The Concert

01[20:07] <fans> When Rey Cloutier is holding concert near your city then anyone who’s anybody is going to be there. However as these things often go, people who aren’t anybody still find a way to sneak on in using cunning, guile and free food. Luckily Marie has brought all those things and the squeaky wheel of a food trolly can be heard backstage, the ruse so far going quite well…
[20:14] <maire> Of course it’s going well! Why, when a large woman in a large hat (that stylishly says ‘Catering’ on it!) rolls on by, who can turn her away? Especially when there’s dapper little cupcakes in top hats and goggles stacked on cylindrical trays, capped off with a full size, detailed steampunk top hat iced cake. There’s a very good question what exactly the ginger haired, freckly and pale as only a redhead can be woman was thi
[20:14] <maire> nking this concert was about, but who could deny such adorable treats?
01[20:21] <fans> With the concert in the closing stages of set up a few people were getting the chance to breathe before it all kicked off on this rather hot day and you could always count on the set-up crew (Mostly teenagers from local colleges being paid to do it on the cheap) to snaffle cupcakes. One of the sound engineer’s didn’t even hang around to say thanks after nabbing a cupcake and the boy who’d been with them had the grace to look embarassed. Lanky and wearing one of the free T-shirts going about he looked at the cart hungrily “Uh.. sorry about that. Are they okay for anyone to take?”
06[20:25] * Maire smiles at him and waves, her arm wobbling with the motion. “Oh, sure! Just be sure to leave a few behind for the star, ok?” And lo, it was cupcakes for all!
01[20:27] <fans> “I don’t think I could eat all of them” he says snagging one with a pair of goggles on top, “Even if they do look really good. You make these just for the show?”
06[20:30] * Maire nods, her hat flopping stylishly, her chin less so. “That’s why I’m here! So go, enjoy; tell your friends! If you’re feeling peckish some other time I have a shop too.” She then licks a few crumbs off her fingers, picking up a business card from under the table and handing it to him.
01[20:33] <fans> As the boy leans over to take the buisness card Maire does spot one of the women in red shirts working security heading thier way, checking backstage passes as she goes. Something that Maire hadn’t been asked for yet, which is an awfully good thing as she didn’t have one.
06[20:41] * Maire glances at the redshirt. Poor woman probably wasn’t going to survive long, maybe it’s best to give her something to enjoy… “Say, could you be a dear and take one of these to her for me? I’m sure she’s getting rather hungry working so hard…” She pointed over to the card checker.
06[20:41] * Rey yawns, stepping in wearing a fantastically fashionable outfit consisting of white skinny jeans and a red leather waistcoat vest (and nothing underneath) while attendants and makeup people fuss over getting his look just right. Naturally, his attention is drawn to cupcakes since one cannot really eat while spending two hours in a makeup chair, so he’s actually terrifically hungry.
[20:42] <rey> “I didn’t think we had hired a baker for catering the event.” He gives Maire a look and then smiles. “What do you have?”
01[20:43] <fans> “Sure! No problem at all.” the Sound Tech says, nabbing an extra muffin and heading off the redshirts way just as Rey comes in to get his own. The redshirts going over a small group of labourers badges, so he just sort of hovers awkwardly. Poor guy.
06[20:48] * Maire squees a little (ok, a lot) as rey comes by, hopping as she leans into him, bringing cakes with her. “Oh, you know, just cupcakes mostly; and this hatcake,” She waves to the big pinnacle hat, deftly swiping some icing onto her finger and licking it. “Or I have some lighter pastries too if you’re watching your figure.” It’s not as if everyone else isn’t already watching it for him!
01[20:52] <fans> It seems the redshirt isn’t eating muffins today (The fiend) but she does check the boy you’d sent over badge and then starts talking to him. He’s already gone through one and is now nibbling on the one Marie’d given him as he waves his arm about as if explaining something. It’s probably nothing important at all!
06[21:05] * Rey has a little grin and plucks a cupcake, raising it to his lips for a bite and giving a faintly satisfied moan with that. “Oh, whoa. That’s… pretty good. Remind me to hire your company more often for events… though…” Attendants scatter and some of them frown since he’s probably going to ruin his lipgloss and teeth by digging into it. He gives Maire a look. “…maybe not too often.”
