End of Term Party

01[21:25] <fans> With College terms all tied up and the nights warm and balmy it was pretty much the ideal time for Harry to make some money catering to parties. But today was going to be different, because Harry had finally convinced Zeke to come along to one of these fabled parties and even offered to give them a lift on thier bike. Zeke may not have been entirely sold on the idea, but saying no would have been harder.
[21:29] <harry> “Oh you’ll see. It’ll be a blast.” Harry’s grinning inside the helmet while they zoom towards the party. He’d already delivered most of the food, and most importantly the drink, earlier today. "We’ll get in. Drop off the bag of chips and extra cups, and then we’re free to party~! "
01[21:31] <fans> As so often happened the party was being held at the house of one of the College students, William Cochran (Who didn’t really like thier last name much). He’d been doing a course in Business Management and often got Harry to get him drink for cheap, because Students aren’t really made of money. It’s not the biggest house in the world but it’s comfortably fitting about fifteen students as Harry and Zeke pull up, music already blasting out of an open window and a barbecue being set up by a boy who didn’t really look like he had any idea what he was doing.
[21:33] <zeke> Grumble grumble… Zeke was on the bike and trying very hard not to let his nervousness and dismay show, keeping hold of Harry as he muttered under his breath. “…don’t like parties, they always assume.” He does get off the bike when it stops though, hesitantly taking his helmet off as he looked around… ..bah. Food was good, but people usually weren’t.
[21:34] <zeke> Of course that’s what you get when you’re socially awkward to a fault.
[21:36] <harry> Of course he got it cheap. He knew a guy that hung out with a fella that knows this chick that dates a dude loading barrels of beer. And sometimes those things get dented and well… a bit more jostled that they should. So they go to secondary channels. “You’ll be fine. And I’ll get you on the dance floor if it’s the last thing I do. Unless of course you’re busy talking to
[21:36] <harry> people. Wouldn’t want to interrupt you.”
[21:38] <zeke> “Who’d want to talk with me?” A mythology and geology buff, no less. Compared to people who studied business or medicine or law… he was pretty low on the college respect list. Rocks and the meanings behind rocks. Oh joy of joys. “…why is this guy holding a party, anyway?”
[21:43] <harry> Well there they are. At the part. He slows down and finds a free spot near the drive way. “Oh it’s warm. He’s a college student. Do you need any more reason?” And then he turns of the engine and turns around. “Besides, you’ll have plenty to talk about. You got plenty of hidden depths. Besides everyone loves a good story.”
01[21:44] <fans> The boy by the barbecue has made fire! Probably a bit too much fire but his eyebrows are saved. He’s very plain looking, dark hair and wearing a denim jacket over a burn marked black T-shirt. You’d seen him around college a bit, but not much. He skipped a lot of lectures.
[21:47] <zeke> “…I dunno. A party for the sake of it seems… …off.” Even if free food was kind of liked. Nerd or popular kid, free food was very much enjoyed. …did he know that guy? He never paid attention to most people. But that was because people never paid attention to him. It was a loop that he both appreciated and hated the hell out of.
[21:47] <zeke> But he sighed, trying to smile at Harry. “…I’ll try. I suppose it is good to get out of the dorm room once in a while.”
[21:48] <lisab> And then, a fit, shirtless guy leans out the open, musical window, swinging a shirt around over his head, his other hand apparently already found some beer. “Woooo! Cochrane! Time to turn this party up to Warp Factor ELEVEN!” He then disappears into the house again, where the volume promptly increases.
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[21:50] <zeke> “…then again…” He slooowly looked at the taller Harry with a worried look on his face.
[21:51] <harry> “Exactly,” he hangs his helmet on the steering wheel. “Now, can you help me carry the rest of the food and stuff inside?” And a smile he gets in return. Getting off the bike after Zeke. This one in particular. “And please, that was pretty geeky. You’ll fit right in.”
[21:54] <zeke> “That was pretty… jock-ish.” …mrrrrrgh. Carrying stuff. Stupid… with these lanky arms!? …he tries anyway, grabbing what looked like wouldn’t send him sprawling down like an idiot. But putting the helmet down first! “…and drunkish.”
01[21:56] <fans> Oh the nerves! The thumping music, mixed chatter and the smell of meat just starting to sizzle. The bike had attracted a little bit of attention too and Harry gets a wolf whistle from a girl wearing a rather old fashioned looking bonnet hat and dress who was just on her way into the house. Poor Zeke is, of course, very much looked over.
[21:58] <zeke> …which was understandable, really. It didn’t take long for Zeke to just sort of scoot away both to let Harry get the spotlight and to shimmy out of sight. Maybe scoot closer to the barbeque to get some meat. He could get some food, find a corner and stay out of the way. Yes, perfect plan.
[21:59] <harry> The catcall got Harry to grin. “Ladies and dudes, I bring you…. More meat!” Well a little bit. Mostly extra cups and bread though. But it definitely got their attention in all likelihood. Maybe. At least less for Zeke. And he put it all down near the barbecue.
