[22:07] <harry> Another day another pastry. Or at least… Harry blatantly abusing Atra’s abilities. He’s ever so polite though. Coming in through the front door. Quite literally. “Good day. How’s my favourite chef?”
[22:09] <maire> His favourite chef is… not here! There are cakes here though, and the oven is on, so she can’t be far away, can she?
06[22:10] * Harry walks up to the counter and dings the bell. “Hello?”
[22:16] <maire> The bell was a good purchase! Because it alerted the chef, who poked her head out from the office robin had transformed in, a snazzy fedora atop it. “Morning! Just a moment; I had a feeling you’d be coming, but I actually already have places to be; I’ll be leaving in a minute though, and I doubt you need to be anywhere specific for your ride home do you?”
[22:19] <harry> “I…. see. You can see the future now?” Well with everything it’s a valid question. “But no I do not. What’s so important though? Special baking order?”
06[22:25] * Maire shakes her head, which disappears from view for a moment. “Well, no dear, but some things are just obvious you know? That you might want to pay a visit now for one thing.” She hops out shortly, a trenchcoat, dapper suit and shiny shoes completing the ensemble of a dimunitive detective. "It’s not baking related actually, something weird happened a few towns over; it’s clear a nova is involved, but no-one’s quite sure
02[22:27] * Alytari (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Quit: BRB!)
[22:27] <harry> “Aaaah, well that sounds like a right proper mystery.” He chuckles a bit. “I won’t pass up a change to pitch someone new.”
[22:27] <harry> *chance
[22:29] <maire> “Of course not; neither would I, and who doesn’t love a good mystery?” She heads on over to the oven, pulling out another tray of muffins, and putting it on top of a rack, sliding the other ones on display in below it.
[22:32] <harry> “Planning to bring some along with you? Mundane snacks?” He raises an eyebrow. Of course not. You know… they really need to more or less unify their efforts at some point. Maybe even a name.
03[22:32] * Fans is now known as Fanzz
06[22:38] * Maire stares a moment, before nodding. “Yes, yes they’re mundane. It’d be far too much of a waste to make some special ones on the off chance we meet someone who wants that particular effect.” She then starts dragging the cart over to the exit.
[22:43] <harry> “Hey, for all I know you have special battle muffins for your aide?” Hey… she’s bodyguard helper something right? "I know you can inflict changes with them. There’s ones that get physical reactions instead of physical changes. So maybe you have ones with truth effect or ameniable.
06[22:49] * Maire nods. “Well, of course I can whip something like that up; but there’s no sense doing that until we know they’re needed. The more general ones are in an icebox in the van already anyway.”
06[22:54] * Harry smiles. “Just being curious about your M.O. here. Since it sounded like you do this more often.” And then leans against the counter. “So… need me to do anything?”
06[22:59] * Maire wheels the cart out onto the road, and up into her van. Though, as she leaves the door she does nods, and beckon him over. “It’s simple really, it’s nearby and strange enough I can’t just phone it in and visit the nova, if any, at a later date. But if you’d like to help I’m sure there are some walls or high shelves to be dealt with!”
[23:03] <harry> “Sure sure. I did say I was coming along.” He follows her out. “Although I very much doubt you need me for that.”
06[23:08] * Maire ‘s van isn’t anything spectacular, just an ordinary minivan, the kind a small business might use to drive around and transport things, painted brown and green, with her logo on the side, reading ’Maire’s transformative treats’. “No but it couldn’t hurt to be prepared. Anyway, what was it you came here for?”
[23:14] <harry> “Oh just some wondering what you thought about my proposal. In terms of formalising the agreement. Maybe share a bit of information. That sort of thing. I know you’ve been busy too.” Well… it’s pretty easy for him to get in. With just impeccable grace. Although the inside may be a little bit cramped for him.
[23:25] <maire> it’s a van! It’s bigger than a car! But yep, not as big as if he sat in the back. And of course, it’s a van driven by everyone’s favourite chameleon-girl! And Maire’s lack of size would help give him room too. “I have, and I’ve looked at some contract options for us; I’ve already contacted a few of the other novae though, the most famous one I think is Libertine so far. What about you?”



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