Hero of the Hour

01[22:59] <fans> After Jaimie had dropped off the two police officers at the hospital to a somewhat surprised doctor they’d wasted no time in leaving again to go deal with things. Things like artwork and a laptop that they’d left behind at the cafe. A few steps out of the Cafe and they took off to the sky, Erin it seemed had already decided that action was needed and had gone ahead. The cities in a bit of chaos from the N-Day break out, a few people still entranced by the ring of fire in the sky, others trying to upload pictures of the flying heroes from thier phones. The networks were so rammed right now it was doubtful they’d have much success anytime soon.
[23:01] <jaimiepaige> Due to the fact that there might be planes and/or helicopters or the like in the area, Jaimie’s flight-path is nigh-unto ‘nap of the earth’ flying, using the vast concrete jungle that is Chicago to good effect as he whips along to the cafe that he and Erin were at. Just a matter of dropping in, grabbing some personal things, and hopping back out, after all, right?
01[23:05] <fans> There’s a few helicopters but the vast majority of planes were grounded or in a holding pattern to land almost as soon as the sky caught fire. Jaimie’s still wise to keep out of it, things seem to be pretty hectic in some sections of the city and that’s even if you ignore the giant criminal making his soon to be contested escape. They whip through city streets with ease, somehow able to ‘feel’ any trouble as they fly before ploughing into it. It’s a weird sensation but lets them be incredibly nimble and there’s a thirll to hugging the ground as the shoot along.
01[23:07] <fans> They’re back at the coffee shop in minutes, though things haven’t gone well there. The building that had collapsed earlier has buried the entrance, forming a barricade of concrete and steel girders, a thin layer of dust had turned much of the street a drab grey and most people have long since ran for it to somewhere less choking. Those not trapped inside said coffee shop anyway.
[23:10] <jaimiepaige> *There’s the brief momentary irritation at the loss of the laptop—even six years old it wasn’t cheap and there was a lot of personal info on it—but also, Erin’s commission! It’s… somewhere in the debris! That washes over him for a moment then he starts pulling rubble out of the way, trying to at least be cautious enough to cause a complete collapse as clearing operations begin for the
[23:10] <jaimiepaige> cafe. Two birds, one stone, no waiting.
01[23:14] <fans> Jaimie knew they could crush steel with thier hand, but now they got to see how they could pick up heavy thing too. Really heavy things, rubble coming away as if it was made of foam, metal bars crumpling in thier hands. They could move far faster than they remembered, it really didn’t take that long to take the whole thing apart with a level of finesse that’d be showing off if anyone was actually watching. A few people stagger out in the sunlight, coughing from the dust, others remain inside, sitting or lying down and looking fearfully at the woman who’d just ripped apart several tons of stone with her bare hands.
[23:17] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie is somewhat shocked by the looks. Why is everyone so scared? “Hey, it’s going to be alright. Is anyone hurt in here?” While he’s looking and listening for anyone who speaks up or moans or such, he’s looking for his laptop and the art and anything Erin might have left behind.
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[23:24] <snail> 1d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> Snail, 1d10: 4 [1d10=4]
[23:24] <snail> 2d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> Snail, 2d10: 8 [2d10=2,6]
[23:24] <snail> 3#2d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> Snail, 3#2d10: 19 [2d10=9,10], 12 [2d10=5,7], 12 [2d10=9,3]
[23:24] <jaimiepaige> 8d10
[23:24] <divis_kyubey> JaimiePaige, 8d10: 32 [8d10=8,1,6,8,2,1,1,5]
01[23:30] <fans> It’s a mixture of fright and sheer amazement. Jaimie could really take hold of a scene now and thier voice had a light, calming effect on the people there. They’re answered by a man wearing a Red Sox shirt that was missing a sleeve. “I patched up the only person hurt, nothing more than a few cuts ma’am. Thank you though” and he gets a murmer of assent with that from anyone not goggling. All the looks does kind of put Jaimie on the spot. The laptop and artwork tube is still on the table, someone’s pushed them into the middle to make room for a good few other things.
