[22:22] <jaimie_p> Jaimie has had a few rough weeks at this point. Not rough in the sense of life going to hell rough, but in the dramatic acclimation that has happened with his equally dramatic change in physiology and capability. After the events of The Day (as some folks were calling it), getting some semblance of ‘normal’ has been a hard-fought battle. Thankfully for him he has the support of his cousin
[22:22] <jaimie_p> Erin, who has been a solid foundation for him to handle issues that he… wouldn’t normally even consider. Today, though, he’s attempting to keep a low profile by meeting an out-of-towner in a community near Chicago called ‘Rosemont’. It has a little gated residential community, this almost a city-in-name-only, but prides itself on hospitality and accessibility, with immediate access to O’Hare
[22:22] <jaimie_p> airport and competitively priced luxury hotels and suites…
[22:35] <jaimie_p> (Done)
[22:40] <maire> Keeping a low profile? Meeting this dimunitive redheaded irish lass doesn’t seem terribly low profile, especially given she’s been building a reputation as a Nova with the solution to any physical condition, provided you could afford her price. And didn’t mind the ‘imperfections’ in her power, which seem to mysteriously always leave their victims somewhat inhuman in a cute way… And better endowed. In any case, she had th
[22:40] <maire> e meeting, and no issues paying for one of those nice hotels. As soon as Jaimie were to see her she’d likely recognise her from height alone, the tall, stylish fez atop her head not providing much illusion of extra height. Her cute brown vest and trousers, ending in some complementary ballet flats, might remind certain people of certain time travelling smartiepants, and that was no doubt entirely intentional.
[22:45] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie’s outfit is decidedly mundane in comparison. A black pair of steel-toed boots, a pair of black jeans that are clearly hemed up a bit, covered by a very loose-fitting green t-shirt and black trench-coat. A pair of green-tinted mirrorshades cover her eyes, and his hair flows down past his shoulders. Definite efforts on his part to downplay the sheer bombshell nature of his appearance
[22:45] <jaimie_p> appear to have failed somehow, because even with all the covering, the look is still ‘hot’. Still, the visitor coming in from out of country was footing the bill and he wasn’t going to argue with a night or two in a hotel, even if it wasn’t something he’d felt he earned. He gives a bit of a nod to the costumed pixie-cook. “Evenin’.”
06[22:52] * Maire smiles and doffs her cap to him! Though her mind likely wasn’t processing the ‘him’ bit, even if he didn’t have a gigantic chest. “Good evening! So you’re…” She smirks at him, trying not to laugh as she toyed with the idea of using that codename. “Jaimie, then?”
[22:53] <maire> Despite having to look up to Jaimie, she still manages to act just a little bit condescending, as if slowing herself to his level.
[22:56] <jaimie_p> “Yes. And you’re Maire.” He can feel that condescension, even as he shifts a bit uncomfortably. “So, did you get a suite here, or a meeting room, or are we just grabbing a cow or two to eat? I’m sure the flight was exhausting?”
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[23:01] <maire> Maire nudges him towards the door, for all the good her noodle arms would do, it was more guiding than forcing. “Oh, Robin and I have a suite here, though I was thinking we go to ‘grab a cow’. The flight didn’t sit too well with her though, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait before you two meet. Is there anywhere here you’d recommend? That’s reasonably private of course.”
[23:06] <jaimie_p> “How are you about flying?” It’s an odd question from the red-orange maned ‘woman’. “The place we could go to is the Ram Restaurant and Brewery and I recommend just reserving a smaller banquet room? I mean, not sure about you but I’ll probably eat enough to justify it… and it’ll give us the privacy we need? And it’s a shame I don’t get to meet your partner! I’m sure she’ll be fine soon
[23:06] <jaimie_p> enough?”
[23:12] <maire> “Oh me? I’m fine, really; she will be too, it’s just a case of motion sickness.” She then plucks her phone out, and dials up the restaurant in question. “That sounds good though; let me just arrange it and we can head off. It’s not that far from here is it?”
[23:13] <jaimie_p> “Oh, not far at all. Let me know when you’re done with the phone call?”
06[23:17] * Maire nods, and then starts talking to the person on the other end of the call, ordering up their room, holding at one point. “How much would you say? Six people’s worth? Eight?”
[23:17] <jaimie_p> “A score would be your best bet. Yes, as in twenty. I can probably just afford that. It’s kind of my last hurrah, after all.”
06[23:23] * Maire looks at Jaimie quizzically. “Last Hurrah?” She then shrugs and continues to order the banquet. Make that twenty two people… Poor restaraunt wont know what hit it.
[23:26] <jaimie_p> *When Maire is done Jaimie will crack his neck a bit. “Ready to head on over, then? Hang onto your hat, it’d be a shame to lose it.” And with that, Jaimie will attempt to gently pick up Maire and do a short quick flying-hop over to the restaurant… much faster than trying to drive, for sure…
[23:29] <maire> That sure is a low profile Jaimie has there. And Maire had already prepared for this eventuality, holding her hat almost as soon as Jaimie started talking. Maire’s pretty easy to carry too, weighing exactly as much as she looks like she does! Which is not a lot. And of course, she sticks her non-hat-holding hand out in front of her, superman style! “Woo! Ok, Robin has to meet you later!”
[23:32] <jaimie_p> *It beats having a car and a driver’s liscence and insurance and gas to pay for, that is for sure.
“If you’re sure about that. I’m… well.” And moment of Awkward is abruptly ended by a smooth landing… just like that. It becomes obvious that the ‘low profile’ was helped by the black trench-coat and garb, because of the darkening skies. “And here we go. This place has a branch down in
[23:32] <jaimie_p> Indy that I used to go to all the time, so this should be pretty easy. I’ll try not to bankrupt you, okay?”