01[21:12] <fans> The trill of screaming fans can be heard throughout the air and then suddenly cut off. Seems someone went out onto stage and they got all excited for nothing. The attendents lurk on the edges, ready to swoop in if he got too crazy with the muffins. Being a star really did take the fun out of some things at times. No sign of Redshirt Lass and Sound check boy. Where did they go?
[21:14] <maire> almost certainly! But it will be so very worth it, because cupcake! And maire does enjoy the look, whatever it might be, fanning herself a bit with a business card. “Thanks, thanks… Actually, I think I’m going to join the audience if you’re ready now; this table should hold the crew until it’s over.” She blinks though, wondering where those two went? “But, I can always do another round if there’s a while before the conce
[21:14] <maire> rt.”
06[21:17] * Rey shrugs. “They’re around. Staff tend to appear and vanish like that when there’s behind the scenes stuff to work on.”
06[21:19] * Maire blushes. Ohshit he can read minds! Don’t think about him don’t think about him wrapped around your pudgy body, don’t think about him covered in frosting and begging you to lick it off don’t…
01[21:21] <fans> Mistake! Everyone knows trouble is summoned by lascivious thoughts and Maire feels a tap on her shoulder from someone with a redshirt, clipboard and probably some very awkward questions. Right in front of the star of the show too, awkward.
[21:22] <rey> “I’m sure this much’ll be fine, though…” Rey says, pausing as he sees the redshirt approach. “Something wrong?”
06[21:26] * Maire glances over to the redshirt, and shakes her head. “Oh, no, nothing wrong right? Though if you didn’t like your cupcake I have some lighter treats here…”
01[21:26] <fans> “Just checking passes Sir” the Redshirt says very buisness like. Only the faintest of blushes to her cheeks gives away the inner fangirling going on. She shifts her gaze to Maire, looking to the clipboard and then back to the chef “I’m pretty sure catering had already come through, are you supposed to be here?”
06[21:32] * Maire nods, trundling her cart around to better face the redshirt. “Well, of course, dear; it’s not uncommon for events like this to order from different sources, with the sheer amount needed. I have a pass in here if you need it, but I am welcome here, aren’t I?” She glances over to Rey with a fangirly, sly smile. Which the boy is probably quite familiar with.
06[21:39] * Rey looks at Maire with a neutral look, mostly because frowning is bad for his complexion. “Of course you are. Could you show her your pass anyway, to clear this up?”
01[21:45] <fans> Sound Check guy comes up beside Maire to nab another muffin as the Redshirt waits patiently. He really is kind of shameless with his cake consumption here.
06[21:49] * Maire sighs and reaches under the cart, patting one of the sublayers… then again! “…Umm, one moment?” She ducks down, swiping the sound check guy’s card as she goes, ‘searching’ a little more before making an ‘aha!’ noise and coming back up to display it, her thumb covering any specific identification that might be there. “Got it! Sorry, that wasn’t quite as safe a place to put it as I thought.”
01[21:53] <fans> Not wanting to make a big fuss and all, Redshirt gives the card a quick look over and then nods. “Thank you, sorry to bother you all. Have a good show” and suitably embarassed at her ‘mistake’ she shuffles off with all speed.
06[21:55] * Rey runs his tongue over his teeth, turning to leave. “I should finish up. My crew probably want me to brush up and redo the parts of my makeup that I just ruined.”
[21:56] <rey> “Thanks for the cupcake, though. Drop a card by my manager when you’ve got time.”
06[21:57] * Maire nods, suitably saved! “Oh, I will do; are you sure you don’t want some more? For after the show I mean?”
06[21:57] * Rey turns and beams. “If I had too much of something so good, I might just get sick of it. And that’d be worse than not getting enough.”
01[21:58] <fans> The chant of the fans is starting back up again and things are starting to get a little hectic, seems that show might be not that far off at all.
06[21:59] * Maire may or may not be bright red, her skin tone only helping to emphasise the colour as she wheels her cart to someplace out of the way. The crowd beckons!
[21:59] <maire> poor sound guy seems forgotten amongst the stardom
01[22:05] <fans> Poor sound guy didn’t get his pass back either! The blushing Marie on the other hand now has the run of the place as the attendants swoop in to get Rey made back up again, on the move no less as they head to the stage the roar of the crowd starting to deafen out anyone who isn’t outright shouting.
06[22:09] * Maire is so going into the crowd then! Right up front no less! With her new pass… well, it was totally worth all those cakes! Even if she had to swap out the large and stylish catering hat for a much smaller, more secure, but equally stylish steampunk beret.
