Round Robin

[16:05] <maire> It’s just an average shop, in an average street, in Belfast parhaps not even a month since n-day. Cleanup in the northern ireland capital had been something of a bitch, not helped at all by political squabbling and the newly erupted novae. So that average shop had been closed a lot of the time while the owner was away on ‘sabbatical’. But not today! For today, if one were to look inside the window of ’Maire’s Chocolatey tr
[16:05] <maire> eats’, they would see all manner of deliciousness, cakes and cookies and croissants and baps and buns and just plain bars of chocolate. But through all that, they would see a small, freckled ginger woman in an apron and stylish chef’s hat, pottering around with an oven and surrounded by jars and bottles of all kinds.
[16:06] <maire> and were they to come in, they might hear her humming! “I’ll cook up a solution with the knowledge I’ve accrued~”
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01[16:09] <robin> They’d also picked up a follower after the concert, Robin isn’t entirely sure how she ended up following Maire about but the lil’ woman had gotten her to tag along. She’s a fit looking woman, early twenties with a black pixie cut and wearing a faded tour T-shirt. She’s been rather enjoying just looking at all the confectionary on display with puppy dog eyes. Curse her sweet tooth.
[16:18] <maire> And what adventures they’d had! granted it’s mostly been roaming around shopping, selling, and looking for the aftereffects of the novas, but there were adventures! And maire’s ‘nonstandard’ cooking abilities have been coming more and more to the fore over time, Robin may well wonder if she’s really seen their full extent yet. Maybe she should ask, as maire’s just pulling a fresh batch out of the oven and garnishing the do
[16:18] <maire> nuts with sprinkles~
01[16:19] <robin> “It’s torture how good that smells” Robin says, leaning on the counter “I think that’s your best batch yet, whatever it is I’m in love already.”
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06[16:23] * Maire smiles and puts the batch in a tray on the display cabinet, plucking out an extra large, extra delicious muffin and handing it over on a plate. Unfortunately nowadays she kind of has to stand on tiptoes to really reach over the display. She’s going to need to do something about that. “Well, I’d hope it would be, after all, I thought you deserved one of these, after all this time.” She smiles, letting Robin do with th
[16:24] <maire> She smiles, letting Robin do with the freshly baked, warm chocolate-iced donut, with rainbow sprinkles, what she will.
06[16:29] * Robin takes it like it’s incredibly expensive and breakable, taking a deep breath of it and turning it in her hands to find the best place to bite in on it. There is none, it’s all amazing so she gives in and just stuffs her face, taking a big bite and eyes going wide. “Mrrrm!” is all she can manage, lips curling up into a smile and feet bobbing happily.
01[16:33] <robin> She finishes it up pretty quickly, unable to really help herself. She manages to get most of it in her face at least and is looking dopily sated as she sucks her fingers clean “That was really something else, things should be able to taste that good”
[16:34] <maire> She has happy feet! So does Maire, though she’s almost entirely hidden behind the counter so it’s less obvious. Still, if only Robin knew how much that particular donut could sell for… Though the clue might be in the ‘special treats’ menu to one side of the counter, that lists things such as ‘time sorbet’, ‘eye of a newt and cinnamon’, ‘chocolate icing, timeline splicing’, and ‘seapony tears and provolone’, with prices o
[16:34] <maire> f the order of £1000 apiece.
01[16:40] <robin> Robin doesn’t care about that! Free food is free food, no matter how expensive it really is. “I can see why people would pay so much for these … now, I… uh..” and she holds her head steadying herself against the counter. “What’s going on? I’ve got pins and needles all over, argh, it’s tickling like hell.”
