Attack of the 10 foot Convict

01[18:33] <fans> The Star Lounge Coffee bar was a great place to meet people, spacious and open to the weirder coffee experiments to keep you occupied until people turned up like it’s famous ’Unicorn’s Blood’ (Not for faint of heart or evil wizards). Maybe the only downside to picking it as a meeting spot is it’s size. If you’re not entirely sure who you’re looking for it can be easy to miss them, even if you’re sitting on opposite tables.
[18:42] <erinpaige> Sitting at one table with only a barely-touched latte for company, the little lightningbolt and cloud shape drawn onto the foam still distinguishable, is Erin Paige. She’s tall and a little broad shouldered for a woman in her twenties, with a body that could be called svelte if you were kind. The short layered pageboy cut and thick-framed black glasses suggest artist, confirmed by the small
[18:42] <erinpaige> sketchpad and pen tapping against it to vent some nervous energy as she waits…
[18:49] <erinpaige> Despite her best efforts the pad remained frustratingly empty aside from a few arcing lines and scribbled shadows. Erin took a small sip of the latte and set the cup down quickly as a faint tremble ran up her arm. It passed quickly as she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Calm. Breathe In. Breathe Out. She could do this. It was far from her first time out or even in the Lounge
[18:49] <erinpaige> but this time…
01[18:49] <fans> It’s been an unusually warm day, clear skies meant a few people have come in not just for the coffee but to enjoy the AC. Erin hadn’t been hassled though and the Barrista had called her ‘Miss’ which was a nice touch, so far so good.
[18:50] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie is a bit giddy, a bit nervous, and a bit worried all in one bundle. Nervous for being in the city, giddy at the prospect of getting the commission of his former brick from CityOf, and worried that he might either creep out or insult the commisioner of the work. He had played a little bit of WoW with his cousin, but the concept of actually meeting a relative who had ‘come out’ and was
[18:50] <jaimiepaige> portraying herself in ‘Real Life’ as a female was a bit un-nerving. Not that he wasn’t supportive of an individual’s right to choose what was best for themselves, but because how *does
one approach someone in a conversation like that? So to avoid having to deal with that, he’s currently running a dumbed-down and low quality version of WoW with the sound turned down, keeping an eye out for a
[18:50] <jaimiepaige> new arrival that might match the description he was given. He was about average height, really short-cropped black hair with some white spots barely visible, broad-shouldered and a bit pudgy. He’s wearing a black polo shirt and black denim shorts, with grey thick socks pouring into black steel-toed boots. His dark brown eyes glance about the cafe every so often as he sips the Unicorn’s Blood.
01[18:57] <fans> It is the coffee for people who think caffine should be delivered like a punch to the mouth. Both glorious and vile. It takes an awkward ten minutes before the pair eventually realise they’re sitting at tables next to each other.
[19:02] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie is one of those people. He used to do the Dr. Pepper-by-the-two-liter-bottle approach, but due to issues with the sweeteners that had to be really cut back. As a result, alternative methods of caffination were tried, and this Unicorn’s both tasty and… spine-stabbing. Still, overall it’s not as bad as some black ichors he’s had in the past. When he realizes that the person matching
[19:02] <jaimiepaige> the description was already nearby he picks up his laptop, folding the lid down. He power-chugs the remaining dregs of his drink in a sort of nod to drinking for courage and approaches Erin’s Table warily, body language a little uncertain. “Erin?”
06[19:08] * ErinPaige blinks as she hears her name, glancing up to meet the gaze of a semi-familiar face over the rim of her glasses. SHe opens her mouth to speak and feels her throat become a desert. Breathe… just breath… With no words, Erin just nods a little too quickly, ruffling her hair as she does so, and tugs her coffee cup out of the way to make room on the table. Along the way she takes a deep
06[19:08] * ErinPaige sip of the still piping latte and, spluttering a little at the heat, finally manages a “hi…”
[19:12] <jaimiepaige> *Years of retail experience and forced sales suggest to Jaimie that he should push the issue, shove Erin into an easily-manageable ‘customer’ sort of status while being polite. Unfortunately, he’s also a human being with a soul and he’s off today, damnit. And Erin’s family, even if there’s this is somewhat odd. It does take him a few moments to formulate something that doesn’t totally suck
[19:12] <jaimiepaige> for introductions as he offers her his hand. “I’m Jaimie, and you look great!” Always good to open up with a compliment, right?
01[19:15] <fans> The sun outside got awfully bright for a second, but it’s probably nothing, probably just a glare off something reflective driving by.