06[22:22] * Rey waits for the fanfare and the opening shows to kick off first, since those people get to go before him and warm the crowd up (and also make some quick money) while he prepares for his act. Once it’s finally his turn, he belts onto his stage with a keytar strung around his neck and a bassist, drummer and two guitarists behind him, belting out a clever mix of his own modern plays on the pop…
06[22:22] * Rey …music of the eighties (mostly synthpop and new wave) and seventies (mostly disco and funk), cleaned up and embellished with his own fantastic vocals.
01[22:27] <fans> Now surrounded by young, excited fans going a bit nuts things aren’t being completely fair on Maire. Nothing quite puts weight issues to the front of the mind like teenagers with way too much energy.
06[22:31] * Rey does a few of his own songs first, and then eventually settles into some covers. Because while he never actually manages to get licenses to do covers (and he doesn’t really like doing cover albums) a single show is a lot easier to pay the costs for, and he’s going to have fun with it!
[22:32] <maire> So very much. Poor Maire; it was a great concert, but when you have assorted skinny teenagers bumping against squishy areas (in her case, everywhere), it does put a bit of a damper on your enthusiasm. And enjoying the bumping was consolation, if small.
01[22:36] <fans> Everybody wants to rule the world belts out across the crowd and then there’s a flash and for just a brief moment it’s as bright as mid-day, there’s no sound to accompany it but behind the stage in the now returning evening sky is a small slowly expanding ring of white and green flame. The stereos on the stage crackle and wail before coming back to life all the stronger.
06[22:51] * Rey gives a cheer for a moment (probably at the tail end of the guitar solo) and then gestures to the crowd with a flourish with his microphone in hand, keen to get them to sing with him. I can’t stand this indecision… married with a lack of vision
01[22:56] <fans> Marie’s vision swims and she staggers in the crowd as they get swept up in the return of the song. Closing her eyes she just sees that ring of fire and every breath feels… well a little easier if anything even if she does appear to be falling over. Or getting shorter? Wat.
01[22:57] <fans> Rey meanwhile also feels light as air, but also completely in the zone. This was thier stage, this was what they did. They were going to absolutely own this one.
[23:00] <maire> And while Rey was owning the stage, the song, and probably the hearts of most of the audience, Maire was owning… Well, she wasn’t entirely sure, but what was really confusing was that was the only thing she was unsure of. That and why it seemed so much space had opened up around her, and why the girl in front of her was like seven feet tall. When did that happen? Though… she tried to work out what that light was from
[23:00] <maire> the stage, because it sure didn’t look like special effects.
01[23:05] <fans> It wasn’t from the stage as such, more far on high above it in the sky, it was still a pretty darn unusual firework even if it ‘was’ impressive.
06[23:05] * Rey seems to gently float off the stage, his hair billowing and rippling (as the rest of his clothing is too tight to allow for such motions) dramatically as he sings with in tones too pure and too beautiful to come from a living person, drawing the audience into the fantasy of his song.
01[23:27] <fans> As the crowd goes absolutely nuts half of the people are entranced and the other half rush the stage, bumping about poor Marie as they try to get near Rey. The redshirt security doesn’t stop them because they’re joining in too and it’s lucky that Rey can fly right now or who knows what the heck would have happened.
06[23:29] * Rey ends the song and blinks, looking down with a bit of worry and hoping the other musicians are okay. Somehow the fact he’s flying is less of a concern since he seems to be in control of that for the moment. “Erm. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, could you carefully make your way back to the audience section, please?”
01[23:31] <fans> As people filter back, eager to please Rey’s word, it seems even the bandmembers have stopped playing to watch them and are fine. A few people are lying about on the ground, but they’ve just fiented. Weirdly it’s not just some of the women who are laid out in a spasmed overload of sexy, which is definetly a first for Rey. That and the flying, that was new too.
[23:31] <maire> Who cares what would happen to him! Maire’s the one getting trampled by a horde of seven foot tall giants! Where did they even come from, and whyyyy! Though that question was still secondary in her mind to why could she feel them actually bumping into her without any of the substantial padding around her body? And why oh why were her stylish yet size none-of-your-business trousers around her ankles? Questions!