06[23:42] * Maire rolls her eyes, straightening her fez and outfit, before heading inside. Her freckly skin and ginger hair probably stuck out a mile away in the sky, but jaimie didn’t need to know that. “Sorry dear, but I don’t think a big meal is going to cut that; though it wouldn’t be a good idea to do this too often.” And once they’re inside… Well, Food! Glorious food! Or the starters at least.
[23:45] <jaimie_p> Jaimie looks warily at Maire and gets that sort of look of trying to ‘order as little as possible’ while trying *not to look like he’s ordering as little as possible. The waiter is a cute gentleman, who can’t seem to keep his eyes off of either one of the women. Pig, or genuinely appreciative? It’s hard to tell. It is making Jaimie a bit uncomfortable, at least…
[23:47] <maire> Well, he’s cute, so does it really matter? Plus he’s providing food! She also waves Jaimie towards said waiter. “Go on dear, I know what you’re thinking, you’re welcome to order as much as you need, so long as we can talk while you eat it.”
[23:51] <jaimie_p> Jaimie looks uncertain, then nods. “Okay, ah, one of each appetizer that doesnt’ have seafood in it to start, then one of each steak except the ones with seafood.” He has the grace to look embarrassed a bit as he nods to the server. “No, this isn’t a practical joke, but could you please do me a favor and kind of space them out about five or ten minutes between each one?” He does an unconscious
[23:51] <jaimie_p> shift that would damn near shove his chest into the poor guy’s face if he was more endowed, then heads back over by Maire. “That’ll give us plenty of time to talk.”
Session Time: Thu Jun 27 00:00:00 2013
06[00:00] * Maire orders… rather less than Jaimie, though with perhaps more sweets than someone of her size should be eating, smiling to the waiter before letting him leave. “Excellent! Anyway, I may have mentioned why I’m here already, but my main purpose here was in meeting you and your cousin. I’ve been looking for Novae who’ve been taking the roles of superheroes, and you two have certainly made a few headlines lately, haven’t y
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[00:02] <maire> you?”
[00:04] <jaimie_p> “Well, Erin is busy working on some side projects that she had going from before, and well, it’s more along the lines of doing what needs to be done? I mean, just because there’s the ultimate freedom of being able to do stuff doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, well, do something productive with it? But.. only if a person wants to?” He’s kind of on his heels at the moment because the idea of
[00:04] <jaimie_p> basically having his dinner paid for is not making him feel the least bit confident. He would have dug in on that, insisted on paying… but there’s no way he can afford that kind of appetite at a place like this…
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[00:15] <maire> Maire on the other hand, can! Because charging through the nose for things is much more profitable than heroics. She smiles though at the sentiment. “That’s nice; though the important thing is it’s something you’re doing, and I think having some organisation might be a good idea too, so the various heroes don’t end up stepping on each other’s toes, and I think getting some official merchandise for you two would be an excel
[00:15] <maire> lent idea, wouldn’t it? If we keep your message clear, and you’d like to be able to afford things like this.” She gestured to the room, and the newly-arriving food.
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[00:20] <jaimie_p> Jaimie reaches up with the palm of his hand and vigorously massages the bridge of his nose for a moment or two. “Merchandising? Seriously? We don’t even know how long this is going to last. We could all wake up back to normal tomorrow and then we’d be fumbling around trying to figure out what to do with all the product.” Any further raising of irritation, however, is halted dead-stop by
[00:20] <jaimie_p> the succulent aromas of delivered food, and he gravitates to a table to start eating. While not a speedster by any means—was that an entire plate of appetizers that just vanished??
06[00:26] * Maire takes her time a bit more, but still nods as she eats. "Yes, dear, I’ve thought about that, but the idea has some persistance. There’s video of you in action, you’re already in the public conciousness as one of the first real superheroes, even if you did pick an unfortunate name. To be perfectly honest, I think we’d sell the product even faster, if we marketed them as memorabilia from the time the impossible happened
[00:29] <jaimie_p> He pauses in his devouring to look a bit hurt, even. “Okay, it was a bit of a mistake, okay? But the inherent idea of Liberty was on my mind and I was trying to come up with something uplifting and encouraging… not sexual sadism nor the objectifying of individual freedoms?” He kind of slouches a bit, and his stomach growls as he finds himself building up eating momentum once more. Between
[00:29] <jaimie_p> bites he considers. “If… we were going to do that we should have policemen action figures and a police squad that can be crumpled and then a big giant of a prisoner… and..”
06[00:38] * Maire smirks, finishing her current plate. “That’s an excellent point, of course we’ll have sets of your major battles, and reconstructable police figures. Though, this also ties in to another offer I have – we’ve also had contacts with less combat oriented Novae, people who can provide equipment, costumes, transport, and so forth. There’s a lot of utility to our powers that can be used to improve your image and effectiven
[00:40] <maire> effectiveness, if you’d like me to arrange meetings like this with these people.”
[00:43] <jaimie_p> *Another moment, another plate. Goodness, it’s like the Sarlacc on crack. "I’m… my big strength isn’t in fighting other people though I can but more in saving people? I know it’s kind of lame in comparison to Huge Epic Battles *another plate gone somehow
but… giving back to the community… and I don’t think ah, spending lots of money on clothes is a good idea because you’d have to get
[00:43] <jaimie_p> measurements and stuff and… well… I’m doing just fine right now on clothes thanks to Erin, thank you?" He pauses a moment. “I just wish they would have let me keep working but they said that I was a workplace distraction…”
[20:44] <jaimie_p> [06:26:2013:18:38] * Maire smirks, finishing her current plate. “That’s an excellent point, of course we’ll have sets of your major battles, and reconstructable police figures. Though, this also ties in to another offer I have – we’ve also had contacts with less combat oriented Novae, people who can provide equipment, costumes, transport, and so forth. There’s a lot of utility to our powers that
[20:44] <jaimie_p> can be used to improve your image and effectiven
[20:44] <jaimie_p> [06:26:2013:18:40] <maire> effectiveness, if you’d like me to arrange meetings like this with these people.”