[19:16] <erinpaige> That sounded almost genuine enough that Erin felt herself starting to smile just a little as she took Jaimie’s hand. “thanks… please, have a seat.” Oh god, she sounded like a manager or HR or something.
[19:20] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie stands with his back to the glare, though the reflection off of shiny surfaces inside causes him to blink a bit as he sits down, carefully placing the laptop in front of him. “Thank you.” “I thought you just did commissions? Did you get a job somewhere, too?” He lets the hand go after a few seconds, being polite enough to not power-shake it. He then sits. “I…” Okay. Conversational
[19:20] <jaimiepaige> failure time.
[19:24] <erinpaige> “I.. I do. I mean, I do do commissions in my spare time…” Erin takes a long breath when she feels her voice dropping in pitch. The pauses, takes another breath and focuses, clasps her hands lightly on he table before her. “I work as well, boring stuff. Data entry for Allstate… but this helps me not go crazy.”
[19:27] <jaimiepaige> *He nods and blinks at the change in the pitch of her voice, which throws him for a second. “Oh, believe me, I know. That’s why I’m playing WoW. I’d be playing CityOf but…” he looks a bit mournful as he mentions that. “So, ah, speaking of that, do you have it? I mean, not trying to rush things and all, just… Well, it’s sort of like my birthday present to myself!”
01[19:27] <fans> A few of the cups in the shop rattle, it’s the briefest of tremors and only gets a few hushed whispers for it’s efforts. Chicago’s had a lot worse. One poor Barista does spill some coffee over themself in surprise though, nearly swearing before they catch themselves and run instead for the break room.
06[19:32] * ErinPaige winces at Jaimie’s blink. She had been working so hard on her voice too… Another deep breath and she nodded, picking up a cardboard art tube from the floor by her feet. “I.. ah.. it’s ok. here”
[19:34] <jaimiepaige> *Earthquakes, big trucks rolling by, local rail transit… indeed, ground-shaking vibrations for the city-goer and city-dweller are indeed largely ignored. Jaimie’s only response to the mini-tremblor is to make sure that his laptop is firmly on the table so it doesn’t fall off and break, even as he looks at Erin hopefully. The poor barista who self-doused does get a brief glance of concern
[19:34] <jaimiepaige> before Jaimie turns his attention back to his cousin. The wince he chalks up to some sort of sensitivity to the glasses clattering a bit during the shake. He reaches out to grab the cylinder, barely restraining himself from the urge to pop the thing open one-handed and whip out the contained artwork. These things require restraint and control, after all, right?
[19:44] <erinpaige> The rumble through the ground barely even registered to Erin. It was outside, away from this moment where she could talk to someone, to family, and not feel like a freak. She hoped. Jaimie’s almost childlike glee brought a smile to her face and she pressed the tube into his hand. “go on, open it…”
03[19:46] * Kaeriel is now known as Expie
[19:46] <jaimiepaige> *Well, it didn’t take much in the way of encouragement there! Jaimie pulls it to himself and carefully pries open the cap, gingerly pulling out the rolled up artwork with the care that a meticulous archivist might have for an ancient document, sneaking a peek or two as the art comes out.
01[19:48] <fans> Sirens far off in the city, again not all that unusual. There’s a second tremor, but it’s still rather faint. Must be an aftershock.
[19:51] <jaimiepaige> *It’s early summer in the city, if there weren’t sirens or small trembles, it’d be unusual. Instead, it’s background noise. Jaimie scrupulously unrolls the work to peruse it with a big ol’ grin on his face. Christmas and a birthday and possibly Easter and a couple of others too.
[19:56] <erinpaige> The background noise of the sirens and even the voices of the others in the shop fades into a sussurus of background noise as Erin watches Jaimie’s reaction with slowly dawning smile. It’s like watching a kid in a fireworks, puppies and candy store on christmas morning. “you like, then?”
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> *The picture is somewhat odd, for someone who isn’t into superheroes or strong women that lack vast tracts up top. A modestly-shouldered yet amazingly trim woman is highlighted in the art, reddish-orange hair flowing long and free to the base of her neck, with a greenish skin-tight outfit that accentuates the curves that she does have, artfully placed greyish-white plates on the shoulders,
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> elbows, knees and feet, with moulded sport-boots at the bottom of the outfit. The woman in the picture wears a green glinty band about two inches wide over her eyes, giving the impression of either high-tech or some sort of shiny bandana look.