06[23:33] * Rey slowly touches down and clears his throat, trying (and failing) to ignore that and just trying to keep the performance intact. Who was he all of a sudden, Flying Paul fucking McCartney? “Hope you all enjoyed that last song. I know I did, especially growing up as a kid.”
01[23:35] <fans> “We love you!” “It was the best!” “Eeeee!” is the general response, a crowd had never been quite so rabidly excited to hear a song like this before that Rey could recall. Maybe he ‘had’ turned into one of the Beatles.
01[23:38] <fans> Meanwhile the bumped and slightly bruised Marie is offered a hand up by one of the teen boys in the front section who’d managed to tear thier eyes away from Rey for a moment. A now slightly torn shirt on he gives Marie as smile as he offers her a hand up “Careful there girl,” he says, “Pretty thing like you might get lost in this mess.”
[23:46] <maire> Pretty, and mostly wearing a beret and what looks like a mid-length baggy dress! That’s still pretty snazzy somehow. “…Pretty? Really?” Ok, she had been called that before, but generally not by an absurdly lanky boy, and generally not in any kind of sincere, non-chubby-chaser kind of way. “Thanks; I know where I am though. But…” She grabs her now-oversized lower clothing and darts her way through the melee. The stage
[23:46] <maire> wasn’t an option, but with all the chaos she could get back to her cart! With the singer flying it wasn’t out of the question she could too, and she’d need energy to do that!
01[23:52] <fans> Marie scampers her way the heck out of there, ducking through the adoring crowds that were hanging off Rey’s every word. Looking to the sides, he’d see even the attendents and managers were watching with a kind of puppy love awestruck look on thier faces. Which both gratifying and a little bit weird.
01[23:53] <fans> Maire gets back to her cart to find… the fiends had eaten nearly everything! You just couldn’t leave sugary treats around students these days. Thankfully not too many had bothered to check under the cloth to see if there was more down there so there was at least something left for her.
[23:59] <maire> Bleh. They were all the healthy options though. Not so much chocolate in them, and not nearly as delicious. Still, she scampered in under the cloth and chowed down, picking up some safety pins to perform some… extensive repairs on her trousers. Take in the waist by a few feet, lose nearly a foot from the legs… It wasn’t fashionable, especially since there was no way her freckled feet were staying in the low heels she’d
[23:59] <maire> worn in, but it was good enough to fly in, once she’d had her fill of croissants. Hopefully though no-one saw a woman, scarecely above four foot, hopping by her cart, arms in the air and looking straight up with concentration. That would be awkward.
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01[00:01] <fans> … … … … …….. yeah it ain’t happening.
01[00:04] <fans> “Are you meant to be back here?” someone calls out as Maire hops up and down and OH COME ON. Redshirt is back, truely she is an evil that cannot be stopped. “And… wait. Were you wearing a fat suit? What is going on here?”
06[00:08] * Maire stops hopping. That didn’t happen nobody saw it she can’t prove anything! “…No dear, I’m not meant to be back here, I wasn’t wearing a fatsuit and did you notice the star of the show was flying?” She points over to the stage, where the star in question may or may not be visible.
01[00:14] <fans> “It’s not really my sort of music” she says, folding her arms and looking up at Maire “I don’t even know what this is, flying? Why would he be flying?”
02[00:17] * AlyAway (Alytari@scj1-bqvi7-7-1-acue732.2-2.cable.virginmedia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
06[00:23] * Maire …. well, she’s noticed her breasts haven’t lost much of their mass compared to the rest of her… What the hell, why not? She hops off the cart and slips over to the poor doomed woman, looking up at her innocently, thrusting her chest up with her arms. “Oh, you really didn’t see? You know, I’m investigating at least two cases of people transforming and potentially gaining superpowers here, I’m sure there are more i
[00:25] <maire> there are more if you’d like to give me a ride and help find them?”
01[00:31] <fans> The two enter a tense stare down as a battle of wills goes between them. Redshirt breaks first, giving a light snort. “Whatever, I guess the shows started now anyway. You’re up to something but I don’t know what and … ahhh.. I’d just get in trouble for letting you here in the first place. I’m keeping my eye on you though.” and she steals a muffin from Maire “And taking this too.”
06[00:38] * Maire blinks. Where did… “Wait, where did you get that muffin? They’re all gone…” And apparently the woman’s straight and her new body isn’t a platonic ideal, so keeping an eye on her isn’t going to help Maire much.