[23:35] <jaimiepaige> The guy wearing a Red Sox shirt gets an upraised eyebrow. Who wore one of those in a Cubs/Sox city? Must be from out of town. Boston… maybe that’s why he helped out. He does a double-take then mouths the word ’ma’am’ for a second before attempting to secure the artwork and laptop. “I should probably settle up my bill before I leave… is there anyone from the cafe still here who can
[23:35] <jaimiepaige> take my money?”
01[23:39] <fans> The tube with the artwork seems fine, a bit dusty but hopefully none got inside. The laptop hasn’t fared so good, it’s scuffed along the top and got a dent in the side with one of the USB ports jutting out at an odd angle. It might be dead. As for paying up, the coffee soaked Barrista gives a jump and stops staring at Jaimie’s body to give her a nervous smile, the boy blushing a little. “Um. Well. Uh… did you buy anything? I think I’d remember you.”
[23:42] <jaimiepaige> “Um… two sausage and gouda souffle and a frozen mocha blend?” He pulls out his wallet—it’s a guy’s wallet for sure but that’s not too odd, and pulls out some bills from it… though his picture ID doesn’t match his current appearance in the least bit.
01[23:46] <fans> “Oh that guy, you want to pay for them?” he says taking the bills. “Awfully nice of you, um.. I might not be able to do change the tills kind of broke. Hold on, let me raid the tip jar.” and he goes off to do just that, leaving Jaimie with thier thoughts for just a second.
[23:47] <jaimiepaige> 5d10
[23:47] <divis_kyubey> JaimiePaige, 5d10: 32 [5d10=8,7,6,1,10]
01[23:51] <fans> As they’re waiting they catch a glance of the mirror behind the coffee machines. It’s a bit surreal to even look at. What the heck is thier character from CoH even doing there?
[23:52] <jaimiepaige> *Okay, that is really weird. He casually turns his head to look behind him for a second…
01[23:54] <fans> While everyone else in the coffee shop staring at them with a mixture of shy attraction and rapt fascination there’s no one fitting their character’s looks there.
[23:57] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie turns to look at the mirror once more while he waits and scrunches up his face some, watching the ‘character impersonator’ in the mirror.
01[23:58] <fans> It’s been such a rush Jaimie could be forgiven for not noticing all the changes they’d gone through. Now that they’ve noticed them it’s becoming very, very hard to not pay them any mind anymore.
Session Time: Sun Jun 23 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie stares into the mirror. Which stares back at him with damning proof and evidence. And he stares back… and…this could go on for a while.
01[00:02] <fans> Jaimie’s eye contact is eventually broken by the returning Barrista, who tries to hand the immobile Jaimie thier change. “Uh… sorry that took so long, it’s mostly in quarters. That’ll be okay?”
[00:03] <jaimiepaige> *It takes a moment or two of blinking and then Jaimie nods. “Tha..that’ll be okay. Could I ask you something really weird really quick?” Jaimie will lean in and whisper “What do I look like to you?”
01[00:05] <fans> “Uh.. tall, pretty and kind of awe inspiring?” he says, blushing and turning down his eyes. Then turning them ‘right’ back up again when he realises where that puts them. “Sorry! Sorry I wasn’t taking a look I uh… really! Sorry.”
[00:07] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie’s eyes track his down and… gah! Breasteses! There’s a bit of a blush. “That… that’s okay, ah… I’m a bit of a mess, aren’t I?” He glances around the cafe. “Anyone have a sweatshirt or jacket I can borrow, and maybe a pair of sweatpants? I promise I’ll get them back for you?”
01[00:11] <fans> There’s a bit of murmering and then eventually a middle aged woman with messy brown hair comes over with a gym bag, her arm bound with a sleeve from a shirt half way up. She holds the bag out for Jaimie “Was on my way to Yogo, uh.. they should just about fit, I don’t really have your figure.” she says, sounding maybe a little bit jealous.