[22:01] <zeke> Yes, Harry brought more meat and stuff. Zeke just puts down what he carried next to the barbeque, maybe taking the opportunity to swipe some cooked products of his own.
01[22:08] <fans> Zeke gets to snaffle a burger and a cheap bread roll to stuff it in, the boy working the grill laughing “Does smell good doesn’t it? You want to take some in for the others?” and then he nods to Harry “And thanks. We got plenty here, really didn’t expect this many. Nice bike by the way”
[22:10] <zeke> “…um… I’m good. Mean thanks, smells good… good though.” Yes just… get your bounty and get away. Just find a seat or something to hide and eat your food. The less people talk, the less awkward it is for you. …it’d be nice to have the confidence. But that was a pipe dream. No he was here for Harry’s sake.
06[22:10] * Harry waves at several folks and talks to the guy behind the BBQ. “Hey man. Yeah I know. Got plenty of space for deliveries too. Like this. Should last you a little while longer. But I recommend making sure it’s all eaten today.” Just…. trying to divert their attention away from Zeke
01[22:15] <fans> It works! The two get into a conversation while Zeke goes to find themselves a corner inside out of the way. There isn’t many, the place is kind of packed and a bit rowdy but one sofa is being use for Coats and if he sits on the end he’s pretty much out of the way and free to eat, the feeling of awkward alienation building up.
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[22:18] <zeke> …succeeeeeeeeess. It’s like hiding in a closet, only transparent and it has a cushion! …but he definitely makes sure he doesn’t sit on anyone’s coats. Socially awkward doesn’t mean rude. Besides, this way the only times he has to interact is if someone’s nosy. Yes he can just watch all the good looking people go around… and be social… and popular…
[22:18] <zeke> …fuck.
01[22:20] <fans> “Oh I wouldn’t worry about it being eaten today.” the boy tending the grill smirks “They’re going to through this like a pack of pigs. Thanks for bringing it all in you know, you do this a lot right?” and he gives a shifty look “Names Darren, you uh… do anything else?”
01[22:22] <fans> Zeke had plenty of time to watch, Will is being his usual self, making a bit of a berk of himself by acting cooler than he really is. It’s hard to tell if people are laughing at him or are drunk enough to find it funny. He’s left alone until the girl with the Bonnet is coming by his way again and stops as she goes to get something out of her coat. “Hey you look familiar … don’t I know you?” she asks, which is kind of embarassing as you’ve been taking a mythology lecture together for the past year.
06[22:23] * Harry grins. “Oh plenty of things. Next Valentine, just find me for a last minute batch of chocolates. Limited edition phone covers, games, you need it I deal it.” Uhm… brilliant turn of phrase there Harry.
[22:25] <zeke> … …FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. This was just… NO. He quickly looked around to see if she was talking to anyone else… anyone at all. … …no? …fuck. He sighed a little bit and tried to make an awkward smile. “Erm… we’re taking a mythology class on their influences in the fictional world? For the past year? …I’m your classmate?”
[22:25] <zeke> …wait why are you making yourself FAMILIAR? NO. BAD ZEKE.
01[22:26] <fans> “Dealing! Right, that’s what I meant.” Darren says, smiling as if they’d come to an understanding. “You’re able to get a hold of anything? Never really shopped around before, but I wouldn’t say no to new options.”
01[22:28] <fans> “Oh! Zack right? I’m Donna” she says, though Zeke probably knew that. “You must not come to lectures much, I’m really good with faces.” she nods in total confidence.
[22:30] <harry> “Oh just about everything really. But I warn you, some things may take a while to arrive. And I can’t guarantee it’ll be cheap. Depending on what you want of course.” He glances back at the house. Surely Zeke would be fine on his own for a few minutes right?
[22:30] <zeke> “…Ezekiel.” …he had been to every single lecture. Never even took a sick day. What kind of… lady, you’re clearly overshooting yourself. He sighs though… sometimes people like to be humored. “I… don’t make a lot of noise. Probably blended with the crowd.” Because he was short for a guy.
01[22:36] <fans> “See! Told you I knew you were in the class” she nods, as if she’d somehow just willed Zeke into existance by thinking of him. She also does not appear to mind sitting on coat as she nabs a seat on the pile as a bright light seems to flicker from outside, weird. “It’s pretty good isn’t it? I mean it was really hard to find other people interested in it before college, drove me nuts.”
01[22:38] <fans> “Sure thing!” Darren says, “I’ll talk to you abou- FUCK!” A blast of bright white light suddenly takes out the vision of both Harry and Darren for a moment and Darren stumbles to the side and bangs his leg on the barbucue. There’s after-images dancing across Harry’s eyes from the flare of light but if he’d look about to see where it came from it wouldn’t take long to spot the circle of green fire in the sky.
[22:40] <zeke> …wouldn’t be in this situation if he had a better face… a face like hers, or /better/ than hers even. But… mrgh. He sighed in dejection at the girl’s comment, but just sort of smiled a bit at the comment. “…it’s hard finding people who enjoy what you enjoy, yes… and a story is pretty nice.”