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie nods eagerly to Erin. “How hard was it to get the circuitry drawn in on the pants and arms?”
[20:00] <jaimiepaige> ((done with emote))
[20:05] <erinpaige> “Tron-style lines or Circuit Breaker?” Now this was her element, the rest of the world faded out into her and the art. Erin almost smiles as she grabs her sketch pad, doodling a few examples of possibilities for Jaimie to pick from.
[20:10] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie shakes his head to Erin. “You did a bit here already, it looks even better than what I suggested? And… those are good too. You sure you’re not a full-time artist with lines like that? I mean seriously, stick figures are a challenge to me but you’re making normal lines look sexy.” Which may or may not be a bit creepy but it merits saying.
[20:15] <erinpaige> “I… wel.. thanks.. its just practice is all…” Erin’s expression crinkles slightly and her cheeks tinge with pink. It wasn’t like she was really good, there were so many other artists far better than her.
[20:18] <jaimiepaige> “Damn. I’m sorry, I wasn’t…” Okay, it’s true. He wasn’t trying to make her blush. He was trying to genuinely compliment her on her work. “It shows that you work hard at it?” He offers that to try and temper the blushing. “I mean, if you didn’t I wouldn’t’ve asked you to do it, even if you are my cousin? You can kind of tell the artists who put their hearts into their work and those who
[20:18] <jaimiepaige> kind of ‘dial it in’?”
01[20:21] <fans> The ground shakes again, a little harder this time as people’s coffee’s are spilt and the shops windows rattle, a police siren rapidly approaches the coffee shop and then with a thunderous crash it arrives as a police car drops right on out of the air and ploughs into the street outside, causing a cacophany of screeching tires and screams as people run for cover from the debris.
[20:24] <erinpaige> “thanks I…” The shudder and the screech of metal and screams cuts Erin off mid-sentence. Turning to see what is happening outside, she blinks once and stares in mute shock as every worry about terrorism and natural disaster starts to go off in her head.
[20:32] <jaimiepaige> “Okay, that’s not… normal.” He blinks then unconsciously flinches as the squad car crashes from somewhere above. That is not what one could term ‘normal’. In a moment the discussion goes from something neat to something that’s a bit more immediate and life-threatening. First things first—a coffee shop is not a very good location to be in if cop cars are falling from the skies. Probably
[20:32] <jaimiepaige> the best bet would be the subway, a couple of blocks away. But the people here are panicked…and what the hell could have caused that to happen? Math things attempt to go off in his head and the concept of finding shelter and protecting Erin… but… if there was someone in that car…
01[20:36] <fans> The panic outside is getting pretty frantic, someone is yelling for a doctor and the blare of sirens now seem almost citywide. Whatever’s going on it’s pulling in everything the city’s got and is followed by yet another tremor, larger again and with a little far off ‘thoom’ of something heavy hitting the ground.
[20:40] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie isn’t a doctor, but he does know first aid and has some skills at almost paramedic levels from when he considered becoming a corpsman in the Navy before giving up that dream. If it’s something small, he might be able to help with it. A long shot, to be sure, but he gives Erin a glance. “I’m going to see if I can help whoever is calling for the doctor. Not a doc, but might be able to
[20:40] <jaimiepaige> help?” He does have to shout to be heard over the growing din.
[20:41] <erinpaige> “we… we need to get out of here” Erin find her voice, still staring out the window at the overturned car and the spreading chaos. She looks wide-eyed to Jaime before nodding. “I.. I’m not letting you go off alone out there… your mom would kill me…”
01[20:44] <fans> The shop is going to become a bit of a press soon as people seek cover. Not the best idea in the situation but in a panic situation people don’t always think straight. If the pair want to make a dash for it they’ll have to do it quick, before the press of bodies traps them in the shop.
[20:48] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie may be many things but he’s not super-quick. Being only about average in the speed department, he does his best, though. With speed being essential in this circumstance, though, he has to leave behind the art and the laptop—those aren’t going to be a help in this situation nor is typing on a laptop in a hazard zone a good idea, even if a wireless connection was available. “C’mon,
[20:48] <jaimiepaige> c’mon… MAKE A HOLE” Okay, he’s probably not heard in the chaos as he tries to make his way *out
of the building to the cries for a doctor.
06[20:48] * ErinPaige stands up, taking a little breath and nodding to Jaimie before starting for the door. She still remembered a little from when her dad had tried to get her to play football, much to the upset of the first person to get into her way en route to the door. For the first time she thanked god she hadn’t considered wearing heels today…
[20:48] <erinpaige> “if they don’t move, Jay, make them move!”