[00:16] <jaimiepaige> “Thank you.” Jaimie makes her way to the bathroom real quick—forcing himself to the women’s restroom.. and he’s just going to pull the sweats over her battered shorts and shirt for the moment before coming back out and heading to the woman. “Could I get your number so I can call to set up a return?” If this is one thing that’s happened, there might be other people in the area that need
[00:16] <jaimiepaige> help, too. If Erin needs him, his phone works, right?
01[00:20] <fans> “Keep them” she says “Or uh.. I’m Joanne. 312-849-1482. But really, you’ve been great, there’s no need to worry about it”
[00:21] <jaimiepaige> “Everyone stay safe in here, okay? Get home okay, and ah, be excellent to each other?” Jaimie heads out with battered laptop and various sundry effects shoved in a laptop backpack and a tube with artwork. There’s bound to be more people who need help, especially given giant prisoner rampages and such.
01[00:26] <fans> Jaimie gets a few pats on the arm and ‘thank you’s’ as she goes to leave along with a hug from a girl who can’t be older than fourteen still in her school uniform. “Wait!” the girl says looking up with hopeful eyes and her black hair tied into a ponytail bobbing behind her. “Who are you?”
06[00:29] * JaimiePaige blinks at all the attention, what, did he become a rock star or something all the sudden? And then does a double-take at the student. “Do I know you? I mean, what sort of question is that?”
01[00:33] <fans> “You saved us! Heroes have names and you’re an awesome one. I want to be able to tell my friends about you”
[00:33] <jaimiepaige> "
[00:36] <jaimiepaige> “Hmmm. Well.” There’s a bit of a pause there as wheels roll. “Libertine. Sort of like Palatine, but Liber instead of Pala.” And she flies out of the cafe to look for other folks to help.
01[00:43] <fans> Rubble to dig through, people to ferry to hospital, Jaimie puts in the time to help people and doesn’t find herself short of work. She streams across the city streets saving lives and leaving behind stunned people who can’t believe what they’re seeing. Things are starting to calm down a bit when she touches down on a street that’s eerily quiet, just a man in a buisness suit leaning against the side of a car, rolling a coin along his fingers as he holds a hand across his red stained chest. He looks completely out of it.
[00:46] <jaimiepaige> “Hey, mister, do you need help?” Okay, it’s pretty stupid as far as questions go, but she’s not touching the guy unless he needs the help… rolling a coin across the fingers requires some seriously mad skill under good circumstances. “I know first aid?”
01[00:54] <fans> He catches the coin between two fingers and looks up. It’s unnerving, he’s got a hard stare to him, like he’s looking right through Jaimie. “I thought I was dying, but it closed up. I.. I think I drove everyone else away. Aren’t you afraid?”
[01:07] <jaimiepaige> “I’m more worried about you and your health right now? Do you need me to call someone for you, or take you somewhere?” Okay, this guy is a bit creeepy but still, in that ‘Good Samaritan’ mode.. but he’s (she at this point? It’s so confusing!) going to be very mindful and guarded just in case the person tries to cow her or hurt him.
01[01:15] <fans> He shakes his head. “I’m not hurt, it’s fine. Feel great actually” he runs a hand over his short cropped hair “It’s just.. people started acting strange. I could feel myself tying them together, I couldn’t help it. It was tidier that way. I told them to go and they ran. Then you turned up.”
[01:17] <jaimiepaige> “Tying together literally or figuratively or some other way that is outside the normal rational sane human-mindset like all the crazy today?” Okay, the Paranoia meter is slowly creeping up. People should have the right to do as they wilt, but that doesn’t mean blind-eyed idealism is the way to go about life.
01[01:23] <fans> “The last one I think. It’s… ugh there’s no one about thankfully or I’d have done it to you. I can just grip people and then weave them together. It felt right at the time, the disorganisation of it was driving me crazy.”