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06[16:49] * Maire grins and takes off her chef’s hat, replacing it with a stylish denim cap, and removing her apron. As she exits the counter…. well, it’s obvious she’s enjoying her new form, because the denim theme – short shorts and jacket, with a cropped version of robin’s tour shirt – continues and reveals quite a lot of freckly skin, as she comes over to put an arm around Robin. “Oh, that’ll pass; I think you’ll like the result
[16:51] <maire> I think you’ll like the results though, you’ve not even seen the bit people pay that much for yet…”
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06[16:56] * Robin manages a laugh and pats Maire’s hand as it goes round her. “You’re up to something, I can te-” she’s cut short by the sound of ripping fabric. A seam in her t-shirts just given way. She isn’t bulking out much, it’s more soft muscle gaining harder line and filling out just a little to give her more of a figure. The hand laid over Maire’s changes colour to match her skin tone and her words being to slur. “The fuhhhk.”
[17:03] <maire> And maire does not have a very dark skin tone. Not with her genes. Still, she starts to lead the much taller girl to a door in the back of the shop. “Oh, you know you’ve seen this kind of thing before, though I think this is one of my best works so far, if you’d like to come back here, so you’re not interrupted by any customers, ok?”
01[17:04] <robin> Her skin appears to be shifting, rippling slightly as it reforms and she lets herself be towerd along by Maire, her grips rather firm. Robin’s skin is getting a fine scale pattern which fades in and out of view as she colours flow across her, “Feehls pretty goohd.” she manages, talking while shifting being a bit of a pain for her.
[17:08] <harry> And then someone walks into the store. Though… you could have sworn the door hasn’t opened. Walking up to the counter he seems to be a dark skinned man with sunglasses and a simple headband that somehow looks classy with the slick swept back hair. Together with a white button shirt and a longcoat.
[17:09] <harry> Well and black pants of course.
06[17:13] * Maire nods. letting robin down onto a comfy chair in the back office. It doesn’t see an awful lot of use as an actual office, being more for storage and wardrobe than anything, but it still has chairs! And Robin is sitting in one! “Ok, stay here please and relax. I’m not sure how much bigger you’ll get, but you’re going to need to go shopping later, so you might like to take things off if they’re getting tight. I just need
[17:14] <maire> I just need to go see a customer for a moment, ok?” She then pets the girl on the head, hopping off through the door again to see Harry. “Good afternoon! can I help you?”
06[17:21] * Harry nods.“Most likely. Are you miss Thornton?” Well… there probably wasn’t much doubt about that. Given her appearance.
[17:24] <maire> What does he mean? There are loads of miniature hatted girls in the country! And surely all of them are basically dressed for an especially stylish beach? “That’s me, yes. What can I interest you in? I just baked a fresh batch of iced donuts, if you’d like.” She smiled her businesswoman smile, waving a hand over the still lightly steaming goodies.
06[17:27] * Harry lifts his sunglasses. Showing of vibrant amber eyes. “Maybe one while we talk business?” And then a smile.
[17:30] <maire> Maire’s smile then changes to a far more SCIENCE one, as she slips one onto a paper plate and hands it up to him, before stepping out from behind the counter. “Of course; that’s going to be one pound twenty, and I’m afraid my office is in use at the moment, but I can lock up if you’d prefer privacy.”
06[17:36] * Harry ends up handing over a five dollar bill. “That might be useful. A lot of this isn’t exactly general knowledge.” Or even a thing yet. But he’s working on it!
06[17:41] * Maire takes the bill and rings up the purchase, passing harry back a £2 coin and two 2p coins. “No, you’re right about that; there’s a lot of publicity, but no-one seems to have the faintest idea of what’s actually happened.” She then scoots over to the front door, locking it before she returns to Harry. “Now, you were saying?”
[17:46] <harry> “I represent a loose affiliation of individuals such as you and me. Our aim is to set up a support structure for goods and services that might not ordinarily be acquired or created. In short, a Nova network for speciality goods and services. You need something delivered fresh to the other side of the world, there’s someone who can do that for example.” And then a bite. “Or get
[17:46] <harry> you in contact that would like your services.”
