06[19:16] * Harry flumps down into his chair. Things….. had been interesting lately. And some of it was Chinese. “Pffffffft, you ever feel like we only just figured out a sliver of what’s possible?”
[19:17] <atra> Well, naturally. Food was important considering… you know, the whole ‘magical explosion with new bodies’ gig. Zeke was in a chair nomming away at some fried noodles with a grin on her face. “Maybe. If this is only a sliver though, I can’t wait to see the rest.”
[19:24] <harry> “Heh, well…. I suppose I can agree to that.” Hey you’re not the only one with an appetite. There’s a few granola bars and Harry’s opening one of the wrappers. “But…. I really wouldn’t have recognised you if not for well… seeing you hatch or something. And not because of the whole…. thing.”
[19:26] <atra> “I know, right? This is kind of creepy in some ways, but in a lot more it’s really interesting.” Even if she had to get used to it. Definitely hit her head on some doorframes accidentally. Grumble. “I mean… I hope it’s not too awkward. Same with you as well, I mean… before I knew it you were practically bleeding out into whatever we are now.”
03[19:28] * Alytari is now known as AlyPony
[19:28] <harry> “Yeah…. that was really weird.” Not to mention all the other changes. They… looked like something out of a story now. “But still kind of a dream come true right?” Well for her at least.
[19:30] <atra> …the grin on her face as he said that. Dat grin. “YES. Oh my god, yes. It’s… fuck, it’s better than a dream. I still keep pinching myself to see if I’m asleep or hallucinating or not.”
[19:34] <harry> “Yeah no kidding.” And then the bar was devoured without leaving a trace. Aside from the wrapper. “What do I even call you now though? I mean… you’re still my friend Zeke of course but… feels weird.”
[19:37] <atra> “…yeah. I mean… Zeke feels like a different person. Same, but… you know.” Well there was a bit of squirming from that. Just a bit as she finished up her noodles… and went to the next box. “I suppose we could find a different name.”
03[19:38] * Wage|zzz is now known as Wage|Wirkz
[19:40] <harry> “Probably. I mean… doubt it’d be a good idea to get all this attention to ourselves. I mean former selves. Because I doubt we could be like superheroes and have a civilian identity or something.” He chuckles while opening up another two bars.
[19:48] <atra> “Well with Donna and Darren changing, we can’t possibly be the only ones out there… and heaven knows they’ll be willing to do the hero or villain biz. I’m comfy with being… well, just starting fresh or something.”
[19:49] <atra> “But you are right, keeping attention away from ourselves would be a good thing.”
[19:50] <harry> “Well of course. But I meant pretending to be normal. Doubt we can really do that now.” Then a big chunk of the bars disappears. “But I know we’re not the only ones. It’s kind of all over the news. Happening pretty much everywhere.”
[19:51] <atra> “…you phased through the floor and grew five inches. Not to mention got a heaping dose of attractiveness. You seriously thought we could pretend to be normal after something like that?” She tilted her head with that, looking… very surprised indeed.
[19:56] <harry> “I just told you I thought the exact opposite. Dude, don’t take me for an idiot.” He just stares back. “No I meant that we should figure some stuff out because of that. Like… are we still going to follow classes? Do we change our names? Hell I’ll need to have my license reissued or something.”
[19:58] <atra> “Just making sure. Still easy to goad at times.” Which… wasn’t often. Harry was a clever bugger. So Zeke was naturally feeling a bit smug. “I know I’m going to need to change everything. There’s no way in hell people will link me as Zeke, and we’ve already been covering our tracks in the financial section as is.”
02[20:00] * Atra (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
03[20:02] * Hat (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) has joined #HatRP
[20:02] <harry> “Uhm… yeah….” He eats up the last of the two bars. “Just no clue how to make all that official you know. I mean… there’s a ton of stuff the government needs to know about you. And I should know, I kind of have been avoiding a lot of it.”
[20:05] <hat> “…yeah.” She nodded again, finishing up that box of noodle snow as she set the empty container on the table. “There’s a lot of things we need to learn. A great, many thing.”
[20:08] <harry> “Tons of it.” He leans back, balancing the chair on two legs without wobbling. Well… just a teensy bit. “Heh, could just solve the name problem by calling you sis from now on. You definitely look like it now.”
[20:09] <hat> Bliiiiiiink… that made her stop as she looked at Harry. Just… kind of gazing as the gears turned. “…come again?”
[20:11] <harry> “Well I can’t just go around calling you Zeke. That would just be weird.” He grins wide. “And I doubt anyone would find it strange if I just pretend you’re my sister. Since we’re both weird in the same way.”
03[20:11] * Hat is now known as Atra
[20:13] <atra> “…this is true. That still surprises me to this day, how did you change so… similarly?” Well, minus the boobs. That would have been REALLY awkward. “I mean… shit, you have a real good point. We resemble each other so much it’s weird. Even the same weird cross shit on our foreheads.”
