Giant Fight

01[19:26] <fans> As Erin soars above the hospital they spot a dust cloud in the difference and the rumble of an impact coming a split second later. The gunfire has all but stopped now, likely because it wasn’t really having any effect earlier and the cops aren’t ‘that’ stupid. The wail of sirens and general panic in the city is still a constant drone.
06[19:31] * ErinPaige looks down for some sign of Jaimie far below. Nothing. Damnit, whatever was up with Mr Walking Disaster out there was not going to wait for long. Damnit. Jay would be ok… she’d know what to do…
[19:32] <erinpaige> With that, Erin willed herself toward the source of the impact. She was the only one able to deal with this. Time to do that.
03[19:34] * Wage|zzz is now known as Wage|Workin
01[19:35] <fans> Erin launches forward with a rush of speed that’s quite shocking to those who were watching from below, like a cruise missile streaking across the sky it shouldn’t even be possible to react to the buildings now coming at her. However she finds it almost effortless, to glide around them, her reactions seem sharper, her body quicker. Our giant Murderer meanwhile has crushed the side of a building to squeeze down a side street and is making his way along the road. The biggest issue he’s having leaving is being a bit too big for the city roads but not ‘quite’ big enough to just scale the buildings in his way. He actually looks a bit lost.
06[19:44] * ErinPaige stopped on a dime a dozen yards away from the giant, the sonic boom of her instant decelleration heralding her arrival better than any words. She didn’t want to think about how many more people Jason had added to his bodycount today. Too many. Way too many. She folded her arms and fixed him with a glare, letting that righteous anger squash her fear enough to find the words. “oi. White.
06[19:44] * ErinPaige Stop now or I’ll stop you myself.”
[19:45] <erinpaige> Big words, little girl. It’s not like she could do anything except fly and look too big for her clothes…
01[19:49] <fans> She gets a snort of derision for her trouble. The Prisoners still in handcuffs, round the front not the back though and his Suit from the courthouse is pock marked with tiny bullet holes. “A flying girl? Cute.” he sneers “Don’t think I won’t squash you though if you get in my way. Move.”
[19:57] <erinpaige> “Move? sure…” Erin drifted back a few yards before accelerating to full speed and arching about. She wasn’t sure how fast she had been going before but kinetic energy might get the message across to Mr Giant Murderer.
[19:58] <erinpaige> ((arching = arcing))
01[20:01] <fans> He blinks in surprise at the sudden flit of speed, then with a grin takes a large, heavy step forward making the windows of the buildings along the street spiderweb wtih cracks as the road shatters under his feet. “Can be as quick as you like darling, you’re still just a speck to me. Go pick a fight with someone your own size.”
[20:02] <erinpaige> “didn’t you do physics, dumbass? Kinetic energy is mass times acceleration.” Erin swung about in a wide arc, trying to find somewhere away from buildings, somewhere she could try and knock him where he wouldn’t level any more buildings… then accelerated to full speed and flew at Jason like a supersonic bullet.
01[20:08] <fans> Jason seems to be relying on his vastly higher mass, that and how Erin would break against him like a twig. Silly girl. His sneer is still there right up until Erin flies on in and connects with his chest.
01[20:19] <fans> BOOM. The impact is hard enough that the rattling windows finally shatter, waterfalls of glass raining down to thier sides as he doubles over with a wheeze and staggers back, crushing an abandoned car as he tries to refind his foot. Panting for breath he looks up and then with a snarl swings out with his cuffed hands at the flying pest that had just slammed into him.
[20:30] <erinpaige> “I told you to stop.” She hadn’t expected her punch to hurt him that much… Erin flits about the poorly-swung fist like a slightly confused hmmingbird around an angry elephant. “Now you gonna stop or do I have to spank you?”
01[20:31] <fans> “Not going to jail” he groans, straightening up slowly from his overswing punch “Not now, never last there. Move.”
[20:34] <erinpaige> “aww, you afraid of being the bitch to someone bigger?” Erin can’t help but smirk darkly before flitting facewards and backhanding White back toward the semi-ruined park he had run through before.
01[20:39] <fans> Shuyroken! It looks comical how Erin could backhand a man ten stories tall across a street but backhand she did and his feel left the ground as he was launched back towards the damaged park. It doesn’t have any better time of it as he lands with an echoing crash, flattening what’s left of the steel railing under his shoulders and digging a gouge as he slides back onto the grass. He doesn’t get up this time, lying there with chest slowly rising and falling and mouth half lolled open.
[20:44] <erinpaige> Ok, now that was badass. Erin drifted down to the ground where the fallen giant had stood, rested her hands on her hips and smiled. Now that was how it’s done.
01[20:48] <fans> Hero pose! And it’d take a few seconds for Erin to realise that while most people had found cover now that the giant was down were braving the windows again and camera phone pictures were being taken. It seems thier first victory wasn’t going to go entirely undocumented, even if it wasn’t very smart of people to be doing it.
01[20:49] <fans> Awkwardly it doesn’t appear that Jason is going to be polite enough to shrink back down while unconcious, leaving them with an awfully large body to deal with.



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