The Paige's

[23:27] <erinpaige> A few minutes ago Chicago’s first (and so far only) supervillain was backhanded to the ground. The public gawked and stared at the shimmering pale-blonde supergirl responsible, and only stared more as she flew off to the hospital where she had last seen her cousin.
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[23:31] <jaimiepaige> *After his own ‘side-adventure’ of recovering art, sadly battered laptop, and personal effects from a cafe where he and his cousin were at, and noticing that Erin wasn’t showing up, Jaimie made the reasonable intuitive leap that the last place they saw each other was the hospital, and he makes his way there with reasonably quick speed. When he arrives, he’s wearing a pair of loose-fitting
[23:31] <jaimiepaige> sweat-pants and shirt. Definitely some effort at ‘concealment there’… or just ‘dressing down’. He landed on a roof across the street from the Emergency room entrance and started to watch for his cousin.
[23:35] <erinpaige> Erin for her part was still dressed like Caitlyn Fairchild as Power Girl. Stopping Jason White’s rampage had dug into all-important clothes-finding time. Skimming a little above the rooftops, she smiled as she saw Jaimie and glid down to a landing beside her.
[23:37] <jaimiepaige> *Oddly enough, Jaimie isn’t looking up, perhaps not quite having wrapped his brain around the idea of three dimensions yet as he continues to watch the entrance with a stubborn focus. After a moment or two he thinks he sees someone and he kind of ducks down behind some air conditioners, before popping up to peek again.
06[23:40] * ErinPaige bites her lip to stifle a grin as she glides silently about to behind Jaimie, and gives her a little tap on the shoulder. “boo”
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[23:42] <jaimiepaige> “GAHHHHHHHHHHHH” The little tap doesn’t do much in the way of damage, in fact, Jaimie as about as durable as twenty feet of reinforced steel even as he jumps up about a foot off the ground in a panic before spinning around to see Erin. “Oh, ah, um, hi there.”
[23:45] <erinpaige> “still easy to catch you, Jay…” Erin smiles brightly and sits down on the edge of the air conditioning unit.
[23:47] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie ducks back down then puts his back to another unit and glances at Erin. He has a brief moment that could only be attributed to some guy-brain thinking before that is quite thoroughly smacked down. “Damn, Erin. Just… damn.”
[23:50] <erinpaige> Erin looks down at her hands, going an interesting shade of pink for a moment before she coughs and straightens up. And shows off those assets again. “I.. heh, I would say the same, J”
[23:52] <jaimiepaige> *That actually causes Jaimie to flinch a bit and hunch his shoulders and try to draw in on himself… which… doesn’t have nearly the desired effect.
[23:54] <erinpaige> Damnit. Stupid, Erin, stupid. “sorry… srry, hun…”
[23:56] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie looks up briefly, a bit terrified and… shaking? “I’m… this.. I’m… I’m…”
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[00:00] <erinpaige> “a girl? smoking hot? stuck in the wrong body?” Erin’s expression crinkled and she hugged her cousin as close as she dared without emphasising recent events.
[00:02] <jaimiepaige> *That sets off a rapid-fire series of nods. One would almost think he was having a seizure of some sort as his arms shoot out from the sides as he’s hugged unexpectedly. “…”
[00:08] <erinpaige> “shhh… it’s ok, it’s ok…” Erin bobs her head and holds the hug as she tries to disentangle her own envy from the knot of empathy for Jaimie’s condition.
[00:10] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie slowly brings his arms down and around to return the hug. “I…but.. but..”
[00:15] <erinpaige> “but nothing… I’m here for you hun…”
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06[00:21] * ErinPaige nods gently, takes a little breath and tries a smile. “now we go get a coffee. Hopefully without a giant murderer intruding.”
[00:23] <jaimiepaige> Jaimie looks a bit nervous at that concept. “But… I don’t have money or an ID or… or… or…”
06[00:26] * ErinPaige shrugs lightly and lifts Jaimie as she glides a foot or so off the ground. “so? I probably owe you a visit to my place anyway…”
[00:28] <jaimiepaige> *Okay, that was a bit unnerving, what with the lifting up and the floating but it’s not *him
doing the ‘floating’ and that causes him to look at Erin as he takes a deep breath. “Okay. I… you owe?” That kind of throws him off.
06[00:33] * ErinPaige shrugs again and gently tugs Jaimie along by one hand, a faint shimmer flowing about her cousin as she does so. “well, how long didn’t we talk because of family? I figure I owe you about a couple years of being social and stuff…”
[00:36] <jaimiepaige> It doesn’t take long for Jaimie to take his own charge and simply do slight course corrections to avoid bumping into his cousin. “It’s… been a while. And I thought it was you that didn’t want to talk to us? Or at least, that was the impression I got from my dad?”