[20:44] <jaimie_p> [06:26:2013:18:42] <jaimie_p> Another moment, another plate. Goodness, it’s like the Sarlacc on crack. "I’m… my big strength isn’t in fighting other people though I can but more in saving people? I know it’s kind of lame in comparison to Huge Epic Battles *another plate gone somehow but… giving back to the community… and I don’t think ah, spending lots of money on clothes is a good
[20:44] <jaimie_p> idea because you’d have to get measurements and stuff and… well… I’m doing just fine right now on clothes thanks to Erin, thank you?" He pauses a moment. “I just wish they would have let me keep working but they said that I was a workplace distraction…”
[20:51] <maire> Maire is all out of food by now – she wasn’t eating so fast as Jaimie, but Jaimie had vastly more, and a much bigger body to feed. So instead, she glances around, indicating the room they were in. “You wanted to keep working you say? You must have really loved your job, because with what you do now, you could earn enough to eat like this on a regular basis. And sorry, but the battles sell much better, even if the saving
[20:51] <maire> people is more worthwhile otherwise.”
[20:54] <jaimie_p> “I know it sounds kind of boring and stuff, but… y’know, simple stuff, cashiering, maybe some stocking, helping out customers… I… I’d been doing it for almost twenty years and it was kind of comfortable and the idea of starting out all over again from scratch… welll, it’s not a fun feeling, especially because I put my application forms out there but all folks want me to do for them is
[20:54] <jaimie_p> stand and ‘look pretty’ for them but that’s not really ‘my thing’? And it’s REALLY FUCKING CREEPY?”
06[21:02] * Maire waves Jaimie off somewhat dismissively. “Oh, don’t worry about that, you know looking pretty is at least half of the work in sales? Provided you look good enough to attract people, get their attention, then it’s just a matter of finding the most expensive way of giving them what they want. Though you must have already known that, it does bring me to my last point: I believe there are Novae out there who can get you c
[21:02] <maire> costumes that are both eye-catching and durable; which I’m sure you can appreciate, yes?”
[21:03] <jaimie_p> “I’d… rather not do eye-catching? Can we get some really plain boring brown-sack outfits going?”
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06[21:07] * Maire laughs a bit at that, acquiring some main course to eat from that eye-gazing waiter. “Oh, not. A. Chance. Not if you want to get any kind of recognition, or the money that comes with recognition. You might be able to pull off burlap if you were a villain, it worked for scarecrow after all, but as a hero? That and being overlooked just don’t work at all.”
[21:08] <jaimie_p> Jaimie almost winces at the laugh. And then he gets a bit downcast… and more downcast. “I’d…rather just be someone helping out, y’know? Nothing special, nothing big… just your average citizen doing their duty, y’know?”
01[21:09] <robin> Someone who isn’t in a plain boring brown-sack outfit is having a quick argument with the doorman, pointing the pairs table way before starting to lope over. Skin tanned with a scale pattern along the cheeks and hair a midnight black she’s wearing a black cocktail dress and has a bit of a swagger to her that isn’t what you’d expect from a lady with her figure. Maire does good work!
01[21:09] <robin> “Oh,” she says as she arrives, smiling “This is the hero then?”
[21:12] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie blushes a bit and then stands up to be polite to the new arrival, moving to pull a chair out for her. Well, he may not be a ‘gentleman’ but who says chivalry is dead?
06[21:14] * Robin takes the chair with a little bow of thanks “Very nice of you. Sorry I’m late, the plane didn’t set well with me at all. My stomach got me back out of bed”
[21:15] <jaimie_p> “That’s…. ah, okay, miss. Um, there’s probably going to be extra food, then… I’m kind of losing my appetite.” Jaimie eats the steak in front of him a bit more guardedly after he sits down. “Name’s Jaimie, miss.”
06[21:18] * Maire smiles, waving from her seat in the private room they had arranged. Cunning Robin! “So, Jaimie, I’m sure you know this is Robin; Robin, this is the hero; I’m trying to convince her of the virtues of taking advantage of her power, especially given she’s currently unemployed, wouldn’t you agree?”
01[21:19] <robin> “I’m Robin, pleased to meet you!” she says, giving them a wave. “I’m definetly enjoying my new job that’s for sure, though I’m not in quite the same situation as you. I saw you on Youtube, you were pretty awesome. Just swoop in and boom, boom, everything fixed and you’re off again.”
[21:22] <jaimie_p> “I’m just trying to do what anyone should do, you know, help out people and kind of let them have the chance to make their own life choices and all that?” He squirms a bit as he takes another huge bite of steak. “And… I was on Youtube? You sure it ah, wasn’t my cousin Erin? She… she’s much flashier about things?”
01[21:26] <robin> “Definetly you, Libertine. I made sure to read up on you, you’re not backhanding giants but you’re still pretty quick and crazy strong. I was impressed”
[21:28] <jaimie_p> “Just trying to help out. Don’t want to make a big deal about it, I mean, it’s been a bit rough adjusting and all.”
01[21:29] <robin> “People are making a big deal about it though, I mean… superheroes! Real ones. That’s kind of wild”"
[21:31] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie smiles weakly and then puts a piece of meat into his mouth, chewing slowly. Either savoring the taste… or using the sweet mercy of the meal to cover up any awkward words he might utter. Though he has a feeling that Robin is going to fill that void, or Maire will.
06[21:31] * Maire nods. “We were planning to see Erin too, but yep, everything is on youtube. Especially when it involves cats.” She smirks and leans in. “You know, that’s another thing we can do; by bringing communication between Novae, there are going to be a few in your situation, if you’d like to get in contact.”
01[21:33] <robin> “It took me ages, but I got into Security because I always wanted to look after people but without all the paperwork you know? So I can see why you’d be out there helping when you became able to Super woman it up.” she says after nabbing some of Jaimie’s food “You look scared though girl, you all right?”