[22:41] <harry> “Holy CRAP!” He just tries not to move at all. This isn’t good in any which way. What did those old movies say about nuclear attacks again? Stop drop and roll?
[22:41] <harry> Okay maybe he shields his eyes with his arms.
01[22:47] <fans> Donna nods slowly and then gives Zeke and awkward smile, it’s clear the conversation just died with that fairly tame answer “Well uh… good luck I guess?” she says, giving them a little wave. “Good to see you finally, I thought I’d met everyone.”
[22:50] <zeke> “…but we have met…” …okay that was just… he knew he was socially awkward, but he and Donna have been in the same class for a year! This is bullshit!! In a fit of disappointment he got up with a frown, trying to walk out the back door just to get some air. /FUCK/ this party, /FUCK/ this body, just… why should they have all the good things piled onto
[22:50] <zeke> them!? Then just, /gleefully/ forgets? Arrrrrgh!! He wanted to just get out of his skin and how he wanted to be so fucking badly!
06[22:58] * Harry looks out from beneath his arm again. Yeah definitely finding shelter. Okay where was the house again. “Come on, get inside. This can’t be good.” And he stumbles in that direction.
01[23:00] <fans> Darren follows him, limping from the bash on his leg. He’s a bit behind Harry so only Harry get’s to see….
01[23:06] <fans> Zeke heading for the back door and pressing a hand to it, only for there to be a sudden ‘rush’ of air as the door opens out not into the backyard but some kind of windswept tundra. It’s really not where it should lead, which is a small, messy garden.
[23:08] <zeke> … WHAT THE… that… that made Zeke stop dead in his tracks. …but that was… and here was… …oh hell. If Harry was paying attention he might notice Zeke stumbling a little, his head starting to bleed in a line across his forehead for no real reason. That door was still open and letting the cold air in.
01[23:11] <fans> There’s a few shouts of alarm from the party goers as the wind begins to blow in, not to mention the sight of blood. Nobody rushes to help Zeke though, no one seems keen to go anywhere near what’s going on now.
[23:11] <harry> “What the…..” And he drops to the ground, by jumping against Zeke. Did some kind of debris do that? “Zeke get down. I think they exploded a nuke or something.” And the flash must be making him see thing.
[23:12] <harry> *see things
[23:13] <zeke> “…” Wow, he is /so/ not aware anymore. Hard to delude the wind though… and the feeling of blood pouring out of his head and against Harry’s hand. But Zeke is very slowly trying to get up, and there was… … rather sickening sounds of skin tearing somewhere.
01[23:15] <fans> Darren comes in behind Zeke a little slower, while Donna hovers on the edge. “Is he okay?” she calls, “He was fine a moment ago, oh god..”
[23:17] <harry> “I…. I don’t know. There’s was an explosion outside and then something hit Zeke gods can’t anyone get him a bandage or something?!” He slowly scrambles up, tapping Zeke’s cheek. “Come on, stay with us. You’ll be just fine.”
[23:19] <zeke> “…o-o-out… need… f-f-fuck I need out. T-tight. Too fucking tight…” Yes… very much looking uncomfy now as he reaches up to… …oh jeez, is he seriously trying to claw at that forehead wound?! …and it’s funny how no one’s closed the door towards the tundra yet. Very drafty.
01[23:21] <fans> “Woah woah!” comes a very drunk voice of an utter berk, holding a beer glass it’s William with shirt askew and black hair all messed up “You can’t bleed all over the house. My parents will kill me, you’ve got to get them out!”
[23:24] <harry> “If you want something done then you should call 911. There’s already been an explosion above your house!” He tries to rip up one of his shirt sleeves but…. it’s not as easy as they make it out to be in the movies.
[23:27] <zeke> Poor Harry. In the time you’ve been paying attention elsewhere, Zeke’s been busy clawing away at his own forehead. …but… …should there be something dark underneath? …and was that a bit of blue hair under that blood? …now /might/ be a good time to get them somewhere.
01[23:28] <fans> “… okay clear out people! Let’s.. out!” and he starts to shoo people away from the scene. Plenty are ready to scarper especially at the sound of “Explosion” but Donna and Darren stay behind, Darren dropping down the other side of Harry “I’ve done a first aid I can.. shit that’s a lot of blood. Don’t claw at it!”
[23:29] <zeke> “T-tight… too tight I need to GET FUCKING OUT OF IT!!” That explosion must have made him delirious. He was certainly thrashing, and the sound of more tearing was evident even under the clothing.
[23:31] <harry> Get them somewhere? But how? The door to the backyard apparently led to a…. something cold and windy. That couldn’t be a good place to be. “Just…. just stay calm. We can’t help you if you keep trashing.” He tries to grab a hold of Zeke’s wrists or arms. Just to stop her from moving.
[23:31] <harry> *him from clawing at his head.
[23:35] <zeke> There’s a sickening tear as Zeke tried to reach for so… um. So parts of his /skin/ was hanging off his arms and… there was a much darker skinned arm underneath. This was… okay this was just fucking freaky deaky.