01[20:52] <fans> A few shoulder bumps and people learn to make a hole, the Paige’s are built sturdy it seems. Out on the street it’s a bit more open as people have already scattered, the sound of sirens and the occasional report of gun fire a few blocks away are certainly unnerving, but the pair would spot the upended police care now lying in the street, it’s rollcage buckled but not broken and the airbags filling the window. Whoever was calling for a doctor has long since ran for it, leaving the door to the car opened only a fraction. You can just about see the arm of one of the officers inside through the now smashed side window, moving ever so slowly as it tries to scrabble for something to hold onto.
[20:58] <erinpaige> Without the obstructions of the crowd, Erin could cover the distance to the car at a run. Crouching down by the door, she took the scrabbling hand in her own. Worries about what she sounded or looked like right now were about as far from her mind as possible now. “it’s ok.. we’re going to get you out of there.”
[20:59] <jaimiepaige> Gunfire is a BAD thing in an environment like this. A very BAD BAD thing. Jaimie crouches down as low as his body will allow and more or less scoots to the car. “Going to push the door, keep him clear.” Car upside down is also bad. Getting officer out if not brutally dead kind of important. “Keep an eye out!” And even as this is going on the back of his head is wondering why the hell is
[20:59] <jaimiepaige> he out here, he’s not a hero, he’s not someone special… it’s just going to get him dead.
01[21:02] <fans> There’s a groan from inside, a man’s hand and voice to match. They’re pretty rattled from the fall and the person on the seat beside them isn’t moving at all. They give the hand a light squeeze though so there’s hope yet. Fate however has not been entirely kind, the car frame has buckled on the fall and this means the doors won’t come open cleanly. They’re not going to shift without some effort to lever them open. A thunderous boom rings out again setting off car alarms all along the street and adding to the riot of noise.
[21:05] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie attempts to first pull the door and when that doesn’t work he attempts to push himself into a position to leverage the door open, throwing himself into it with everything he’s got. His face reddens as he grunts and strains at the door.. “Eeeeeeeeeeyyyyaaaaa” Poor guy’s probably going to *break
something… though it might just be him.
[21:08] <erinpaige> Erin ducks and covers her ears as the explosion echoes off the buildings all around, shaking her head to clear the ringing in her ears. Moving to help Jaimie, she adds her strength to his in an effort to brute force to door. “RGGG, auh… lever would help…”
01[21:11] <fans> As Jaimie and Erin wrestle futily with the door that just won’t budge, they both get to see the ten story tall high rise building opposite them shift with a loud crunch from something hitting it on the opposite side and then begin to sag ever so slowly towards them. Most people didn’t get to see what’d kill them, for the Paige’s it all moved in glacial slow motion. Just behind it, now visible as the top of the building began to fall is a ring of green fire high up in the sky, for the Paige’s they got one clear look at it and then things got weird.
[21:25] <erinpaige> Time slows. The building begins to topple over like a house of cards in a breeze and all that Erin can think of is that it’s so unfair. She only just got a chance to get to know her cousin again and the world ends… A split second decision and a moment before the building hits she throws herself over Jaimie in the desperate hope that she can shield him from enough of the avalanche of masonry
[21:25] <erinpaige> that he might survive.
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie’s form practically bulges and bubbles as if it embodies the ambient chaos for just a moment, as if looking for something to ‘latch onto’ to give it strength, even as he tries, hope against reality, to open the car door and rescue the officers inside. If he’s going to die, damnit, he doesn’t want it to be because he failed. If he were his old powerhouse this’d be a trivial joke. And
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> as if that was the ‘goal’ that his body needed, it starts to solidify once more, becoming far more amazing on more than one level. His hips stretch out, straining the shorts he was wearing, even as his waist narrows some. Scores of pounds simply vaporize off his frame, as if they did not belong there and some artist had taken an eraser to him. A modest chest can barely be seen under the loose
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> polo shirt, even as his hair turns orange-ish red and trails down behind his neck. His steel-toed shoes start flopping loosely on much smaller feet, socks starting to slide down uselessly as well. He sort of flops onto the car, not so much intentionally shielding it as muscle spasms from the alien transformation rip through him. So indeed, it’s Erin shielding him (her?) while she (he?) bodily
[21:27] <jaimiepaige> covers the entrance to the squad car. His (her?) focus is on keeping the officers alive. Go big… or go home?