[21:37] <jaimie_p> *Once upon a time, Jaimie would have probably put a fork in Robin’s hand for stealing his food like that. However, between the unease of the conversation, the fact he’s not paying for it, and that he’s going to have to reveal uncomfortable truths here kind of dampens any such enthusiasm. “I just wanted to help those officers… and… well. No. I’m not quite alright. It’s not a big secret
[21:37] <jaimie_p> but I’ve gone through some serious changes since the Day.” His eyes flick down briefly, then back to Robin. “If you know what I mean?”
01[21:40] <robin> “I didn’t always have scales, but I’m not really on your level sorry. I know what you mean, but…” she waves a fork around “Done is done you know, you can adjust to a new life or you can mope about the old one. I think you’re a good person, you should be proud of what you did.”
[21:43] <jaimie_p> Jaimie blushes a bit then nods to Robin. “It’s been a lot to get used to, and I’m not talking about the power… the power is the easy part…” He loads up on another steak before throwing the conversation a tangent… "I just don’t want to sell out? I know it’s really quaint in this day and age but a hard day’s work for well-earned pay, y’know
[21:43] <jaimie_p> "
06[21:45] * Maire nods, tapping her own fork for a second. “Don’t worry dear, I understand, we all had a good deal of changes, though maybe not quite as dramatic. My offer still stands though, we can provide personal and professional support, if you take a few steps necessary to be marketable, put that sales experience to use while you’re helping people.” She chews a bit. “We know you work hard, but where do you expect the pay to co
[21:48] <maire> come from, if you don’t ‘sell out’ as it were?”
01[21:49] <robin> “I don’t think anyone can make you do anything you don’t want to now. I guess what Maire’s asking is… uh… what is you want to do with your life? Now that you can do all these amazing things.”
[21:50] <jaimie_p> “The idea of being 34-materiel is… bleh.” Jaimie continues to eat, though it’s rather dispirited. “Why can’t I just go, and I dunno, mow lawns or carry loads of cargo places or something… this big-scale stuff is really scary.”
[21:51] <maire> “I don’t know, why haven’t you done that?”
[21:52] <jaimie_p> “Been ah, getting my clothing situation squared away, and my ID stuff, too.”
01[21:54] <robin> “Hell yeah it’s scary I mean look at this” and she holds up a hand, which changes from tan, to translucent, to blue and then back "Stuff like that? It’s a little scary. But it’s not all bad I mean… how’s flying like? Is it fun? "
[21:59] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie blinks at the hand, and lets out a slow whistle. “That could be very handy for covert operations if you were into that kind of thing.” He considers. “It’s sort of like driving, I guess, but in the air so you don’t have to deal with idiots driving other cars while on the phone texting or talking or whatnot?”
[22:00] <maire> Maire taps her foot impatiently under the table, sighing a little. “So, if you don’t want to be public – we could work on your image so it’s less sexy, there’s a whole market segment for asexual clothing – we can always have you do some work in the background; there’s an event we’re arranging, it’s still some time to go, but we’ll need people of your level for security and transport, and if you change your mind you would b
[22:00] <maire> e extremely useful in the spotlight as it were. In the meantime… just, you thought we might lose our powers eventually, so I’d suggest not wasting them doing something anyone can do.”
[22:01] <maire> She grins as she turns to Robin though. “Oh, the flying is absolutely amazing, she’s going to take us back that way, isn’t she?” The tiny ginger looks back up at Jaimie innocently.
01[22:01] <robin> “Hell yeah! I mean if this is only temporary I’m gonna grab it with both hands. Leave a real big impression on the world while I can.”
[22:04] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie takes another bite off the steak then swallows it. Well, it’ll either freak them out or give them a better understanding of his position. “He, please? At least in here, in private?” He blushes a bit.
06[22:07] * Robin nods “I’ll do my best to remember. That I admit, has got to be rough. Maybe you should reinvent yourself a bit for a while? Be Libertine until you can feel more comfortable in your own skin as Jaimie?”
06[22:08] * Robin blushes herself after giving Jaimie a look over. Darn it. Surprisingly hot.
[22:09] <maire> “He then, he’s going to take us back that way, isn’t he?”
06[22:09] * Maire doesn’t actually seem the slightest bit surprised.
03[22:11] * Retrieving #HatRP modes…
[22:12] <jaimie_p> "And… yes. I’ll fly you back. It’s… well, it’s weird, it’s not a big deal to me but I’m sure if you grounded me I’d be feeling the loss? Thank you for… understanding and… I’ve been toying with the idea of going closer to ‘full time’ as Libertine.. but.. money and I have to take care of the folks and Erin since they’ve been supportive and understanding through all of this and and…
[22:12] <jaimie_p> " Okay, he’s rambling a bit.
01[22:13] <robin> Robin slides off her chair and just goes to give Jaimie a hug, poor thing looked like they needed one. “Hey, it’ll be all right. Really. Life won’t be all so bad.”
06[22:14] * Maire sighs loudly and resists the urge to bang her head against the table, instead settling for a facepalm. “YES Jaimie, money! You know, the thing I was offering various ways of getting!”
[22:18] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie knows about hugs thanks to his cousin. He even knows how to return one without pulping the person hugging him, so he returns it gently. “You were offering ways to sell my body and likeness in a commercialized venture for product placement but… that’d be effectively whoring myself out.” Okay, he finally got it out there, at least.
01[22:20] <robin> “Not if you get to pick. I mean it’s not like we can make you sponsor anything you don’t actually like” Robin laughs “You’re only selling out when you compromise yourself to push stuff you don’t believe in.”