[20:17] <harry> “Hell if I know, sis. For all we know you made it happen because you wanted to share or not be alone or something. Or I just got jealous and kind of copied you sort of.”
[20:18] <atra> Mrrrrrrrgh. Damn it, that felt so weird to be called that. Zeke was very clearly looking confused and wondering how to take it. “…don’t make me ruffle your hair or something if you keep that up.” Somewhere in another universe, an Upstat gives two thumbs up.
06[20:20] * Harry sticks out his tongue. Perched there on the tip of the backleaning chair. Wobbling a bit on the two chair legs. “You got a better name then?”
[20:21] <atra> “…not… really.” At least for plausibility. Stupid Harry. Grumble grumble. She so crosses her arms over her chest and harrumphs. HARRUMPH. “It does make sense in a way.”
[20:24] <harry> “In a freaky supernatural way yeah.” He puts his hands on the edge of the seat and leans on it. This really can’t be good for the chair. “But… we can’t tell everyone to call you sis. Though I can just tell people to call me bro.” He rolls his eyes a bit.
[20:26] <atra> “This is true…” She thought about it a little, the gears turning in her mind as she found it… well, surprisingly easy to think. It wasn’t long before a solution arrived. “…maybe Atra? It’s… it’s short and easy to remember.”
[20:27] <harry> “Hmmm? Why?” That definitely wasn’t a very ordinary name. So he raises an eyebrow.
[20:29] <atra> “Well… different body, different name. And… come on, anyone’s gonna see us and realize we’re… well, changed by whatever happened. Might as well have it show in the name, right?”
[20:32] <harry> “Oh of course. Just curious. I mean knowing you it’s probably from some kind of story.” He smiles a bit. “I think it’s nice though. But might take me a little while to really get it into my system.”
[20:45] <atra> “…actually, it’s more a feminized form of Atro. Black, dark, brooding… kind of fits now, doesn’t it~?” Especially with the darkened skin.
[20:50] <harry> “Yeah definitely. What language though?” He looks at his hands a bit. Yeah…. it definitely applied quite well.
[20:52] <atra> “Latin. I know, a fair bit lame and kind of the first language most nerds turn to, but… I dunno. It’s short. It seemed fitting.” She shrugged a little, tugging at her bluish-black hair a touch. “…I mean, damn. Have you looked in the mirror? We’ve got some real intimidation going on.”
[20:54] <harry> “Oh I don’t know… we could have like… pointy super sharp teeth or something. But I suppose you’re right. It does fit. Though sooner or later they’ll figure out you wouldn’t hurt a fly you know.”
[20:56] <atra> Somewhere a bobble eared elf takes offense. Or tries to. Regardless, Zeke smirked a little. “I dunno… that was when I could get my ass kicked by a fly. This? I’ve actually got some ego and pride to defend now.”
[21:00] <harry> “Seeing is believing. But… I’ll give it a shot.” He flops his chair back on the floor. “So…. you’re good with latin right? Because I’ll probably need some suggestions.”
03[21:01] * AlyPony is now known as Mal
03[21:02] * Fans is now known as Upstat
[21:04] <atra> “Hrm…” She thought about it a bit, looking curious as she nodded her head. “…I’m strangely good with a lot of languages lately. I’ve been reading and I just… get them. Like I suddenly know how to speak them. Maybe Merx?”
03[21:05] * Polk_Kitsune[sleepiez] is now known as Polk_Kitsune
[21:07] <harry> “Hmm… what’s it mean?” He leans in closer though. So he seems to like it. “Sounds interesting though. I mean…. can’t let you outweird me after all.”
[21:10] <atra> “It’s somewhat Latin or proto-italian. Merchandise, goods, commodity. That kind of thing… figured stick to what you know, right~?” …and just because she threatened it before, she totally scoots closer and tries to ruffle Harry’s hair.
[21:14] <harry> “Hey! That… cheater! Just because you thought up two good names….” He grumbles a bit but he’s totally kidding. And not making it easy on her continued ruffling.
02[21:15] * Mal (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit
03[21:15] * Mal (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #HatRP
[21:16] <atra> Bwahahahaha. Neener neener neeeeeeener. “Well you DID ask me. You’re mad that I delivered on your request~?”
03[21:20] * Polk_Kitsune is now known as Marcie
03[21:21] * Kaeriel is now known as Julie
03[21:21] * Julie is now known as JulieK
03[21:21] * JulieK is now known as Julie
[21:22] <harry> “Yeah….. But not the ruffles.” He turns around to the door. “Mooooooom~ Atra-Nee’s being mea~n.” Well she’s just getting teased back back.