01[23:36] <fans> Darren helps to get Zeke up “Let’s just do as they say. It’s still light out there, we can get help.” and Donna goes to the pile of coats to begin to fish for her phone. Though far off in the distance there’s already the sound of emergency services starting to burst out across the city.
[23:39] <harry> Well…. Fine. But he closes and opens the door before passing through and trying to drag Zeke through. “Just… just… just stay calm.” Radiation never worked this fast right? I mean… that was just movies. “Zeke, you’re going to be just fine. Really. Everything’s just peachy. Yes…” Goddammit what the hell is going on.
01[23:43] <fans> This time the door opens up onto a garden! Success! The group files through and Donna gives a squeak as they pass through the door. “Nghh.. phone lines are all scrambled up. I’m not getting a connection.”
[23:43] <zeke> Many, many things are going on! The blood flow hasn’t really stopped, nor has Zeke’s delirious state. That forehead wound was showing more strangely blueish-black hair though. …and were his eyes always that shade of amber? No, no not really. The back of Zeke’s neck looked like it split open and was showing dark skin too.
06[23:48] * Harry tries to drag Zeke outside into the garden. “Just…. come along… we’ll get you in tip top shape there.” And yes definitely a worried look at the split open neck. But…. it’s not bleeding at least. So… no bleeding out?
01[23:51] <fans> The ground rocks as a far off explosion in the city sends a plume of fire into the sky, some of the windows on the house smashing in and rain glass down from the pressure wave which Donna is bowled right over by it. Things are sounding like a warzone out there now.
01[23:52] <fans> “Ugh..” Darren says, shaking his head “This is wild and… Harry you alright? You’re stretching!”
[23:54] <zeke> “I… I…” Strangely he wasn’t moving around as much… and did he look taller? No, he couldn’t have. …but that pressure wave was enough to make a /loud/ tearing noise, and everyone around could see a very gratuitous amount of blood spill everywhere… but now the question is who was there where Zeke used to be?
[23:54] <zeke> Easily taller than anyone there, tussled bluish-black hair past the shoulders. …girl, though. Definitely girl with a body like /that/. In an alternate dimension, an Upstat might approve. When the girl opened her eyes… piercing amber eyes looked around as she took a deep breath. “…fuck… that hurt.”
[23:54] <zeke> Incidentally, there is a pile of skin just right on the ground now. >.>
01[23:56] <fans> “… I knew I hadn’t seen you in class!” Donna blurts out as her brain just gives in on providing an explanation here. “Who are you? What happened to Zack?”
[23:56] <harry> Holy crap did he get it too? “Stay back. We… we don’t know what freaky stuff theEEP!.” Just… don’t get any more people involved. Like being covered in blood. “Eeeuw…” Red fluid dripping off of him. Just… just get it off of me. Just EEEEUW! “Z-Z-Zeke?”
01[23:57] <fans> Harry seems fine for now! Darren must just be seeing things from the after effect of the shockwave.
[23:58] <zeke> “…holy crap that… …Harry? …when did you get so short?” The girl… no. No it couldn’t be. She looked confused, and she /did/ respond to Harry… “…everything was so… where is everyone? Why are we…” Blink blink… slooowly looking around. “…is it me or is it drafty?”
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01[00:01] <fans> Donna just stares and then manages a very quiet “Yikes” while Darren holds his head, which seems to be spinning. He doesnt’ look all that focused. “What, what’s going on? Am I missing something?”
[00:02] <harry> “I uhm…. You got… tall….” Okay what the hell. Uhm…. he still had his coat right. “J-j-j-just here!” And he scrambles to get the drippy thing off. It might not be much warmer but it’s more covering?
01[00:03] <fans> “No they got ‘hot’” Donna says, biting her lip. “How’d you even.. I mean… Zeke was short! How’d you do that?”
[00:04] <zeke> “Hey!! What gives Harry, what’s got you s-” …and then when she grabbed the coat, her arms brushed… well. Lots on blushing. And before any of them knew it that coat was ON. It was SO on as she quickly hid behind Harry. “… bleedin’ hell, what’s going on?! How is everyone… …is that my skin down there?!”
06[00:06] * Harry is blushing too but it’s hard to see beneath the blood. “Yes……?” Oh he’s so not looking around. I mean the fact that Zeke’s a girl now is the least weird thing. “You okay…? I mean… you freaking shed!”
[00:06] <harry> Definitely fidgetting a bit. Maybe the pants would still fit? He pokes the skin with a foot. Just…. he wanted to be clean again.
[00:06] <zeke> “Of /course/ I’m okay, I… …well, I… actually feel fuckin’ amazing. I mean I’d really, /really/ like some pants, but…” She blinked a little, looking around a bit with more of a grin. “…I feel /really/ freaking good right now.”
01[00:08] <fans> “Ripped out of your own skin. Like Athena coming out of…. this is unreal. They’re just stories” Donna says, shaking her head “You can’t just… actually do them”
[00:09] <zeke> “…I dunno. I did it pretty damn well.” …she really shouldn’t be enjoying this. …hrm, maybe… …she starts to pull Harry closer to the door. “…come on. Come on dude. I got an idea.”