06[00:44] * Fans looks into the wrapper to see that they are indeed all gone. “Oh. They were actually pretty good” she says and then frowns “Something weird is going on here and you’re not going to really tell me it’s superheroes are you?”
06[00:48] * Maire shrugs. “Well, sweetie, Rey can fly and we’re the only people not squeeing over him,” Much. Externally. Anyway! She holds out her top. “And this used to fit me about ten minutes ago. So yes, it could be superheroes.” She rolls her eyes and starts to make her way back to the stage.
01[00:51] <fans> Redshirt follows Maire along complaining about how that makes absolutely no sense and maybe she’ll decide again on the whole ‘let her off’ thing when they get to the side stage and see’s … “Holy shit. He’s flying. That’s… how? What did you do?”
[00:55] <maire> “…I shrunk, and walked. Didn’t you notice a big explosion in the sky?” She then tries… well, getting on stage is probably impossible because that’s where everyone is. She can still wave to him though!
01[00:57] <fans> Redshirt can certainly see it now, though her eyes do keep getting drawn back to Rey instead. “This is all impossible, I must be dreaming”
06[01:01] * Maire sighs. “No, the is real, maybe if you’d relax the slightest bit you could see that, couldn’t you? And I really doubt we’re the only ones this has happened to.”
01[01:07] <fans> Redshirt sinks down until she’s sitting back head tilted to look up at the flying nova with an expression that seems to be like she’s trying to puzzle the trick out. “So that’s why you were trying to fly. Hell of a … okay, gonna breathe. This has to make sense, it just has to.”
06[01:12] * Maire stomps on the ground with all the force a four foot two, shoeless nerd can. Which is not a lot at all. “It does make sense if you… Oh, forget it. He’s flying, that’s all you need to worry about. He knows you, can you direct him to land over there, out of the way of the crowd?” She points towards a back exit, relatively out of sight from the stage.
01[20:39] <fans> When we last left our newly minted Nova’s Rey was wowing a rather fanatic crowd of concert goers with both his singing and newfound powers of flight. Meanwhile Maire was watching from the sides with a redshirt who’d kept trying to prove that Maire wasn’t meant to be there but was talked around by the charasmatic (And suddenly much thinner) baker. She’s also a bit broken because Rey is flying and … REY IS FLYING.
01[20:40] <fans> But Maire did ask the redshirt if she could get Rey’s attention and so she looks about the sound stage, before kicking out a cable from the wall that has the speakers give a wail and then die out. Rey’s not going to be heard above the roar of the crowd without those amps and she gives him a guilty wave from the sidelines to try beckon him over.
06[20:50] * Rey slowly floats down and vanishes behind the curtains, hoping that the crowd will actually listen to his suggestion to keep calm and in their seats while he sorts all this out, slowly stepping towards Maire with a disbelieving look. “…alright. And who are you?”
[20:50] <rey> “The one who set up the wire rig to float me up like that? For a second I thought I was actually flying.”
01[20:54] <fans> They are for now, how long that’ll last is anyone’s guess. There’s still plenty of chanting of his name though. “I’m Robin.” says the Redshirt “And this is … hey who are you anyway?”
06[20:56] * Maire looks up at Rey and shakes her head. She probably looks so adorable, in her hammer pants (because they’re pinned together and several dozen sizes too big for her), oversized dress/shirt, and freckled skin, even down to her toes! She also looked like she knew more about what was going on than Rey did. “I’m the baker, remember, the one whose cupcakes you loved? And you really were flying, I think that,” She points up t
[20:57] <maire> She points up to the sky, if any of the glow still lingers. “Either caused or heralded you, me, and probably other people here gaining powers… like being really, really pretty…” He… yep, he still had some sway over her, just not as much as everyone else.
01[20:59] <fans> The ring of fire seems to have settled in the sky but isn’t going out at all, it’s just burning away way, way up there. In space. Where things can’t really burn.
[21:05] <rey> “Powers? You mean… like…” Rey scratches his head and blinks. The bring ‘really pretty’ comment didn’t quite sink in, maybe because he was already well and very used to being complimented on his appearance, the cad. “You actually mean powers- as in wizards or superheroes or psychics or aliens?”
06[21:08] * Maire rolls her eyes. “Yes, dear, or like say flying people. Though unless you’re an alien it’s not that. And that thing looks higher than you could fly, so do you mind helping me go through the crowd and see if there are any others?” Damn him! She’s far from used to being complimented about that.