[00:40] <erinpaige> “hrmph. I’m sure it was.” Erin bobbed her head as she flew, dipping down to dodge between the spires and aeriels of the offices below.
[00:43] <jaimiepaige> “I’ll be honest, I thought it was kind of cool? I mean, there was these rumors and hints and everything and I thought maybe you’d… well, anyways…” Jaimie descends and starts moving on her own power, taking care not to run into any buildings while trying to keep up with his cousin.
[00:48] <erinpaige> “cool?” Erin’s expression darkens for a moment before she nods. No, she was going to give her cousin the benefit of the doubt… still, she decided to make it a little harder, dropped a little lower and faster to see if se could keep up.
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[00:51] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie starts to trail behind. It’s not obvious at first, but… as minutes go by he’s clearly falling further and further back. Not from a lack of trying but simply… there’s no way for him to go faster.
06[00:56] * ErinPaige slows herself by slaloming about the aeriels and aircon units, and by taking her time to turn about and wavewave to her cousin. “aww, c’mon, cuz…”
[00:58] <jaimiepaige> *He manages to catch up a bit and looks a bit embarrassed at the ease and speed with which Erin is thoroughly kicking his ass in flight. “I’m trying to keep up, honest…”
[01:00] <jaimiepaige> “I’m sorry I’m so slow.”
[01:02] <erinpaige> “aww, I’m just messing with you, Jay…” Erin smiles lightly and rolls until she is flying upside down above Jaimie, Top Gun style.
[01:05] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie doesn’t look perturbed by the antics… in fact, now that Erin is closer, perhaps a chance to explain himself. “Well, I’d heard bits and pieces that you were working on being who you were supposed to be, but then it’s like you kind of fell off the face of the planet? And… I thought maybe you wanted to make a clean start however it worked out and it wouldn’t be polite to push on that
[01:05] <jaimiepaige> then?”
[01:08] <erinpaige> “A clean start is one thing but never wanted to cut people outta my life.” Erin frowns and shakes her head. “but dad decided t’do that part for me. How nice of him…”
[01:10] <jaimiepaige> “Look, I didn’t know! I’m sorry!” Jaimie is genuinely apologetic in tone and in fact slows down a little bit subconsciously.
01[01:11] <upstat> VWOOSH! They’re still rocketing along at a good pace, the two arcing through the air gathering a ripple of people pointing them out as they fly by through the city. As well a few people left behind going “There’s two of them?”
06[01:15] * ErinPaige matches Jaimie’s pace with a frown and a nod. “I know.. I know, hun. It’s why I was so glad to get back in touch with you.”
[01:18] <jaimiepaige> “But to think that it wouldn’t’ve happened directly if I hadn’t been looking for someone to do a picture for me…” He trails off a bit. In a way, that damn picture is at fault. If there wasn’t that, then would he even been in the city today? Would any of this weird shit have happened, for that matter? “Where’s your place at?”
[01:20] <erinpaige> Art had a lot to answer for, one way or another. Erin nodded up ahead and barrel-rolled into formation with Jaimie. “About a block up ahead…. hmm, we’re attracting a following.”
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[01:24] <jaimie_p> “Okay, let’s over-shoot it by a few blocks and then cut down into an alley-way and use buildings for cover as we head to your place? And then we can try to lose the following and just go have a nice quiet cup of coffee which I really need right now?”
[01:24] <jaimie_p> (repost)
[01:25] <erinpaige> “sounds like a plan.” And with that the two supergirls overshoot and go into NoE.
[01:27] <jaimie_p> *Where things are a bit less speed and more manueverability, Jaimie isn’t doing too badly. It’s just those straight-aways… darn things… At any rate, a few blocks away he comes to a landing in an alley-way.
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01[01:28] <upstat> They touch down without any fanfare, the allyway is deserted apart from a stray black lounging in the sun on a bin.
[01:30] <erinpaige> Erin leads the way from there, heading for the rear fire escape that the super always leaves open for his sneaky smoke on duty.
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01[01:31] <upstat> Slander! He’d never do that, the door is left open because… it’s hot outside. Literally, with Jaimie and Erin sneaking about.
[01:33] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie follows with a bit of stealthiness and moving from dumpster to dumpster. What does he think this is, some sort of game? At any rate, he’ll ‘flyhop’ to the ladder of the escape quietly, and then as if holding a small child attempt to clamber up… Last thing he needs is to yank the whole thing down by mistake.
01[01:38] <upstat> Second floor coffee shop! Lovely overview of the street below and perhaps most importantly, people can’t see who’s in it too easily. Most people are working so there’s not many customers inside, they’re mostly just tidying the place up and chatting behind the counter.