01[22:22] <robin> “I just can’t see you going to do a nine to five job after all this. It’d be such a waste of your time”
[22:24] <jaimie_p> “Well… my previous work experience had my employer doing exactly that? And if I don’t have faith in stuff why should other people? I mean…Can we do non-sexual non-pin-up conservative sorts of things you know, like helping out the police and people in danger? And… it’d be kind of neat to work in an office and be able to gripe about TPS reports and stuff. Given that I only had a diploma,
[22:24] <jaimie_p> typing a hundred and twenty before this happened really well.. didn’t mean much?” Is he… playing?
01[22:27] <robin> “Hey, you’re not allowed to be smart, strong and fly. That’s breaking some kind of rules.” Robin says, giving Jaimie a squeeze before letting them go and then remembering to cancel her blush. Jaimie gives good hug. “Really you’re kind of … iconic? Powerful. It’d be silly to have you doing sexy poses.”
[22:28] <maire> “Nngh, Ok, so you don’t want the marketing route; there are other options, but unless we can get your government to sanction superheroes, your options are either stop helping people and do other work, charge them for help, or apply to be a paramedic. And none of those have anything near the same reward-profit factor. And really, when did I ever mention doing anything sexual?”
01[22:29] <robin> “I think they got the wrong end of the stick Maire. Think you want them to be a pin up girl”
06[22:29] * Jaimie_P points at his nose then at Robin. “She got it.”
01[22:30] <robin> “Lounging on beaches sipping drinks and being fanned by …. can I be a pin up girl?”
06[22:30] * Maire grumbles something along the lines of so many people being idiots.
06[22:31] * Robin hugs Maire too because hey, it’s that kind of day. “Nova’s! You all need to smile more, breaking my heart here.”
06[22:32] * Maire is entirely ok with hugs! And hugs back!
[22:32] <jaimie_p> “I did mention that was what people were trying to hire me for, right? And…” He tries to smile at Robin’s insistence. It comes off painfully forced, despite his best efforts. Sort of like the kid who’s being forced to smile for the relatives or the school picture but didn’t want to go to school that day. Somehow, though, it still has a potential appeal for some…
01[22:34] <robin> “Better” Robin smiles back, entirely genuine. “I know it’s been rough for you, but right here and now it’s a safe space. I’ll kick the teeth in of anyone who bugs either of you.”
[22:36] <jaimie_p> *That seems terrifyingly persuasive. “I… I’d rather you not do that? I might have to try and take them to the hospital or the dentist because losing teeth is no picnic.”
06[22:36] * Maire continues the hug, though turns to talk to Jaimie. “Finally! Really don’t bother with them if all your non-cleavage abilities are ignored. Are you willing to play along if I promise that wont happen?”
[22:36] <maire> “The sexualisation I mean, I can’t make any promises about Robin.”
03[22:37] * Maire (Kaeriel@jkz0-txpm06-7-1-vsav251.newt.cable.virginmedia.com) has left #HatRP (Leaving)
03[22:37] * Maire (Kaeriel@jkz0-txpm06-7-1-vsav251.newt.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #HatRP
01[22:38] <robin> “I am a terror. But it wasn’t a literal teeth kicking, that’s kind of cruel”
06[22:38] * Jaimie_P considers. “The first time you try to coerce me into a swimsuit issue I’ll break your cameras. The second time, I’ll destroy your business. Not because I’m an asshole, but because that’ll be my leverage, okay?” Despite the harsh words the smile on his face is somewhat more re-assured, could it be that he’s trying to joke? “I… what would you need from me in the meantime?”
01[22:40] <robin> “You’re…” Robin waves a hand “Okay this is going to sound weird. But I like that you’re strong, fast and awesome without being a supermodel. I never really had anyone as a kid who I could look up to who actually looked anything like me you know? It’d be a really nice change.”
[22:42] <maire> “Well, I have a network to build; I’ll see if I can get you some advice, but in the meantime, be a salesman, make sure people know and respect you. I’ll pass the modelling work on to Robin ok?”
[22:44] <jaimie_p> “That… was kind of the idea I had in mind for the original Libertine before they… they…” He gets an odd glint in the eye. “I… I could save that… I could.” He blinks a bit. “Sorry, for whatever reason my appearance is based on a character I created for a game that was closed down abruptly. My original character, though. So it’s me and mine… I… wonder…” Is that a chin-rub
[22:44] <jaimie_p> ? “I have an idea for a long-term project but not right now and I appreciate you coming all this way. I just hope Erin can squeeze you into her schedule, she’s a very busy person… And… I think I have at least some respect… I do have a fan club… even.” Though he looks a bit uncertain about that.
01[22:46] <robin> “Come along, at least give us a chance. No commitment or anything, but I’m betting you’d love to see this big hero con even if you weren’t a Nova.”
[22:49] <jaimie_p> “I’ll at least commit to a panel or two, if that’s okay? ‘Adjusting to the Nova life’ and ‘Ethics for the new Nova’? If that’s acceptable, I mean?” He puts his index fingertips together while looking down at them…
01[22:50] <robin> “And I get modelling work?”
[22:50] <jaimie_p> “You can have all the modelling work, sure. It… it’s really not my thing.”
01[22:51] <robin> “I love you Maire.”
01[22:51] <robin> “And you’re a sweetie too Jaimie”
[22:52] <maire> Thief Robin! Robbing Maire of her chance to mention it! “Those work; though they wouldn’t be in the hero con, they’d be in the actual Novas convention; not all of them are heroes after all. But yes, robin, I’m sure we can arrange modelling work.” She smiles right back at Robin.
01[22:53] <robin> “Awesome. My friends are going to freak”
[22:54] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie blushes a bit at being called a sweetie. It may be a regional thing, or just a personal thing? “You’re, ah, welcome?” He finishes the last steak and glances at the ruins of the meal(s). “We going to have room for dessert?”
02[22:55] * Hat|Bleh (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
03[22:55] * Hat|Bleh (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) has joined #HatRP
01[22:56] <robin> “If you eat like Maire then yes. Nova’s seem to be able to eat all they like.”