[00:10] <harry> “Yes, this is unreal and all a dream or something or maybe the meat I got had a different expiration date than EEP!” And then he’s pulled along by Zeke.
01[00:11] <fans> “Hey wait! Don’t leave us!” Donna says, chasing after with Darren stumbling behind. “Y- yeah,” he says “You might still be injured and things are exploding everywhere. We should be getting out of here.”
[00:14] <zeke> “You kidding? I feel like I could take on the world!” …actually… hum. She waits a bit and looks around. “…actually… could someone get a bedsheet or something first? …yes something before this.” Maybe pulling Harry closer… and unintentionally lifting him off the ground.
[00:16] <harry> Well he’s definitely big enough to cover things for now. Downside… he’s now brushing against her generous figure. Whyyyyyyyy. Yes so very red. “Zeke…. uhm… uhm…. Zeke…..?”
[00:20] <zeke> …hum? What’s that? Zeke seems a little distracted with trying to keep modesty. Hope Donna or Darren have enough sense to grab something quick~!
01[00:21] <fans> Darren stumbles off back into the house, Donna seems more enraptured by it all. 1"Hey uh… could you teach me how to do that? I mean it’s like you’ve got this ‘presence’ about you, it’s amazing."
[00:23] <zeke> “…teach how to do /what/? Burst out of my own skin?” …she blinked a little, wondering just what on earth was running through Donna’s head. While keeping Harry in her grip. “…okay granted it’s not /my/ skin anymore, good heavens for that. But…” …maybe… focus. Just focus… …maybe she can open one of those weird doorways.
[00:23] <zeke> You know, without the use of that door. Maybe next to them… right at the intended destination.
[00:23] <zeke> 10d10
[00:23] <divis_kyuubey> Zeke, 10d10: 44 [10d10=1,3,5,1,5,7,5,6,1,10]
01[00:28] <fans> “Yes! I mean who wouldn’t want to look like that?” she gushes, “I’m so jealous. I mean … is magic real now? This is all so sudden.”
01[00:29] <fans> Darren returns with a bedsheet and a clear head, he turns his head and is blushing SO HARD as he offers it out “Here you go! I didn’t look!” he says, though he totally had.
[00:29] <zeke> …and that’s when dark purple energy suddenly formed near them a few seconds later, a large red “01” above it as the girl squeaked… …and grinned. Oh how she GRINNED as she dropped Harry. “…I… I think so…” …and she so grabs the sheet! Tying it around like some makeshift dress. “…right! Who wants to come along in the portal~?”
[00:31] <harry> “I…. I have no clue but just what the hell…. uhm… I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you alone right now.” Yeah… any minute now she’s going to collapse or something. He? She? This is just confusing. Not that he had much of a choice. Oh wait he’s free now. Nope still not really a choice.
01[00:32] <fans> “There’s no ‘way’ I’m missing out on this I’m coming” Donna says. Darren seems less keen, “Uh.. well. I guess if everyone else is? Be lame if I stayed now wouldn’t it?”
[00:35] <zeke> Grand! Because they were going to the Fabric Emporium. Nothing fancy, it’s not like it was a chain… but they had /interesting/ designs and fashion. Zeke always dreamed about looking fashionable. Sooooooo through they go! “Then let’s go, ‘cause I don’t know about you but fighting traffic sucks.”
[00:38] <harry> Indeed, Harry was definitely following. If he shared the name of a wizard he may as well just join in on the magic. “Uhm… are you sure this is going to be safe?” Not that he’s hesitating with going through.
[00:38] <harry> “And do you even have any money on you?”
[00:40] <zeke> “We’ll keep a tally of the cost and pay back Donna for it, ’cause like hell any of my credit cards are gonna be used with /this/ look.” …where on earth did Zeke suddenly get this smugness?
01[00:40] <fans> Crossing the threshold felt weird to Harry, like his skin was being stretched out and filled with power. It was a rush, if a downright weird one. Donna and Darren take it equally well, Darren shaking as he comes through and Donna sinking to her knees. “Ahhh- tell me you felt that?”
[00:41] <zeke> “I felt /amazing/ if that’s what you’re wondering~” Like hell her attitude can be lowered right now! She was even spinning in place giggling a little bit before checking up on everyone. …okay, Darren’s okay, Donna’s okay, and Harry…
[00:42] <harry> Well…. Zeke’s wallet hasn’t been lost but he’s perfectly fine with someone else paying for it all. “Whooooooa, yes. Definitely. That was good.” He was definitely looking taller. Sort of. He felt taller at least. “I’m feeling all stretched out.”
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[00:43] <zeke> …blink blink. …huh. …what… when. She blinked and actually backed up a little, looking surprised. “…/woah/. …Harry, you… okay? …you /did/ stretch out.”
01[00:44] <fans> The store seems quiet right now, the sound of sirens in the distance still pretty loud. They’ve ported in a little way into the store behind some clothing racks so the outside is hard to see. No one is about that you can tell.