01[21:11] <fans> Oh hey! Speaking of that crowd, it does appear to be coming to see all three of you an excited, screaming mass invading the stage once again. It seems the calm of earlier has finally lost to the urge to get closer to the star of the show. “Uhhh..” says Robin, taking a few paces back “Maybe we shouldn’t go in there just yet?”
06[21:16] * Maire waves a hand dismissively, turning away towards her van. “Oh, it’ll be fine! We just need to get some cupcakes to distract them, then a quick examination, how hard can it be?”
[21:23] <rey> “…I don’t think that’s going to work.”
06[21:23] * Rey looks back at the stage. “I think I should finish the concert, at least. Maybe they’ll quiet down once it’s over.”
06[21:25] * Maire is already leaving for cakes! “Sure, that’ll help too. Maybe I can finish before it’s over and watch too…”
01[21:28] <fans> Robin moves to keep up with Maire as the oncoming crowd run at Rey, who’s about to get throughly mobbed. Also Robin may have broken his speakers getting his attention, which is going to be a bit of an issue with getting on with the show.
[21:29] <rey> “…nooope.”
06[21:29] * Rey floats out of grabbing range at the last moment, diving up through an open window as quickly as his floating self can be taken. He just gave the performance of his life and they want way, way more than he’s comfortable with right now. Now’d be a good time to book it.
[21:31] <maire> He wants to book it? There’s a tiny girl in a van! Or you know, flying is a thing too. Either way there are many cakes in the van, enough to distract the crowd for a while at least!
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01[21:37] <fans> 1d2
[21:37] <divis_kyuubey> Fans, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
01[21:39] <fans> Most of the mob keep in chase of the flying Rey, battering at doors to chase after him with all the common sense mob mentality affords. A small group of girls break off towards the van, it doesn’t seem they’re interested in the cakes as such, more the fact it’s a van and they could use some wheels!
06[21:40] * Rey gestures over at Maire. “Drive! I’ll catch up.”
[21:40] <rey> And then he promptly dashes through the air, accelerating to well over a hundred kilometers per hour and trying to pull out of their view.
06[21:43] * Maire pulls the cupcakes out of the van, and off to one side, before turning to face the crowd and yelling “Stop! Wouldn’t you much rather have some delicious, tasty cakes, fresh from the…” She drools a little, distractedly snapping up one of her own cakes and nomming on it while she tries to entice the girls to them.
01[21:46] <fans> Rey is goooooone, there’s no way they can keep up with that as he streaks off into the sky with a rush of acceleration. Robin steals a cupcake and sits up on the back of Maire’s van as people bounce about in excitement at what just happened, then come down out of thier fugue looking a little dizzy and out of breath. It’s not long before Maire’s got a small group chilling out around her van, nibbling away at the free food.
06[21:49] * Maire , meanwhile, checks them out! Not that way of course, though she is at the perfect height for a nice view, but for signs of superness, or any clues as to what might have happened to the people who weren’t suddenly flying. She had her van’s keys anyway, so if they didn’t turn up anything there was always the rest of the crowd to investigate.
01[21:51] <fans> While her little group has calmed down the ones who’ve smashed thier way out of the stadium are still screaming. In fact it’s starting to turn into an outright riot and the smashing of glass and wail of car alarms can be heard.
01[21:57] <fans> The mob is being so unpredictable right now that Maire can’t get much of a handle on if there’s anyone special within it. There’s definetly something odd about thier fevour, without someone to calm them down it could get really ugly.
[22:05] <maire> Well, that’s not good! Maire scoots over to Robin of the Red shirt, leaning up to her. “Say, you don’t happen to have Rey’s number do you?”
01[22:14] <fans> Robin looks up from her cupcake and then smirks “Of course, I’m always prepared for problems” and takes out a little pocketbook from inside her jacket and flicks through it until she finds the number before passing it over to Maire.
06[22:16] * Maire smiles, and hugs Robin quickly; pulling out her phone and entering the number, tapping her foot while she waits for the flying celeb to answer, nomming on a spare cupcake in the meantime.
06[22:21] * Rey stops mid-air, fumbling through his clothes for his cellphone as he glances over the distant stadium seemingly getting wrecked by the audience. He answers curtly, sounding a little exasperated. “…Rey Cloutier’s phone. He’s not available right now but I can take a message if you’d like.”