[01:38] <erinpaige> Erin follows, glide-hopping her way up to the open door in a reasonable impersonation of a magical girl. Hop, skip, step 1 storey, and up to the door.
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[01:44] <jaimiepaige> *Okay, Jaimie’s a bit jealous now, Erin made that look so easy. But still, low profile. Eventually he makes his way in and looks for either a nice quiet corner or some other location that Erin indicates. He’s doing his level best to not stick out.
01[01:45] <upstat> Is what would happen if they were at a coffee shop! But hah! That’d be silly if they’re trying to hide out and clearly they went back to Jaimie’s place.
01[01:45] <upstat> *Erin’s Placew
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[01:52] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie and Erin make their way to Erin’s apartment, to discuss further and perhaps, just perhaps get a cup of coffee

[23:36] <erinpaige> Several flights of stairs and a couple of quick dashs along corridors to avoid notice later and the Paiges reach Erin’s apartment… and it’s owner blinks. “oh. uh… you didn’t save my bag, did you?”
[23:37] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie follows Erin to her apartment. He smiles… at least there’s some good things that came from him going back to the cafe! He happily hands the bag over to Erin. “Here!”
[23:46] <erinpaige> “oh thak god, I didn’t want to have to break in…” She mumbles a further thank you as she unlocks the door and reveals her domain, all 300-ish square feet of it. Loose paper, notepads and pill packets cover flat surfaces while the sparse furniture is draped with enough clothes for a half-dozen outfits.
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[23:47] <jaimiepaige> “You’re welcome and thank you for your hospitality and… where’s a good spot to sit? On the floor?”
[23:49] <erinpaige> “auh.. heh.. srry… I kinda didn’t plan on visitors…” Erin coughs and starts clearing some space. Clothes end up on one corner of the couch, sketchpads on the small desk in the corner.
[23:52] <jaimiepaige> “I… Thank you.” He sits down in the cleared spot if it was cleared for him and not Erin, and he kind of flops down lounging back, total guy-lounging, legs spread a bit as he leans back.
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06[23:59] * ErinPaige smirks lopsidedly and shakes her head as she leans her head into the kitchenette to make coffee. “no probs… its what cousins are for.”
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[00:02] <jaimiepaige> *The lopsided smile and headshake makes Jaimie blink a bit, then he shrugs as he closes his eyes and tries to think of what the day has been like…. so far.
[00:05] <erinpaige> Soon the rich scent of coffee begns to fill the apartment as Erin lets Jaimie think for a little while.
[00:07] <jaimiepaige> “Oh, thank the gods!” He keeps his eyes closed for the moment, though, savoring the aroma… “What blend did you use for this pot?”
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[00:12] <erinpaige> “Dunkin Donuts House. I figured you could use a good cup after everything else.” Erin calls back from the kitchinette as she rifles through the refrigerator and cupboards looking for something snacky. Heroing is hungry work.
[00:13] <jaimiepaige> “Oh, awesome! You wouldn’t think a donut chain would have such awesome joe, but… anyrate… Do you need a hand in there?”
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[00:25] <jaimiepaige> “So, what did you do while I was busy over getting our stuff from the cafe and running around like crazy saving people and things?”
[00:27] <erinpaige> “I’m good…” Erin calls back as she brings in a couple of cups of coffee and a packet of oreos. Pasing one of each to Jaimie, she sits herself on the edge of the desk and shrugs. “the usual. Flew about, beat up a giant.”
[00:31] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie takes the cup and a sip of it with a smile before setting it on the floor and opening the cookies… There’s a brief suction sound and a munch or two and… the bag is empty. He stares at it for a moment or two. “That… you what… beat up a giant? Awesome!” The package gets another suspicious look. “I don’t think they’re packing these things with as many cookies as they used
[00:31] <jaimiepaige> to…”
06[00:34] * ErinPaige nods and glances to the other empty packet sitting on the counter behind her cousin. “yep. Wham, bam, ninight for the big guy…”
[00:36] <jaimiepaige> “Oh, wow. I was downright boring in comparison, three people trapped in vehicles, two building collapses, a couple of wreckage clearings, a poor guy that was having some issues of his own trying to ‘network people’… Yeah… you definitely got me beat. So, did you come up with a name?”
06[00:54] * ErinPaige shrugs lopsidedly. “I’m still thinking about it… and hey, you helped people, it’s what heroes are meant to do. No talkin’ yourself down.”
[00:57] <jaimiepaige> “I… kinda got put on the spot and came up with something… Um… well… Libertine.” He shrugs. “I think I might have a fan-girl already, too, and a friend or three.”



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