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[00:47] <zeke> Well… …that was all and good, it’d mean they could just take what they absolutely needed and scurry the hell out, but the fact that Harry actually looked taller was surprising to say the least! It made her double check Donna and Darren just in case. “…you guys okay? Feeling… different? Odd? Constrained?”
06[00:48] * Harry starts fidgeting and scratching his arms. “I’m mostly good?” Though…. is that a drop of blood on his head? Of course it is you, he just got splattered in Zeke’s.
[00:53] <zeke> “…you sure…?” Yes definitely checking Harry’s head. And maybe to get close just to check the height difference now. “You’ve got blood on your forehead.”
[00:55] <harry> “Well duh, I was holding you when you erupted out of your own skin remember?” He frowns a bit and tries to wipe some from his arms.
[00:55] <harry> Well and some from his head too.
01[00:55] <fans> Darren’s panting to himself on the ground, he shakes his head slowly but it isn’t clear if that’s a yes or a no. Donna just gives a nervous thumbs up “Feeling pretty good! It was weird, but .. in a nice way.”
[00:56] <zeke> “…good because I think Harry’s bleeding now.” Yes… not good. Maybe trying to wipe away the blood to make sure it wasn’t pouring out.
[00:58] <harry> Well….. he’s showing the same bleeding signs as Zeke was before. A few small holes that seem to be oozing blood slowly. “You sure? I mean…. you got a lot of blood on me. Just… keep your eyes on yourself and not Zeke.”
[01:00] <harry> The wiping away seems to rub the white from his skin though. Leaving the same dark colour as Harry’s.
[01:00] <zeke> “…no, Harry, like you’re fucking /bleeding/. You’ve got the same forehead shit!” Which… …uh-oh. Definitely frowning a bit now as she darts around Harry to double check things. “Donna, if you’re okay could you make sure Harry isn’t about to explode out like I did? …I think he’s transforming.”
[01:00] <harry> *Zeke’s
[01:00] <zeke> Transforming into WHAT, though? Everything seemed so strange!
01[01:03] <fans> Donna nods and reaches to touch Zeke’s forehead, there’s a crackle of light and a few purple sparks drift out from where she touches and form rune in the air before fading away. “What was… right magic. I think he’s fine. No. No, I can ‘feel’ he’s fine”
06[01:05] * Zeke BLINKS. …what on fucking earth was… her eyes /widened/ at Donna. “…well. You’ve… …got fucking magic. Grats!” That smile. Hrrrrrnnnng. But yes. Right, Harry bleeding. “…so if he’s fine… why is he bleeding like I was?” And why did he have his skin starting to darken?
01[01:07] <fans> “Well you’re feeling okay too right?” Donna says, moving over to Darren. "Maybe he’s… uh… going to turn into a girl as well?
06[01:07] * Harry begins moves his hands over his face, trying to ascertain he’s still himself. And well… it only causes the darkened skin to spread. “Holy crap what did you do?!” He looks at the two witches in front of him. Okay… well… maybe not witches. But definitely magic. “No no no no! Not that! I never wanted that!” He anxiously pats his chest. Is he taller than the new Zeke now though?
[01:09] <zeke> “… …well that would just be plain awkward.” She did double check to make sure Donna wasn’t suddenly getting super hot or growing new limbs or whatnot, but… …huh. Her eyes widened a little at Harry as she tried to calm him down. “Hey hey, I… settle down Harry, jeez! If you were, we would have seen something! I mean… your change looks smoother.”
[01:09] <zeke> “You know, less painful…”
01[01:11] <fans> Donna doesn’t seem to be getting super hot, she’s still a reasonably attractive girl. Not holding a candle to what Zeke is like right now. She doesn’t ‘appear’ to be different, even if she clearly was. She does the same sparky hand thing to Darren while Harry is going through his trasformation. “Darren, hey! Hold still, let me do this.”
[01:14] <zeke> “…is Darren okay?” Well… she does keep looking back to Harry, double checking. …still, he… no fair, how did he suddenly beat her at the height game /again/? …oh well, she can’t complain~. “…I mean if Harry isn’t even feeling an itch from whatever is happening…”
[01:17] <harry> “Okay what on earth are you doing? You didn’t cause this did you?” He narrows his eyes Donna. But yes… definitely smoother. So he can breathe a bit easier. “Oh it’s itchy. It’s hella itchy.” All the movement over his head seems to have mostly removed the white skin. Though a few small flakes still exist. A faint purple sheen to his black hair. Nah, must be a trick of the
[01:17] <harry> rune light.
01[01:18] <fans> “He’s burning up I think.” Donna says, hand pressed to his cheek “Not like a fever but.. there’s something wrong with him. He doesn’t feel like Zeke does, it feels all twisted and wrong.”
[01:19] <zeke> …woooooaaaaah. …hum. “…just… okay as long as you don’t need to claw out of yourself I think you’re still a dude, Harry. Just saying.” She nodded quickly… kind of darting back every so often. Did Harry get more.. …no, don’t think on that. Just try to see what was up with Darren, and try to ignore why your face felt warm.