01[22:21] <fans> Robin takes her seat beside Maire and gets back to eating her own cupcake, trying to quitely ignore how many calories she’s already gone through.
[22:31] <maire> What does he take her for? And idiot? It’s clearly him. “Rey, you need to get back here and calm this crowd down before they get even more out of control! I’ll keep them distracted for now, but if you could get back soon that’d be great.” She keeps hold of the phone as she runs off to wherever the electrical equipment is controlled from in the concert, beckoning Robin along with her.
[22:33] <rey> “…ah, erk.” Rey frowns inwardly and begins floating down, thinking how he’s even going to have a remote chance of getting them to call it all off. “Alright, I’m coming back. But I need a megaphone and maybe a bright flash or an explosion to get their attention.”
01[22:34] <fans> Robin looks to the group around her and wags a finger “You mess up the van and I’ll find you” she says, before following on after Marie. The noise of the crowd is audible as Rey flies on back in. There’s even a few fires now starting up. Emergency services don’t look like they’ll be here anytime soon though, th city is looking pretty busy too. Whatever’s going on today, it’s going to be a rough one.
06[22:39] * Maire sighs, mid-run. “Yes, Rey, I’m already on my way to find something for you, a projector and some spare speakers, until I can fix the main ones.” And when she gets to the storage? That’s exactly what she does! There must be some spare sound equipment anyway; how embarassing would it be if they had to cancel because a speaker blew?
01[22:44] <fans> Spare sound equipment is there as well as instruments, wires and lighting stuff. It is a big cupboard full of old, barely working bits and it gives Maire a an oddly ‘good’ feeling.
[22:51] <maire> A very good feeling! “You have a mic up there right? If you don’t I’ll sort something out, if you stay on the line.” She then dives into the pile of junk, cobbling things together, and coming out of the room with… a set of high-grade concert equipment, ready to rock as soon as she gets it on the stage! And a screwdriver stuck in her hair.How embarassing!
03[22:53] * Inky is now known as Polk_Kitsune
01[22:54] <fans> There’s a few people down on the stage, either bumped or trampled from the mad rush. A few who’d not kept up with the main group are here, taking care of the injured. Unlike those tearing up the outside of the stadium they seem to have calmed down perfectly fine. Odd.
[22:55] <rey> “Yeah, I have my mic on my outfit. Can you get the equipment outside? There have to be some people there who aren’t in a frenzy, maybe.”
01[22:56] <fans> “I’ll get us a cart” Robin says, “This really wasn’t how I thought my day would go. I’m hoping I get paid extra for all this” she mumbles to herself as she rushes off to go do just that.
[22:57] <maire> “We need this for the people who are in a frenzy. But you’re right, they’re not in here for some reason, maybe there was someone else and they’re rallying people?”
[23:06] <rey> “Maybe. I… think I can help us get the equipment out fast. Load it onto a trolley and strap it down for me, and we can do this quick.”
06[23:08] * Maire nods at her phone and helps Robin load it all up quickly, prepping things to make sure Rey looks extra pretty once it’s switched on. “Ok, all ready!”
06[23:10] * Rey dashes through the window and swiftly lays a hand on the trolley itself, lightening it so that it doesn’t even feel the pull of gravity. (Gravity Manip)
06[23:10] * Fans pushes the trolly as clearly that’s not Maire’s job here. To her credit she doesn’t complain.
01[23:12] <fans> Robin nearly falls over too as the trolly suddenly gets lighter. “Wooooah~ Who did that? Wh- no no! Actually nevermind this is so much easier. Let’s just go with it”
06[23:15] * Maire nods, poking at the trolley, moving it along. “So that’s how you fly…. ok! Let’s go set this up and see if we can’t stop this riot!”
01[23:17] <fans> Swinging out into the car park, the riot is really out of control by this point. People seem to be having a hell of a time and don’t even notice you’re approach. A few people see you but they’re so whipped up into a frenzy they can barely respond. It’s an orgy of random property damage, flames and guttural screaming.
06[23:21] * Rey grabs wires and starts hooking things up- because unlike some singers he actually knows how to work and hook up his own equipment. They have to hurry!
[23:22] <rey> 5d10
[23:22] <divis_kyuubey> Rey, 5d10: 35 [5d10=10,2,4,9,10]
01[23:28] <fans> There’s a screech as the speakers come to life. They’re LOUD, far louder than you’d think they would be. It’s a safe bet anyone hit by these is gonna hear it in thier bones, nevermind thier ears.
