aren’t very effective), wearing sunglasses, a loose, thin scarf and a hat that make him just a little more inconspicuous. Or would, if the outfit didn’t look absurdly posh and well-put-together.
03[04:02] * Fans is now known as Donna
[04:03] <atra> Of course there would be a secret conspiracy! Hadn’t anyone watched anime besides her? Well, her and Harry the occasional times she convinced him. She couldn’t help but grin smugly as she walked down the sidewalk to the cafe, wearing a decent sized fedora that wasn’t one of that shitty Wal-mart grade ones, with a snug button shirt and longcoat. Complete with
[04:03] <atra> shades, she totally looked conspicuous. She did, really. …at 6’3" and that kind of figure, not really. Especially with that blueish-black hair. That was a dye job, right? It had to be. She seemed to be looking for something.
01[04:09] <donna> She was tailed by a less inconspicuous girl, though that isn’t really hard. A nice floral dress and wearing a bonnet, she’s not anywhere near the towering Atra, nor drawing as many looks. “So he’s going to be cute right? I mean everyone’s turned out pretty cute so far.”
[04:11] <atra> “Donna, I wouldn’t be surprised if who we were looking for has bug carapaces for their skin. We just need to keep an eye out.” Though… something told her Donna would be right. Main Character Syndrome ho! Not that she knew anything, just that it would seem like a logical assumption to do. They made it to the cafe as she started to look around for this
[04:11] <atra> mystery person.
06[04:16] * Rey is the cutest guy easily for miles around, and also the suspiciously best-dressed. More importantly, he seems to quickly take note of Atra and Donna, and quickly catches their attention by levitating a piece of toast and then taking a bite out of it before anyone not actively scanning the cafe for activity notices.
[04:18] <atra> … …woah. Okay that… … “…Donna, you got your wish.” Rey and Atra can bond over being ridiculously well dressed and being hot as hell, then. Sounds fair! She quickly leads the girl over to the table, making sure her hat and shades were still on. To anyone BUT Rey it could be fashion. To someone who knows how powers can change people… yeah.
06[04:21] * Rey tips his sunglasses down slowly, looking at the two with a little smile and gesturing to some empty seats. At closer inspection he’s wearing one of those stylish ruffled linen shirts with the low threadcount to look rustic and handmade (possibly because it is), buttoned down just bellow the collarbone. “Have a sit. I’ll be ordering another plate, so think about what you want and I’ll pay. My…
06[04:21] * Rey …treat.”
06[04:22] * Donna settles into her seat, blushing as she hides herself in a menu “Woof. I feel like I got shortchanged on all this sometimes.” she mumbles, giving the menu a look over.
[04:25] <atra> “Not that much, Donna.” She smirked a bit, sitting herself down as well. She nodded in approval of Rey’s outfit though. More stylish than hers, even if she was no slouch in keeping sharp. “I’ll take a look. Thanks for meeting us out here like this, especially after… the incidents.”
06[04:26] * Rey steeples his fingers together and leans forward with a bright smile. “It was my pleasure.” He says, casually tilting his head side to side as his eyes scan to make sure they’re bot being watched (besides maybe for the obvious reasons). “So I take it you’re both…?”
01[04:30] <donna> They’re getting looks, but that may be due to high concentrations of hotness than anything else. No one’s listening in at least.
06[04:30] * Donna nods “It’s Zeke’s fault, I’m blaming all my good fortune on them.”
06[04:31] * Atra nods slowly, lowering her shades for a second. … …that amber eye color was not a normal color. At all. Especially with how piercing those eyes seemed to be before she pushed the shades back up. “More or less. We thought it was some weird explosion…” Then Donna got a stern look.
[04:33] <rey> “Zeek? Cute name for a girl… but I can imagine how bad it must be to have the kind of parents to give you a name like that.” Rey says with a little chuckle, leaning in with an amused and delighted expression. “Thank you for meeting me, in any case. I’ve had to lay low because of the media circus… so having an excuse to come out and talk to someone was actually rather nice.”
[04:35] <atra> “…no that isn’t…” …uuuugh. She groaned a bit, just kind of facepalming a little bit. “…Donna knew me before the… well, before /that/ happened. My change in particular was rather messy and thorough, so trying to call me that is… …it’s not really applicable anymore.”
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01[04:37] <donna> “Donna’s kind of lame name too for someone who can do what I can as well. They won’t let me change it to Empress though, so I’m still working on it.” and she gives Zeke a smile “Let’s pick you a new one? Fresh start to it all.”
[04:39] <atra> “Donna, why would we call you Empress? That’s a bit too… grandiose, don’t you think?” Plus it sounded like supervillain material.
[04:46] <rey> “I’m not too eager to change my name because I can fly, but that might be an interesting thing to consider.” Rey smiles at Donna, tapping his chin as he seems to consider something. “So what is it that you do that you think makes you an ‘empress’?”
01[04:48] <donna> “It sounds a lot like Impressive and I’m pretty sure once I get it all worked out I’m going to do really well. I’d love to be taken seriousl and so.. uh.. you know. Serious name”
01[04:48] <donna> “I love the grandiose, go big or go home”
[04:49] <atra> “…well I suppose that’s true.” And it’s not like she was one to talk either. Considering her huge height and huge… …tracts of land anyway. …poor Donna. Time for a hair ruffle. “You DID do some amazing things, so I gotta give you that one.”
06[04:52] * Donna looks like a cat who got all the cream, taking the hair ruffle with a big smile. “And I can do magic, if I can get the words right. I’m not really sure on the rules of it yet, it’s a bit tricky to work out.”
[04:53] <rey> “Right, right! And that’s just what I came to talk about.” Rey says with a little nod, leaning back into his seat. “Let’s trade stories, powers. I’ll even tell you my secret identity if you’re inclined~”
[04:57] <atra> “Well I suppose one of us can go first. It… we were both there for each others changes anyhow. There’s actually others with us too. …I don’t mean here, I mean, who changed with us. We were at a college party when it happened. I was inside, but I was told it was nearly blinding when it went off.”
01[04:58] <donna> “I remember the lights flickering for it, but yeah we were inside it wasn’t that bad.”
[05:10] <rey> “Four in one place! Incredible.” Rey says, stunned by the revelation. “And the other two?”
[05:11] <atra> …yeah she just pulls out a photo of Harry, showing it to Rey. AND TWINS, THEY WERE. …not really, this one was male. Still really hot though. “He’s an inch taller than me, apparently my… I was able to make portals. It ended up transforming the other three for some reason, we don’t know why.”
[05:12] <atra> From the picture of the weird line of crosses across the forehead, it was easy to see what Atra’s hat was hiding now.
01[05:13] <donna> “Darren can call on fire. He’s taking a break for now though, media pressure isn’t really going to help him much. Needs to stay calm”
01[05:14] <donna> “I can sense people with powers, work them out if I pay attention too but you’re the first I’ve met that Bombshell here didn’t turn”
[05:22] <rey> “Fantastic, really. There’s really… quite wider range than I expected before.” Rey holds his hands up together in front of himself, wiggling them back and forth as he considers their explanations. “There’s been some runaround in news outlets that I’m disinclined to believe in too much for now. Until you two, the only other two I met were a bit like myself.”
[05:24] <rey> “I erm… hmm. What’s a way to put this? I exert gravity on the world itself, and also the feelings of other people. The two I met were a woman who became very smart and attractive, and a young girl who can move people’s hearts too… although she’s a little worse at it and gets swept up in things.”
[05:27] <atra> “…huh. And… this all happened after the… well, event in the sky? I mean assuming you saw it too.” A slight nod, looking rather surprised herself. That was… wow. Just wow. “I know my friend can apparently do effects on density, especially affecting his own. He can let stuff pass through or just walk through walls.”
01[05:29] <donna> “And he got hot too. Not heat wise hot, the other hotness.”
[05:37] <rey> “Haha… that does seem to be pretty common, I’ve noticed. Along with the videos of people folding dumpsters against their knees and lifting cars.”
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[05:39] <atra> “No one we know has been able to do that so far, but… …who knows if anything is even done changing. There’s so much about this that we just don’t know. I mean Donna here changed pretty seemlessly. I hatched out of my own skin, and yes it was messy.” She shuddered a little, looking a bit mortified.
01[05:40] <donna> “I’ve changed, you just can’t see it. My eyes are better, ears sharper. Food even tastes nicer and I’m so glad it seems almost impossible for me to put on weight. Worth being one of us for that alone, I thought my scales were broke”
06[05:41] * Rey smiles and puts a hand on Atra and Donna’s forearms, looking strangely delighted by their stories. “Hatched out of your own skin. Suddenly gained powers after stepping through a gate. How dramatic! Mine was… hmm… I didn’t even notice, I guess.”
[05:42] <rey> “I was on stage and held out the microphone to the audience. Suddenly I was floating and they were following me with almost religious awe. There wasn’t a ‘switch’ or a moment that really defined it all happening.”
[05:45] <atra> “…you’re a singer?” …well. That made the girl suddenly start to smile softly. …something seemed to awaken in her. She seemed giddy all of a sudden.
01[05:46] <donna> “I’d say the floating would be a good indicator” Donna says, blushing at the touch on her arm “And he’s a very big singer, good range, on the radio a lot”
06[05:48] * Rey put a finger over his lips to keep them from saying anything too loudly and just smiled widely. “It was a good concert. There was a riot and a lot of things going crazy, but we managed to keep things contained and then convinced everyone to help cleanup after so emergency crews only had to take care of the people who fainted or rattled by the crowd.”
[05:49] <atra> “…wow, lucky break. In our city there were explosions and sirens going off everywhere. It wouldn’t have been farfetched to say the world was ending.” …and who knows. If Donna really did change that much on a non-visual level… who’s to say she won’t obtain nuclear-grade hotness later? “Good to hear your end went well though.”
[05:50] <rey> “The rest of the city wasn’t in better shape, but we dodged the worst of it.”
06[05:51] * Rey holds a hand out to the two in turn, smiling. “Sorry for not introducing myself earlier, but I had to be careful. Rey Cloutier, but call me Rey.”
06[05:52] * Donna shakes the hand all too eagerly. “Donna Lawrence, but you can call me whatever you like.”
[05:54] <atra> “I’m… hrm.” She stops a little, looking… well, confused for a little bit. “…actually I don’t know what I want to call myself. It… my old name doesn’t exactly fit.”
01[05:57] <donna> “Would call you Shortcut, but there’s not much short about you”
[05:58] <rey> “I’m afraid to stand up, all said. I think you’re at least an inch or two taller than me.”
06[05:58] * Rey smiles again, nodding. “Zeke works, honestly. It sounds fast and… zippy…”
06[05:59] * Atra preens. She SOOOOO preens. “Eeeeh… Zeke’s old, though. I mean… I’m a new person. Taller, better, faster… /hot/.” Well, isn’t she all the smug today? “And I wouldn’t be ashamed. You’re like… it’s a wonder Donna hasn’t pounced you across the table already.”
06[06:01] * Rey crosses his legs with a smile. “I could say the same about you.”
[06:01] <atra> …she had not been expecting that counter. Cue blush.
01[06:04] <donna> “There’s something about her. I don’t really go for girls but she’s gorgeous. Not that you aren’t, because you are and oh my god just kill me now.”
[06:09] <rey> “There’s no reason to feel ashamed. We’re having a reasonable discussion and just trying to keep sane while the world around us doesn’t.” Rey smiles and gives Donna a gentle pat on the shoulder. “…actually. I’ve been having the same issue. I normally get the usual types sending me fanmail, naked pictures… things like that.”
[06:10] <rey> “Straight women, gay men, and things close to that. But since the concert? Everyone. Some men telling me I’m their first serious guy-crush and that they… well there were a lot of letters.”
[06:11] <atra> Well… there was a bit of pride in her right now. She used to be so damn jealous of Donna, and now… …heeeeeeeeheeeheeeee. Sooooo much smiling. “That a good thing or bad thing?”