[01:21] <harry> Well…. maybe some of Zeke’s looks just rubbed off on him. “Crap, do you think he’s going to die or something?” He leans in closer. Scratching off thin strips of skin from his arms and hands.
01[01:25] <fans> “No. He’ll be fine.” she says, lifting his head “You’ll be fine, it’s okay t-” and then with a gasp Darren bursts into flames, Donna shrieking as her clothes go up as well and rolling back away from him. “I can’t hold it in!” he shouts “It’s too much!”
[01:26] <zeke> “FUCK!!” Yes, definitely backing away from the burning person!!! Just what in freaking tarnation is going on here!? Getting in front of Harry and Donna now! “He’s on fucking fire, what the fuck!?”
01[01:28] <fans> Not just him, half of Donna and they’re in a store full of clothes and the flames lick out of him to start catching onto wooden partitions and signs too. Darren gets up to his feet shakily, “Make it stop! I don’t want to be!” while Donna rolls about on the ground trying to put the rather aggressive flames out.
06[01:29] * Harry falls back on his ass as he tries to avoid the flames. The remainder of his white skin falling through him to the ground. “HOLY….!” And…. is his ass partially stuck in the floor?
[01:30] <zeke> …she just /had/ to bring people to a clothing store to make one explode. Well, /shit/. Yes trying to put out the fire on Donna’s clothing. Not good, not good at all. …and now Harry’s partially phased through. What on bloody earth. “Darren, calm the hell down!! You’re going to be okay!”
[01:32] <harry> “Y-y-yeah… I mean… might burn down the store. And how’re you going to pay for that man. Or look, it’s all a bit crazy for everyone. Just… calm the hell down. Or do you want to kill us all?”
01[01:38] <fans> “No!” Darren shouts, flames licking up around him. The fire alarms in the store start to go off and the sprinklers turn on. Good for Donna as she’s put out a lot easier, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping the flames much otherwise. They’re ‘very’ aggressive it seems. “I can’t stop it! I don’t know how! It just… argh it has to come out, it’s too much to keep in!”
[01:40] <zeke> No no no no… just… she tries to put on her best smile for Darren as she stands herself up, feeling glad that Donna wasn’t going to burn and that Harry… well, that Harry wasn’t going to fall ALL the way through the floor. “…Darren, it’s okay. Just calm down… they don’t have to come out. You can take it, you’re strong enough.”
03[01:40] * Zeke is now known as Dissent
[01:43] <harry> Well crud. He tries to get up again and it’s slightly slow work. “Yeah man, remember how you handled the barbecue? You’re damn hero with fire.”
[01:44] <dissent> 8d10
[01:44] <divis_kyuubey> Dissent, 8d10: 22 [8d10=7,1,1,5,2,1,2,3]
01[01:45] <fans> 4d10
[01:45] <divis_kyuubey> Fans, 4d10: 27 [4d10=8,5,5,9]
[01:47] <harry> 7d10
[01:47] <divis_kyuubey> Harry, 7d10: 39 [7d10=6,4,10,4,6,3,6]
01[01:49] <fans> 4d10
[01:49] <divis_kyuubey> Fans, 4d10: 27 [4d10=2,10,5,10]
01[01:52] <fans> 6d10
[01:52] <divis_kyuubey> Fans, 6d10: 41 [6d10=10,9,2,7,3,10]
01[01:55] <fans> “I… I can’t!” he shouts and his body ripples with fire, it all seems to happen in slow motion, hightened senses and empowered muscles giving you time to get back as a rolling wave of fire lashes out through the shop and reignites anything that had gone out. This place was quickly getting completely uninhabitable to anyone who didn’t take to fire well.
[02:00] <dissent> FUCK!! …well, so much for actually getting something that fits, what with people SETTING SHIT ON FIRE ALL THE TIME. Not good. Not good at all. …okay the bullet time thing was fucking sweet but still. “Damn it Darren, yes you can!! Concentrate!!” …and… well… ever see Transformers Prime? A concentration to slowly open a portal underneath, to drop him
[02:00] <dissent> right in the pool they had their party at. Hope this didn’t do anything bad…
[02:00] <dissent> 7d10
[02:00] <divis_kyuubey> Dissent, 7d10: 38 [7d10=3,9,6,3,2,5,10]
01[02:07] <fans> He hits the pool and it immediately begins to flash fry, scalding steam flowing back up through the portal and into the clothes store. Donna flicks her hands and a purple bubble shield comes up between her and it. There’s still flames down there, but the swimming pool tiles aren’t about to burn even if the water is.
[02:08] <dissent> “…there. Hopefully it cools the flames down enough…” If it wasn’t for the steam. Auuuuuuuugh!!! “…it’s safe to say I didn’t think this through porting us directly into the store. I mean I didn’t know this would happen, but still, my bad!”
01[02:11] <fans> Donna is panting, her clothes are pretty tattered by now, so it seems it was her turn to get half nakes “I’m not sure what we can do for them. If they’re burning all the time. Something was just broken in him, all screwed up.”