06[17:50] * Maire nods. “That does sound useful; you’ve done your homework though, haven’t you? My special selection typically doesn’t work on novas, at least not any that I’ve met.” She points to the ‘special treats’ sign, with all the expensive snacks on it. “I’m listening though, especially if you’ve uncovered anything about our origins.”
01[17:52] <robin> There’s a thump from the back room and some laughing, someone’s having fun back there.
[17:55] <harry> “I’m sure there are many working on it.” He raises an eyebrow at the noise from the back room though. “Be that as it may, they might want them for those close to them. Are you sure things are okay?”
06[17:59] * Maire nods, backing towards the room, and opening the door. “Oh, just fine. It’s some of my work in progress actually. It wont be long, but it’s probably best if you dont come in for now.” Because that shirt was already torn, who knows how much further it’s gone? So she slips into the room and shuts the door again. “So, how are things progressing dear?”
01[17:59] <robin> … Robin’s gone! Where has she gone? What?
01[18:01] <robin> 8d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Robin, 8d10: 67 [8d10=6,8,9,10,7,10,7,10]
01[18:01] <robin> 3d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Robin, 3d10: 9 [3d10=6,1,2]
[18:01] <maire> 1d4d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Maire, 1d4d10: 11 [1d4=1]
[18:01] <maire> ((whoops))
[18:01] <maire> 4d10
[18:01] <divis_kyubey> Maire, 4d10: 22 [4d10=7,6,6,3]
01[18:03] <robin> Maire looks about the room and there’s nothing to be seen just a … BOMP and dropping down from the cieling, skin coloured to match is Robin, nimbly dropping right in front of Maire and then scooping her up for a big hug. She’s gotten a little taller and a ‘lot’ stronger. “You’re the best friend ever”
[18:08] <maire> Maire grins and hugs back, not that she has much choice having been picked up, feeling up Robin’s new scales! Or skin anyway, if that’s not formed yet. “You’re welcome sweetie; now, remember we purchased a few sizes of spare clothing for people with significant size variation? There should be some in that wardrobe, if you’re finished changing.”
01[18:11] <robin> Robin does indeed have scales, they’re hard to spot but they’re there. Kind of soft, it’s an unusual texture for a person. She sets Maire back down and stretches “I’ll go see what fits me, thank you though! Everything feels a whole lot easier now, it’s like .. hard to describe. Like everything just works.”
06[18:14] * Harry nods and takes a deep breath once Maire’s gone. This… this was going to be hard. But then… doing that in college after moving from high school was too. Everyone has things they want. And things they can offer.
[18:15] <maire> “I’m glad you like it; I could do more, just as soon as I’m sure how they’d interact with what you already have, but for now I’m going to go back to our visitor, so come out when you’re ready ok?” She then… well, Robin did just just get an appearance boost, so she keeps her eyes on her until she’s back at the door, and slips out. No need for Harry to see her yet! She then turns around. “So! She’s fine, she’ll be out in
[18:15] <maire> a little bit if you’d like to see my work. Now, you were saying?”
[18:17] <harry> “Just offering you the connections and opportunities through this network. I’m sure you can’t say no to such an opportunity?” He raises an eyebrow. Surely she still remembered.
[18:22] <maire> Of course she remembered! She has an eidetic memory! “Yes, yes, it’s a very good offer, though maybe you could tell me your name and powers, and maybe give me some information? For all I know I’m the first other nova you’ve contacted.” And she would know, she’s likely played that angle before.
06[18:23] * Maire scoots over and helps herself to one of her donuts. So tempting~
[18:32] <harry> His donut disappeared when she went away for a few moments. “Not the first.” Which is the truth. He knows of at least three others besides the two of them here. “But call me Merx, there’s the physical and mental package of course.”
[18:37] <maire> “Yes, yes, most get something there, I know I seem to have gotten mostly the mental package, but there’s usually something beyond that, I’d imagine it must be something that gives you an edge in networking over your competitors, I know you’re not the only one trying to get in touch with others.”