01[06:12] <donna> “It’s flattering maybe, if a little weird.” and she pokes her tongue out at Zeke. “Look at them, so happy with themselves. I really need to work out that turning into frogs spell”
[06:13] <atra> “Hey, you blame me? This is like fifteen different dreams come /true/ for me. I’m entitled to a little bit of happiness~”
01[06:14] <donna> “And I’m entitled to a little bit of jealousy for not getting to be super hot. So we’re all even”
[02:59] <atra> “You mean you haven’t gotten super hot /yet/. Maybe you’re just a late bloomer, Donna. Then you’ll practically out-hot us all and make the sun seem cold.” … …she didn’t know if that was a thing, but it seemed plausible! Considering Rey looked really nice and Harry had as well.
01[03:05] <donna> “Maybe I can glamour myself up? I’ll have to work on it”
[03:06] <atra> “You’re clever, I know you can.” She gave Donna a smile before looking around, making sure her fedora and shades were on properly to hide the features. “Been rather interesting how the world has been reacting, though. I expected more… well, anarchy and destabilization than this.”
01[03:10] <donna> “There’s only a few of us in each city if that and most of us die when shot. I don’t think anyone wants to cause too much trouble until they can work out what’s what”
06[03:13] * Rey smiles and takes a sip of fancy-looking coffee. “Looks aren’t everything.”
01[03:16] <donna> “Easy for you to say. You’re hotter than the coffee you’re drinking”
[03:16] <atra> “…I suppose.” That was a good point. Not everything had to be fire and guns and crap. …she did have to wonder how many secret groups were flipping its lid right now though. A bit of a smirk at Donna though. “Doooown, girl.”
06[03:17] * Donna sips her coffee to hide her smile “I speak only truth, a witch cannot lie”
[03:27] <rey> “Well, they aren’t. If people… Novas getting better looking is something to expect a lot of, there might very well be dozens of people who are physically attractive but clumsy and awkward.” Rey smiled guilefully, steepling his fingers as he awaited the ordered food. “Looks are a lot, but a silver tongue is worth a lot more.”
[03:29] <atra> “Well that’s true. Words can do a lot more damage if placed in the right spot.” Though… did Rey have to do that? He looked villainous when he did that. Not that she could complain, with Harry scheming his head off. “From news reports it seems like some are getting pretty famous already.”
01[03:30] <donna> “Mm. One of those famous ones being right here. Though I liked the Giantkiller girl, she was badass.”
01[03:30] <donna> “And didn’t need a beanstalk to do it”
[03:31] <atra> “I heard about that. Regular ol’ supergirl style, right?”
01[03:33] <donna> “Nothing regular about that girl”
[03:39] <rey> “Someone to look up, for sure. She’s understated but photogenic, someone who could be a spokesman for… well whatever we are. Make the people who’ve been changed by the event look good.”
[03:40] <atra> “And help deal with fallout from the people who might turn evil with the power as well.” Because it was foolish to assume everyone would be a prime ray of goodness.
01[03:41] <donna> “Hopefully more people will want to be famous, lovely and powerful rather than some powerful jerk.”
[03:42] <atra> “Well some people want more than that, sadly. Not everyone can be smug with what they got like me.” Yes, like that smug grin right now. Exactly that.
01[03:43] <donna> “Nobody can be as smug as you are right now, full stop.”
06[03:44] * Atra preens so hard. Preeeeeeeeening.
06[03:49] * Rey chuckles and takes another sip of coffee, looking at Donna and Atra’s byplay with impassioned, almost admiring eyes. “Have you two known eachother long? You get along so well… I’m almost jealous that you have people that you’re that close with.”
03[03:52] * Polk_Kitsune is now known as Polk_Kitsune[sleepiez]
01[03:52] <donna> “Tall and gorgeous here gave me powers and we were in the same class at College but I wouldn’t say we were close friends beforehand. If anything I may have been a bit of a jerk to them, pretty unobservant”
01[03:52] <donna> “Which seems to be fixed, now I’m picking up everything”
[03:53] <atra> “Ah, well…” She looked at Donna, then back at Rey with a nervous face. “…we’ve been classmates for a year, yeah. What she said. If anything I was probably really unsocial and unimportant, she couldn’t even remember my name. I was that much a nerd… but really, it’s okay. I wouldn’t have noticed me either.”
[03:53] <atra> She totally prods Donna though. “But at least she doesn’t have any trouble now. I’m just glad she stuck with it afterwards.”
01[03:57] <donna> Donna rolls with the prod, smiling “I don’t know how you went from being so quiet to this, but it’s an interesting change”
[03:59] <atra> Well anyone would go from unsocial to social if they got a free ticket like that. Such a grin. “Psssh, not that hard to figure out. Ask Rey, anyone can change with the right motivation and presentation.”
01[04:00] <donna> “I shall! Rey, what you think?”
[04:12] <rey> “Quite a few things right now. First, that what you’re talking about merits some examination…” Rey adds with a smile, leaning back into his seat with a little shuffle. “The idea that the moment we all reacted to whatever that green fire in the sky, we gained something we all needed to survive or became something we wanted to be. There’s something romantic… primordial about it.”
[04:13] <rey> “I’m not really an expert, though. I don’t think… I actually wanted anything or felt stressed out, so I guess there might not be a consistent pattern to it. There wasn’t a lightning bolt or a storm or a meteor for me to avoid or destroy.”
[04:14] <atra> “…that… that does make sense.” Atra nodded, looking rather surprised at that as her smile faded. “I mean…” She slowly looked at Donna, hoping this wouldn’t be too awkward. “…I remember thinking I was really jealous of Donna here when next thing I knew, my head was killing me and I turned into… well, this.”
06[04:14] * Rey snickers for a moment and puts a hand to his head.
[04:15] <rey> “Well, this is slightly embarassing.”
01[04:15] <donna> “Oh?”
06[04:16] * Atra likewise looked confused at that, slowly tilting her shades down to look at Rey. “…oh?”
[04:19] <rey> “I was just thinking. There’s a feeling a get listening to some music, a bit like floating when it’s really good as has a feeling of… ‘run’, would be the word? I was performing one of those songs I, that I was really nostalgic for and all I could think was that I wanted to do the song I was covering justice.” Rey explains, biting his lip and looking at the two with a little smirk. “So I…
[04:19] <rey> …did and started flying, and that’s when the riot happened.”
[04:19] <rey> “Doesn’t quite measure up to crawling in my own skin, though.” Oooh, and a bad music reference.
[04:20] <atra> “…huh. So it was something of a desire t-” … …oh she glares. She /glares/ at Rey before frowning. “You have given me a wound. This wound which will not heal. How dare you.”
06[04:21] * Rey breaks out laughing and waves Atra off. “I’m sorry! So sorry! But I’ve been holding that in the entire time since you told me about the whole ‘hatching out of yourself’ thing!”
[04:22] <atra> “…well I suppose that is true. Getting rid of that skin was /awkward/ though, I mean… yeah.” Very very awkward. For everyone involved.
01[04:22] <donna> “It wasn’t as whimsical as it sounds” Donna shudders “I guess mine is easy to work out. I really love magic and myth”
01[04:22] <donna> “And now I can do magic. Bam”
[04:23] <atra> “What Donna said. There was… …there was a /lot/ of blood.” Like, hollywood amounts. Gallons and gallons.
06[04:24] * Rey claps his hands. “Well! You look very comfortable in that skin. If your skin was a color other than ashen, you’d be positively glowing.”
[04:39] <atra> …well. Bluuuushing as she pulls her shades back up. She looked so awkward there. She just hoped Donna didn’t tease her like hell for this. “…y-yeah, this… much more comfortable. Much more glad, kind of clicks. I mean thank you.”
01[04:39] <donna> “She’s a giant, I’m going to break my neck looking up at them all the time”

Attack of the 10 foot Convict

01[18:33] <fans> The Star Lounge Coffee bar was a great place to meet people, spacious and open to the weirder coffee experiments to keep you occupied until people turned up like it’s famous ’Unicorn’s Blood’ (Not for faint of heart or evil wizards). Maybe the only downside to picking it as a meeting spot is it’s size. If you’re not entirely sure who you’re looking for it can be easy to miss them, even if you’re sitting on opposite tables.
[18:42] <erinpaige> Sitting at one table with only a barely-touched latte for company, the little lightningbolt and cloud shape drawn onto the foam still distinguishable, is Erin Paige. She’s tall and a little broad shouldered for a woman in her twenties, with a body that could be called svelte if you were kind. The short layered pageboy cut and thick-framed black glasses suggest artist, confirmed by the small
[18:42] <erinpaige> sketchpad and pen tapping against it to vent some nervous energy as she waits…
[18:49] <erinpaige> Despite her best efforts the pad remained frustratingly empty aside from a few arcing lines and scribbled shadows. Erin took a small sip of the latte and set the cup down quickly as a faint tremble ran up her arm. It passed quickly as she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Calm. Breathe In. Breathe Out. She could do this. It was far from her first time out or even in the Lounge
[18:49] <erinpaige> but this time…
01[18:49] <fans> It’s been an unusually warm day, clear skies meant a few people have come in not just for the coffee but to enjoy the AC. Erin hadn’t been hassled though and the Barrista had called her ‘Miss’ which was a nice touch, so far so good.
[18:50] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie is a bit giddy, a bit nervous, and a bit worried all in one bundle. Nervous for being in the city, giddy at the prospect of getting the commission of his former brick from CityOf, and worried that he might either creep out or insult the commisioner of the work. He had played a little bit of WoW with his cousin, but the concept of actually meeting a relative who had ‘come out’ and was
[18:50] <jaimiepaige> portraying herself in ‘Real Life’ as a female was a bit un-nerving. Not that he wasn’t supportive of an individual’s right to choose what was best for themselves, but because how *does
one approach someone in a conversation like that? So to avoid having to deal with that, he’s currently running a dumbed-down and low quality version of WoW with the sound turned down, keeping an eye out for a
[18:50] <jaimiepaige> new arrival that might match the description he was given. He was about average height, really short-cropped black hair with some white spots barely visible, broad-shouldered and a bit pudgy. He’s wearing a black polo shirt and black denim shorts, with grey thick socks pouring into black steel-toed boots. His dark brown eyes glance about the cafe every so often as he sips the Unicorn’s Blood.
01[18:57] <fans> It is the coffee for people who think caffine should be delivered like a punch to the mouth. Both glorious and vile. It takes an awkward ten minutes before the pair eventually realise they’re sitting at tables next to each other.
[19:02] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie is one of those people. He used to do the Dr. Pepper-by-the-two-liter-bottle approach, but due to issues with the sweeteners that had to be really cut back. As a result, alternative methods of caffination were tried, and this Unicorn’s both tasty and… spine-stabbing. Still, overall it’s not as bad as some black ichors he’s had in the past. When he realizes that the person matching
[19:02] <jaimiepaige> the description was already nearby he picks up his laptop, folding the lid down. He power-chugs the remaining dregs of his drink in a sort of nod to drinking for courage and approaches Erin’s Table warily, body language a little uncertain. “Erin?”
06[19:08] * ErinPaige blinks as she hears her name, glancing up to meet the gaze of a semi-familiar face over the rim of her glasses. SHe opens her mouth to speak and feels her throat become a desert. Breathe… just breath… With no words, Erin just nods a little too quickly, ruffling her hair as she does so, and tugs her coffee cup out of the way to make room on the table. Along the way she takes a deep
06[19:08] * ErinPaige sip of the still piping latte and, spluttering a little at the heat, finally manages a “hi…”
[19:12] <jaimiepaige> *Years of retail experience and forced sales suggest to Jaimie that he should push the issue, shove Erin into an easily-manageable ‘customer’ sort of status while being polite. Unfortunately, he’s also a human being with a soul and he’s off today, damnit. And Erin’s family, even if there’s this is somewhat odd. It does take him a few moments to formulate something that doesn’t totally suck
[19:12] <jaimiepaige> for introductions as he offers her his hand. “I’m Jaimie, and you look great!” Always good to open up with a compliment, right?