06[22:57] * Robin half covers her mouth and stage whispers to Jaimie “She’s so smug about it”
06[22:58] * Jaimie_P blinks at Robin repeatedly. “It’s all fun and games until you go personally bankrupt.” He offers that as a stage-whisper back to Robin.
06[22:58] * Robin grins, they were going to get along juuuust fine
06[22:59] * Maire nods as the dessets come in! Way too many of them really considering there’s all of three people there. “Sorry dear, but you just can’t say no to a pile of desserts~ And you should have some too!”
01[22:59] <robin> “They won’t be as good as yours. Bet money on it”
06[23:00] * Jaimie_P will let the ladies go first and pick through the desserts, waiting a few moments before taking a very modest dish of assorted items.
06[23:02] * Maire slaps down money on the table, grabbing a whole host of delectables, and happily munching her way through them, only to stop halfway… “Did I just bet against myself?”
06[23:03] * Robin nods taking a few slices of cheesecake and anything that had been near a strawberry “And you know you’ll lose too, your speciality stuff has some flavours that I don’t think are physically possible”
[23:06] <maire> “Oh, they’re really not… Maybe I should bake some of the eclaire’s for Jaimie… the orgasmic ones~”
01[23:07] <robin> “You should absolutely do that. I think they’re owed something nice”
[23:08] <jaimie_p> “Um, you don’t have to, honest. I’ll do just fine without thank you!” That was kind of crreeeeepy…
06[23:09] * Jaimie_P almost daintily nibbles at his selected plate.
01[23:10] <robin> “Definetly your loss there, they’re one of a kind. Very nearly ruined chocolate for me by being that good.”
06[23:11] * Maire on the other hand eats her desserts with substantially more gusto than her main courses.“Mmf, just a sample of what other Novas can offer you as well.”
[23:11] <jaimie_p> “I’m… not ready for that kind of thing.”
01[23:14] <robin> “Don’t put off trying anything at all just because it’s strange though, you’re bound to be miserable if you never take a chance.” she smirks, cuting up her cheesecake “You’re going to be okay though I think, you were doing the hero thing on N-Day. You’re a tough one”
[23:17] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie takes a bite. “I’m just not ready yet. I’m sure in a few decades, though, if I live that long… if this doesn’t fix itself, et cetera?” "And it was because people needed me to step up… and I couldn’t’ve lived with myself after getting such ability if I didn’t help out?
06[23:21] * Maire nods. noms. “Hmm? So you didn’t want that body? That’s odd…” She doesn’t pick up the money; Robin won that after all, because while the cakes are tasty, her knickers are still dry.
[23:22] <jaimie_p> “Not directly, no. I wanted to be able to help someone who was trapped in a car and I was kind of thinking ‘if only I was as strong as…’…?”
06[23:23] * Robin takes the money and tucks it away the only place she can. This dress didn’t have any pockets. “And now you are? Or more so even, you treated one car like it was made of foam”
[23:25] <jaimie_p> “Yah, that’s pretty much the size of it.” Wow, such a talent for understatement. "People keep trying to make a big deal but I’d like to think anyone in my position would have stepped up and done something?
[23:26] <jaimie_p> "
06[23:28] * Maire finishes off, licking her fingers clean of the tasty deliciousness~ “Yes, yes, I’m sure they would have. Now, since we’ve got business out of the way,” She pulls out and hands over a business card to Jaimie. She does have pockets though! “maybe we should have another go at flying, yes?”
01[23:28] <robin> “Still don’t believe the flying thing. So giddy”
[23:29] <jaimie_p> “Are you sure you want to go flying this soon after eating?” Jaimie has the stamina for it, but the last thing he wants to inflict on the citizens of Rosemont is a spinning whirl of slightly-used food.
06[23:29] * Jaimie_P takes the card and secures it in a pocket of his pants.
01[23:30] <robin> “Hell yeah I want to go flying. Don’t worry, I can keep my stuff down, I’m all different inside anyway” she says, poking her tongue out to prove it. It’s a fair sight longer than it has any right to be. “Maire does good work”
[23:32] <maire> “Oh, your stomach should be exactly the same, though you didn’t vomit on the plane, so I’m sure you’ll be fine for it!”
[23:33] <jaimie_p> “Okay, but with two of you you need to hold on tight, okay? No groping, you hear me?” Jaimie glances at the ruins of the food. “We should probably settle the bill, first though?” He pulls out his wallet and pulls out a handful of bills. “For the tip.”
06[23:35] * Robin retrieves one of the bills from her cleavage and smooths it out, looking about guiltily “Still good if it’s warm right?”
[23:37] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie is not going to comment and when it becomes obvious that the shifted woman is reaching there he actually turns away for privacy sake. Such a gentleman!
06[23:40] * Maire doesn’t have any cleavage access in her current doctorly outfit, so pulls some out from her pocket instead, adding it to the tip-pool. “Oh warm’s fine! Just so long as you didn’t make it damp.”
[23:41] <jaimie_p> *NOT touching that thank you. Jaimie looks around and clears his throat a bit. “So, ah, as soon as you’ve ah, taken a moment or two to get cleaned up?”
01[23:43] <robin> “He’s so cute! Our Super Hero is shy”
06[23:44] * Maire grins as she turns to him too. “He is, isn’t he! I wonder if he can carry us without exploding…”
01[23:45] <robin> “Well he doesn’t need to worry about me, I can stick to him”
[23:46] <jaimie_p> “…Nice guys don’t explode?” Okay, it’s a play on an old cheesy movie from the ‘80s, but he’s trying to diffuse the situation and these two ladies are not helping. At. All. He lets out a slow sigh and attempts to place an arm over each of their shoulders without crushing them.
06[23:48] * Maire stands up next to Jaimie. Which is awkward, because there’s a huge height difference between her and the other two. Still, flying! “To adventure!”