[18:55] <harry> “Oh well… of course. My associates and I mostly benefit from a very high mobility and of course some skills in identifying Nova.” Donna definitely could sense some things about Nova at least. Though Maire made it pretty easy to find her. “I in particular however contain more than you might suspect act first glance.” And then he grasps into his arms to pull out…. a business
[18:55] <harry> card. From one Merx Phasma, Facilitator.
01[19:02] <robin> Maire has more than she appears too, because Robin takes that moment to throw open the door and rejoin them all. She’s showing off just a bit, dressed up in a figure hugging dark red shirt with tight black legging and her skin now nicely tanned the pattern of scales more like a tattoo across her cheeks. She does look better, not the brain searing attractiveness of Nova’s but she certainly stands out at now. “Hi!” she says, smiling at Harry “Seems like I’m just in time for the interesting bit.”
06[19:06] * Maire takes it and looks it over, passing over one of her own in turn. It’s a lot like the sign outside her shop, a chocolatey brown and green affair… at least, it is if you look at it from one angle. From another, the card changes to a doctor who motif, with ‘Baker Who?’ instead. And it lists some very expensive, potent sounding pastries. “Ok, so you’re working under a pseudonym. You wouldn’t be the only one, fine, but.
[19:06] <maire> You wouldn’t be the only one, fine, but..” she glances over to Robin, and waves. “Welcome back! Yep, this is ‘Merx’, he says he’s from a nova network.” She turns back to him. “Ok, tell you what, lets go visit some of your contacts, we can shake hands, trade deals and so forth. That’s a service you can offer, yes? As part of ‘facilitation’?”
01[19:09] <robin> “Is he?” she says as she looks them over, a small smile on her lips “Well you definetly look like a Nova so you get a pass there.”
[19:09] <harry> Pretty face indeed. But… exposure to Zeke has acclimatised him a bit to stupendous beauty. “Hello, I see you’ve just done some very fine work.” A smile at Robin before looking back. “Well in most cases it takes time to set up appointments. Some are a bit reclusive. Others busy, and some don’t have a strict address as such. And it would help to know what sort of deals you are
[19:09] <harry> looking for so I know where to take you.”
01[19:15] <robin> “Someone who can go find trouble for you to get stuck into?” Robin says, walking over to join Maire taking a seat on the floor beside her so she isn’t straining her neck all the time. “I don’t know what she plans to do with all the money she’s making, something terrifying no doubt”
[19:16] <maire> “Well, if I knew that I’d find them myself; we need a meet and greet to establish what potential deals we could have, see just how many of us there are, maybe those of us with the mental traits can bump heads and make the most of things, maybe find out why we even exist. How does that sound?” She then grins and ruffles robin’s hair, before looking back waaay up to Harry.
06[19:20] * Robin gives a content smile as her hairs mussed up “I like it. I mean I’m not one of you properly, but it sounds very reasonable. Too reasonable even.”
[19:21] <harry> “I see. But surely you have a goal you are trying to achieve? I can introduce you to some other Nova but it might not be the best way to go about achieving it.” He pockets the business card though.
[19:31] <maire> “That’s sweet, so you have a business model then~. That works fine in a well developed economy, but right now we have no idea what powers are out there and how they interact, so we’re going to need to meet to experiment, to find out what’s out there and how we can use it. No-one’s going to reach their goals without knowing what they can use, are they?”
01[19:35] <robin> “Yeah there’s been a whole bunch of weird stuff on the net recently. I liked the kid who could make flowers by clapping, not that it’s useful. Just kind of cute.”
[19:38] <harry> “Of course. There’s still the matter of setting up a properly secure platform for this kind of interaction of course. And even for me this is mostly a way of figuring things out myself. And of course making contacts for the forseeably mad future.” A big smile. Well… maybe he leans gracefully against some display. “Though for now I’m trying to find people with abilities that
[19:38] <harry> have a bit more applications than making flowers. Although that would be fun for parties.”