01[19:15] <fans> The sun outside got awfully bright for a second, but it’s probably nothing, probably just a glare off something reflective driving by.
[19:16] <erinpaige> That sounded almost genuine enough that Erin felt herself starting to smile just a little as she took Jaimie’s hand. “thanks… please, have a seat.” Oh god, she sounded like a manager or HR or something.
[19:20] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie stands with his back to the glare, though the reflection off of shiny surfaces inside causes him to blink a bit as he sits down, carefully placing the laptop in front of him. “Thank you.” “I thought you just did commissions? Did you get a job somewhere, too?” He lets the hand go after a few seconds, being polite enough to not power-shake it. He then sits. “I…” Okay. Conversational
[19:20] <jaimiepaige> failure time.
[19:24] <erinpaige> “I.. I do. I mean, I do do commissions in my spare time…” Erin takes a long breath when she feels her voice dropping in pitch. The pauses, takes another breath and focuses, clasps her hands lightly on he table before her. “I work as well, boring stuff. Data entry for Allstate… but this helps me not go crazy.”
[19:27] <jaimiepaige> *He nods and blinks at the change in the pitch of her voice, which throws him for a second. “Oh, believe me, I know. That’s why I’m playing WoW. I’d be playing CityOf but…” he looks a bit mournful as he mentions that. “So, ah, speaking of that, do you have it? I mean, not trying to rush things and all, just… Well, it’s sort of like my birthday present to myself!”
01[19:27] <fans> A few of the cups in the shop rattle, it’s the briefest of tremors and only gets a few hushed whispers for it’s efforts. Chicago’s had a lot worse. One poor Barista does spill some coffee over themself in surprise though, nearly swearing before they catch themselves and run instead for the break room.
06[19:32] * ErinPaige winces at Jaimie’s blink. She had been working so hard on her voice too… Another deep breath and she nodded, picking up a cardboard art tube from the floor by her feet. “I.. ah.. it’s ok. here”
[19:34] <jaimiepaige> *Earthquakes, big trucks rolling by, local rail transit… indeed, ground-shaking vibrations for the city-goer and city-dweller are indeed largely ignored. Jaimie’s only response to the mini-tremblor is to make sure that his laptop is firmly on the table so it doesn’t fall off and break, even as he looks at Erin hopefully. The poor barista who self-doused does get a brief glance of concern
[19:34] <jaimiepaige> before Jaimie turns his attention back to his cousin. The wince he chalks up to some sort of sensitivity to the glasses clattering a bit during the shake. He reaches out to grab the cylinder, barely restraining himself from the urge to pop the thing open one-handed and whip out the contained artwork. These things require restraint and control, after all, right?
[19:44] <erinpaige> The rumble through the ground barely even registered to Erin. It was outside, away from this moment where she could talk to someone, to family, and not feel like a freak. She hoped. Jaimie’s almost childlike glee brought a smile to her face and she pressed the tube into his hand. “go on, open it…”
03[19:46] * Kaeriel is now known as Expie
[19:46] <jaimiepaige> *Well, it didn’t take much in the way of encouragement there! Jaimie pulls it to himself and carefully pries open the cap, gingerly pulling out the rolled up artwork with the care that a meticulous archivist might have for an ancient document, sneaking a peek or two as the art comes out.
01[19:48] <fans> Sirens far off in the city, again not all that unusual. There’s a second tremor, but it’s still rather faint. Must be an aftershock.
[19:51] <jaimiepaige> *It’s early summer in the city, if there weren’t sirens or small trembles, it’d be unusual. Instead, it’s background noise. Jaimie scrupulously unrolls the work to peruse it with a big ol’ grin on his face. Christmas and a birthday and possibly Easter and a couple of others too.
[19:56] <erinpaige> The background noise of the sirens and even the voices of the others in the shop fades into a sussurus of background noise as Erin watches Jaimie’s reaction with slowly dawning smile. It’s like watching a kid in a fireworks, puppies and candy store on christmas morning. “you like, then?”
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> *The picture is somewhat odd, for someone who isn’t into superheroes or strong women that lack vast tracts up top. A modestly-shouldered yet amazingly trim woman is highlighted in the art, reddish-orange hair flowing long and free to the base of her neck, with a greenish skin-tight outfit that accentuates the curves that she does have, artfully placed greyish-white plates on the shoulders,
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> elbows, knees and feet, with moulded sport-boots at the bottom of the outfit. The woman in the picture wears a green glinty band about two inches wide over her eyes, giving the impression of either high-tech or some sort of shiny bandana look.
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie nods eagerly to Erin. “How hard was it to get the circuitry drawn in on the pants and arms?”
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> ((done with emote))
[20:05] <erinpaige> “Tron-style lines or Circuit Breaker?” Now this was her element, the rest of the world faded out into her and the art. Erin almost smiles as she grabs her sketch pad, doodling a few examples of possibilities for Jaimie to pick from.
[20:10] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie shakes his head to Erin. “You did a bit here already, it looks even better than what I suggested? And… those are good too. You sure you’re not a full-time artist with lines like that? I mean seriously, stick figures are a challenge to me but you’re making normal lines look sexy.” Which may or may not be a bit creepy but it merits saying.
[20:15] <erinpaige> “I… wel.. thanks.. its just practice is all…” Erin’s expression crinkles slightly and her cheeks tinge with pink. It wasn’t like she was really good, there were so many other artists far better than her.
[20:18] <jaimiepaige> “Damn. I’m sorry, I wasn’t…” Okay, it’s true. He wasn’t trying to make her blush. He was trying to genuinely compliment her on her work. “It shows that you work hard at it?” He offers that to try and temper the blushing. “I mean, if you didn’t I wouldn’t’ve asked you to do it, even if you are my cousin? You can kind of tell the artists who put their hearts into their work and those who
[20:18] <jaimiepaige> kind of ‘dial it in’?”
01[20:21] <fans> The ground shakes again, a little harder this time as people’s coffee’s are spilt and the shops windows rattle, a police siren rapidly approaches the coffee shop and then with a thunderous crash it arrives as a police car drops right on out of the air and ploughs into the street outside, causing a cacophany of screeching tires and screams as people run for cover from the debris.
[20:24] <erinpaige> “thanks I…” The shudder and the screech of metal and screams cuts Erin off mid-sentence. Turning to see what is happening outside, she blinks once and stares in mute shock as every worry about terrorism and natural disaster starts to go off in her head.
[20:32] <jaimiepaige> “Okay, that’s not… normal.” He blinks then unconsciously flinches as the squad car crashes from somewhere above. That is not what one could term ‘normal’. In a moment the discussion goes from something neat to something that’s a bit more immediate and life-threatening. First things first—a coffee shop is not a very good location to be in if cop cars are falling from the skies. Probably
[20:32] <jaimiepaige> the best bet would be the subway, a couple of blocks away. But the people here are panicked…and what the hell could have caused that to happen? Math things attempt to go off in his head and the concept of finding shelter and protecting Erin… but… if there was someone in that car…
01[20:36] <fans> The panic outside is getting pretty frantic, someone is yelling for a doctor and the blare of sirens now seem almost citywide. Whatever’s going on it’s pulling in everything the city’s got and is followed by yet another tremor, larger again and with a little far off ‘thoom’ of something heavy hitting the ground.
[20:40] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie isn’t a doctor, but he does know first aid and has some skills at almost paramedic levels from when he considered becoming a corpsman in the Navy before giving up that dream. If it’s something small, he might be able to help with it. A long shot, to be sure, but he gives Erin a glance. “I’m going to see if I can help whoever is calling for the doctor. Not a doc, but might be able to
[20:40] <jaimiepaige> help?” He does have to shout to be heard over the growing din.
[20:41] <erinpaige> “we… we need to get out of here” Erin find her voice, still staring out the window at the overturned car and the spreading chaos. She looks wide-eyed to Jaime before nodding. “I.. I’m not letting you go off alone out there… your mom would kill me…”
01[20:44] <fans> The shop is going to become a bit of a press soon as people seek cover. Not the best idea in the situation but in a panic situation people don’t always think straight. If the pair want to make a dash for it they’ll have to do it quick, before the press of bodies traps them in the shop.
[20:48] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie may be many things but he’s not super-quick. Being only about average in the speed department, he does his best, though. With speed being essential in this circumstance, though, he has to leave behind the art and the laptop—those aren’t going to be a help in this situation nor is typing on a laptop in a hazard zone a good idea, even if a wireless connection was available. “C’mon,
[20:48] <jaimiepaige> c’mon… MAKE A HOLE” Okay, he’s probably not heard in the chaos as he tries to make his way *out
of the building to the cries for a doctor.
06[20:48] * ErinPaige stands up, taking a little breath and nodding to Jaimie before starting for the door. She still remembered a little from when her dad had tried to get her to play football, much to the upset of the first person to get into her way en route to the door. For the first time she thanked god she hadn’t considered wearing heels today…
[20:48] <erinpaige> “if they don’t move, Jay, make them move!”
01[20:52] <fans> A few shoulder bumps and people learn to make a hole, the Paige’s are built sturdy it seems. Out on the street it’s a bit more open as people have already scattered, the sound of sirens and the occasional report of gun fire a few blocks away are certainly unnerving, but the pair would spot the upended police care now lying in the street, it’s rollcage buckled but not broken and the airbags filling the window. Whoever was calling for a doctor has long since ran for it, leaving the door to the car opened only a fraction. You can just about see the arm of one of the officers inside through the now smashed side window, moving ever so slowly as it tries to scrabble for something to hold onto.
[20:58] <erinpaige> Without the obstructions of the crowd, Erin could cover the distance to the car at a run. Crouching down by the door, she took the scrabbling hand in her own. Worries about what she sounded or looked like right now were about as far from her mind as possible now. “it’s ok.. we’re going to get you out of there.”
[20:59] <jaimiepaige> Gunfire is a BAD thing in an environment like this. A very BAD BAD thing. Jaimie crouches down as low as his body will allow and more or less scoots to the car. “Going to push the door, keep him clear.” Car upside down is also bad. Getting officer out if not brutally dead kind of important. “Keep an eye out!” And even as this is going on the back of his head is wondering why the hell is
[20:59] <jaimiepaige> he out here, he’s not a hero, he’s not someone special… it’s just going to get him dead.
01[21:02] <fans> There’s a groan from inside, a man’s hand and voice to match. They’re pretty rattled from the fall and the person on the seat beside them isn’t moving at all. They give the hand a light squeeze though so there’s hope yet. Fate however has not been entirely kind, the car frame has buckled on the fall and this means the doors won’t come open cleanly. They’re not going to shift without some effort to lever them open. A thunderous boom rings out again setting off car alarms all along the street and adding to the riot of noise.
[21:05] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie attempts to first pull the door and when that doesn’t work he attempts to push himself into a position to leverage the door open, throwing himself into it with everything he’s got. His face reddens as he grunts and strains at the door.. “Eeeeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaa” Poor guy’s probably going to *break
something… though it might just be him.
[21:08] <erinpaige> Erin ducks and covers her ears as the explosion echoes off the buildings all around, shaking her head to clear the ringing in her ears. Moving to help Jaimie, she adds her strength to his in an effort to brute force to door. “RGGG, auh… lever would help…”
01[21:11] <fans> As Jaimie and Erin wrestle futily with the door that just won’t budge, they both get to see the ten story tall high rise building opposite them shift with a loud crunch from something hitting it on the opposite side and then begin to sag ever so slowly towards them. Most people didn’t get to see what’d kill them, for the Paige’s it all moved in glacial slow motion. Just behind it, now visible as the top of the building began to fall is a ring of green fire high up in the sky, for the Paige’s they got one clear look at it and then things got weird.
[21:25] <erinpaige> Time slows. The building begins to topple over like a house of cards in a breeze and all that Erin can think of is that it’s so unfair. She only just got a chance to get to know her cousin again and the world ends… A split second decision and a moment before the building hits she throws herself over Jaimie in the desperate hope that she can shield him from enough of the avalanche of masonry
[21:25] <erinpaige> that he might survive.