[23:50] <jaimie_p> *This time Jaimie doesn’t do any posing as he’s hard-pressed to not drop his precious cargo in the Des Plaines River. He does, however, toss in a slow barrel-roll to test the stomachs of his two hitch-hikers….
06[23:50] * Robin stands on Jaimie’s other side and then puts an arm around his shoulder and pats him on the cheek “Take me away Superhero~” she says in a sultry voice before squeaking when they suddenly take off. “Wooooooah”
[23:51] <jaimie_p> “You both doing okay?”
06[23:51] * Maire does pose! She poses so hard. “Wooo! Yep, very ok!”
01[23:53] <robin> “Wooooooo!” comes Robin’s cry, one arm held out as the other just ‘sticks’ to Jaimie without her needing to even hold on that hard “This is so good!”
[23:54] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie tries another one this time, a full loop. The grip might leave bruises, though, even with care not to crush body or parts.
06[23:57] * Maire is having far too much fun to care about the bruising. Or the fact she may fall to her death if Jamie slips. “Woooo! Keep going!”
06[23:58] * Robin is giggling like crazy “This is insane! It’s like… skydiving but even better!”
[23:59] <jaimie_p> *The hero is busy not crashing and not running into flight paths and generally trying to be responsible, pulling one mediocre acrobatic move after another within reason before heading towards the hotel that the two women are staying at.
Session Time: Sat Jun 29 00:00:00 2013
[00:00] <jaimie_p> “We should probably wrap this up, I need to get home and check with the folks, make sure they’re doing alright and all.” He seems a bit disappointed at this possibility but at the same time…
01[00:01] <robin> Robin hugs Jaimie all over again, “Thank you thank you! That was amazing, getting to fly like that and all it was just. Yes! Oh my yes”
06[00:02] * Maire Hugs Jaimie too! Only a bit lower. Yep, lower! And really, even mediocre acrobatic moves are amazing when you’re flying! “So very much yes! We’ll have to try Erin next time wont we, see how she flies?”
02[00:03] * Hat|Bleh (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
06[00:03] * Jaimie_P blushes slightly at the hug as he comes in for a landing, carefully pulling the two women up before coming to a running stop. “She’s even faster and better at it than I am.”
01[00:03] <robin> “Well you were wonderful. I enjoyed it!”
03[00:04] * Hat|Bleh (Mibbit@66.255.rwr.np) has joined #HatRP
[00:06] <jaimie_p> “Th… thank you. You… don’t need anything else before I head out, do you?”
[00:07] <maire> “Of course! We both did!” She frowns a bit, briefly. “Yes dear, that depends if you want us to need anything else doesn’t it?”
01[00:08] <robin> “Anything, I’m all yours. You’ve had a rough time, I think you need to know people appreciate you”
[00:08] <jaimie_p> “Well… I guess I could take you to your room, at least? It’s kind of rude to just dump you in the lobby?”
06[00:08] * Jaimie_P crooks his elbows so the two can put their arms through them if they wish.
06[00:09] * Robin loops her arm through Jaimie’s “And they said Chivalry was dead.”
[00:09] <maire> “It’s not dead, it’s resting!”
[00:11] <jaimie_p> *At the very least, Jaimie will act as ‘guide’ for Robin, if Maire joins in she won’t be chased from the other arm as they head up to the room. Poor guy… probably the only reason he isn’t shaking is due to his Nova nature.
06[00:12] * Maire does join in of course! She and robin are more likely to be acting as guides though, as poor Jaimie has no reason to know where they’re actually going, not having been to the room before.
01[00:14] <robin> “Mmm.” Robin says, leaning just a little on Jaimie as they go “So firm, I worked out a ton to get my security job and I never got like this.”
[00:15] <jaimie_p> *Despite having the muscle power to flip cars and possibly throw motorcycles like fast-balls, Jaimie is kind of captive to the guidance of the two, and he blushes a bit at Robin’s comment. “I wasn’t like this before… either. I could never really get behind working out?” For shame!
01[00:16] <robin> “Not for everyone. Now none of us need to, which is a nice perk.”
[00:18] <jaimie_p> “I… guess?” Jaimie continues the awkward walk, but at least he’s not dragging his feet either figuratively or literally like he was during dinner.
06[00:20] * Maire blinks, and looks over to robin, most likely looking up past Jaimie’s chest to see her. “No… you do if you want to maintain your strength; all the donut really did was give you extra potential, you’re still human.” Only prettier! And more colourful!
[00:21] <jaimie_p> “Donut what?” Okay, that kind of threw Jaimie a bit there. “Um, on ah, second thought, I don’t think I have a need to know?”
01[00:23] <robin> “Hey! Where’s your sense of curiosity?”
01[00:23] <robin> “Maire here gave me powers, she’s able to bake things that are special. Incredibly good tasting or even able to make you ‘better’”
[00:25] <jaimie_p> “I ah, kind of checked it at the door when things happened to me? And… oh, that… explains the eclairs, then?”
[00:28] <maire> “Well, yeah? I wasn’t joking when I said they’re orgasmic.” And their room! Or possibly rooms.
01[00:29] <robin> “Better than that, they’re something else”
06[00:29] * Robin smiles “You should definetly give it a go sometime, have some fun. Don’t let this ruin you life. Cheer up! You’re nervous and it doesn’t suit you.”
06[00:36] * Maire unlocks the door, opening the way to the expensive (ish) suite! “Come in! Unless you’d like to leave of course. But if you stay, I can make up some for you~”
[00:37] <jaimie_p> “But… at the sake of sounding like, ah, broken record, um… well, it feels really weird and uncomfortable in some ways because I”m… well…" He does enter, though… because it’d be rude to turn down an invitation from someone who was polite enough to buy that very expensive dinner…
01[00:38] <robin> “It does sound like a broken record. But relax, guy or girl you’re free to come on in.”