[01:26] <jaimiepaige> “Okay. I’m not going to go on a rant with you, but you should probably get that checked out, and with only one person or so at a time if you can manage it, then? If you hang out in crowds, that might be a bad thing? And… I’m having enough issues of my own that I don’t think weaving would be a very good idea with me right now, it might cause more disorganization rather than less?”
01[01:29] <fans> He looks up and smiles. “Hey. Come sit down, sounds like you need to talk about it. I know I’m do.” and he laughs. “I’m a therapist but this one’s on the house.”
[01:32] <jaimiepaige> “Can’t take too long, there’s still people out there that need help. But sure.” He keeps a wary eye about, including the ‘therapist’.. which could be short for something horrible, as well. “Well, up until a few hours ago I was a well-adjusted well-living sort of fellah with an electronic gaming addiction?”
01[01:34] <fans> 7d10
[01:34] <divis_kyubey> Fans, 7d10: 36 [7d10=4,8,8,2,6,4,4]
01[01:36] <fans> “Ah I see. You don’t feel like it’s your body anymore? Or you don’t feel like it’s your life?”
[01:37] <jaimiepaige> "It *isn’t
my body. It’s the body of one of my characters from a game. Here. Take a look." Jaimie pulls out his picture that he had Erin make. “See?”
01[01:41] <fans> The Therapist takes the tube and rolls out the picture on his legs. Looking between it and Jaimie “Fascinating, it’s almost identitcal. Did you have a strong attachment to the character?”
[01:44] <jaimiepaige> “Well, I was leveling her until they closed down CityOf, at least? I’d never done a tanker before to that high of a level? Um… well?”
01[01:47] <fans> “I meant a little deeper than that. I guess that’s not it then.” he says, shaking his head “I thought my power had something to do with wanting to be able to make people understand each other. But yours seems so… innocuous really. If it’s just a favourite character from a game, perhaps it’s just the mindset we were all in at the time”
[01:48] <jaimiepaige> “Well, ah, I was trying to help some police officers out of their cruiser when things got weird?”
01[01:52] <fans> “So you felt you needed strength at the time? Or a feeling of invulnerability?”
01[01:53] <fans> “Sorry, I’m being very unprofessional here. But I suppose this isn’t the time for a slow approach”
[01:55] <jaimiepaige> “I guess that might be right. It was kind of a blur and things were all in flux and suddenly officers were out and my cousin was stopping us from being crushed somehow too?”
01[01:56] <fans> “Is everyone okay?” he says, sitting up straight “I seem to get better, but I don’t know if that’s everyone now.”
[02:00] <jaimiepaige> “Yes, we took the officers to the hospital over on the West Side, and I should probably touch base with my cousin to make sure she’s okay. And ah, I’m serious, if you think you’re going to start ‘weaving’ people together, try to isolate yourself for your own good as well as theirs? At least until you get a better grip of what that’s about?” She attempts to take the picture back to stow it in
[02:00] <jaimiepaige> the cylinder.
01[02:04] <fans> “I’ll try. Take care of yourself, you’re still you in there and you seem like a nice person. You ever feel it gets too much there’s people who’ll be willing to talk”
[02:04] <jaimiepaige> “Do you… have a card?”
01[02:06] <fans> “No, a little bit tasteless for Therapists to hand out cards. I’m John Sandberg, you can find me on the internet if you need me. You need to write it down? I do have a pen.”
06[02:06] * Fans pats his top and laughs “Had a pen. I guess that went in the crash.”
[02:07] <jaimiepaige> *Jaimie pulls out his laptop to try and boot it up! He can totally just take down the information there!
01[02:10] <fans> Jaimie gets to boot the the Safe Mode, the damage seems to have done a number on thier computer. Corrupted data, memory leaks, missing hardware. Also the spacebar key doesn’t work. There is no god.
06[02:11] * JaimiePaige whimpers a bit and rubs his eyes. Not going to cry. Not. Going. To. Cry.



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