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie’s form practically bulges and bubbles as if it embodies the ambient chaos for just a moment, as if looking for something to ‘latch onto’ to give it strength, even as he tries, hope against reality, to open the car door and rescue the officers inside. If he’s going to die, damnit, he doesn’t want it to be because he failed. If he were his old powerhouse this’d be a trivial joke. And
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> as if that was the ‘goal’ that his body needed, it starts to solidify once more, becoming far more amazing on more than one level. His hips stretch out, straining the shorts he was wearing, even as his waist narrows some. Scores of pounds simply vaporize off his frame, as if they did not belong there and some artist had taken an eraser to him. A modest chest can barely be seen under the loose
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> polo shirt, even as his hair turns orange-ish red and trails down behind his neck. His steel-toed shoes start flopping loosely on much smaller feet, socks starting to slide down uselessly as well. He sort of flops onto the car, not so much intentionally shielding it as muscle spasms from the alien transformation rip through him. So indeed, it’s Erin shielding him (her?) while she (he?) bodily
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> covers the entrance to the squad car. His (her?) focus is on keeping the officers alive. Go big… or go home?
01[21:31] <fans> Erin would be surprised at just how ‘quick’ she got to dive onto Jaimie, while Jaimie’s efforts to wrestle open the door have now left a clearly visible hand print where they’d been holding. The first few bricks raining down shower around Erin before one finally finds it’s mark, hitting her on the chest. It’s a double surprise really as the brick shatters and bounces off harmlessly. Because until a moment ago she hadn’t had a cheast to speak of, let alone one that can stave off bricks. There’s a few heartbeats to go before they’re both completely buried in masonary, the dust cloud from the collapse reaching out towards them as swiftly as the rest of the building drops down.
[21:35] <erinpaige> The dust from the falling building has no time to settle before a lens flare made real flickersnaps into being amidst the rubble and ruin. Masonry and metal are thrown backwards, ploughed away as if by an immense glass bulldozer to reveal a car, a shapely red-headed woman wrenching its door off and a tall, shimmering figure hovering an inch above the rest, splayed out cruciform to shield them
[21:35] <erinpaige> all.
[21:44] <jaimiepaige> *He must save them. Must. Jaimie reaches in for both officers, the airbag incidentally ripping in white powder as he retrieves them, living or not, safety straps meaningless against the inexorable force he’s bringing to bear as he attempts to get them to safety, shielding them with his body.
01[21:47] <fans> The rubble scythed away from them piles up on the outside of Erin’s shield, a further tremor following it from something much closer now. There’s a zip and a flash against the shield high up, an errant bullet from all the gunfire has found it’s way towards them. The door bounces away a bent and fractured mess as Jaimie drags the officers out. They feel so ‘light’ it’s barely noticable and of the two men only one is moving at all, taking ragged breaths as he holds onto Jaimie for support “It’s white” he murmers weakly “Need to go, before he gets here.”
[21:51] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie keeps carrying the men. “Who gets here? What are you talking about? We need to get you to a hospital.”
[21:57] <erinpaige> Rubbles begins to fall, crumbling to the ground a dozen feet from the car, as the translucent shimmer in the air fades and the figure floating cruciform lands. She blinks, shifts her shoulders as she looks down at her best jeans and t-shirt shredded and stretched into something that barely could be considered decent. She squints and finally looks over her glasses at the carnage around her. And
[21:57] <erinpaige> the red-haired bombshell wearing Jaime’s clothes. “what…”
01[21:58] <fans> *BOOM
That thump was ‘very’ close and through the dust cloud being battered away by Erin’s shield the silhouette of a humanoid is forming. A really, really big one that easily tops twelve stories. “Oh hell” the officer groans “This can’t be happening”
[22:00] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie’s clothes aren’t in much better shape, her shorts being held in place only by the fact that they couldn’t escape down her hips and the shirt torn and gouged from the door she ripped away from the car. “We’re getting you to a hospital. Erin? Is that… you?”
[22:03] <erinpaige> Ok, Red knows her name. Surely the damage from the building wasn’t that bad that she wasn’t recognisable… Wait. The building… She blinked and looks about at the oasis of calm in the centre of the ruin. At the red-head supergirl who left imprints in a car door… and a godzilla on vcation in the windy city. “WHAT?”
[22:07] <jaimiepaige> “You, me, taking officers to hospital. Then we come back to get my laptop and the picture you made for me?” It probably hasn’t settled in yet either her condition or her capability other than has been demonstrated. “Right?”
03[22:08] * Expie is now known as Kaeriel
01[22:08] <fans> Jaimie’s messed up clothes would usually be a problem, except she really made it work somehow. Even totally messed up it looked deliberate, like ‘torn to hell shirts’ were the new big thing. “Don’t..” wheezes the Officer, “Don’t put yourselves at risk for us. Save yourselves ladies.”
[22:09] <erinpaige> “I’m concussed, that’s gotta be it…” Erin murmered to herself and shook her head in disbelief. This was insane, Jaimie looked like the girl from her drawing.
[22:11] <jaimiepaige> “Fuck you, sir. We’re getting you out of this, and your partner, and that’s the end of it.” The red-headed woman’s brow furrows as she gets a rather stubborn look. “Where is the nearest hospital?”
01[22:11] <fans> Concussed and hovering slightly off the ground.
01[22:13] <fans> “Stroger Hospital on West Polk Street” he says, looking about to try orientate and shrugging “Fuck. Sorry, I don’t know where this is. We were thrown pretty far.”
[22:16] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie looks for a street sign and starts running in a given direction, carrying the two officers with purpose. “We’ll get you there.” He’s just got to get them away and then he can deal with whatever the hell just happened.
[22:19] <erinpaige> There was no way Erin was losing the only hallucination she recognised. She gave chase, easily keeping pace with the three. It was almost as if she was gliding after them.
01[22:20] <fans> Jaimie sees the street blur as they begin to run, they feel so light now and they can power along down the street so quickly that for a moment the burst of speed is incredibly disorientating out of sheer surprise. No one could move this fast, especially not when carrying two (Suprisingly light) Police officers. Unfortunately the next street is a total maze of snarled traffic and panicking people and whatever was behind them is moving again, the ground shuddering under it’s steps. At least it seemed to be moving in a different direction for now.
[22:22] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie tries to jump onto the hood of a car to get over the snarled traffic. Given her strength… that might carry her a goodly distance higher than she’s expecting…
[22:23] <erinpaige> “what was that thing?” Erin shuddered as she felt the tremor and shouted to the two officers.
01[22:26] <fans> “Jason Whiiiiite!” the Cop ends up screaming as Jaimie takes off with her jump easily clearing the cars, buses and the lower hanging rooftops of the bulding around her. If that wasn’t shock enough once she reaches the apex of her jump she doesn’t come back down, just hanging in the air while the still conscious cop clings on for dear life. Either of them may have heard of Jason White, he’d been on the news all day having finally been convincted of a grisly double murder he’d commited only a month ago.
[22:29] <erinpaige> “right… being 12 stories tall must’ve made him easy to pick out from the lineup.” There’s the snark, Erin must be feeling more like herself, even if she hasn’t noticed herself following Jaimie into the air.
[22:31] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie’s also screams for a brief second as he realizes he’s not coming down… but also.. not falling. “Clench up, Legolas.” He quips to the officer as he re-orients himself with a broad smile. He’s not going to argue it right now. Officers to the hospital GO!
01[22:36] <fans> GONE. If they thought they were quick on the ground this is something else, they’re skimming over rooftops and at the Hospital in under a minute the wind whipping around them as they hang above the people below some of who stop to point. Flying in a dream never felt this good, only a few people on earth knew what it was like to turn off gravity for a bit and now the Paige’s were among them.
[22:39] <erinpaige> “holy….” Erin blinkblinks as realisation finally clicks. This is real. She’s flying, beside her cousin who has turned into a redhead bombshell, away from a 12-storey murderer wrecking Chicago.
[22:41] <jaimiepaige> *Of course, stopping might be an issue. Well, it *would
be, if this flying followed the normal rules of physics. But when Jaimie goes to stop, she stops dead in the air with her precious cargo. “Sheeeit.” She doesn’t go to the main entrance but to the Emergency room in nearly a flash. “Incoming wounded! Two Officers! Make a hole! Make a hole!”
06[22:45] * ErinPaige peels off from Jaimie as she accelerates into the ER. Better to minimise the shock by having only one flying girl there to distract from the officers who need help. Instead she climbs and accelerates upwards to get to a better vantage point to see what ‘Jason’ is up to. Powers and responsibility…
01[22:46] <fans> People either dive out or the way or go all deer in the headlights at a redheaded bombshell flying down the corridors of a hospital bearing two police officers. When they reach the emergency room the on call doctor is a short hispanic looking man who gives her a look of utter confusion. “I… you…” deep breaths for the nameless doctor, as a nurse faints beside him. “Put them on those beds” he points “If.. if that’s okay with you?”
01[22:48] <fans> Erin gets some height and it really isn’t hard to spot Jason from up here. Unlike the Paige’s his clothes have, thankfully, grown with him as has his handcuffs. He’s still got his hands bound behind him as he stomps through the Chicago streets trying to make it to the city limits. The police have mostly given up chasing him by now, there’s a few tiny holes in his clothes but the bullets don’t appear to have done diddly squat against him. He isn’t being very gentle in his escape, stepping on cars and ploughing right through a small building in his way to cut across a street.
01[22:49] <fans> He’s a rather handsome looking middle aged man, with short cropped black hair and a hired suit. He must have just been coming away from court when this all went off.
[22:50] <jaimiepaige> Despite a seemingly casual flip of his hands, Jaimie drops the two officers off. “Thank you. Guy on the right was conscious and wheezing. Guy on the left was immobile when I found him, didn’t have time to take signs. Airbag deployed. Please help them.” And in a blur he’s off again. Time to get his laptop and his artwork. And maybe, just maybe, stop the sonuvabitch responsible for all of
[22:50] <jaimiepaige> this.

Hero of the Hour

01[22:59] <fans> After Jaimie had dropped off the two police officers at the hospital to a somewhat surprised doctor they’d wasted no time in leaving again to go deal with things. Things like artwork and a laptop that they’d left behind at the cafe. A few steps out of the Cafe and they took off to the sky, Erin it seemed had already decided that action was needed and had gone ahead. The cities in a bit of chaos from the N-Day break out, a few people still entranced by the ring of fire in the sky, others trying to upload pictures of the flying heroes from thier phones. The networks were so rammed right now it was doubtful they’d have much success anytime soon.
[23:01] <jaimiepaige> Due to the fact that there might be planes and/or helicopters or the like in the area, Jaimie’s flight-path is nigh-unto ‘nap of the earth’ flying, using the vast concrete jungle that is Chicago to good effect as he whips along to the cafe that he and Erin were at. Just a matter of dropping in, grabbing some personal things, and hopping back out, after all, right?
01[23:05] <fans> There’s a few helicopters but the vast majority of planes were grounded or in a holding pattern to land almost as soon as the sky caught fire. Jaimie’s still wise to keep out of it, things seem to be pretty hectic in some sections of the city and that’s even if you ignore the giant criminal making his soon to be contested escape. They whip through city streets with ease, somehow able to ‘feel’ any trouble as they fly before ploughing into it. It’s a weird sensation but lets them be incredibly nimble and there’s a thirll to hugging the ground as the shoot along.
01[23:07] <fans> They’re back at the coffee shop in minutes, though things haven’t gone well there. The building that had collapsed earlier has buried the entrance, forming a barricade of concrete and steel girders, a thin layer of dust had turned much of the street a drab grey and most people have long since ran for it to somewhere less choking. Those not trapped inside said coffee shop anyway.