[00:42] <jaimie_p> “Th.. thank you.” He looks for a good spot to sit on a couch or chair. So uptight and formal, even. But at least he’s trying? “Um…”
06[00:46] * Maire lets him in. And of course, being rather less uptight and formal (despite the doctorly suit) She slips off her shoes and fez at the door, replacing it with a simple beret. There should be plenty of chairs around! “Ok, so I wont make you any of those eclaires if you don’t want them, but I’m sure we can find something else to do, right?”
01[00:47] <robin> “Maybe just something to cheer them up. Make them chill?” Robin says, kicking off her own heels and stretching out “Though I think they’d like it! They’re just being an adorable prude”
[00:52] <jaimie_p> *Well, it’s shoe-less suite-time, so the trench-coat comes off and is neatly piled over his two pairs of socks and steel-toed boots that were clearly made for someone with bigger feet. So too the mirrorshades, and her eyes are a jade-green, it would seem. “Adorable… prude?”
01[00:53] <robin> “Yes. You’re not used to girls at all are you?” she smiles, “You ever dated before?”
[00:54] <jaimie_p> “Um… n… not in a long… time? The last time.. it was weird… she was staying with a buddy of mine and they were off-again/on-again and I kind of fit in between and well… um.”
[00:56] <maire> “Aww; that does sound awkward. You need new shoes though; were you planning on getting some with Erin?”
01[00:56] <robin> “Fit in between?”
06[00:56] * Robin boggles at that one, her mind is going bad places.
[00:57] <jaimie_p> “I, ah, was um… going to ah, hold off until I found a job to buy a new couple of pairs?” He bites his lip and nods to Robin. “Yeah, when they weren’t actively seeing each other we went out on a couple of dates and ah, well, did some things but it really wasn’t… well, damnit, it was more like we needed to… vent some ah, steam?”
01[01:00] <robin> “So it was just steamy, lust driven making out? Oh my” Robin says, hands clasped together as they listened to Jaimie “Maybe I was way off there then”
[01:00] <maire> “Of course dear, among other things. Money shouldn’t be an issue if you pay attention to things.” She smirks at robin though, taking a seat. “Oh, I doubt you were that far off, was she?”
[01:04] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie kind of squirms a bit as he sits there and looks down at his knees. At least he knows how to sit ‘right’. That must be Erin’s coaching. “The, ah… whole nine yards… as it um, were? It… didn’t do much for me, though?”
01[01:06] <robin> “Oh?” Robin says, giving them a playful bat on the arm “It’s an interesting story, don’t be ashamed of it. So why’d it not do much for you? Did it all go okay?”
[01:10] <jaimie_p> “It felt… well. Like nothing? I mean… the first time I did… I honestly thought I loved her but she was a lying skanky ho and… damnit, that just came out, I’m sorry.” The bat on the arm barely registers. “…well, this last time… well, I got better time with myself in the shower?” He blushes deep crimson after that.
06[01:12] * Maire leans into jaimie. “Wow, really? If she was bouncing on and off with that other guy it wouldn’t be great but…. it was a nice shower, wasn’t it?”
[01:13] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie gets leaned into now, as well. “It… kind of set a pattern for a… few years? I mean, showers, that is?”
06[01:13] * Jaimie_P doesn’t want to admit *how long
ago that was.
06[01:16] * Robin is hugging a pillow to herself, scandalized! “Did they enjoy it? I mean, at the time? Just have to puzzle this out.”
[01:18] <maire> “I imagine she did, but he doesn’t know, does he?” She’s not hugging any pillows, just the side on the sofa.
[01:19] <jaimie_p> “They said they did? But… I’ll be honest um, I ah… don’t know.” He looks a bit… not traumatized but that sort of reminiscent look folks get when digging up old memories?
01[01:21] <robin> “I think you did just fine. Commendable even! I’m usually so awful I can’t even remember what was going on.”
[01:22] <maire> “Well maybe if you didn’t drink so much~”
[01:24] <jaimie_p> “I… ah… did it a couple of times while drunk. I… stopped that when I had a nightmare that I might have kids out there that I didn’t remember. Even though I was um… using protection?”
01[01:25] <robin> “Wise choice, it’s never any good anyway”
[01:25] <jaimie_p> “I’m… sorry for rambling about myself… um, so, ah, I have to ah, ask and please don’t be ah, offended are you two an… ‘item’?”
06[01:27] * Maire just can’t resist! She scoots over and slips an arm innocently around Robin’s back. “Oh, and what if we are?~”
06[01:28] * Robin bites her lip, glad she had the control not to blush “No offense taken, we’re a pretty odd pair I know.”
[01:29] <jaimie_p> “Then I’d say fucking awesome… pardon my French.” He smiles and nods and gives them some space together… and the focus shift away from him. “So, how long have you been together?”
06[01:30] * Robin pokes Maire’s side “We haven’t! She’s just messing with me” she huffs, then turns to outright tickle Maire “She’s nothing but trouble!”
06[01:32] * Maire squeaks, and reaches out an arm to tickle back! Not that she has any chance, her arms not being as long as Robin’s. “Ohoho! I never said we had, did I?”
06[01:33] * Robin is flexible now too! Swerving out of the way of Maire’s hands and keeping up the merciless tickling. “She should be so lucky anyway!”
[01:34] <jaimie_p> *Jaimie lets out a little sigh of relief and smiles politely at the two as he lets them play. Sure, his mind may be darting to dark dirty places, but at least it’s cleaner than what he was talking about earlier.
06[01:35] * Maire is helpless! A powerful nova taken down by tickling! Oh the humanity!
01[01:36] <robin> “Hah! Didn’t think your way out of this one did you” Robin laughs, before eventually ceasing and giving Maire a half hug instead. “I owe mischief here an awful lot, but we’re just good friends.”
03[01:37] * Maire is now known as SleepyKae
[01:37] <jaimie_p> “Ah, that’s kind of cool, still. I mean..”



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