06[23:35] * Rey floats overhead after connecting his mic set to the speakers, positioning himself over the maddened mob. “Everyone! This has gone too far. You’ve taken a wonderful celebration of music and made something a violent farce out of it! Calm down and stop what you’re doing, and help me put the surrounding park and grounds back to their proper order before things get out of control.”
[23:35] <rey> “I know each and everyone one of you is better than this!”
06[23:44] * Rey seems to ripple and ebb with crackling energies, radiating a pure serenity across the grounds and into the hearts of anyone who can hear him.
06[23:48] * Maire stands by and enjoys the music, as the overly loud sound coarses through her.
06[23:51] * Fans people begin to wind down, dropping to thier knees exhausted or looking about confused. “No no no!” comes a shrill cry from the crowd as a teen girl standing on a car wearing a T-shirt with Rey’s face in it looks about. Then turns to the speakers, her eyes glowing a bright white. “That was awesome and you broke it! Why would you do that?”
01[23:52] <fans> She raises her hands and there’s a tingle in people’s minds, a flare of strong, heart thumping emotion but it’s cut short when one of the crowd stumbles against the car and the girl with bright white eyes loses her footing, slipping right off and crashing to the ground with a thump and a rather loud curse word.
06[23:53] * Rey touches down to the ground near her, lending her a hand. “Because. Isn’t the world a much nicer place when people can get along in the first place?”
01[23:59] <fans> “It felt really good” she mumbles from her pile, shaking out her long blonde hair as she gets up. She’s certainly eye catching, long legs and a figure that makes Robin cross her arms and huff. “When everyone was going crazy for you and it all just… just clicked. You can lose yourself in it, feels really good.”
Session Time: Sat Jun 15 00:00:01 2013
06[00:01] * Maire rushes over to the girl too, somewhat hampered by the concrete and her hammer pants. “…I knew there’d be another one! And that makes three… really pretty people so far, did you see anyone else gain powers like us?”
[00:02] <rey> “And what then? Where do you go once you’re lost? What happens to the world?” Rey reaches out and pats her on the head, shaking his head. “Humans are thinking, feeling creatures. Both, not one or the other. I get lost in the ‘feeling’ of the moment, up on that stage sometimes, but I snap back- I have to. We all do.”
06[00:04] * Fans she closes her eyes and takes a few breaths as her heads patted, blushing like crazy. “You’re even cuter up close.” she says in a small voice, now the winds gone out of her sail she seems to have calmed down. “I didn’t see anyone else… I mean… everyone else got swept up by me except for you. So I don’t think so?”
06[00:15] * Maire nods and seems to be lost in thought for a while there!
06[00:16] * Rey smiles. “Well, I try. How would you feel about a duet?”
01[00:17] <fans> It takes a while but eventually Maire can feel the warm glow of power from the people around her. Rey seems to be just as strong as your own happy glowl, while Riot Girl here is a little fainter. Robin doesn’t get one at all and as she feels further out into the crowd it seems like you might be the only three here.
01[00:17] <fans> “You’re asking me out?” she says, jumping to completely the wrong conclusion. “I’d love to go out on a date with you! I mean… yes yes yes!”
[00:19] <rey> “I think these people might want something to keep things light and fun while they pick up the grounds to make things easy for city cleanup tomorrow.” He smiles and puts a hand on her shoulder, looking out at the crowd a little worriedly. “I’d love to take you to get something to eat after.”
06[00:22] * Maire blinks at that, not expecting to feel things! “Oh, I’m sure you two will be wonderful together; though I think we’re all accounted for now, no more powers nearby. Here’s my card though, if you want to come by for some food; though I really need to go clothes shopping right now, so I’ll see you two later~” She smiles and hands out business cards to everyone nearby – brown affairs with bright green text on them annou
01[00:23] <fans> “She’s not completely awful” says Robin, a slightly impish smirk behind Maire’s back. Riot girl seems to be a ball of happy now though, hugging herself and bobbing on the spot. “Thank you! I mean yes food would be good and clothes and oh a card thank you” she says taking it and waving it about. She’s kind of lost it.
[00:24] <maire> brown affairs with bright green text on them announcing her as the purveyor of chocolatey treats.



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