01[21:31] <fans> Erin would be surprised at just how ‘quick’ she got to dive onto Jaimie, while Jaimie’s efforts to wrestle open the door have now left a clearly visible hand print where they’d been holding. The first few bricks raining down shower around Erin before one finally finds it’s mark, hitting her on the chest. It’s a double surprise really as the brick shatters and bounces off harmlessly. Because until a moment ago she hadn’t had a cheast to speak of, let alone one that can stave off bricks. There’s a few heartbeats to go before they’re both completely buried in masonary, the dust cloud from the collapse reaching out towards them as swiftly as the rest of the building drops down.
[21:35] <erinpaige> The dust from the falling building has no time to settle before a lens flare made real flickersnaps into being amidst the rubble and ruin. Masonry and metal are thrown backwards, ploughed away as if by an immense glass bulldozer to reveal a car, a shapely red-headed woman wrenching its door off and a tall, shimmering figure hovering an inch above the rest, splayed out cruciform to shield them
[21:35] <erinpaige> all.
[21:44] <jaimiepaige> *He must save them. Must. Jaimie reaches in for both officers, the airbag incidentally ripping in white powder as he retrieves them, living or not, safety straps meaningless against the inexorable force he’s bringing to bear as he attempts to get them to safety, shielding them with his body.
01[21:47] <fans> The rubble scythed away from them piles up on the outside of Erin’s shield, a further tremor following it from something much closer now. There’s a zip and a flash against the shield high up, an errant bullet from all the gunfire has found it’s way towards them. The door bounces away a bent and fractured mess as Jaimie drags the officers out. They feel so ‘light’ it’s barely noticable and of the two men only one is moving at all, taking ragged breaths as he holds onto Jaimie for support “It’s white” he murmers weakly “Need to go, before he gets here.”
[21:51] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie keeps carrying the men. “Who gets here? What are you talking about? We need to get you to a hospital.”
[21:57] <erinpaige> Rubbles begins to fall, crumbling to the ground a dozen feet from the car, as the translucent shimmer in the air fades and the figure floating cruciform lands. She blinks, shifts her shoulders as she looks down at her best jeans and t-shirt shredded and stretched into something that barely could be considered decent. She squints and finally looks over her glasses at the carnage around her. And
[21:57] <erinpaige> the red-haired bombshell wearing Jaime’s clothes. “what…”
01[21:58] <fans> *BOOM
That thump was ‘very’ close and through the dust cloud being battered away by Erin’s shield the silhouette of a humanoid is forming. A really, really big one that easily tops twelve stories. “Oh hell” the officer groans “This can’t be happening”
[22:00] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie’s clothes aren’t in much better shape, her shorts being held in place only by the fact that they couldn’t escape down her hips and the shirt torn and gouged from the door she ripped away from the car. “We’re getting you to a hospital. Erin? Is that… you?”
[22:03] <erinpaige> Ok, Red knows her name. Surely the damage from the building wasn’t that bad that she wasn’t recognisable… Wait. The building… She blinked and looks about at the oasis of calm in the centre of the ruin. At the red-head supergirl who left imprints in a car door… and a godzilla on vcation in the windy city. “WHAT?”
[22:07] <jaimiepaige> “You, me, taking officers to hospital. Then we come back to get my laptop and the picture you made for me?” It probably hasn’t settled in yet either her condition or her capability other than has been demonstrated. “Right?”
03[22:08] * Expie is now known as Kaeriel
01[22:08] <fans> Jaimie’s messed up clothes would usually be a problem, except she really made it work somehow. Even totally messed up it looked deliberate, like ‘torn to hell shirts’ were the new big thing. “Don’t..” wheezes the Officer, “Don’t put yourselves at risk for us. Save yourselves ladies.”
[22:09] <erinpaige> “I’m concussed, that’s gotta be it…” Erin murmered to herself and shook her head in disbelief. This was insane, Jaimie looked like the girl from her drawing.
[22:11] <jaimiepaige> “Fuck you, sir. We’re getting you out of this, and your partner, and that’s the end of it.” The red-headed woman’s brow furrows as she gets a rather stubborn look. “Where is the nearest hospital?”
01[22:11] <fans> Concussed and hovering slightly off the ground.
01[22:13] <fans> “Stroger Hospital on West Polk Street” he says, looking about to try orientate and shrugging “Fuck. Sorry, I don’t know where this is. We were thrown pretty far.”
[22:16] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie looks for a street sign and starts running in a given direction, carrying the two officers with purpose. “We’ll get you there.” He’s just got to get them away and then he can deal with whatever the hell just happened.