[02:12] <harry> “Ooookay…. is that water burning?” He looks around and tries to pat things out. Preferably with some of the clothes around. “And then it just gets worse.” He mumbles when Donna mentions that. “Any idea what to do about it.”
[02:13] <dissent> “…not sure knocking him out would work, and that sounds just completely cruel to do anyway. You said something was wrong with him…?” …which… yes double check back to Harry. He’s okay, right?! Even through this… damn this steam. Making everyone all sweaty and shimmery.
01[02:14] <fans> “I couldn’t feel any way to fix it sorry.” she says, sounding dowright guilty “Maybe if he’s kept calm? He was fine until he let it out.”
[02:18] <harry> “Right, Daren? You heard that? She said you were controlling the flames before. You just have to shrink the flames.” He tries to wipe his forehead dry. “Maybe if you can’t contain the flames you can shrink them to something manageable. Like a tiny flame on your forehead. That sound pretty cool don’t you think?”
[02:19] <dissent> 10d10
[02:19] <divis_kyuubey> Dissent, 10d10: 67 [10d10=4,8,9,1,6,4,7,10,9,9]
[02:26] <dissent> …cool… …that’s it!! Somewhere in that Quantum brain of Zeke’s, something clicked as she spoke in a calm voice. “…Darren. Listen to Harry, you need to calm down. …remember the Burning Man festival? They always make everyone calm and in order to see the flame? Radical self-expression, I know… but you need to express serenity.”
[02:27] <dissent> “The passion of the flame, Darren… keep that passion close to you. Express the calmer side of yourself.”
01[02:27] <fans> 4d10
[02:27] <divis_kyuubey> Fans, 4d10: 26 [4d10=8,3,5,10]
01[02:30] <fans> Donna is trying to get out of the bubble shield she’d made herself so you’re on your own! Luckily the words seem to be sinking in and he begins to breathe, the flames still rage but he sits on his knees and just lets them burn themself out. He’s gotten through bad highs before, he could just focus on Harry and Zeke’s voices. Let them guide him back. The flames don’t go out completely, but by the time he speaks they’re down to something no hotter than candle flames along his arms. “Th- Thanks. I think, I think it’d be good if I slept this off.”
[02:32] <harry> “Yeah man. I think we could all use some good sleep.” And maybe some clothes first for some of them. Because his clothes were pretty tight right now.
[02:33] <dissent> “You’re at the pool next to your house, Darren, so by all means. Calm right down, and we’ll come back, okay? …you’re okay. Hell, you’re more than okay. Passion of the flame~” …and maybe trying to pull Harry up. Trying not to stare too much. …DAMN IT man!!
[02:35] <harry> Well… Harry had been trying to get up and then… well there’s some resistance but then Zeke phases through Harry when trying to pull him up. “Whoa…. yeah….” You mean trying to not stare to much like he has been doing since she erupted from himself?
[02:36] <dissent> Woah! …did… she just walk through him? …no, he just… okay that strangely made her start to giggle a little to herself. “Harry, come on. Get up already, no time to be so transparent~” … … …really?
01[02:39] <fans> “So bad!” says Donna, finally popping her bubble “I should turn you into a frog for a pun that terrible.”
[02:40] <harry> “What about Donna?” He glances at the girl when he’s finally standing up straight again. “And yeah… you’re just trying to take revenge ‘cause you can’t touch this~” Mhmmmhmhm mhmhmmm mhmhmmm he starts humming.
[02:42] <dissent> “… … …” Okay maybe she shoots Harry a /glare/ before looking back at Donna. ….we’re okay? Yeah, we’re okay. …technically. “…I think Darren’s okay now, he’s gonna try to sleep it off. Everything seems to be okay for him now. …Donna’s… really good and magicky. I think we’re going to need to raid the back room for the outfits though.”
[02:42] <dissent> “…fuck this is really gonna cost, isn’t it?”
06[02:42] * Fans points her fingers at Harry and says “Frog!” and suddenly … yeah nothing happen. “Huh. Well, maybe I need to work at it first.”
06[02:43] * Fans looks around at the burnt out store and gives a nervous laugh “Let’s grab something and go. I don’t think they’d believe us even if we told the truth. We’d just get Darren in trouble.”
[02:45] <harry> “Yeah…. come on, she was much worse.” He points at Zeke. “But agreed. Just…. take some things that look like they fit you Zeke.” He know he will. Just some big shirts. He can get some comfy pants from home if he really needs too. Maybe… probably… like sweat pants pyjamas.
[02:46] <dissent> “…good plan, yeah.” She looked down at herself, and… …well… yeah. A bit of a sheepish grin herself. “…yeah, no offense to anyone here? But if I’m gonna raid an outfit, I’m going to at least grab something stylish. You too, Harry. I mean come on, this place sells decent stuff.”
01[02:47] <fans> “You two could make anything look good.” Donna calls after them, then looks about before darting off to go get her hands on some loot too.



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