[23:10] <jaimiepaige> *There’s the brief momentary irritation at the loss of the laptop—even six years old it wasn’t cheap and there was a lot of personal info on it—but also, Erin’s commission! It’s… somewhere in the debris! That washes over him for a moment then he starts pulling rubble out of the way, trying to at least be cautious enough to cause a complete collapse as clearing operations begin for the
[23:10] <jaimiepaige> cafe. Two birds, one stone, no waiting.
01[23:14] <fans> Jaimie knew they could crush steel with thier hand, but now they got to see how they could pick up heavy thing too. Really heavy things, rubble coming away as if it was made of foam, metal bars crumpling in thier hands. They could move far faster than they remembered, it really didn’t take that long to take the whole thing apart with a level of finesse that’d be showing off if anyone was actually watching. A few people stagger out in the sunlight, coughing from the dust, others remain inside, sitting or lying down and looking fearfully at the woman who’d just ripped apart several tons of stone with her bare hands.
[23:17] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie is somewhat shocked by the looks. Why is everyone so scared? “Hey, it’s going to be alright. Is anyone hurt in here?” While he’s looking and listening for anyone who speaks up or moans or such, he’s looking for his laptop and the art and anything Erin might have left behind.
03[23:21] * Hat (Mibbit@j-35-217-28-73.hsd3.mi.comcast.net) has joined #HatRP
03[23:21] * Divis_Kyubey (Divis_Kyub@wxy6-fmqgdoge35-2149995552.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #HatRP
[23:24] <snail> 1d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> Snail, 1d10: 4 [1d10=4]
[23:24] <snail> 2d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> Snail, 2d10: 8 [2d10=2,6]
[23:24] <snail> 3#2d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> Snail, 3#2d10: 19 [2d10=9,10], 12 [2d10=5,7], 12 [2d10=9,3]
[23:24] <jaimiepaige> 8d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> JaimiePaige, 8d10: 32 [8d10=8,1,6,8,2,1,1,5]
01[23:30] <fans> It’s a mixture of fright and sheer amazement. Jaimie could really take hold of a scene now and thier voice had a light, calming effect on the people there. They’re answered by a man wearing a Red Sox shirt that was missing a sleeve. “I patched up the only person hurt, nothing more than a few cuts ma’am. Thank you though” and he gets a murmer of assent with that from anyone not goggling. All the looks does kind of put Jaimie on the spot. The laptop and artwork tube is still on the table, someone’s pushed them into the middle to make room for a good few other things.
[23:35] <jaimiepaige> The guy wearing a Red Sox shirt gets an upraised eyebrow. Who wore one of those in a Cubs/Sox city? Must be from out of town. Boston… maybe that’s why he helped out. He does a double-take then mouths the word ’ma’am’ for a second before attempting to secure the artwork and laptop. “I should probably settle up my bill before I leave… is there anyone from the cafe still here who can
[23:35] <jaimiepaige> take my money?”
01[23:39] <fans> The tube with the artwork seems fine, a bit dusty but hopefully none got inside. The laptop hasn’t fared so good, it’s scuffed along the top and got a dent in the side with one of the USB ports jutting out at an odd angle. It might be dead. As for paying up, the coffee soaked Barrista gives a jump and stops staring at Jaimie’s body to give her a nervous smile, the boy blushing a little. “Um. Well. Uh… did you buy anything? I think I’d remember you.”
[23:42] <jaimiepaige> “Um… two sausage and gouda souffle and a frozen mocha blend?” He pulls out his wallet—it’s a guy’s wallet for sure but that’s not too odd, and pulls out some bills from it… though his picture ID doesn’t match his current appearance in the least bit.
01[23:46] <fans> “Oh that guy, you want to pay for them?” he says taking the bills. “Awfully nice of you, um.. I might not be able to do change the tills kind of broke. Hold on, let me raid the tip jar.” and he goes off to do just that, leaving Jaimie with thier thoughts for just a second.
[23:47] <jaimiepaige> 5d10
[23:47] <divis_kyubey> JaimiePaige, 5d10: 32 [5d10=8,7,6,1,10]
01[23:51] <fans> As they’re waiting they catch a glance of the mirror behind the coffee machines. It’s a bit surreal to even look at. What the heck is thier character from CoH even doing there?
[23:52] <jaimiepaige> *Okay, that is really weird. He casually turns his head to look behind him for a second…
01[23:54] <fans> While everyone else in the coffee shop staring at them with a mixture of shy attraction and rapt fascination there’s no one fitting their character’s looks there.
[23:57] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie turns to look at the mirror once more while he waits and scrunches up his face some, watching the ‘character impersonator’ in the mirror.
01[23:58] <fans> It’s been such a rush Jaimie could be forgiven for not noticing all the changes they’d gone through. Now that they’ve noticed them it’s becoming very, very hard to not pay them any mind anymore.
Session Time: Sun Jun 23 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie stares into the mirror. Which stares back at him with damning proof and evidence. And he stares back… and…this could go on for a while.
01[00:02] <fans> Jaimie’s eye contact is eventually broken by the returning Barrista, who tries to hand the immobile Jaimie thier change. “Uh… sorry that took so long, it’s mostly in quarters. That’ll be okay?”
[00:03] <jaimiepaige> *It takes a moment or two of blinking and then Jaimie nods. “Tha..that’ll be okay. Could I ask you something really weird really quick?” Jaimie will lean in and whisper “What do I look like to you?”
01[00:05] <fans> “Uh.. tall, pretty and kind of awe inspiring?” he says, blushing and turning down his eyes. Then turning them ‘right’ back up again when he realises where that puts them. “Sorry! Sorry I wasn’t taking a look I uh… really! Sorry.”
[00:07] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie’s eyes track his down and… gah! Breasteses! There’s a bit of a blush. “That… that’s okay, ah… I’m a bit of a mess, aren’t I?” He glances around the cafe. “Anyone have a sweatshirt or jacket I can borrow, and maybe a pair of sweatpants? I promise I’ll get them back for you?”
01[00:11] <fans> There’s a bit of murmering and then eventually a middle aged woman with messy brown hair comes over with a gym bag, her arm bound with a sleeve from a shirt half way up. She holds the bag out for Jaimie “Was on my way to Yogo, uh.. they should just about fit, I don’t really have your figure.” she says, sounding maybe a little bit jealous.
[00:16] <jaimiepaige> “Thank you.” Jaimie makes her way to the bathroom real quick—forcing himself to the women’s restroom.. and he’s just going to pull the sweats over her battered shorts and shirt for the moment before coming back out and heading to the woman. “Could I get your number so I can call to set up a return?” If this is one thing that’s happened, there might be other people in the area that need
[00:16] <jaimiepaige> help, too. If Erin needs him, his phone works, right?
01[00:20] <fans> “Keep them” she says “Or uh.. I’m Joanne. 312-849-1482. But really, you’ve been great, there’s no need to worry about it”
[00:21] <jaimiepaige> “Everyone stay safe in here, okay? Get home okay, and ah, be excellent to each other?” Jaimie heads out with battered laptop and various sundry effects shoved in a laptop backpack and a tube with artwork. There’s bound to be more people who need help, especially given giant prisoner rampages and such.
01[00:26] <fans> Jaimie gets a few pats on the arm and ‘thank you’s’ as she goes to leave along with a hug from a girl who can’t be older than fourteen still in her school uniform. “Wait!” the girl says looking up with hopeful eyes and her black hair tied into a ponytail bobbing behind her. “Who are you?”
06[00:29] * JaimiePaige blinks at all the attention, what, did he become a rock star or something all the sudden? And then does a double-take at the student. “Do I know you? I mean, what sort of question is that?”
01[00:33] <fans> “You saved us! Heroes have names and you’re an awesome one. I want to be able to tell my friends about you”
[00:33] <jaimiepaige> "
[00:36] <jaimiepaige> “Hmmm. Well.” There’s a bit of a pause there as wheels roll. “Libertine. Sort of like Palatine, but Liber instead of Pala.” And she flies out of the cafe to look for other folks to help.
01[00:43] <fans> Rubble to dig through, people to ferry to hospital, Jaimie puts in the time to help people and doesn’t find herself short of work. She streams across the city streets saving lives and leaving behind stunned people who can’t believe what they’re seeing. Things are starting to calm down a bit when she touches down on a street that’s eerily quiet, just a man in a buisness suit leaning against the side of a car, rolling a coin along his fingers as he holds a hand across his red stained chest. He looks completely out of it.
[00:46] <jaimiepaige> “Hey, mister, do you need help?” Okay, it’s pretty stupid as far as questions go, but she’s not touching the guy unless he needs the help… rolling a coin across the fingers requires some seriously mad skill under good circumstances. “I know first aid?”
01[00:54] <fans> He catches the coin between two fingers and looks up. It’s unnerving, he’s got a hard stare to him, like he’s looking right through Jaimie. “I thought I was dying, but it closed up. I.. I think I drove everyone else away. Aren’t you afraid?”
[01:07] <jaimiepaige> “I’m more worried about you and your health right now? Do you need me to call someone for you, or take you somewhere?” Okay, this guy is a bit creeepy but still, in that ‘Good Samaritan’ mode.. but he’s (she at this point? It’s so confusing!) going to be very mindful and guarded just in case the person tries to cow her or hurt him.
01[01:15] <fans> He shakes his head. “I’m not hurt, it’s fine. Feel great actually” he runs a hand over his short cropped hair “It’s just.. people started acting strange. I could feel myself tying them together, I couldn’t help it. It was tidier that way. I told them to go and they ran. Then you turned up.”
[01:17] <jaimiepaige> “Tying together literally or figuratively or some other way that is outside the normal rational sane human-mindset like all the crazy today?” Okay, the Paranoia meter is slowly creeping up. People should have the right to do as they wilt, but that doesn’t mean blind-eyed idealism is the way to go about life.
01[01:23] <fans> “The last one I think. It’s… ugh there’s no one about thankfully or I’d have done it to you. I can just grip people and then weave them together. It felt right at the time, the disorganisation of it was driving me crazy.”
[01:26] <jaimiepaige> “Okay. I’m not going to go on a rant with you, but you should probably get that checked out, and with only one person or so at a time if you can manage it, then? If you hang out in crowds, that might be a bad thing? And… I’m having enough issues of my own that I don’t think weaving would be a very good idea with me right now, it might cause more disorganization rather than less?”
01[01:29] <fans> He looks up and smiles. “Hey. Come sit down, sounds like you need to talk about it. I know I’m do.” and he laughs. “I’m a therapist but this one’s on the house.”
[01:32] <jaimiepaige> “Can’t take too long, there’s still people out there that need help. But sure.” He keeps a wary eye about, including the ‘therapist’.. which could be short for something horrible, as well. “Well, up until a few hours ago I was a well-adjusted well-living sort of fellah with an electronic gaming addiction?”
01[01:34] <fans> 7d10
[01:34] <divis_kyubey> Fans, 7d10: 36 [7d10=4,8,8,2,6,4,4]
01[01:36] <fans> “Ah I see. You don’t feel like it’s your body anymore? Or you don’t feel like it’s your life?”
[01:37] <jaimiepaige> "It *isn’t
my body. It’s the body of one of my characters from a game. Here. Take a look." Jaimie pulls out his picture that he had Erin make. “See?”
01[01:41] <fans> The Therapist takes the tube and rolls out the picture on his legs. Looking between it and Jaimie “Fascinating, it’s almost identitcal. Did you have a strong attachment to the character?”
[01:44] <jaimiepaige> “Well, I was leveling her until they closed down CityOf, at least? I’d never done a tanker before to that high of a level? Um… well?”
01[01:47] <fans> “I meant a little deeper than that. I guess that’s not it then.” he says, shaking his head “I thought my power had something to do with wanting to be able to make people understand each other. But yours seems so… innocuous really. If it’s just a favourite character from a game, perhaps it’s just the mindset we were all in at the time”
[01:48] <jaimiepaige> “Well, ah, I was trying to help some police officers out of their cruiser when things got weird?”
01[01:52] <fans> “So you felt you needed strength at the time? Or a feeling of invulnerability?”