[22:19] <erinpaige> There was no way Erin was losing the only hallucination she recognised. She gave chase, easily keeping pace with the three. It was almost as if she was gliding after them.
01[22:20] <fans> Jaimie sees the street blur as they begin to run, they feel so light now and they can power along down the street so quickly that for a moment the burst of speed is incredibly disorientating out of sheer surprise. No one could move this fast, especially not when carrying two (Suprisingly light) Police officers. Unfortunately the next street is a total maze of snarled traffic and panicking people and whatever was behind them is moving again, the ground shuddering under it’s steps. At least it seemed to be moving in a different direction for now.
[22:22] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie tries to jump onto the hood of a car to get over the snarled traffic. Given her strength… that might carry her a goodly distance higher than she’s expecting…
[22:23] <erinpaige> “what was that thing?” Erin shuddered as she felt the tremor and shouted to the two officers.
01[22:26] <fans> “Jason Whiiiiite!” the Cop ends up screaming as Jaimie takes off with her jump easily clearing the cars, buses and the lower hanging rooftops of the bulding around her. If that wasn’t shock enough once she reaches the apex of her jump she doesn’t come back down, just hanging in the air while the still conscious cop clings on for dear life. Either of them may have heard of Jason White, he’d been on the news all day having finally been convincted of a grisly double murder he’d commited only a month ago.
[22:29] <erinpaige> “right… being 12 stories tall must’ve made him easy to pick out from the lineup.” There’s the snark, Erin must be feeling more like herself, even if she hasn’t noticed herself following Jaimie into the air.
[22:31] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie’s also screams for a brief second as he realizes he’s not coming down… but also.. not falling. “Clench up, Legolas.” He quips to the officer as he re-orients himself with a broad smile. He’s not going to argue it right now. Officers to the hospital GO!
01[22:36] <fans> GONE. If they thought they were quick on the ground this is something else, they’re skimming over rooftops and at the Hospital in under a minute the wind whipping around them as they hang above the people below some of who stop to point. Flying in a dream never felt this good, only a few people on earth knew what it was like to turn off gravity for a bit and now the Paige’s were among them.
[22:39] <erinpaige> “holy….” Erin blinkblinks as realisation finally clicks. This is real. She’s flying, beside her cousin who has turned into a redhead bombshell, away from a 12-storey murderer wrecking Chicago.
[22:41] <jaimiepaige> *Of course, stopping might be an issue. Well, it *would
be, if this flying followed the normal rules of physics. But when Jaimie goes to stop, she stops dead in the air with her precious cargo. “Sheeeit.” She doesn’t go to the main entrance but to the Emergency room in nearly a flash. “Incoming wounded! Two Officers! Make a hole! Make a hole!”
06[22:45] * ErinPaige peels off from Jaimie as she accelerates into the ER. Better to minimise the shock by having only one flying girl there to distract from the officers who need help. Instead she climbs and accelerates upwards to get to a better vantage point to see what ‘Jason’ is up to. Powers and responsibility…
01[22:46] <fans> People either dive out or the way or go all deer in the headlights at a redheaded bombshell flying down the corridors of a hospital bearing two police officers. When they reach the emergency room the on call doctor is a short hispanic looking man who gives her a look of utter confusion. “I… you…” deep breaths for the nameless doctor, as a nurse faints beside him. “Put them on those beds” he points “If.. if that’s okay with you?”
01[22:48] <fans> Erin gets some height and it really isn’t hard to spot Jason from up here. Unlike the Paige’s his clothes have, thankfully, grown with him as has his handcuffs. He’s still got his hands bound behind him as he stomps through the Chicago streets trying to make it to the city limits. The police have mostly given up chasing him by now, there’s a few tiny holes in his clothes but the bullets don’t appear to have done diddly squat against him. He isn’t being very gentle in his escape, stepping on cars and ploughing right through a small building in his way to cut across a street.
01[22:49] <fans> He’s a rather handsome looking middle aged man, with short cropped black hair and a hired suit. He must have just been coming away from court when this all went off.
[22:50] <jaimiepaige> Despite a seemingly casual flip of his hands, Jaimie drops the two officers off. “Thank you. Guy on the right was conscious and wheezing. Guy on the left was immobile when I found him, didn’t have time to take signs. Airbag deployed. Please help them.” And in a blur he’s off again. Time to get his laptop and his artwork. And maybe, just maybe, stop the sonuvabitch responsible for all of
[22:50] <jaimiepaige> this.



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