01[19:42] <robin> “Well Maire has a hella awesome power, as you can see” she says, poking her tongue out at Harry it’s a bit longer than any normal persons could be “Ngh, feels like it’s all going to fall out when I do that. That’ll take some getting used too”
06[19:42] * Maire rolls her eyes. “Just for parties? Are you… no, dear, that has applications. If he can control it to create specific plantlife then he can clap to solve world hunger and deforestation. If not, there’s a fortune to be made in roses and other high-value flowers. And….” Oh my. Note to self: add that as standard.
[19:47] <harry> “Well of course. But I have seen the video as well. It’s nice but small scale so far. I’m not excluding anyone, but I am prioritising at the moment. There are still only limited resources available to us. But they are enough for the initial investments.”
01[19:50] <robin> “Ish shounding like it could be good” Robin says, trying to put the tongue away. Darn thing, how does it work? “I mean are youh tied in to it?”
06[19:54] * Maire recomposes herself after the tongue thing. she’s standing around with a really hot guy and a cute lizardgirl, that’s no reason to lose her composure! “So yes… how about, I’m going to be conducting my own search, I’ll be keeping records, how about we arrange a convention, say on n-day’s anniversary. By then even the least mentally gifted should have full control over their powers, and we can all introduce ourselves,
[19:54] <maire> and we can all introduce ourselves, see where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. In the meantime, a formal network sounds like a good idea, yes.”
[19:57] <harry> “Most certainly. Of course I can provide you with some sort of data sharing agreement until that time. And thereafter perhaps.” Yes that grin got wider. Oh the ideas there. Where his thoughts had been distracted by the crazy tongue antics before. “Of course we’ll restrict access to the general public for it. Don’t want to turn it into too much of a spectacle.”
06[20:02] * Maire nods. “Agreed; though I think we’ll have a few open events too; I predict the marketing opportunities for the novae posing as superheroes will be massive, so we’ll set them up in a public event, with just them, some merchandise vendors, which we’ll need to make deals with, and some steep entry costs. The main event we’ll keep to the Novae and guests. Data sharing is fine though, we’ll want to know who we’re dealing
[20:03] <maire> with after all.”
01[20:03] <robin> “So a big Nova-Con to distract people from the real meeting going on somewhere else in the city? I’d go to it”
[20:07] <harry> “That will be the idea. Of course, given our numbers… it would need to be somewhere accessible. And a place where they would want to host such a concentration of powerful people. There are many obstacles with doing something like this. Although…. Atra did mention someone who might be able to help some with that. And they most likely will be quite useful with the
[20:07] <harry> distraction as well.”
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01[20:19] <robin> “Maire could probably organise it all in her sleep. She’s a lot smarter than she cooks” Robin smirks, so very pleased with her own awful pun.
[20:28] <maire> What was she talking about? That pun was amazing. Amazing! And Maire’s snerk proves it! “Quite right; we’ll have to wait and see of course, already some countries are less accepting than others, but somewhere with low population density would be best; we could fit more people there, and there’d be lower risks. I take it Atra is one of your contacts?”
06[20:36] * Harry nods, a brief smile along with the others. “My transportation in fact. And she’ll be very useful in that regard if we can arrange for the necessary permits.” But Harry here is pretty smart himself. So he’s already been thinking of that. Maybe an island in the sea or some kind of open plains.
06[20:42] * Maire nods, and scoots back to her counter to help herself to some more of the merchandise. Tasty~ “I can imagine. She’s a teleporter, or flyer? Or does she just have a really nice car?”
06[20:46] * Robin gives Maire puppy chameleon eyes as she sees them eating some of the merchandise. So hungry.