01[01:53] <fans> “Sorry, I’m being very unprofessional here. But I suppose this isn’t the time for a slow approach”
[01:55] <jaimiepaige> “I guess that might be right. It was kind of a blur and things were all in flux and suddenly officers were out and my cousin was stopping us from being crushed somehow too?”
01[01:56] <fans> “Is everyone okay?” he says, sitting up straight “I seem to get better, but I don’t know if that’s everyone now.”
[02:00] <jaimiepaige> “Yes, we took the officers to the hospital over on the West Side, and I should probably touch base with my cousin to make sure she’s okay. And ah, I’m serious, if you think you’re going to start ‘weaving’ people together, try to isolate yourself for your own good as well as theirs? At least until you get a better grip of what that’s about?” She attempts to take the picture back to stow it in
[02:00] <jaimiepaige> the cylinder.
01[02:04] <fans> “I’ll try. Take care of yourself, you’re still you in there and you seem like a nice person. You ever feel it gets too much there’s people who’ll be willing to talk”
[02:04] <jaimiepaige> “Do you… have a card?”
01[02:06] <fans> “No, a little bit tasteless for Therapists to hand out cards. I’m John Sandberg, you can find me on the internet if you need me. You need to write it down? I do have a pen.”
06[02:06] * Fans pats his top and laughs “Had a pen. I guess that went in the crash.”
[02:07] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie pulls out his laptop to try and boot it up! He can totally just take down the information there!
01[02:10] <fans> Jaimie gets to boot the the Safe Mode, the damage seems to have done a number on thier computer. Corrupted data, memory leaks, missing hardware. Also the spacebar key doesn’t work. There is no god.
06[02:11] * JaimiePaige whimpers a bit and rubs his eyes. Not going to cry. Not. Going. To. Cry.

The Concert

01[20:07] <fans> When Rey Cloutier is holding concert near your city then anyone who’s anybody is going to be there. However as these things often go, people who aren’t anybody still find a way to sneak on in using cunning, guile and free food. Luckily Marie has brought all those things and the squeaky wheel of a food trolly can be heard backstage, the ruse so far going quite well…
[20:14] <maire> Of course it’s going well! Why, when a large woman in a large hat (that stylishly says ‘Catering’ on it!) rolls on by, who can turn her away? Especially when there’s dapper little cupcakes in top hats and goggles stacked on cylindrical trays, capped off with a full size, detailed steampunk top hat iced cake. There’s a very good question what exactly the ginger haired, freckly and pale as only a redhead can be woman was thi
[20:14] <maire> nking this concert was about, but who could deny such adorable treats?
01[20:21] <fans> With the concert in the closing stages of set up a few people were getting the chance to breathe before it all kicked off on this rather hot day and you could always count on the set-up crew (Mostly teenagers from local colleges being paid to do it on the cheap) to snaffle cupcakes. One of the sound engineer’s didn’t even hang around to say thanks after nabbing a cupcake and the boy who’d been with them had the grace to look embarassed. Lanky and wearing one of the free T-shirts going about he looked at the cart hungrily “Uh.. sorry about that. Are they okay for anyone to take?”
06[20:25] * Maire smiles at him and waves, her arm wobbling with the motion. “Oh, sure! Just be sure to leave a few behind for the star, ok?” And lo, it was cupcakes for all!
01[20:27] <fans> “I don’t think I could eat all of them” he says snagging one with a pair of goggles on top, “Even if they do look really good. You make these just for the show?”
06[20:30] * Maire nods, her hat flopping stylishly, her chin less so. “That’s why I’m here! So go, enjoy; tell your friends! If you’re feeling peckish some other time I have a shop too.” She then licks a few crumbs off her fingers, picking up a business card from under the table and handing it to him.
01[20:33] <fans> As the boy leans over to take the buisness card Maire does spot one of the women in red shirts working security heading thier way, checking backstage passes as she goes. Something that Maire hadn’t been asked for yet, which is an awfully good thing as she didn’t have one.
06[20:41] * Maire glances at the redshirt. Poor woman probably wasn’t going to survive long, maybe it’s best to give her something to enjoy… “Say, could you be a dear and take one of these to her for me? I’m sure she’s getting rather hungry working so hard…” She pointed over to the card checker.
06[20:41] * Rey yawns, stepping in wearing a fantastically fashionable outfit consisting of white skinny jeans and a red leather waistcoat vest (and nothing underneath) while attendants and makeup people fuss over getting his look just right. Naturally, his attention is drawn to cupcakes since one cannot really eat while spending two hours in a makeup chair, so he’s actually terrifically hungry.
[20:42] <rey> “I didn’t think we had hired a baker for catering the event.” He gives Maire a look and then smiles. “What do you have?”
01[20:43] <fans> “Sure! No problem at all.” the Sound Tech says, nabbing an extra muffin and heading off the redshirts way just as Rey comes in to get his own. The redshirts going over a small group of labourers badges, so he just sort of hovers awkwardly. Poor guy.
06[20:48] * Maire squees a little (ok, a lot) as rey comes by, hopping as she leans into him, bringing cakes with her. “Oh, you know, just cupcakes mostly; and this hatcake,” She waves to the big pinnacle hat, deftly swiping some icing onto her finger and licking it. “Or I have some lighter pastries too if you’re watching your figure.” It’s not as if everyone else isn’t already watching it for him!
01[20:52] <fans> It seems the redshirt isn’t eating muffins today (The fiend) but she does check the boy you’d sent over badge and then starts talking to him. He’s already gone through one and is now nibbling on the one Marie’d given him as he waves his arm about as if explaining something. It’s probably nothing important at all!
06[21:05] * Rey has a little grin and plucks a cupcake, raising it to his lips for a bite and giving a faintly satisfied moan with that. “Oh, whoa. That’s… pretty good. Remind me to hire your company more often for events… though…” Attendants scatter and some of them frown since he’s probably going to ruin his lipgloss and teeth by digging into it. He gives Maire a look. “…maybe not too often.”
01[21:12] <fans> The trill of screaming fans can be heard throughout the air and then suddenly cut off. Seems someone went out onto stage and they got all excited for nothing. The attendents lurk on the edges, ready to swoop in if he got too crazy with the muffins. Being a star really did take the fun out of some things at times. No sign of Redshirt Lass and Sound check boy. Where did they go?
[21:14] <maire> almost certainly! But it will be so very worth it, because cupcake! And maire does enjoy the look, whatever it might be, fanning herself a bit with a business card. “Thanks, thanks… Actually, I think I’m going to join the audience if you’re ready now; this table should hold the crew until it’s over.” She blinks though, wondering where those two went? “But, I can always do another round if there’s a while before the conce
[21:14] <maire> rt.”
06[21:17] * Rey shrugs. “They’re around. Staff tend to appear and vanish like that when there’s behind the scenes stuff to work on.”
06[21:19] * Maire blushes. Ohshit he can read minds! Don’t think about him don’t think about him wrapped around your pudgy body, don’t think about him covered in frosting and begging you to lick it off don’t…
01[21:21] <fans> Mistake! Everyone knows trouble is summoned by lascivious thoughts and Maire feels a tap on her shoulder from someone with a redshirt, clipboard and probably some very awkward questions. Right in front of the star of the show too, awkward.
[21:22] <rey> “I’m sure this much’ll be fine, though…” Rey says, pausing as he sees the redshirt approach. “Something wrong?”
06[21:26] * Maire glances over to the redshirt, and shakes her head. “Oh, no, nothing wrong right? Though if you didn’t like your cupcake I have some lighter treats here…”
01[21:26] <fans> “Just checking passes Sir” the Redshirt says very buisness like. Only the faintest of blushes to her cheeks gives away the inner fangirling going on. She shifts her gaze to Maire, looking to the clipboard and then back to the chef “I’m pretty sure catering had already come through, are you supposed to be here?”
06[21:32] * Maire nods, trundling her cart around to better face the redshirt. “Well, of course, dear; it’s not uncommon for events like this to order from different sources, with the sheer amount needed. I have a pass in here if you need it, but I am welcome here, aren’t I?” She glances over to Rey with a fangirly, sly smile. Which the boy is probably quite familiar with.
06[21:39] * Rey looks at Maire with a neutral look, mostly because frowning is bad for his complexion. “Of course you are. Could you show her your pass anyway, to clear this up?”
01[21:45] <fans> Sound Check guy comes up beside Maire to nab another muffin as the Redshirt waits patiently. He really is kind of shameless with his cake consumption here.
06[21:49] * Maire sighs and reaches under the cart, patting one of the sublayers… then again! “…Umm, one moment?” She ducks down, swiping the sound check guy’s card as she goes, ‘searching’ a little more before making an ‘aha!’ noise and coming back up to display it, her thumb covering any specific identification that might be there. “Got it! Sorry, that wasn’t quite as safe a place to put it as I thought.”
01[21:53] <fans> Not wanting to make a big fuss and all, Redshirt gives the card a quick look over and then nods. “Thank you, sorry to bother you all. Have a good show” and suitably embarassed at her ‘mistake’ she shuffles off with all speed.
06[21:55] * Rey runs his tongue over his teeth, turning to leave. “I should finish up. My crew probably want me to brush up and redo the parts of my makeup that I just ruined.”
[21:56] <rey> “Thanks for the cupcake, though. Drop a card by my manager when you’ve got time.”
06[21:57] * Maire nods, suitably saved! “Oh, I will do; are you sure you don’t want some more? For after the show I mean?”
06[21:57] * Rey turns and beams. “If I had too much of something so good, I might just get sick of it. And that’d be worse than not getting enough.”
01[21:58] <fans> The chant of the fans is starting back up again and things are starting to get a little hectic, seems that show might be not that far off at all.
06[21:59] * Maire may or may not be bright red, her skin tone only helping to emphasise the colour as she wheels her cart to someplace out of the way. The crowd beckons!
[21:59] <maire> poor sound guy seems forgotten amongst the stardom
01[22:05] <fans> Poor sound guy didn’t get his pass back either! The blushing Marie on the other hand now has the run of the place as the attendants swoop in to get Rey made back up again, on the move no less as they head to the stage the roar of the crowd starting to deafen out anyone who isn’t outright shouting.
06[22:09] * Maire is so going into the crowd then! Right up front no less! With her new pass… well, it was totally worth all those cakes! Even if she had to swap out the large and stylish catering hat for a much smaller, more secure, but equally stylish steampunk beret.
06[22:22] * Rey waits for the fanfare and the opening shows to kick off first, since those people get to go before him and warm the crowd up (and also make some quick money) while he prepares for his act. Once it’s finally his turn, he belts onto his stage with a keytar strung around his neck and a bassist, drummer and two guitarists behind him, belting out a clever mix of his own modern plays on the pop…
06[22:22] * Rey …music of the eighties (mostly synthpop and new wave) and seventies (mostly disco and funk), cleaned up and embellished with his own fantastic vocals.
01[22:27] <fans> Now surrounded by young, excited fans going a bit nuts things aren’t being completely fair on Maire. Nothing quite puts weight issues to the front of the mind like teenagers with way too much energy.
06[22:31] * Rey does a few of his own songs first, and then eventually settles into some covers. Because while he never actually manages to get licenses to do covers (and he doesn’t really like doing cover albums) a single show is a lot easier to pay the costs for, and he’s going to have fun with it!
[22:32] <maire> So very much. Poor Maire; it was a great concert, but when you have assorted skinny teenagers bumping against squishy areas (in her case, everywhere), it does put a bit of a damper on your enthusiasm. And enjoying the bumping was consolation, if small.
01[22:36] <fans> Everybody wants to rule the world belts out across the crowd and then there’s a flash and for just a brief moment it’s as bright as mid-day, there’s no sound to accompany it but behind the stage in the now returning evening sky is a small slowly expanding ring of white and green flame. The stereos on the stage crackle and wail before coming back to life all the stronger.