03[21:22] * Atra is now known as JamesD
03[21:22] * Harry is now known as Zeke
[21:23] <jamesd> ACK!!! Well Atra blushed deeply as she softly shoved Harry, quickly backing up. “H-h-hey I… c-c-cheater! So much cheating all the cheating and evil!”
06[21:34] * Zeke pretends to fall over backwards and rolls out of the chair when it falls backwards. “Hey you started it.”
[21:36] <jamesd> “Yeah but I… mrgh!” She shook her head again, looking flustered as she tries to calm down. “…I mean what would your mom really say? A sudden out of the blue sibling’s kind of… well, out of the blue.”
[21:55] <zeke> “To be honest, I haven’t the faintest idea. If it wasn’t for helping me pay for college I kind of doubt they’d remember I still there.”
[21:56] <jamesd> “…seriously?” Huh. That… well, she sat herself down with that, looking surprised as she scooted closer to Harry. “You don’t really talk much about them, so I never really knew.”
03[21:57] * Crow is now known as Vee
06[21:58] * Zeke shrugs. “Ah it’s fine. They’re busy people. Work all day, sleep all night stuff.” He lies down on the ground after his roll. And puts his hands behind his head. “But I like Merx. Can you imagine all the stuff we can move around together?”
[22:02] <jamesd> “No kidding. Not to mention secretly too… and instantaneously. Portals are just that crazy light that…” Well Atra was going to lean on a chair, even if she was only sitting on the floor. “…man. In comparison college feels more like a little game now.”
[22:05] <zeke> “Yeah, exactly. Do we even need to finish it? I mean could be useful but… don’t know. There’s a ton of us out there. I’m sure that there’s plenty out there to do amazing things.”
[22:14] <jamesd> “True… but I mean it might not hurt to finish. Just to keep ourselves grounded until we’re ready? I sure as hell don’t want to leave right now without understanding some facet of what we can do. I mean, like how far does your phasing go?”
[22:32] <zeke> “Yeah, good point. But… I don’t know. I’d kind of like to branch out a bit too you know. See if we can visit all these people around the world with your portals? I mean I think I’m not just phasing through things. I can just… like before, I only fell because I wanted too.”
[22:54] <jamesd> “Point… and sightseeing would be definitely fun!” She nodded a few times, a bit of a grin on her face as she reached down and patted at Harry’s head. “Try new things, meet the new transformed people… see what’s out there.”
06[23:04] * Zeke grins wide. “Create new business opportunities.” Okay maybe a bit of wriggling with that headpatting. “And just let the politicians figure out what we need to do.”
[23:05] <jamesd> “Sounds like someone’s thinking of making some money already. Going with the world flow, are we?”
[23:06] <zeke> “Hey why the hell not. People are going to be needing all sorts of stuff with this. And lots of new skills to market. I mean you could make a killing with a high end transport service.”
[23:08] <jamesd> “I suppose so… and with a savvy enough merchant directing the goods, one could charge extra for the rapid arrival.” Evil evil Harry indeed. Very clever too.
[23:14] <zeke> “Oh please, someone of your ability…. do you have any idea how long you can keep your portals open? You could charge a fortune for same minute delivery or something.”
[23:15] <jamesd> “Well… I think I kept the original portal open for at least a few minutes… same with when we dropped Darren in. But… I don’t think I ever tested it. That’s a good point.” She nodded again, looking… surprised. Very very surprised.
[23:39] <zeke> “Neither do I but…. you could use it for emergency medical transport or something. Or evacuations.” He nods and then tries to poke Atra’s side. “But you’ve only had these powers for like how long? Of course you haven’t thought of everything. I haven’t.”
[23:43] <jamesd> “I suppose so… might be good to do some research then?” EEP!! She squirmed with the poking though, practically jumping as she put a hand to her side. “H-h-hey! I… you’re having way too much fun doing that.”
[23:54] <zeke> “And you like ruffling my hair too much so I think we’re even.” He starts to laugh. “We’ll need business cards and stuff though.”
[23:56] <jamesd> “Business cards, uniforms, maybe a base of operations if we can buy and outfit it… I mean come on, wouldn’t it be amazing to have like a little base to use?” Well the idea appealed to her, anyway.
Session Time: Mon Jul 01 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <zeke> “Hehehe, one only we can get into because we don’t need doors.” He gets up again and sits down next to her. “Maybe make it a little network. Folks helping each other out. Who need people to facilitate interactions. Manage the infrastructure.”
[00:01] <jamesd> “…not a bad idea at all. That’d take a lot of people though.” And a lot of resources all things considered. Hrm… “We’d need to meet a bunch and try to get… well, people like us in higher places of business for some cash flow.”
[00:05] <zeke> “Well of course. And then play the markets a bit to help with the startup cash. But definitely going to love that travel to meet people.”



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