06[20:47] * Maire takes some more out, and hands them to Robin. She probably would be hungry after transforming like that
06[20:48] * Robin gives Maire a big hug with her free arm and then sets down to eat. She really was quite ravenous.
[20:48] <harry> “A teleporter.” And a bit more. “But is there any number, IM, Skype or something I can reach you with? Before we set up a secure network?”
06[20:52] * Maire smiles and hugs robin back, before returning to look up at Harry. “…Oh my… Yes, I gave you my business card remember? That has all the details on it. It’s over there too.” She sighs and points to a banner behind the counter, which indeed, announces her site, email, and phone number. Even if the site is likely ddosed by desperate fat/tg/rich people.
01[20:55] <robin> Only if Maire hasn’t taken the time to upgrade her security. It wouldn’t be hard for her, she could even set up some retaliation attacks to amuse herself.
[20:55] <harry> “Of course. Although I’ll likely visit in person for anything that needs to be transmitted securely.” He straightens up. “Of course, here’s a little tidbit for your research. An advance on your information sharing agreement. Not all Nova turn out right. Some of us have something a little wrong.”
06[21:00] * Maire nods. “Of course; and there are also ones like one we met on n-day, she was having fun inciting riots. I’m not sure what she’s doing now, but I realise this could go horribly wrong, and I have been keeping up with the news.” A straightened up Harry though… Poor maire pretty much has to crane her neck right back to look him in the nostrils.
[21:03] <harry> “Of course, but have you had the chance to meet one? That seems to have it mostly under control? And a talk with someone who could sense it in advance?” A grin there as he turns around. “You have my card too.” And he waves at them while heading to the door.
06[21:04] * Robin just growls quitely as she watches Harry leave. Yes, she did like to see him go~
[21:13] <maire> Just because he has a cute butt… Well, Maire enjoyed watching him leave too. “We’ll meet up sometime then!”
[21:16] <harry> “Indeed~” And then the locked door proves to be no obstacle. Either he just disappears against it or more likely, he just walks through it as can be seen through the windows the store most likely has.
01[21:17] <robin> “Cool power. Heh… so wait, am I Nova now?”
06[21:20] * Maire nods, absently, before turning back from that mega-butt. “…Of course not~ You’re no more nova than anyone else I’ve given my special treats to, even if you did turn out rather well.” She smirks though, holding a hand to help robin up, if she’s still sitting on the floor.
06[21:22] * Robin takes the hand and gets up, then keeps going up, lifting up Maire and putting her on Robin’s shoulders “Says you! I think I should count, I can walk on walls and go invisible. Ish.”
06[21:24] * Maire squeaks and wriggles her legs! “Oh, you! It doesn’t work that way! I don’t know much about novas yet but you’re definitely something else, inbetween the two!”
01[21:28] <robin> “We’ll see, i think I can prove I’m your equal time” she smirked, “You have given me a lot of fun features to play with”
[21:30] <maire> “Oh, I know! And I’m sure we’ll be making use of all of them if we’re going to be looking for more novae, aren’t we?”
01[21:30] <robin> “Most. Not really sure what I can do with a tongue this long that’s useful. Besides destroy lollipops”
06[21:33] * Maire blushes up atop robin’s shoulders. scrunching her toes up and folding her arms up. “Oh, well… that would be an experiment. Let’s just say anyone you decide to date will thank me for it…”
01[21:40] <robin> “Thanks Moooom” Robin says, spinning round in a circle “Can I go out now?”
[21:41] <maire> “Well, sure; no daughter of mine is going out in clothes that don’t fit properly though, so we’re taking you to the store, ok?”
01[21:41] <robin> “Deal. I’ll try not to break anyone”
06[21:42] * Maire nods, pointing her steed onwards! “Then let’s go!”
06[21:46] * Robin is really fast on her feet after what Maire’s done to her so they leave with a burst of speed and the ritual dance of the keys to lock up shop.
03[21:46] * Maire is now known as Kaeriel



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