06[22:51] * Rey gives a cheer for a moment (probably at the tail end of the guitar solo) and then gestures to the crowd with a flourish with his microphone in hand, keen to get them to sing with him. I can’t stand this indecision… married with a lack of vision
01[22:56] <fans> Marie’s vision swims and she staggers in the crowd as they get swept up in the return of the song. Closing her eyes she just sees that ring of fire and every breath feels… well a little easier if anything even if she does appear to be falling over. Or getting shorter? Wat.
01[22:57] <fans> Rey meanwhile also feels light as air, but also completely in the zone. This was thier stage, this was what they did. They were going to absolutely own this one.
[23:00] <maire> And while Rey was owning the stage, the song, and probably the hearts of most of the audience, Maire was owning… Well, she wasn’t entirely sure, but what was really confusing was that was the only thing she was unsure of. That and why it seemed so much space had opened up around her, and why the girl in front of her was like seven feet tall. When did that happen? Though… she tried to work out what that light was from
[23:00] <maire> the stage, because it sure didn’t look like special effects.
01[23:05] <fans> It wasn’t from the stage as such, more far on high above it in the sky, it was still a pretty darn unusual firework even if it ‘was’ impressive.
06[23:05] * Rey seems to gently float off the stage, his hair billowing and rippling (as the rest of his clothing is too tight to allow for such motions) dramatically as he sings with in tones too pure and too beautiful to come from a living person, drawing the audience into the fantasy of his song.
01[23:27] <fans> As the crowd goes absolutely nuts half of the people are entranced and the other half rush the stage, bumping about poor Marie as they try to get near Rey. The redshirt security doesn’t stop them because they’re joining in too and it’s lucky that Rey can fly right now or who knows what the heck would have happened.
06[23:29] * Rey ends the song and blinks, looking down with a bit of worry and hoping the other musicians are okay. Somehow the fact he’s flying is less of a concern since he seems to be in control of that for the moment. “Erm. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, could you carefully make your way back to the audience section, please?”
01[23:31] <fans> As people filter back, eager to please Rey’s word, it seems even the bandmembers have stopped playing to watch them and are fine. A few people are lying about on the ground, but they’ve just fiented. Weirdly it’s not just some of the women who are laid out in a spasmed overload of sexy, which is definetly a first for Rey. That and the flying, that was new too.
[23:31] <maire> Who cares what would happen to him! Maire’s the one getting trampled by a horde of seven foot tall giants! Where did they even come from, and whyyyy! Though that question was still secondary in her mind to why could she feel them actually bumping into her without any of the substantial padding around her body? And why oh why were her stylish yet size none-of-your-business trousers around her ankles? Questions!
06[23:33] * Rey slowly touches down and clears his throat, trying (and failing) to ignore that and just trying to keep the performance intact. Who was he all of a sudden, Flying Paul fucking McCartney? “Hope you all enjoyed that last song. I know I did, especially growing up as a kid.”
01[23:35] <fans> “We love you!” “It was the best!” “Eeeee!” is the general response, a crowd had never been quite so rabidly excited to hear a song like this before that Rey could recall. Maybe he ‘had’ turned into one of the Beatles.
01[23:38] <fans> Meanwhile the bumped and slightly bruised Marie is offered a hand up by one of the teen boys in the front section who’d managed to tear thier eyes away from Rey for a moment. A now slightly torn shirt on he gives Marie as smile as he offers her a hand up “Careful there girl,” he says, “Pretty thing like you might get lost in this mess.”
[23:46] <maire> Pretty, and mostly wearing a beret and what looks like a mid-length baggy dress! That’s still pretty snazzy somehow. “…Pretty? Really?” Ok, she had been called that before, but generally not by an absurdly lanky boy, and generally not in any kind of sincere, non-chubby-chaser kind of way. “Thanks; I know where I am though. But…” She grabs her now-oversized lower clothing and darts her way through the melee. The stage
[23:46] <maire> wasn’t an option, but with all the chaos she could get back to her cart! With the singer flying it wasn’t out of the question she could too, and she’d need energy to do that!
01[23:52] <fans> Marie scampers her way the heck out of there, ducking through the adoring crowds that were hanging off Rey’s every word. Looking to the sides, he’d see even the attendents and managers were watching with a kind of puppy love awestruck look on thier faces. Which both gratifying and a little bit weird.
01[23:53] <fans> Maire gets back to her cart to find… the fiends had eaten nearly everything! You just couldn’t leave sugary treats around students these days. Thankfully not too many had bothered to check under the cloth to see if there was more down there so there was at least something left for her.
[23:59] <maire> Bleh. They were all the healthy options though. Not so much chocolate in them, and not nearly as delicious. Still, she scampered in under the cloth and chowed down, picking up some safety pins to perform some… extensive repairs on her trousers. Take in the waist by a few feet, lose nearly a foot from the legs… It wasn’t fashionable, especially since there was no way her freckled feet were staying in the low heels she’d
[23:59] <maire> worn in, but it was good enough to fly in, once she’d had her fill of croissants. Hopefully though no-one saw a woman, scarecely above four foot, hopping by her cart, arms in the air and looking straight up with concentration. That would be awkward.
Session Time: Fri Jun 14 00:00:02 2013
01[00:01] <fans> … … … … …….. yeah it ain’t happening.
01[00:04] <fans> “Are you meant to be back here?” someone calls out as Maire hops up and down and OH COME ON. Redshirt is back, truely she is an evil that cannot be stopped. “And… wait. Were you wearing a fat suit? What is going on here?”
06[00:08] * Maire stops hopping. That didn’t happen nobody saw it she can’t prove anything! “…No dear, I’m not meant to be back here, I wasn’t wearing a fatsuit and did you notice the star of the show was flying?” She points over to the stage, where the star in question may or may not be visible.
01[00:14] <fans> “It’s not really my sort of music” she says, folding her arms and looking up at Maire “I don’t even know what this is, flying? Why would he be flying?”
02[00:17] * AlyAway (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
06[00:23] * Maire …. well, she’s noticed her breasts haven’t lost much of their mass compared to the rest of her… What the hell, why not? She hops off the cart and slips over to the poor doomed woman, looking up at her innocently, thrusting her chest up with her arms. “Oh, you really didn’t see? You know, I’m investigating at least two cases of people transforming and potentially gaining superpowers here, I’m sure there are more i
[00:25] <maire> there are more if you’d like to give me a ride and help find them?”
01[00:31] <fans> The two enter a tense stare down as a battle of wills goes between them. Redshirt breaks first, giving a light snort. “Whatever, I guess the shows started now anyway. You’re up to something but I don’t know what and … ahhh.. I’d just get in trouble for letting you here in the first place. I’m keeping my eye on you though.” and she steals a muffin from Maire “And taking this too.”
06[00:38] * Maire blinks. Where did… “Wait, where did you get that muffin? They’re all gone…” And apparently the woman’s straight and her new body isn’t a platonic ideal, so keeping an eye on her isn’t going to help Maire much.
06[00:44] * Fans looks into the wrapper to see that they are indeed all gone. “Oh. They were actually pretty good” she says and then frowns “Something weird is going on here and you’re not going to really tell me it’s superheroes are you?”
06[00:48] * Maire shrugs. “Well, sweetie, Rey can fly and we’re the only people not squeeing over him,” Much. Externally. Anyway! She holds out her top. “And this used to fit me about ten minutes ago. So yes, it could be superheroes.” She rolls her eyes and starts to make her way back to the stage.
01[00:51] <fans> Redshirt follows Maire along complaining about how that makes absolutely no sense and maybe she’ll decide again on the whole ‘let her off’ thing when they get to the side stage and see’s … “Holy shit. He’s flying. That’s… how? What did you do?”
[00:55] <maire> “…I shrunk, and walked. Didn’t you notice a big explosion in the sky?” She then tries… well, getting on stage is probably impossible because that’s where everyone is. She can still wave to him though!
01[00:57] <fans> Redshirt can certainly see it now, though her eyes do keep getting drawn back to Rey instead. “This is all impossible, I must be dreaming”
06[01:01] * Maire sighs. “No, the is real, maybe if you’d relax the slightest bit you could see that, couldn’t you? And I really doubt we’re the only ones this has happened to.”
01[01:07] <fans> Redshirt sinks down until she’s sitting back head tilted to look up at the flying nova with an expression that seems to be like she’s trying to puzzle the trick out. “So that’s why you were trying to fly. Hell of a … okay, gonna breathe. This has to make sense, it just has to.”
06[01:12] * Maire stomps on the ground with all the force a four foot two, shoeless nerd can. Which is not a lot at all. “It does make sense if you… Oh, forget it. He’s flying, that’s all you need to worry about. He knows you, can you direct him to land over there, out of the way of the crowd?” She points towards a back exit, relatively out of sight from the stage.
01[20:39] <fans> When we last left our newly minted Nova’s Rey was wowing a rather fanatic crowd of concert goers with both his singing and newfound powers of flight. Meanwhile Maire was watching from the sides with a redshirt who’d kept trying to prove that Maire wasn’t meant to be there but was talked around by the charasmatic (And suddenly much thinner) baker. She’s also a bit broken because Rey is flying and … REY IS FLYING.
01[20:40] <fans> But Maire did ask the redshirt if she could get Rey’s attention and so she looks about the sound stage, before kicking out a cable from the wall that has the speakers give a wail and then die out. Rey’s not going to be heard above the roar of the crowd without those amps and she gives him a guilty wave from the sidelines to try beckon him over.
06[20:50] * Rey slowly floats down and vanishes behind the curtains, hoping that the crowd will actually listen to his suggestion to keep calm and in their seats while he sorts all this out, slowly stepping towards Maire with a disbelieving look. “…alright. And who are you?”
[20:50] <rey> “The one who set up the wire rig to float me up like that? For a second I thought I was actually flying.”
01[20:54] <fans> They are for now, how long that’ll last is anyone’s guess. There’s still plenty of chanting of his name though. “I’m Robin.” says the Redshirt “And this is … hey who are you anyway?”
06[20:56] * Maire looks up at Rey and shakes her head. She probably looks so adorable, in her hammer pants (because they’re pinned together and several dozen sizes too big for her), oversized dress/shirt, and freckled skin, even down to her toes! She also looked like she knew more about what was going on than Rey did. “I’m the baker, remember, the one whose cupcakes you loved? And you really were flying, I think that,” She points up t
[20:57] <maire> She points up to the sky, if any of the glow still lingers. “Either caused or heralded you, me, and probably other people here gaining powers… like being really, really pretty…” He… yep, he still had some sway over her, just not as much as everyone else.
01[20:59] <fans> The ring of fire seems to have settled in the sky but isn’t going out at all, it’s just burning away way, way up there. In space. Where things can’t really burn.
[21:05] <rey> “Powers? You mean… like…” Rey scratches his head and blinks. The bring ‘really pretty’ comment didn’t quite sink in, maybe because he was already well and very used to being complimented on his appearance, the cad. “You actually mean powers- as in wizards or superheroes or psychics or aliens?”
06[21:08] * Maire rolls her eyes. “Yes, dear, or like say flying people. Though unless you’re an alien it’s not that. And that thing looks higher than you could fly, so do you mind helping me go through the crowd and see if there are any others?” Damn him! She’s far from used to being complimented about that.
01[21:11] <fans> Oh hey! Speaking of that crowd, it does appear to be coming to see all three of you an excited, screaming mass invading the stage once again. It seems the calm of earlier has finally lost to the urge to get closer to the star of the show. “Uhhh..” says Robin, taking a few paces back “Maybe we shouldn’t go in there just yet?”
06[21:16] * Maire waves a hand dismissively, turning away towards her van. “Oh, it’ll be fine! We just need to get some cupcakes to distract them, then a quick examination, how hard can it be?”
[21:23] <rey> “…I don’t think that’s going to work.”
06[21:23] * Rey looks back at the stage. “I think I should finish the concert, at least. Maybe they’ll quiet down once it’s over.”
06[21:25] * Maire is already leaving for cakes! “Sure, that’ll help too. Maybe I can finish before it’s over and watch too…”
01[21:28] <fans> Robin moves to keep up with Maire as the oncoming crowd run at Rey, who’s about to get throughly mobbed. Also Robin may have broken his speakers getting his attention, which is going to be a bit of an issue with getting on with the show.
[21:29] <rey> “…nooope.”
06[21:29] * Rey floats out of grabbing range at the last moment, diving up through an open window as quickly as his floating self can be taken. He just gave the performance of his life and they want way, way more than he’s comfortable with right now. Now’d be a good time to book it.
[21:31] <maire> He wants to book it? There’s a tiny girl in a van! Or you know, flying is a thing too. Either way there are many cakes in the van, enough to distract the crowd for a while at least!
03[21:36] * Divis_Kyuubey (Divis_Kyuu@zdk0-inspvyax42-5713708398.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #HatRP
01[21:37] <fans> 1d2
[21:37] <divis_kyuubey> Fans, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
01[21:39] <fans> Most of the mob keep in chase of the flying Rey, battering at doors to chase after him with all the common sense mob mentality affords. A small group of girls break off towards the van, it doesn’t seem they’re interested in the cakes as such, more the fact it’s a van and they could use some wheels!
06[21:40] * Rey gestures over at Maire. “Drive! I’ll catch up.”
[21:40] <rey> And then he promptly dashes through the air, accelerating to well over a hundred kilometers per hour and trying to pull out of their view.
06[21:43] * Maire pulls the cupcakes out of the van, and off to one side, before turning to face the crowd and yelling “Stop! Wouldn’t you much rather have some delicious, tasty cakes, fresh from the…” She drools a little, distractedly snapping up one of her own cakes and nomming on it while she tries to entice the girls to them.
01[21:46] <fans> Rey is goooooone, there’s no way they can keep up with that as he streaks off into the sky with a rush of acceleration. Robin steals a cupcake and sits up on the back of Maire’s van as people bounce about in excitement at what just happened, then come down out of thier fugue looking a little dizzy and out of breath. It’s not long before Maire’s got a small group chilling out around her van, nibbling away at the free food.
06[21:49] * Maire , meanwhile, checks them out! Not that way of course, though she is at the perfect height for a nice view, but for signs of superness, or any clues as to what might have happened to the people who weren’t suddenly flying. She had her van’s keys anyway, so if they didn’t turn up anything there was always the rest of the crowd to investigate.
01[21:51] <fans> While her little group has calmed down the ones who’ve smashed thier way out of the stadium are still screaming. In fact it’s starting to turn into an outright riot and the smashing of glass and wail of car alarms can be heard.
01[21:57] <fans> The mob is being so unpredictable right now that Maire can’t get much of a handle on if there’s anyone special within it. There’s definetly something odd about thier fevour, without someone to calm them down it could get really ugly.
[22:05] <maire> Well, that’s not good! Maire scoots over to Robin of the Red shirt, leaning up to her. “Say, you don’t happen to have Rey’s number do you?”
01[22:14] <fans> Robin looks up from her cupcake and then smirks “Of course, I’m always prepared for problems” and takes out a little pocketbook from inside her jacket and flicks through it until she finds the number before passing it over to Maire.
06[22:16] * Maire smiles, and hugs Robin quickly; pulling out her phone and entering the number, tapping her foot while she waits for the flying celeb to answer, nomming on a spare cupcake in the meantime.
06[22:21] * Rey stops mid-air, fumbling through his clothes for his cellphone as he glances over the distant stadium seemingly getting wrecked by the audience. He answers curtly, sounding a little exasperated. “…Rey Cloutier’s phone. He’s not available right now but I can take a message if you’d like.”
01[22:21] <fans> Robin takes her seat beside Maire and gets back to eating her own cupcake, trying to quitely ignore how many calories she’s already gone through.
[22:31] <maire> What does he take her for? And idiot? It’s clearly him. “Rey, you need to get back here and calm this crowd down before they get even more out of control! I’ll keep them distracted for now, but if you could get back soon that’d be great.” She keeps hold of the phone as she runs off to wherever the electrical equipment is controlled from in the concert, beckoning Robin along with her.
[22:33] <rey> “…ah, erk.” Rey frowns inwardly and begins floating down, thinking how he’s even going to have a remote chance of getting them to call it all off. “Alright, I’m coming back. But I need a megaphone and maybe a bright flash or an explosion to get their attention.”
01[22:34] <fans> Robin looks to the group around her and wags a finger “You mess up the van and I’ll find you” she says, before following on after Marie. The noise of the crowd is audible as Rey flies on back in. There’s even a few fires now starting up. Emergency services don’t look like they’ll be here anytime soon though, th city is looking pretty busy too. Whatever’s going on today, it’s going to be a rough one.
06[22:39] * Maire sighs, mid-run. “Yes, Rey, I’m already on my way to find something for you, a projector and some spare speakers, until I can fix the main ones.” And when she gets to the storage? That’s exactly what she does! There must be some spare sound equipment anyway; how embarassing would it be if they had to cancel because a speaker blew?
01[22:44] <fans> Spare sound equipment is there as well as instruments, wires and lighting stuff. It is a big cupboard full of old, barely working bits and it gives Maire a an oddly ‘good’ feeling.
[22:51] <maire> A very good feeling! “You have a mic up there right? If you don’t I’ll sort something out, if you stay on the line.” She then dives into the pile of junk, cobbling things together, and coming out of the room with… a set of high-grade concert equipment, ready to rock as soon as she gets it on the stage! And a screwdriver stuck in her hair.How embarassing!
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01[22:54] <fans> There’s a few people down on the stage, either bumped or trampled from the mad rush. A few who’d not kept up with the main group are here, taking care of the injured. Unlike those tearing up the outside of the stadium they seem to have calmed down perfectly fine. Odd.
[22:55] <rey> “Yeah, I have my mic on my outfit. Can you get the equipment outside? There have to be some people there who aren’t in a frenzy, maybe.”
01[22:56] <fans> “I’ll get us a cart” Robin says, “This really wasn’t how I thought my day would go. I’m hoping I get paid extra for all this” she mumbles to herself as she rushes off to go do just that.
[22:57] <maire> “We need this for the people who are in a frenzy. But you’re right, they’re not in here for some reason, maybe there was someone else and they’re rallying people?”
[23:06] <rey> “Maybe. I… think I can help us get the equipment out fast. Load it onto a trolley and strap it down for me, and we can do this quick.”
06[23:08] * Maire nods at her phone and helps Robin load it all up quickly, prepping things to make sure Rey looks extra pretty once it’s switched on. “Ok, all ready!”
06[23:10] * Rey dashes through the window and swiftly lays a hand on the trolley itself, lightening it so that it doesn’t even feel the pull of gravity. (Gravity Manip)
06[23:10] * Fans pushes the trolly as clearly that’s not Maire’s job here. To her credit she doesn’t complain.
01[23:12] <fans> Robin nearly falls over too as the trolly suddenly gets lighter. “Wooooah~ Who did that? Wh- no no! Actually nevermind this is so much easier. Let’s just go with it”
06[23:15] * Maire nods, poking at the trolley, moving it along. “So that’s how you fly…. ok! Let’s go set this up and see if we can’t stop this riot!”
01[23:17] <fans> Swinging out into the car park, the riot is really out of control by this point. People seem to be having a hell of a time and don’t even notice you’re approach. A few people see you but they’re so whipped up into a frenzy they can barely respond. It’s an orgy of random property damage, flames and guttural screaming.
06[23:21] * Rey grabs wires and starts hooking things up- because unlike some singers he actually knows how to work and hook up his own equipment. They have to hurry!
[23:22] <rey> 5d10
[23:22] <divis_kyuubey> Rey, 5d10: 35 [5d10=10,2,4,9,10]
01[23:28] <fans> There’s a screech as the speakers come to life. They’re LOUD, far louder than you’d think they would be. It’s a safe bet anyone hit by these is gonna hear it in thier bones, nevermind thier ears.
06[23:35] * Rey floats overhead after connecting his mic set to the speakers, positioning himself over the maddened mob. “Everyone! This has gone too far. You’ve taken a wonderful celebration of music and made something a violent farce out of it! Calm down and stop what you’re doing, and help me put the surrounding park and grounds back to their proper order before things get out of control.”
[23:35] <rey> “I know each and everyone one of you is better than this!”
06[23:44] * Rey seems to ripple and ebb with crackling energies, radiating a pure serenity across the grounds and into the hearts of anyone who can hear him.
06[23:48] * Maire stands by and enjoys the music, as the overly loud sound coarses through her.
06[23:51] * Fans people begin to wind down, dropping to thier knees exhausted or looking about confused. “No no no!” comes a shrill cry from the crowd as a teen girl standing on a car wearing a T-shirt with Rey’s face in it looks about. Then turns to the speakers, her eyes glowing a bright white. “That was awesome and you broke it! Why would you do that?”
01[23:52] <fans> She raises her hands and there’s a tingle in people’s minds, a flare of strong, heart thumping emotion but it’s cut short when one of the crowd stumbles against the car and the girl with bright white eyes loses her footing, slipping right off and crashing to the ground with a thump and a rather loud curse word.
06[23:53] * Rey touches down to the ground near her, lending her a hand. “Because. Isn’t the world a much nicer place when people can get along in the first place?”
01[23:59] <fans> “It felt really good” she mumbles from her pile, shaking out her long blonde hair as she gets up. She’s certainly eye catching, long legs and a figure that makes Robin cross her arms and huff. “When everyone was going crazy for you and it all just… just clicked. You can lose yourself in it, feels really good.”
Session Time: Sat Jun 15 00:00:01 2013
06[00:01] * Maire rushes over to the girl too, somewhat hampered by the concrete and her hammer pants. “…I knew there’d be another one! And that makes three… really pretty people so far, did you see anyone else gain powers like us?”
[00:02] <rey> “And what then? Where do you go once you’re lost? What happens to the world?” Rey reaches out and pats her on the head, shaking his head. “Humans are thinking, feeling creatures. Both, not one or the other. I get lost in the ‘feeling’ of the moment, up on that stage sometimes, but I snap back- I have to. We all do.”
06[00:04] * Fans she closes her eyes and takes a few breaths as her heads patted, blushing like crazy. “You’re even cuter up close.” she says in a small voice, now the winds gone out of her sail she seems to have calmed down. “I didn’t see anyone else… I mean… everyone else got swept up by me except for you. So I don’t think so?”
06[00:15] * Maire nods and seems to be lost in thought for a while there!
06[00:16] * Rey smiles. “Well, I try. How would you feel about a duet?”
01[00:17] <fans> It takes a while but eventually Maire can feel the warm glow of power from the people around her. Rey seems to be just as strong as your own happy glowl, while Riot Girl here is a little fainter. Robin doesn’t get one at all and as she feels further out into the crowd it seems like you might be the only three here.
01[00:17] <fans> “You’re asking me out?” she says, jumping to completely the wrong conclusion. “I’d love to go out on a date with you! I mean… yes yes yes!”
[00:19] <rey> “I think these people might want something to keep things light and fun while they pick up the grounds to make things easy for city cleanup tomorrow.” He smiles and puts a hand on her shoulder, looking out at the crowd a little worriedly. “I’d love to take you to get something to eat after.”
06[00:22] * Maire blinks at that, not expecting to feel things! “Oh, I’m sure you two will be wonderful together; though I think we’re all accounted for now, no more powers nearby. Here’s my card though, if you want to come by for some food; though I really need to go clothes shopping right now, so I’ll see you two later~” She smiles and hands out business cards to everyone nearby – brown affairs with bright green text on them annou
01[00:23] <fans> “She’s not completely awful” says Robin, a slightly impish smirk behind Maire’s back. Riot girl seems to be a ball of happy now though, hugging herself and bobbing on the spot. “Thank you! I mean yes food would be good and clothes and oh a card thank you” she says taking it and waving it about. She’s kind of lost it.
[00:24] <maire> brown affairs with bright green text on them announcing her as the purveyor of chocolatey treats.


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